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Wife’s creamy pie at the lake
Andrea and I enjoy camping and we camp a lot at the lake near our house. We have a favorite site back in a cove that’s extremely private and Andrea will take the camper up on Wednesday so we are sure to get it. One time I had to go out of town for work but since I was coming back Friday afternoon I told her to go ahead and stay up there and I’d join her Friday.

Well Friday when I got the the camp site there was no sign of Andrea so I grabbed a cold beer and kicked back to relax. I was on my third one when I heard a boat idling into the cove I looked and saw my beautiful wife standing in the walkthrough windshield. I got up and walked to the waters edge to grab the boat to keep it off the rocks.

As I grabbed the boat Andrea turned and kissed the guy with her, I heard her tell him she had a nice time then she walked to the bow and I helped her off. I shoved his boat away from the shore without either of us speaking and he left. Andrea had headed to the camp illegal bahis and I followed behind her. I asked who was your friend? She said that was Doug ,he and his friends are great skiers and they took me skiing. She had that glow she gets after sex so I asked is that all they took you? She grinned and said what are you hinting at?

I tossed my empty in the trash as I pulled another cold one out I asked if she had been bad. Bad she questioned? No not bad she added I think I was extremely good. I smarted off and asked at skiing or fucking. Andrea got herself a cold beer and after taking a giant drink she said both. I looked her up and down, her little bikini did nothing to hide her one hundred pound sexy body. I stared her right in the crotch and said so there’s a pie. She said yes there is pie. I said well take that bottom off and let me at it.

She did that without a second of hesitation and as soon as she was bottomless she bent over placing her hands on her knees. I sat perabet giriş my beer down and dropped to my knees. I took her beautiful tanned hips in my hands and buried my face in her wet pussy. She immediately moaned and in broken speech she said there’s the cum of four guys in there. I sucked her inner lips into my mouth and I tonged her loose hole. I licked her butt hole and forced my tongue into it. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks open wide for me.

After I had sucked her clean I stood and dropped my shorts. Out sprang on hard dick and in a single stroke I shoved it in all the way to my balls. She let a little grunt out. As I pulled it out I asked if it felt good. She said I can’t feel you. Those boys were well hung and after a four hour gang bang I’m to wore out. I rubbed the head of my dick on her butthole and I pushed it in. This always gets me yelled at but not today. She said they wanted my ass too but I didn’t let them . She pinched my penis with perabet güvenilir mi her spinotectal muscle and I shot a week’s worth of cum into her bowels.

After I went soft I stumbled back and thanked her for the sex. She said I told the boys that you would be here today and they wanted to come by tomorrow morning to take me again. I said take you skiing? She laughed and said that and take my pussy for another ride. Are you going I asked? She said yes but I’m going to tell them this time I’ll take them two at a time so it won’t take so long. I said in the ass too? She said yes.

I was up cooking bacon when I heard that boat coming. I said Andrea your lover boys are back. She came out of the camper wearing a new yellow thong bikini and a white see through cover-up. She said I have no time to eat I have dicks to get hard. I said have fun and she waved over her shoulder as she headed to the boat. I heard the guy say wow you look fantastic. Andrea thanked him as she climbed in. They backed up and left. I ate alone then went fishing a little. It was almost one o clock went he brought her back. I didn’t get up to greet her and when she walked up she asked if I was mad. Is your pussy full of cum? She said yes, I said then I’m not mad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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