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This story is based on the setting created by icedragonmo3 in their story The Blending. It contains lots of characters of intersex gender with exaggerated proportions, oral sex, huge cumshots, cum swallowing, polyamorous relationships, group sex, and incestuous relationships (for real, this time).

As always, all persons participating in sexual activities or described in a sexual manner are at least 18 years of age. All characters, locations, and scenarios presented here are a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real-world people and places is coincidental.


The nearby clock read 5:45AM by the time I realized I wasn’t going back to sleep. I’d been awake for about 15 minutes, cuddled up next to Tanya. Apparently, she, too, ran table saws in her sleep, and it was a particularly loud unified snore from all three women in bed with me that woke me prematurely. I sat up on my elbow to look the girls over: Tanya was on her back with her arm around Tessa, who had shifted in the night and was now curled up against one of Tanya’s mammoth tits, while Michiko was spooned up behind Tessa, a hand cradling one of Tessa’s less mammoth but still substantial boobs. I was awestruck by these women, hopelessly smitten with them, and they looked adorable cuddled together.

They were also a little ripe, as was I. We’d neglected to clean up after last night’s incredible session of filling Tanya completely, and Tanya’s and my shared stroke session later in the night had added to the sticky mess. Granted, I’d used the restroom shortly after, but I definitely needed to wash up. I carefully eased out of the bed, thankfully not waking the girls, and padded to the bathroom. Jackie, Tanya’s mom, had kindly taken out towels and washcloths for us, and I grabbed a set and hung them on a towel rod.

The warm water felt great, and I stood under the spray with my eyes closed for a while. I squirted a little body wash from a nearby bottle (lime and sea salt-scented) and lathered up, cleaning the remnants of last night’s sex from my body. By the time I reached my dick, I was hard and ready for a little private stroking. I easily pictured the girls having their way with me, and the soapy cloth felt great against my skin.

I wasn’t far along when I felt a soft pair of breasts press into my back and a delicate hand wrap itself around my cock, matching my slow stroke rhythm. My hips thrust on their own, the sensation of a second hand striking deep in my core. Another hand took the washcloth from me and rubbed it against my ass, cleaning my rear carefully. I felt something poke me back there, and I placed my hands against the shower wall and leaned forward.

I looked back to see Michiko’s smiling face, her cock rock hard and soapy. I must not have been as quiet as I thought, but I was happy to have the company.

“Hi,” she said, biting her lip.

“Hi,” I replied, wiggling my butt at her. I was incredibly turned on and in no mood to wait. “Fuck me.”

Michi growled as she started pushing her cock into my ass. My own dick twitched wildly as I felt her enter me, and my ass graciously widened to accept her as she slowly drove home. There was no pain at all as I took her full length, and I moaned deeply as she bottomed out and started fucking me in earnest. In the midst of my euphoria, I wondered about the anatomical geometry at play here, trying to reconcile it with the wealth of information I’d found about easing into anal sex; the musculature needing time and patience to become properly accustomed to being penetrated. I’d have to ask Dr. Schneider about it, because being able to take nine thick inches with almost no real preparation felt unusual.

That was all secondary at the moment, because I was focused on getting railed by my incredibly pretty lover. Michiko had an iron grip on my hips as she fucked me, and I thrust against her with every stroke. She hadn’t gotten to swearing at me in Japanese yet, but she was definitely enjoying herself. As for me, it wasn’t long before I hit a huge climax, my cum splashing against the wall as Michi pounded me through my orgasm.

“I love your ass, Ace,” she moaned, and I could only gasp in response as my balls emptied and her cock stole my voice from me. I was so full, and I could feel Michi getting closer to her own climax. Once my orgasm started to fade, I suddenly had an incredible idea; when she next thrust into me, I reached behind me to hold her there a moment.

“Hey,” I said, “not so fast, let me help you wash up.”

Michi looked at me, confused at first, before she smiled and nodded. She withdrew from me and I turned to kiss her deeply, her boobs squashing against my chest as we embraced. We rotated in each other’s arms so she would be in front of the sprayer, and she turned to face it as I added more body wash to the washcloth. I took my time washing her body, starting with her neck and back before moving down to her butt and legs. She adjusted the spray to be a bit hotter, and we stepped back as I started washing canlı bahis her front from behind.

“Your tits are amazing,” I said, handing her the washcloth before taking them in my hands. I could barely hold each of them, the supple flesh spilling out of my hands as I kneaded and teased them. Michi leaned back and turned her head to kiss me, and we made out under the water as I played with her.

“I love them,” Michi said, “they feel soo goood.” She moaned as I started massaging her nipples, squeezing and pulling on them gently as her body writhed against me. She reached down and cleaned her still-hard member with the washcloth, and we stepped forward back into the water to rinse her off. I placed soft kisses against her next as I reached down with one hand and jerked her incredible girlcock, slick with soap and water. She placed her hand over mine and sped us up, her dick starting to release copious amounts of precum as we stroked her entire length.

I was really enjoying myself, but I needed something else pretty badly. I directed the shower head downward and rinsed Michi off thoroughly. That done, I switched places with Michiko and turned around to face her again before lowering down into a squat and taking her cock into my mouth. Michi’s hands immediately went to the back of my head as I sucked on the head, swirling my tongue around the crown and gently stroking her with my right hand. She tasted of green tea and jasmine, as before, and I eagerly swallowed the precum that spurted from her head.

“God, Ace,” she said, our eyes meeting as I looked up at her, “you want to swallow my load?”

“Yes, please,” I said softly, planting kisses along her shaft before taking the head back into my mouth. I started bobbing my head and stroking her in tandem, and I was quickly rewarded with a deep moan and a flood of hot, creamy cum as Michi braced herself. I savored her unique flavor as her cock spurted shot after shot of jizz into my mouth. I took her down into my throat as she started to taper off, the action drawing more cum out of her with a noiseless cry.

When I’d milked her for every last drop of her issue, she pulled me up and thrust her tongue into my mouth. We embraced, kissing and caressing one another as we came down from our respective climaxes. Eventually, Michi produced bottles of shampoo and conditioner. She and Tessa apparently knew we were going to stay the night and had planned accordingly.

“Want to help me wash my hair?” she asked. My voice got stuck in my throat as her intimate request caught me by surprise.

“I’d love to,” I said.

Michiko walked me through her routine, starting with a hot water rinse. She handed me the conditioner and had me apply a small amount to the last quarter of her hair, explaining that the extra conditioning step helped her longer hair stay healthy. She took some shampoo and lathered up her scalp before I started spreading it through her hair. She rinsed the shampoo out and I applied more conditioner. At that point, it needed some time to soak in, so we flipped places again and kissed tenderly for a few minutes. Eventually, we rinsed her hair one last time in cooler water before stopping the shower. We toweled each other off, fighting a wave of giggles as we touched sensitive parts.

“I love you, Michi,” I said as she wrapped me in her arms and planted a soft kiss on my cheek. “Thank you for sharing this with me.”

“I love you, too, Ace,” she responded. I rested my forehead against hers and stared into her beautiful grey eyes. I felt incredibly close to Michiko in that moment, the ritual of washing her hair having brought us together in a way I wasn’t expecting.

We broke off our tender embrace and headed back to Tanya’s room. She and Tessa were still dead to the world, and Michiko and I covered our mouths as they tried their hardest to out-snore each other. Michi gave me a sympathetic look.

“This is what you’re signing up for,” she whispered, “endless nights of listening to your partners sawing logs.”

My face broke out in a giant smile. “It’s really endearing. Besides, I signed those papers years ago. You’re stuck with me.”

I had an idea to make everyone breakfast, and Michiko agreed to come with me to the store for supplies. We quietly got dressed and I snuggled up to Tanya to gently wake her and let her know.

“Hey,” I whispered, “I’m going to grab stuff for breakfast, you want anything?”

“Pancakes?” Tanya asked, looking at me through heavily lidded eyes. I nodded.

“You gonna do bacon?” Tessa asked groggily, shifting deeper into Tanya’s cleavage.

“I can,” I said. Tessa gave me a thumbs up as Tanya’s boobs molded themselves around her head. They settled back in as I gave them both quick pecks goodbye, the snoring resuming almost immediately. On our way out, Michi and I gave each other quick sniffs to ensure we didn’t smell too bad and were satisfied with our current state. I left a note on the kitchen island for Tanya’s mom in case she woke up before we bahis siteleri got back. When we got into my car, I took a minute to type up a quick shopping list on my phone.

“Okay, pancake stuff, syrup, bacon, eggs, juice,” I read off as I typed, before looking over at Michi. “Any requests?”

“Cheese and mushroom omelet?” Michi asked, flashing me puppy eyes. I rolled my eyes as I added the ingredients to the list.

“For a second, I thought you were going to ask for omurice,” I said, starting the car and pulling out of the driveway. “I mean, I want to try it sometime, but it wouldn’t be close to your mom’s.”

“Don’t worry,” Michi smirked, “she’s going to teach you how to make everything. You have no idea how excited she about one of her daughters finally dating someone that cooks.”

“What? Akane-san refuses to tell me how she makes anything!”

“That was before you stole her daughter’s heart,” Michi said matter-of-factually, “she needs to make sure you can take care of me properly. Also, she knows you can cook now.”

“When did that happen?” I asked, incredulous.

“Your mama sent over some of that Beef Wellington you made a few weeks ago, it was crazy good!”

“SHE SAID THEY ATE ALL OF IT.” Michiko laughed as I fumed (mostly for show).

It didn’t take long to reach the supermarché, and Michiko and I made quick work of the impromptu shopping list, Michiko collecting the non-perishables while I grabbed the refrigerated goods. When we reunited in front of the bacon, Michi unloaded her hand basket into my cart and we proceeded to have an animated discussion about my choice of fruit punch.

“It tastes so weird, though!” she said as we made our way to the checkout line.

“You don’t like it because it’s so pineapple-forward,” I countered, “and yet, I didn’t hear any complaints the other night when you-“

“Yeah, yeah,” she said, cutting me off. She giggled after a brief moment, no doubt recalling our three-way oral exchange with Tessa. “That was so hot, we should do that more.”

“Fine with me,” I said, “I think I like that more than actual sex.”

“I’m so glad you finally have a use for that big mouth.” Michi stuck her tongue out at me as I rolled my eyes.

“I should have seen that coming… oh! Here’s an unexpected surprise!” I said, lowering my voice.

I aimed the cart for the checkout line currently helmed by Lexi Foster. She was currently half-asleep at the register, and Michiko and I quietly pushed the cart over and unloaded our purchases on the belt. She didn’t notice us, her eyes half-closed and a quiet smile on her face, and I signaled Michi to stay quiet. I leaned over the conveyor so I wouldn’t have to speak as loudly.

“Hey, Lex,” I said quietly, and the smile on her face deepened.

“Hi, Ace,” she said dreamily, closing her eyes entirely as she sighed softly.

“What’s going on? Did I catch you at a bad time?” My voice dropped into a warm purr, and it got an immediate reaction.

“Not at all, I think Laurie would love it if you joined her…”

Michi covered her mouth, successfully stifling a gasp of surprise, and I had to think about how to respond.

“I don’t know if I should, Michiko is right over there…”

Lexi gave a tiny moan before responding, “…do you think she’d tell anyone?”

Michiko furiously shook her head, and I nodded. “No, of course, not. I’d trust her with anything.”

“You don’t think she’d be grossed out by us?” There was a true note of fear in Lexi’s voice that caught me off-guard. Michiko’s jaw dropped, and she motioned as if she’d been stabbed in the heart.

“She thinks you two are so beautiful together, just like I do.” I glanced down and saw the obvious bulge in Lexi’s jeans twitch. She shifted her legs in an attempt to get more comfortable.

“…please, Ace,” Lexi whispered, “please help Laurie suck me off…”

“I’d love to, but I think I should check out first, if that’s alright.”

“Yeah… wait, huh?” Lexi’s eyes flew open as the seductive spell broke, and her face immediately turned bright red when she saw me and Michiko. “Oh my god! What-“

“It’s okay,” I said in my most assuring tone of voice, “no one else is around, you and I were just talking about a little fantasy, no harm done.”

We waited a moment as Lexi calmed down a bit, the deep color remaining in her face. She started scanning our purchases for cover. “Sorry, I’m still a little wiped from last night. Did… did you actually tell her? About us?” Lexi asked, her eyes shifting to Michiko, who came closer to join the hushed conversation,

I nodded. “And Tessa, but only because I know they won’t spread it around. I’m sorry I didn’t ask first.”

“Your relationship with Laurie is none of our business,” Michiko quickly added, “but Ace is 100% right, Tess and I think it’s beautiful that you have that with her. Our lips are sealed.”

Lexi looked visibly relieved to hear it, and her face broke out into a big smile. “Thank you, that means a lot bahis şirketleri to hear. We think our friends would be cool about it if we could explain it, but it’s still scary.”

Michi and I both nodded, and I felt a little better about opening my big mouth.

“Hey,” I said, changing the subject, “thank you for rallying the troops last night, by the way.”

“No, thank you for charging in there!” Lexi countered. “Melissa looked so scared, but there was no way I was tangling with Rhonda alone, she’ll fuck you up. I’m glad nothing happened.” Lexi added hastily.

“Yet,” Michiko added ominously. She walked around me (giving my butt a squeeze on her way by) to start bagging the groceries up as I paid.

“So, I have been charged by my lovely girlfriends to invite you and Laurie over to ostensibly hang out sometime.”

“Charged?” Lexi said, raising an eyebrow.

“I was told it was a break-up level offense if I couldn’t deliver you both to be promptly seduced.” I replied.

“That’s not what we said!” Michiko protested, and Lexi started laughing.

“ANYWAY, you’re welcome to come over whenever, though I suspect there will be more time for it after the hockey season?”

Lexi nodded. “Yeah, it’s a pretty brutal schedule this year. We wouldn’t mind coming over to chill out after a game, though.”

“Sure. Hey,” I said dropping my voice again, “does anyone else know?”

Lexi shook her head. “Just you. You won’t tell anyone else, right?”

“I won’t, and neither will the girls.”

Lexi smiled and nodded. “Thank you. Have a nice day!”

Michi and I gathered our things and headed back to Tanya’s place. On the way, I considered reaching out to the twins and asking if I could let Tanya in on their secret. I really hadn’t thought it through before telling Michiko and Tessa, and while I knew they could be trusted, the twins didn’t. It was a poor lapse in judgment, and I needed to be better than that. Hopefully, Lexi and Laurie would allow me to make it up to them in the future.


Cooking in the Miller, Sanada, and Wayne families was serious business. Mama, Michi’s mom Akane, and Tessa’s mom Marie were all food service specialists or officers at one point in their respective branches of the military and how they all became friends originally. The three families had countless dinner parties through the years as they all tried to one-up each other with their own preferred styles of cuisine: Akane-san was a master of Japanese cuisine, having learned everything there was to know about it at the feet of her mother and grandmother (before she left for America); Mrs. Miller was a legit professional French chef and ran the local country club’s restaurant with an appropriately iron fist (or so I’d heard); and Mama was all about that barbecue and diner comfort food. Honestly, when they got together for a highly competitive joint cooking session, it was like living with our own personal set of Iron Chefs.

Of the various children, however, I was the only one to show any real interest in and, later, talent for cooking, which was a real feather in Mama’s cap. As a result, I started getting the cold shoulder from Mrs. Miller and Akane-san whenever I showed interest in their technique or dishes. With all my free time over the past year, I spent a lot of it in the kitchen learning from Mama and trying out different things. The previously-mentioned Beef Wellington was one such experiment from the summer that had succeeded beyond my wildest hopes. I had made two of the pastry-wrapped roasts: my parents and I demolished one for dinner, but the second one vanished within 48 hours. I suspected that my parents had eaten it cold (which probably would have been fine, if super weird), but based on this new information, I now suspected Mama had split it in half and brought it to the Millers and Sanadas in a fit of parental pride.

In any event, I had learned quickly that while the surest way to a woman’s heart was through open communication and active listening, a timely detour through her stomach could make for a smoother journey. This was the chief reason for wanting to make breakfast for everybody, and not just to impress Tanya and her mom; I hadn’t yet had the chance to cook for Michiko and Tessa, and this seemed like the perfect time. Not that they needed more reasons to let me stay the night with them, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt.

The smell of coffee greeted us as we got back to the Peterson household. Mrs. Peterson was sitting at the dining room table with a large mug, dressed in a purple silk robe that set her features off wonderfully. She turned and smiled at us as we set the groceries down on the kitchen island.

“You didn’t have to do this,” she said, “I’m sure we could have thrown something together.”

“Begging your pardon, ma’am, but I absolutely did,” I said with a flourish, “in return for extending us the courtesy of your hospitality.”

“Not to mention the opportunity of showing off for his friend’s hot mom,” Michiko added. I was tempted to protest, but she wasn’t wrong.

“Been a long time since a cute boy cooked for me,” Jackie responded, her voice deep and warm with a very obvious predatory note to it. “I’m looking forward to it.”

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