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White Supplement?—?The medical seduction
Mr. X, that’s what he was called by the nurses in the hospital. He did have a name, but only Dr. Stephanie knows it. She is the one who referred him to the hospital laboratory. He is the supplier of the white supplement called CUM.

Yes, if you have thought about what it is. And he is the only supplier to this hospital. Because he was the only match when Doctor was doing a medical camp in a rural town 2 years ago.

Stephanie asked for gentlemen to come as volunteers to bring the supplement to test for a possible medicine she was working at that time. Only 3 gentlemen came forward. And Mr. X was successfully passed with a 100% result. CUMx24C-2 a medicine she developed for many health treatments is a mixture of crushed tablets mixed with his white supplement.

So Mr. X became a good supplier to her previous hospital. Once she started to test it on her patients, they showed remarkably good results. Now she has moved to a posh hospital. Just after 2 months of her joining, she persuaded the management to get approval for the white supplement. Every 3rd or the 4th day he visits the hospital with a pack of small bottles of white supplement which is tightly sealed in a thermal bag. This is handed over to the nurses on the 17th floor to keep it in the cold storage they have there. He grabs a ton of attention on every visit. Once he enters the reception from the parking lot after parking his Ford SUV, the pharmacist ladies and the reception ladies who used to chat there in the morning, stick their eyes at him and the package in this hand. The sealed packet swings in his hands as he walks by. He makes sure that he smiles and waves his hands to every hot looking nurse who passes by him on his way to the 17th floor.

Once he enters the nursing room, there’s a catfight between the nurses to receive the package. After receiving the package its the nurse’s duty to check the dates mentioned on the package and fill the form she needs to tag on the bottles before keeping in the cold storage. During this time she needs to ask him questions like, “are you sure you have taken the supplement last night itself?” “are you sure you haven’t poured it into any other can before you fill the bottle. To make it more clear, did you pour the supplement right into the bottle?” questions that make your inner sensations light up and wet your lips with your tongue. During this questionnaire, the nurse usually bite and play with the pen they are holding and play like one leg was half bent to the back so their heels touch their butt. These nurses want this chance to ask him those cherry red questions so that they can at least have a way of satisfaction of Edging. Mr. X knows this and he gives himself to the play like an innocent guy who doesn’t know much. Some times he smiles with his lips moves to one side of his cheek. That smile itself is a turn on for a few of the inmates on the 17th floor.

After his visit to the 17th floor, he has an appointment on the 24th floor with Dr. Stephanie. She does a complete checkup to make sure that he is fit and continue providing the supplement. Sometimes the checkup takes more time and rarely, Stephanie asks for assistance from another nurse, who reaches to the 24th floor in a matter of seconds after she gets the call at the 17th floor. Because this isn’t a chance that the 17th floor would be getting always.

September 24

It was a cold and foggy day. Catherine was admitted to the hospital a month ago for a wellness treatment. Dr. Fiona visited her and asked her how things went with her as she would be spending her last 4 days of her treatment in the hospital.

‘I am happy doc. This was really amazing. I just told my husband about this over the phone. He was telling me he should also come and undergo treatment next year.’ Dr. smiled and went away. Catherine was lying on her hospital bed after a hot shower. She was covered in a white blanket. She was wearing a blue hospital gown with knots on the back. Catherine has recently put some weight and she was so concerned and hence came to the hospital to get advice on keeping her shape under control and to treat the muscle pain she had for a few years. She is feeling refreshed and patiently waiting for her diet controlled breakfast that would come and knock at her door anytime now. Before she could reach her iPhone to check the messages, Nurse Cicily came in without even knocking the door. Cathy just looked up and smiled at her with a wrinkled eyebrow.

‘You have to take a medicine for 4 days from today, as per the instruction of Dr. Fiona’ said Cicily. Cathy said Ok with a happy face. Cicily explained, ‘this is CUMx24C-2 a medicine for glowing skin and to strengthen the muscles. Before you consume the medicine you should sign the consent in this paper to confirm that you are aware of the existence of “the white supplement” in the medicine.’ Cathy was shocked to hear and left her mouth opened for some time. Then she came back to her senses and asked her ‘what? Do you mean CUM? the cum of a guy?’ Cicily said yes with a blushed face and a nodding head. Cathy couldn’t get into her senses, as she didn’t expect anything like that. She looked at the small plastic bottle that Cicily has raised towards her to hold. It comes with a transparent lid and she can see half of it is filled with a thick supplement that looks in an off-white color. She took it from Cicily and placed it on her bed table. She asked ‘is it necessary to have this?’ to which Cicily said, everyone has this after similar treatments and are happier than their 30 days of treatment compared to the last 4 days. ‘Why?’ asked Cathy. ‘Because you will have a good orgasm in these days’ Cicily said in an affirming and lovely voice; and handed over the paper to sign. Cathy signed on it and still remained confused.

After her breakfast. She held the small bottle in her left hand and looked at it confusingly, still lying on her bed. After some time she opened it. She wanted to think again something, but didn’t spend more time and just closed the bottleneck with her smooth and pale red lips and bend her head to the back in one single motion to have it all. It flowed instantly to her thought didn’t flow through her tongue as she wanted it to have. When she took the bottle out from her lips, she could see the supplement’s last drops flowing into her mouth like a loose thread connection between the bottle and her mouth. She didn’t want to flow it to her chin and hence she caught the thread with her tongue by swirling around. Her mind had mixed feelings of what she consumed. And the taste was not something that she could comment about. It tasted like a medicine, but it flowed slowly through her throat at the other end of her tongue, which was quite a feeling.

That day passed, and the next day morning also nurse came, today; Ms. Lexy. ‘hey gorgeous, how are you today? I have your medicine for today. Take it and have some fun’ she said with a winked eye. ‘I need to know more about this medicine’ said Cathy. ‘What you need to know, Ma’m?’ asked Lexy.

‘Everything; tell me everything you know. Because I am very confused’ Cathy said. Cathy likes Lexy since they know each other during her treatment. Lexy used to crack some naughty jokes during her leg massage and pedicure treatments. Lexy is a bold sexy lady. She is fun and hot and also not like the usual play type nurses that Cathy sees around most of the time. Lexy even arranged a breast massage for Cathy from a Doctor who is specialized in muscle movements and contractions, by telling him that the patient has a pain on her left breast after the leg massage as she was lying on her tummy for a long time. All the time when the Doc was doing massage, Cathy was giving a winking face with a sexy smile to Lexy.

So Lexy told her all these stories behind the medicine and Doctor Stephanie on the 24th floor. Cathy was shocked again. Lexy came near to her and opened the supplement bottle and put a small stick in it and taken out. There were these small crushes of white substances on it. ‘These are the mixed medicines. When Dr. Stephanie added this with the other two people’s supplement these crushed pieces got dissolved in it. When she added it with Mr. X’s supplement, it didn’t dissolve. It remained intact. Because this f*****g hot guy’s supplement is f*****g thick. That’s what the doc wanted’ Cathy looked at Lexy with glowing eyes. ‘Everyone here wants this guy so badly. Some kaçak iddaa get lucky. Those who get lucky follow him again like they missed the last drop. Because he knows how to play and bring the lust in a slut.’ After telling this, Lexy put the stick in her mouth and pulled the stick out slowly by enjoying the supplement glued on the stick, and threw it in the trash bin. She raised her one eyebrow looking at Cathy and gave a meaningless smile and left the room. Cathy had her breakfast and took the bottle in her hand opened it.

She got up from the bed and walked inside the room with the bottle, deeply thinking. She had many visuals that started to come in her mind and then fade off. She brought the bottle close to her nose and smelled it. ‘It smells like medicine to me’ She told herself. ‘But it also has an aroma, that I can’t define well.’ During her sessions with her husband, she used to wank him with her hand let him splash the cum all over her face and then she wipes it off. She doesn’t remember the smell of it or the thickness of the supplement. ‘But this is thick as solid, and mmm…..let’s do it.’ She closed her eyes and put the bottle-neck on her opened lips and bend her head backward. This time not as fast as the previous time. So the supplement flowed to her tongue, and then gradually made its way to her throat. She threw the bottle to the trash, and walked for some more time, trying to imagine how this guy looks like. Then she felt like she needs to rub herself. She jumped on to the bed and went under the white blanket and rubbed herself as fast as she can. She doesn’t know how much time she was doing it and when she came back to her senses, she was rubbing herself like wild and she needs to go to her bathroom real quick. In a matter of time, she throws herself to the bathroom and then a loud cry was heard. After standing there with hand support on the wall, she looked at herself. The orgasm was strong enough to shake her up. It is still flowing down through her thighs down to her knee and there to the floor.

Third day

When it’s 8 am on the clock hanged on the wall straight to the hospital bed, Cathy gave a wicked smile. Today also Lexy came with the bottle. She was happy to see Lexy. It was much visible on her face. ‘Haa… I can see a happy face. Or is that a thirsty face?’ Lexy said with a wicked smile. ‘It’s definitely a happy face, because of seeing you Lexy. And today I think I am thirsty enough to finish 2 bottles.’ said Cathy with a blushed smile. ‘There you are! It’s expensive and we can’t give you more than one. How can we ask him to increase the supply, while he might have been squeezing that throbbing meat many times already.’ said Lexy coming close to Cathy. Cathy kissed on her lips and gave a small bit on it and said ‘Slutty bitch. Have you had a chance to squeeze him? did he fill your thirst? tell me…’ Cathy asked with a gasp. Lexy touched Cathy’s breasts with her left hand which was moving in a rhythm because of her elevated breath and said ‘He is a filler. He can fill your f*****g mouth.’ Then she gave a wicked smile and left the room. Cathy stat there on the bed for some time with that pace of breath. She didn’t have breakfast. She directly went on to the bottle and told in her mind ‘So small!’

She opened the lid and closed the bottle-neck with her lips and started to drink the supplement the slowest way that she ever did. Her throat could be seen moving from outside as she let every drop flow into her throat. Moments after that she fell on the bed with a wild rubbing match with herself and then she came there in the room itself, making the floor wet enough.

4th day

Cathy was discharged early morning with the last medicine been given to her in a carry case. She can go and have it at her home. She said thanks to all the nurses and doctors she had been in touch for the past 33 days. She was picked up by her driver and dropped her at home. Cathy didn’t have any k**s at the moment. When she came back home, her servants were waiting to welcome her. After breakfast, she went to the first floor. She sat on her big couch and put music on it and called her husband over the phone. While she was talking with him all the time, she held the supplement bottle with her. She played with the bottle with her fingers by keeping it on a side table, while talking to him. Once the call was done, she took the bottle closer to her face. She was wearing a semi-transparent white gown, where her white lace bra was visible inside.

She opened the lid slowly and bring it closer. She smelled it once again, and this time she felt like she is smelling someone, not a medicine. Her husband and some strange people’s figures came through her mind. She moved her left hand to her thighs and slightly pulled her gown till her upper thighs, and guided her fingers to the hottest place. ‘Oh, Dennis! I should have given more attention to your stuff. Never seen a cum this close.’ Dennis is Cathy’s husband, who would be coming back by the end of this month after his business trip. Cathy took her hand back and held the bottle in her left hand and poured a drop on to her right index finger. A drop that filled with fine molecules of white spots of medicine. She looked at it like she has seen the beauty of lust in front of her eyes. Slowly she put that finger in her mouth and closed her eyes. She sucked her finger like she got something else to taste. It went for some time and then she realized she was not just sucking her finger but moving her finger in and out of her mouth through the round hole she made with her tender and soft lips with no lipstick on it. She has no idea what she will do once the bottle is finished. But she has already become mad at it.

Looking again at the bottle she said ‘I don’t know you, but f*cker! I want to eat your cum like a mad woman.’ Saying this she tipped the bottle to her mouth and her lips slowly covered the bottleneck pushing the bottle further down. She sucked it like a straw. Her sucking sound was heard loud as the bottle emptied with not a single drop left in it. After that, she sat on the couch for some more time. Light music beats coming from the beats music system in the hall where she was sitting, her bedroom was visible straight from the couch. She stood up slowly and untied the knot of her nightgown and let it fell on the floor moving all the way from her shoulder to her feet. She walked to her bedroom in dim light. Her white lace bra and white knitted panties were visible from the back. As she walked her butts swayed from left to right in that tight panties. Once she reached her room she put her left hand all the way back to her back and unbuckled the bra, and then the panties which fell on the floor on her way. It was like someone was on the bed waiting for her to join. At least that was what she was imagining.

A usual day at the hospital was going on, and it was 8 AM. Nurse Cicily was talking to the receptionist and then she saw someone familiar at the parking area. A lady wearing a light blue shirt and matching jacket and trousers. The collar was a bit wide as she had unbuttoned the first button of her shirt. Once she removed her branded sunglasses and approached near Cicily, she realized its no one else but Ms. Catherine.

‘Hey Cathy, I was not in my shift when you left. I couldn’t talk to you on the progress you had. How’s everything. Oh, by the way, you look fabulous.’ Cicily said. Cathy said, ‘Thanks Cicily, I wish I had a chance to meet you too that day. Where can I meet Ms. Lexy?

‘I don’t know her shift. I shall check. Is everything ok? Cicily asked her. She told her a few things about how she felt after having the supplement and said she needs more bottles if they can give. For that Cicily denied and said that they cannot give without prescription, and it is expensive too.

‘I can pay’ said Cathy. ‘No, dear. That’s not how it works here’ Cicily said. ‘Oh then let me see Lexy at least.’ Cathy requested. Cicily said she will check in the 17th floor and will update. Cathy went to the chair in front of the reception and placed her bag on the other seat. She was seen desperately looking at her iPhone to pass time until she gets Lexy to talk. Cicily managed to find Lexy on the nursing floor where she was flirting with another nurse there. ‘Hey Lexy, you have a visitor, Ms. Catherine, Dr. Fiona’s patient who discharged recently.’ said Cicily. Lexy tilted her head to Cicily and raised her eyebrows and rolled perabet güvenilir mi her eyes to think. ‘So you started to hang around with patients!’ the other nurse asked Lexy. ‘No, no. I am not into ladies. You know me very well Betty.’ said Lexy with a wicked smile and moved away. “ah..I wish someday you may actually want to hang around with me” Betty told herself in her mind. Betty was not as tall as Lexy, but she is a cute sexy nurse with right curves, who recently joined in the hospital and has got a boyfriend.

Lexy walked to the reception and found Cathy sitting there. Seeing Lexy, she jumped from her seat and hugged her. It was quick as Lexy didn’t expect it and hence stood still for some time and then hugged her back. Then she asked her what is wrong. Cathy explained everything to her.

‘Look, Cathy, I can understand your situation, as you are not the first person who came back for the bottles.’ said Lexy. Cathy was not expecting that statement and her eyes got a wide open hearing this. ‘Most of them tried and they couldn’t get lucky and went back. Some still come and try. Some got lucky, I should say that.’ Lexy affirmed. That was a great relief for Cathy. She said ‘Yes, tell me about the lucky ones.’ ‘Well, I shall ask Dr. Stephanie. She is the one who decides this. It’s difficult to bypass her. If you are lucky she will say yes. But in that case, you may have to pay.’ ‘Oh, that’s such a great thing! I am gonna love you Lexy for this.’ said Cathy by holding her hands in hers. Lexy said ‘I know what you are loving. It’s not me. It’s the supplement. The one that makes you crazy. Did you f**ck your husband like a horse after having this? tell me.’ ‘No, no no no. He is out of the station. It’s just me, apparently.’ said Cathy. ‘Oh, poor little thing. You know I had bit my boyfriend on his shoulder after having the bottles, like every time when I ride on top of him, I bend over and bite his shoulder. Ha f**king hot days.’ said Lexy said and she started to walk away from Cathy to the lift, and suddenly she looked through the window and came back running toward Cathy. She holds her hand and dragged her back to a corridor next to the reception. Cathy didn’t understand why Lexy is acting like this.

‘Shush…did you see that man who comes out of the Ford from the parking area? That’s our Milk Man!’ Lexy said. Cathy literally opened her sexy lips and widened her eyes without blinking and asked Lexy which Milk Man you are referring to, though she started to realize who he is. ‘The Milk Man, the very same Mr. X, the man behind the bottles. The man that flows down through your f**king throat and fills your beefy breasts!’ whispered in a slutty voice into Cathy’s ears. Cathy almost dropped one or two drops of her saliva from her lips by keeping her mouth opened. Cathy caught Lexy by her uniform, right on top of her breasts, and asked her ‘How can I talk to this guy? Please! I want to talk to him. At least a thank you. Or should I say I am a fan? Oh, damn this guy is so manly.’ Cathy said and left her hand from Lexy’s breast and frantically ran her fingers through her hair. ‘Cool down my dear. Let me talk to the Doc first, regarding the bottles and then we will see whether we could see him.’ said Lexy and she walked away.

On her way to Docs room, she was called by another nurse and she stood her for some time. Then she took the lift and went to the 24th floor. When she approached Doc’s room and before knocking she could hear them talking inside. The Doc and Mr. X. ‘How could you keep it hard for me every time when you come to see me?’ It was Dr. Stephanie’s voice. Then Lexy knocked on the door with a smile on her face. ‘Who’s that?’ asked the Doc. ‘Ma’am it’s Lexy.’ Lexy replied. ‘Ok, come in and close the door behind you.’ said the doc.

When she opened, Mr. X was sitting on a stretcher with his jacket on and no trousers. Exactly between his Lexy can see Doc’s head close to his shaft, examining it by wrapping a small grey color material that is connected to a monitoring machine. All this time the Doc is standing on her knees with her head covering his shaft. Doc was in her white coat. Mr. X waved his hand at Lexy with a raised eyebrow. Lexy smiled at him and waved back lightly with a gradual increase in her breath. She waited there at the door itself and didn’t make a move closer to the Doc. ‘You didn’t answer my question’ said the Doc to Mr. X. ‘Ah, I have to keep it hard. That’s part of my job nowadays. Isn’t it Doc?’ he asked her. Looking at his eyes, she asked ‘What job? Handjob or a blow job?’ and then removed the wrap around his shaft and she patted on his shaft with her hand with gloves on it, and said ‘everything looks ok to me as usual. But there’s a chance that you may feel dizzy in the coming days as the supply got increased in the past few days.’ Saying this she stood up and walked back to her table. Mr. X was quick enough to put his trousers back in place as Lexy missed the view.

‘Why are you here, Lexy? do you feel like having a bottle to start fresh today?’ Doc mocked her with a sexy smile and she sat on her seat. Doc was wearing a fancy black lace spaghetti inside the white coat, which tightly packed her rich white mounds with a clear line of long cleavage. ‘No, Ma’am’ Lexy smiled and said ‘ One Ms. Cathy is in the reception and asking for some more of the supplement. She is desperately looking for a few bottles of them.’ ‘Can’t these ladies hang on to their husbands or boyfriends, and make fill their needs?’ asked the Doc in a silly way. ‘Maybe that’s not as thick and lusty as Mr. X’s supplement.’ Lexy answered by giving a wicked smile at the Milk Man. He gave a small smile back to her in response to that comment. Doc looked at him and said ‘We are in need of additional bottles in the coming days also. If you are not meeting anyone nowadays, the flow may affect because of the lack of hormonal ignitions. If she can turn some hormones active in you, then I guess you know what to do.’

Mr. X smiled at her and looked at Lexy. Lexy got shocked at this and don’t know what to say. Then the doc asked her ‘Lexy, how’s this lady which we are talking about? Do you think she has a wet mouth for him?’ “Do she has? I mean who’s not having a super wet mouth for him in this hospital?” Lexy murmured. The Doc raised her eyebrow looking at Lexy. ‘I mean I guess she is all up for that. She is voluptuous. And sweet. I guess, she can trigger his hormones…in the right places.’ said Lexy by giving a look to his prominence on the trouser through the corner of her eyes. ‘Ok, Mr. X, if you feel she can inspire you, then go ahead. Otherwise don’t waste time trying, because you will become tired and the hormones also won’t come the way we want.’ said the Doc. Mr. X nodded his head and moved towards Lexy and said, ‘I will have a coffee and once everything is ready, you call me.’ Lexy nodded her head affirming to what he said and both walked out of the room. Once they left the room and closed the door behind them, Lexy walked away and Mr. X was looking her walk closely and said, ‘are you still wearing that purple floral lace?’ While walking Lexy looked back and gave a wicked smile to him and said, ‘nope…a navy blue one with a golden eagle on it.’ Mr. X smiled and walked to the cafe.

Lexy came to the reception and saw Cathy talking to someone on her iPhone and walking there. She came close to her and waited for some time. But Cathy seems to talk to somebody about some office files and doesn’t seems to stop. So she came near to her other ear and said ‘You hang up or you will lose the chance to quaff on from the pole itself.’ Cathy dropped her jaw and the iPhone at the same time when she heard this. Lexy bends and took the phone and said, ‘keep this in your purse and follow me.’ Cathy ran behind Lexy and asked ‘What? Lexy, I didn’t get you exactly. What did you say?’ ‘I have asked for an arrangement. You will be admitted here as a patient today. He will come and meet you in your room. If you can be The Slutty Woman in town in front of him, then you may take more than one bottle of supplement right from that f**king machine of Mr. X’ Cathy almost fainted at this statement of Lexy and she didn’t know how to thank her friend for arranging this. ‘Ah, Lexy…I know…thanks can’ you back for…this’ Cathy cleared her throat. ‘Tell me all the stories later. Write down my number also. Bitch!’ Lexy told her with a sexy smile.

‘You can either tipobet switch into the patient dress, or be in your dress itself. Whichever you feel is comfortable to you. Have fun and don’t forget to call me when it is done. And he has gone for a coffee break so you may have to sit here for some time. Ok, love you.’ Lexy sends a flying kiss to her and left the room. For the first time, Cathy felt like the AC in the room is too cold for her, though she was in a similar room temperature last week when she was a patient here. She slowly put her purse to the side table and walked towards the cabinet where the patient dress is kept. She took it in her hand and stood there for some time falling into a deep thought of something. She didn’t realize how much time pass by. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and she said yes without even looking back to the door. For a moment she thought it was a nurse or maybe the room service, lady. It was Mr. X and he came inside with that Yes from Cathy. From behind Mr. X assessed our lady in blue. She was wearing a blue slim fit shirt tucked into a white trouser. Her body was not perfect in town, but she had a strong butt outlined the trouser nicely, and an inviting neck. She suddenly looked back and turned around, and he got a view of her breasts covered in the blue shirt firmly, with the top buttons not put together giving a breathtaking curiosity on her cleavage. She got red cheeks seeing him just near her.

‘Hi, ah…I am Catherine… I…ah…I had been here for some time as a patient.’ she struggled to find words to fill. Then somehow she managed some power and said. ‘So I had these supplements for 4 days, and the last one I had at home. It was quite a drink. I had good sleep and good…moments after having it. So I came today to check if I could get more. You know.’

He came close to her and placed both his hands on the wall keeping her between his hands. She moved back and stood to lean on the wall back. He came closer to her face and said. ‘How much more you were looking for?’ ‘Ah..maybe a bottle, or two or a three..’

‘I can give you more’ he whispered. ‘Enough to fill your pink mouth’ She unknowingly swallowed a bit of her saliva through her throat, hearing him saying the lustiest words. ‘What is the color of the bra and panties you are wearing? I am curious’ he said. ‘It is blue. Light…blue’ she said gasping some breath. He removed his jacket and removed his shirt in a matter of seconds, all this time she can’t believe her luck in front of her eyes. With his trousers remaining to lose, he came closer to her and put his left hand on her hips and held her hips tightly like he wants to pluck a piece of her meat. She moaned lightly and put her both hands on her shirt and unbuttoned her light blue shirt, revealing her light blue matching laced bra inside. Her luscious breasts came popped up covered in the blue bra. His left hand moved slowly to the buckle of her trousers. Her hand also came to help him down there. Her right hand was moving through the ups and downs of his majestically wide shoulder and chest. Shortly her trouser moved down to her feet. She slowly stepped out of it and gasped.

He held her head with his right hand and pulled it towards his erect and firm nipple. She closed her eyes and kissed on it, then slightly moaned and kissed deeply and sucked it, and then wrapped her hands around his hip and licked his nipples madly. He pulled her by her hair and asked her ‘Do you have k**s?’ She said ‘No.’ ‘So you don’t have milk for me. But I am still thirsty. Give me your luscious breasts.’ he commanded her. She put her both hands and unbuckled her bra from the back and let the bra fall on the floor. Her white breasts grew big when released. She held her left breast with her left hand and told him ‘eat as you wish, gorge yourself on my naked breasts in your mouth.’ He feasted on them like, he is doing it for the very first time. He fondled her right breast with his left hand and pinched it. She tilted her head to the back and closed her eyes in extreme satisfaction. He slowly came down on his knees and bit her belly button area like a lion got fresh meat. He pulled down her panties and in seconds put his long tongue deep into her clit. That moment was very much unpredictable for her, and she moaned loudly by holding his hair tightly. Then she placed her right hand on the bed stand for support and placed her right leg on his shoulder, which gave her a lot of comforts.

She slowly started to move her hip to hit his face like his tongue is a giant rod which she is riding on. Since she was not getting heavier because of her fatty diet and then the treatment after that made her in a shape that felt most erotic for him. He grabbed her right thigh with his left hand and squeezed it like he needs more of it. He closed his lips tight on her clit and sucked her clit tight like he is extracting juice from a fruit. She felt like her whole body is shivering and something she had in her veins is flowing down to her clit and this guy is emptying it all with his bare mouth. ‘F**k, you are draining me fully. Keep some of my strength in me, so that I can drink my supplement from my dream place.’ He stopped draining her and looked at her face. She was gasping and looked a bit tired and shivering. He stood up. She slowly moved her hand toward his trousers, and he slapped her hand. ‘You look tired’, and he walked to the side table. She got shaken by his reaction and quickly came to her senses. ‘No, I am fine. I am well ready for a ride.’ He took a bottle of water and opened it and handed it over to her. ‘Drink water.’ She drank some water. ‘Where you desperate for the supplement once it was finished?’ he asked. She nodded her head as saying yes and came closer to him. But he wanted to tease her. He moved away and asked her ‘what was your feeling when you drank it from the bottles?’ She said, ‘please give me. I really need it, I came here for the bottles, to buy as many as possible. I wanted it. I had the best of my nights in these days. Come on, I want it.’ ‘How you want it?’ he asked. ‘…right from where it comes. right from that meat. I smelled the supplement many times before. And now I need to smell the container that holds the supplement. Before you give me my beloved drink.’

Her words aroused him well, and he undid his trousers. There was a well visible spot of precum on his boxer. Her eyes widened and jaw dropped. He said ‘come and stand on your knees. Smell the intense fragrance of the precum on the brief’ She just followed as he said. ‘Ah…’ she moaned as she closed her eyes and sniffed the wet spot on him. He guided her hands to pull his brief down to his feet. His heavy meat came out in a swing of two up and downs. She cant realize whether it is real or dream. ‘Am I seeing this for real?’ she asked in a soft voice. ‘Smell the pole from bottom to top and feel the heat of it’ She brushed her nose all over it. She was filled with lust. ‘Don’t you put lipstick on your lips?’ he asked. ‘Not…usually…’ she replied still smelling him. ‘Then I shall put a glow lipstick on you’ said Mr. X and held his rod on his right hand and drew its glowing wet precum, like a lip liner on her lips. Her lips started to glow after that. She tasted it with her tongue. ‘ummmm…..ah….wow….why I haven’t tried this with my husband all these years?’ she said. ‘You will try more then.’ He told and pushed his meat in her mouth. She closed her eyes tightly within ecstasy. He started to move the front and back slowly. She started to suck him faster, drawing the precum into her mouth by contracting her lips and mouth.

Slowly the pace of motion increased and she was literally been f**ked in the mouth. Slowly his veins started to swell on his shaft. ‘Are you ready to take the supplement a mouth full?’ he asked bending over to her head. ‘mmmm….’ she replied in agreement with her mouth fitted with the heavyweight rod. Soon the veins got stronger and he flushed a load into her mouth. She suddenly opened her eyes once it started to eject in her throat. She drank all of it through her throat and in a few minutes his shaft got softer. Still, she sucked it and made sure nothing left. He lifted her up and told her, ‘go and get a shower.’ I will have a coffee and come back for a second round. She got shocked to hear that. But she had a mischievous smile on her face. ‘Come back soon, I will drink you all night!’ said Cathy.

Hope you all like it. How many of you could keep it on the edge until the end of the story? Post your comments and opinions below. This is a series and will continue. Hence follow me.

Hugs, kisses and a glowing lipstick from?—?Mr. X

— Love your wife, Love your husband! Cheers!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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