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This is a moving story, one of many about a mosaic of women of color. Women who watch soap operas, eat fast food, read a book occasionally. Women who go to parties and love to fuck. Some have a child or two, mostly single, living in residential hotels, trailer homes, communes, pueblos, suburbs and in cities in the American southwest. They are risk takers. Women who say yes to all kinds of sex forcefully and enthusiastically. Their existence may be hard to believe because they are a minority and “invisible”. But they are as real as they are lusty, beautiful, wholesome wise, humorous and compassionate.

The story encompasses a spectrum of experience, erotic or otherwise and depicts a graphically intense exploration of sexuality; delving freely into forbidden zones of sex and transgressive behavior. It gives voice to the most subversive desires of the body and to a lifestyle that unabashedly defies convention. Rich, powerful experiences of unusual erotic potency and high-intensity adventures that came from the blending of love and sex. The meeting of body and spirit, that opened up all the possibilities of human sexuality in its many varied manifestations. The women are unique and different. From ripe young luscious maidens, to lusty Amazons in their prime, to mellow mature crones. They are all warm, engaging, intensely alive, vital and graceful in being at ease with their bodies, their sexuality, and their pleasures.

Erotic Potency

My name is Rosa Del Inca, part Latina part Gypsy of Inca ancestry. I am a 56 year old cosmic sinner and a specialist in astrology, ESP and the Tarot. I am always frank, startling, eccentric kinky and steamy. Some people think I am a little crazy but that is their opinion…I manage a commune owned by a cooperative for working, single women living in a sprawling building of fifteen apartments, occupied by thirty five residents. I have my own quarters in the East wing. I am the “Matriarch and business and spiritual leader” of the cooperative. The residents are mostly blue-collar Latinas: Chicanas, Mexicanas from central Mexico, others from the Yucatan and a few Mestizas…It is a place where dream and reality meet. The commune also serves as a discreet transit point for women immigrants both legal and illegal, from Mexico and beyond.

I am reasonably attractive, sexy even with a perpetual sun tan. The combination of my curvy, feminine litheness and my rough masculine desires make me a dream lover. I can cum extravagantly four, five, six times in a row. I used to have a small clitoris, but I enlarged it, due to my obsession with sexy big clits and my desire to become an even better slut. I hate people who kid themselves…All women love to fuck. They just don’t want to admit it. I need a good, preferably very large piece of meat in my cunt regularly, or I’m missing something. I feel powerful, independent, more alive, and sensuous, with massive doses of cunt adrenalin in my body; I have a penchant for nudity, sometimes showing off my hairy cunt opportunely. I offend nobody and delight everybody. I am a woman for whom sex is a priority. I am attracted to people who want sex in unusual illegal bahis ways and are divinely decadent and perverted. Unfortunately I have not had a lot of action in a long while due to various reasons. Then the new city Inspector of the commune called on me one morning. It was midsummer and very hot. He was a hot looking Black dude called Dean in his mid-30’s and very friendly.

We were on to our second bottle of wine. I found myself staring at the outline of his big cock in his light cotton pants as we talked. His eyes were moist and sensuous, gazing right into mine. Then I slipped my hand inside his pants, seeking his dick and squeezing it hard. “You really have such a big exciting cock Dean” I said, stroking it, feeling its hardness, enjoying it, as I rubbed against him on the sofa…”It’s such a beautiful day for fucking and I’m so wet” I said. My nipples hardened as he rubbed them gently with the palm of his hand. I was in a state of excitement. In the bedroom I slipped off my kimono, under which I wore nothing and spread myself on the bed. The lips of my cunt opened naturally. A made to be fucked pussy, so lush and meaty and covered with over abundant hair. Enthralled, Dean began to stroke my juicy vulva thru the soggy hairs and rubbing my clitoris with his thumb, inhaling my smell.

“Please fuck me now” I pleaded, as Dean began to enter me very slowly his cock huge and hard. Impatient, I sucked the cock inside with strong vaginal muscles, thrillingly wantonly. “Dios mio!” I cried over and over as he unleashed his heavy thrusts into me, spearing me deep. The longer he fucked me the wetter I became, my juices squirting out intermittently. I gasped repeatedly, drowning in ecstasy to his smooth, powerful thrusts. Gliding into the layers of my cunt, my magical moans echoing his hard grunt; my hips rotating sweetly…Dean held nothing back, taking much pleasure in my passionate enjoyment. The room was filled with the sounds from my cunt and my mournful cries as he fucked me gloriously. Then I heaved and screamed and melted beneath him, letting out a long animal cry as we both flew past the barrier into a powerful orgasm. I cried my own name softly, over and over as he continued to fuck me to more orgasms, sounding like a lonely mastodon lost in a prehistoric wilderness of sexual ecstasy while he filled me with abundant semen.

I was invited to the installation of Achise as Chief of the Apache community in Taos-Pueblo. The Commune was in partnership with them on some projects. Young Achise and I hit it off fast. He is the epitome of charm and flattery. In his spacious adobe house Achise and I became more intimate, touching each other laughing kissing. I guess we instantly fell in lust. Then we were on the animal fur covers naked. His cock was very big, very thick and hard, swinging freely up and down, quivering. “God, it’s beautiful” I said softly as he rubbed the cockhead against my rigid clitoris. Then he put me on all fours. I wiggled my ass up and down to meet his cock as he pushed it into my depths, my walls clasping him instinctively until I held it in a firm sheath of demanding muscle.

“God I love it, I love illegal bahis siteleri your dick; it’s so fucking big, so fucking hard.” I crooned to his smooth and steady rhythmic thrusts, touching my deepest crevices and ravines. “Fuck my cunt well” I grunted, rolling my ass in circles. I was mindless and wild as Achise pronged me with long deep strokes, forcing juices out with each circular thrust of his rock-hard dick…The slip-slap sound of wet sex, deliciously vulgar, filled the room. “I love the sounds from your cunt” Achise muttered…”It’s simply lovely”. The curtains fluttered gently in the afternoon breeze as he fucked me relentlessly, endlessly. Then I shrieked and screamed in the throes of a tremendous orgasm, my cunt pulling him inwards, milking him and finally engulfing him as his cock gushed torrents of hot cum into me. It took quite a while before I regained my composure. I stayed with Achise all day long fucking.

One of the Gringo ranchers in the area called Ben Hardcock came calling to recruit some commune residents to work on his ranch. He brought some good booze, some pot and lots of steak. While we talked and swapped jokes I told him in jest that he can recruit only if he had a big dick. He dropped his jeans and pulled out an anaconda of a cock. I was aghast, almost fainted. It was about 15 inches and super thick with veins like twine rope. “Will this do”? He asked with a grin stroking the python to its full length…I could hear a drumbeat in my cunt and my clitoris throbbed mightily. “Shit, I’ve got to have that dick” I said in a tremulous voice. “Well, if you insist” said Ben with a chuckle; I practically dragged him to my bed…

I lay on my bed my legs and cunt spread wide open. “Shit”, you have the biggest cunt I’ve seen in ages” said Ben fascinated as he gazed at my twat. “Do you think you can handle it? We don’t want you falling in and breaking your neck” I teased. I groaned and squirmed with appreciation as Ben ate my pussy exploring me with exquisite thoroughness, my hair was spread out like a mane. I rotated my hips and ground my cunt against his face, fully enjoying the sucking, biting and licking, in a frenzy until I came and came, screaming and thrashing about. Then Ben plunged his entire cock deep into my cunt stroking my clitoris, then my G-spot, then my cervix and back again. Over and over, setting my cockpit on fire, with buoyant movement my pussy walls twitching and contracting against him, gripping his cock in a very tight fit; pulling him deeper inside like a slowly ingesting boa. The smell of sex all around us.

Ben luxuriated in my ripened fullness, while I watched the monster cock, slick with my slimy juices, and move in and out of my liquid twat like a piston. I stroked his face, gazing thru his eyes into his soul, moaning, demanding an endless fucking. Time stood motionless. Passion, lust, has taken charge of our senses…harnessed with positive sexual energy, we celebrated an orgy. Our bodies quivered with burning currents of pleasure, melting, dissolving into incandescent, suspended ecstasy. Savoring the delicious fucking, the limitless span of the ancient, eternal act canlı bahis siteleri of sacred sex, a healing that is far beyond pleasure, until we were lost in the eruption of extravagant orgasms. “Give it all to me, let it all go…push me over the limit” I wailed as he continued to fuck me; doing wonderful things to me, amazing things until finally he erupted, pouring an enormous amount of hot lava of cum into me, gallons of it.

I woke up the next day feeling good and relaxed but I swore off sex for a while until a week later when the two Black dudes who did some work for me came to collect their check. Well, I would not be Rosa if I did not fancy a threesome with them; which is exactly what I did. They fucked me senseless, sandwich style, in my cunt and ass all afternoon filling both holes with torrents of cum. Yes I know, I’m a decadent woman. But I’ve always wanted to explore the infinite sexual possibilities…every variety and complexity of sensation, to experience deep erotic fucking that will put me in a trance for the longest time.

A young thirty something Chicana stopped by on a very hot day to rent a studio apartment. She looked Dykey and Gothic with tattoos and piercings and smiled a lot. Her name was Camilla. The woman’s hot body drew me like an unbreakable rope. She radiated darkness, mystery, an exotic appeal and seemed to be high on something. As she sat across from me her short skirt rode up to reveal her shaved pierced cunt. I was totally turned on by her. Her lascivious actions with a hint of kinkiness, suggested a temple harlot rather than the cool, social activist she claimed to be. We had some wine and cheese then she willingly and eagerly let me take her to bed.

The lips of her shaved cunt just sliced open naturally as she spread her legs on the bed. A made to be fucked pussy, so firm and meaty. Her swollen labia lay open and pulsing. Enthralled, I began to stroke her juicy vulva with my tongue, back and forth, while rubbing her enormous pierced clitoris with my thumb, inhaling the smell of her. A sexily odorous scent, she was so fucking wet her slimy grool ran down her ass crack in rivulets. I slipped my hands under Camilla’s ass and raised her cunt to my mouth like a pitcher and drank in great gulps sucking on her clitoris and it stiffened like an udder, filling my mouth…I sucked and sucked for an eternity…Camilla moaned and writhed and heaved until she was claimed by a powerful orgasm. Then it was her turn to eat me which she did with expertise, bringing me to two powerful orgasms. Later she asked if I had a strap on which I did; a massive 12 inch very thick black dildo. We fucked each other silly with it, all afternoon.


I finally hired a young Chicana resident as my assistant. On her first day she watched while I was being fucked lavishly by Inspector Dean. Then I watched as Dean fucked her doggy style, her slim little cunt gobbling up his huge hard dick with relish. The little minx enjoyed the fucking so much her screams could be heard miles away…The world should be a more erotic place. We should fulfil our sensual potential. I believe that I have a right to a perverse active sexual life and I’m serious about that. I’ve done a lot of good hard fucking in my time and learned a lot about myself. About who I’m attracted to and about my sexual appetites. I’m not done yet, not by a long shot. Bottoms up!!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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