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wild group
Having found myself visiting saunas, read my 1st story, I became a bit of a regular and some of the ones in my nearby city.
I kept hearing about a small, select, sauna a bit further out. It had ‘mature’ days and everytime I heard a story from someone I thought ‘this is the place I need to be’.
It took some arranging, moving things around so I had a free mid week day.
It was sorted and filled with excitment I made my way there.
It was indeed a small place, having been used to the big city two floor places this smaller venue seemed a tad run down, but the staff were friendly. Money paid into the locker room and changed.

Showered I started to explore, the place was kind of busy but not overly so.
All mature and I was filled with excitment.
IN one small room I relaxed, towel off nad slowly stroked. A sexy mature walked in, sat next to me, we eyed each other up and shared a kiss. My cock was throbbin with bi needs.
He stroked me a while, took me in his mouth and used his years of experience to please my desires.
He stopped kissed me then stood upright, his hard cock at mouth level, How could I say no!!!!!
his kaçak iddaa moans become laouder and I sensed he was close. But then he pulled out.
‘oh no he says I keeping it for the big room’
big room?
I left our small cubicle and walked around, a few more guys in all mature mmmm
in the steam room afew were playing and the whole place had an atompshere.

I walked to the relaxing room, where people could chat, read, have a drink. relaxing there I thought mm nice place but more action please.
Then I noticed more and more guys were going in one particular door.
I watched a few guys in the room they all got up and went in the door.
The a man sat next to me, it was my friend from before.
Have you been here before he asked?
No my fiorst time, but I added I have been to other places.

‘You need to follow me’ he says.
So, not to be rude I do. and we walk into the open door to a romo that had a few guys sat around, wnaking sucking, watching.
Somethign wasn’t right. I;d seen a good dozen men go through that door , yet ther was only 4 or 5 in here.
My new friend said, follow me. But where too?
there was a doorway at the canlı casino siteleri end of the room, in the half light I hadn’t spotted it before.

we walk in and my god what my eyes did see.
A big room, 4 beds, a bence a few chairs, all dimly lit.
But that wasn’t what took my breath away.
It was the 15 or so matures all sharing pure sexuality.
I couldn;t even count them, or take it all in. they were fucking, sucking rimming, kissing sharing
such natural beauty.
I feltt a hand remove my towel.
I was stood naked in a room full of mature men who were sexually sharing, or heaven as i call it.

the next 3 hours or so were the greatest most erotic time of my life.
hands were all over me, mouths kissing, tongues at work, I pushed my way into the group.
cock throbbing my mouth eager, hands sharing. the energy was amazing,.
I was being sucked, rimmed and I had a cock in ym mouth.
out of the corner of my eye I saw a sexy ass being fucked.
the guy moaned as he shot his load.
A guy went stright down on teh cum filled anal love hole and drank the sex juice.
pure cum filled hole,, I had to have it.
I slid in, casino şirketleri the beautful feelin of ball deep anal love.
I felt a tongue on ym ass, and he was going in deep.
this was pure sex, natural and full of desire.
my hands are on this sexy ass as I slid in and out.
I’m in love, not with a person but with the whole group.

two men stood either side of me as I;m knelt fucking this lovely ass.
their two cocks are throbbing and in need.
I suck one then the other.
this is pure group, pure pleasure.
one guy cums in my mouth, the other cock gets into my cum filled mouth and he fucks my mouth then wham he cums.
I;m so turned on this is true group.
A guy holds my head and we kiss with so much passion, cum entwinned tongues,
it’s too much for me I can not hold back I cum with one of the best deep orgasms I have ever had.

I pull out and another takes my place, I sit on the bench, legs shaking, excitment filled energy.
A guy kneels befor eme, he wished to drink every last drop of my juice.
it feels so right.
i am hard again in minutes. this is sex as it should be.

hands, asses n mouths are give pleasure to the mature cocks.
I can not begin to tell you how many cocks I sucked, asses fucked, cum shared it was sexual desires fulfilled.
I cum 3 times I know that much.
Mature men sharing the pleasure I love it.

My first of many, many visits to my special sauna.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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