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My girlfriend Annie got up from the table and disappeared off to the bathroom. It was Friday and she had driven over from across town to spend the weekend with me. I had cooked one of my special meals and we were now ready for bed. We had been going out together for several months by now but only recently had she taken to staying first the night then the whole weekend. Annie was great in bed, in fact she was obviously pretty experienced in that department but I did not ask too many questions about how that was so!

I could hear her moving about from bathroom to bedroom, so I just sat and waited my turn, watching the end of the TV news. Soon she called out that she was finished and I made my way to have a quick shower. Peeking into the bedroom I could see her standing by the bed, a tall, lithe girl with great legs and short blonde hair. Such a sight sent a bolt of anticipation through me and I felt the first stirrings of a serious erection. My shower was even quicker than normal.

Annie was in bed waiting for me when I came in. I slid into bed next to her and briefly raised the duvet to admire the great body she possessed and around which I planned to wrap myself shortly. As I did so she grinned and then slipped her fingers into her cunt and started to masturbate for me, a trick she knew excited me intensely.

I watched her for a minute or so then bent to kiss her nipples which I knew would get her very wet very quickly. I was not disappointed as she moved her other hand up to cup and then caress the nipple of her left breast, emitting a deep groan. Taking her own hand from her cunt, she seized mine and pulled it into her in its place. She was dripping wet as I had expected and I had no problem in bringing her to a rapid and noisy climax. I loved to watch and hear that and always whispered into her ear as she came that I wanted to hear her make lots of noise. It was a good job I lived on the top floor of the block in the only apartment up there, otherwise the neighbours would surely have complained as she usually made lots of noise when coming.

Annie lay back and closed her eyes. I loved making her come and I watched as she allowed the pleasure of the moment to subside. The effect of all this on me was plain to see and feel: a firm and full erection just bursting to be touched. Annie slipped the fingers of her left hand over the top of my cock and began to fondle top gently moving my foreskin up an down over the tip. She had learnt that this drove me wild and would often bring me to orgasm within a couple of minutes. But tonight she just did enough to make me approach a major eruption and then she stopped to lean london escorts into me and we just went into some serious kissing. Every now and again Annie caressed my cock and scratched her fingernail slowly up the stretch of skin between my balls and anus.

As I have said, I though Annie was pretty experienced and she had a few tricks which I had not met before with my other girl friends. This made her somewhat exotic and exciting to me and I enjoyed the occasional surprise as she demonstrated her undoubted flair for sex. Often this would mean a particularly intense orgasm produced by, for me, some novel use of her mouth or tongue or lips or fingers. I was, however, wholly unprepared for what came next. Annie moved down to take me in her mouth, gently rubbing her lips over my foreskin. Suddenly I felt her fingertip had moved down a fraction and was now rubbing around my anus in a lazy circular motion. I was confused because this was definitely not part of my repertoire. It was done with great delicacy and I made no complaint, not least because I found it very sexy. I was too surprised to say anything but Annie now came up to my mouth and kissed me so that I could taste my own cock on her lips. Then she whispered to me:

“Like that?”

I muttered something affirmative in reply that was half-stifled by a groan as she moved her finger first to her cunt where she drew it down through her lips and then returned it immediately, now wet with her juices, back to where it had been and began to push her finger inside me.

“And that?”

Another groan….I had to confess that what she was doing was seriously sexy, creating sensations I had as yet not experienced but which were unexpectedly pleasurable.

Slowly her finger moved further inside me until I could feel her begin to finger-fuck me with increasing speed as her mouth returned to my cock. All of a sudden and almost without warning I felt myself coming and immediately a full stream of hot sperm erupted from me into Annie’s mouth where I could feel it all being swallowed down as she continued to milk me.

I lay back, quite drained by the orgasm and the accompanying new sensations. When after several minutes I had regained some composure I told Annie:

“That was neat.”

“I know. I hope it didn’t take too much out of you, because I want your cock inside me soon!”

“You’ll have to give me a little while because that was just amazing!”

We lay together kissing and touching for ten minutes or so until Annie smiled and took my cock in her hand again and started to stroke it to full hardness once more. With her other hand she resumed Escort Girl Dubai her masturbation at an identical speed, her fingers glistening as she drew them through her cunt lips. By a very long way she was the sexiest and most erotic girl I had ever been with. Up to now I had been with girls younger than myself all of whom lacked experience though not enthusiasm. At least one had been a virgin. Now I found myself with this lovely woman who seemed to know and like everything about sex. Little did I realise that further adventure lay just ahead.

Annie swung her leg over my body and settled herself down on my cock and began to ride up and down on me, giving her the full sensation of deep penetration. As I had come only some ten minutes beforehand I was confident that I could last long enough for her to pleasure herself and soon I could hear the beginnings of the throaty noises I associated with the onset of her orgasm. But suddenly Annie stopped and sat back on my lags, leant over to the bedside table and opened the drawer from which she extracted a small tube which looked like toothpaste or ointment.

“What’s that?.”

“You’ll see.”

With that she squeezed a blob of clear gel from the tube which she transferred to my cock. The gel was cool and viscous and as she massaged it all around my stiffness it felt very strange, yet quite sexy. For a minute or so Annie continued to masturbate me as I got used to the sensation. The she squeezed the tube a second time and, reaching round behind herself, proceeded to massage the gel into the crack of her arse although from my position my view was somewhat restricted.

“Come on, Annie, what are you doing?”

“I think you’ll like this. I do… I really get off this way.”

With that she moved forward again and, grasping my cock with her left hand, moved over me and lowered herself gently back down until I could see and feel that my cock was being aimed somewhat further back than her cunt. It began to dawn on me that I was about to lose my other virginity. I had never had anal sex before although I had often thought about it, mostly as something gays did. Now here I was poised to try it for myself.

“Are you sure about this, Annie?”

“Yes…just let me show you…I’ll set the pace and if it doesn’t work, ok. But I think you will enjoy this. Now, I am going to take you inside me and I want you to give me your sperm.”

With that I felt her touching the tip of my cock to the entrance to her puckered hole. I could feel that she had lubricated herself copiously because she was as wet back there as her cunt had been. Slowly I felt the tip of my cock independent escort dubai edging into her anus. I am quite big and I was wondering how she could take me and my fears were raised when I saw her screw her face up in momentary pain but she continued to push down on me. Then it seemed that all resistance ended and I felt my cock pop through what had until then been a sort of barrier and Annie was able to push herself right down onto me, groaning as she did so. She was very tight, much as I remembered the one virgin I had taken. Annie started to fuck me with the same long slow strokes she had used with her cunt, drawing herself up so that on each stroke the tip of my cock returned to the point where it was about to slip back past the barrier. It was all too much for me and all too soon I could feel the onset of a totally intense climax of a kind I had not before experienced. I must have shown signs of being about to come as Annie urged me on:

“Come on, I want to feel you come in my arse, I want lots of your sperm…come on…..I want to feel it in me.”

As she did so I felt myself release into her arse my second load of the night. My own orgasm came with the intensity of a thunderclap right overhead: indeed I had never had such a climax as this and I could feel Annie beginning to come as well which made me come even harder. I could detect through the pleasure/pain barrier each individual spurt of sperm into Annie’s arse as could she: I knew because each of my spurts brought forth a grunt from Annie that was pure sexual pleasure. It went on for what seemed an hour before we were both done and Annie collapsed on top of me.

“Oh my God!,” she exclaimed, “I just came …I love anal sex but I never managed to come before from having a cock in my arse. I could feel your sperm….Oh God…..that was so good…..”

Her face came down to mine and she started to kiss me.

“Oh God,” she whispered “That was just brilliant. It never felt as good as that. I would love to do it again right now, but I’m a bit sore: you’re quite big and I feel sort of stretched! And full of sperm!”

“I know…I could feel a major eruption taking place.”

I slithered out of the bed and made my way to the bathroom where I took some of my best after shave and sprinkled some on a face cloth which I then moistened with hot water. I took it back to the bed room and turned Annie over on her front. Then I carefully parted her arse cheeks and dabbed the face cloth into the crevice, wiping away the gel and sperm mixture that glistened on the delicate rose that was her anus. The murmur of appreciation that greeted this was like a wild cat’s purr. I went back to the bathroom and cleaned myself up and then got back into bed. Both of us drifted off to sleep but as I did so I reflected again on the surprisingly sexy woman I had in my bed and dreamt about the next time I would savour the delights of anal sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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