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Trying It With Maddie

My nose pressed into the soft pubic hair growing above my best friend Maddie’s vagina. I had never tasted a girl before and I savored the fact that hers was the first. The blissful sounds she made filled my ears as the musty sweet flavor of her juices flowed onto my hungry tongue. I wanted to take it slow, make the moment last. So, I licked slowly, the flat of my tongue traveling up and down her spread lips, tickling the V at the bottom while my upper lip rubbed back and over her clit. The intimacy of it was intoxicating, more than I expected.

Neither of us had had sex before and all the boys we knew were douchey. So we decided to do it with each other, just to get each other off as best friends. I was unprepared for how amazing it was to please her like this. Her body was so responsive, every quiver and sigh made my heart skip and vagina dribble. I loved the güvenilir bahis siteleri feeling of her bare skin on my hands, and the roundness of her butt as I wrapped my hands around her, feeling every inch of her body. She squirmed with the joy of it as I changed my motion up, swirling my tongue in an oval shape around her labia, then plunging it inside her, then across her clit again.

I decided to push a finger inside. “Ohh!” she exclaimed, jolting on the mattress.

“You like that?” I asked.

Without opening her eyes she answered, “Do two…” So, I pushed a second finger in and began to finger fuck her. “Oh yesss…like that.” she cooed. It was hot as fuck. I watched my fingers going in and out of her, taken by how pretty her pussy was. The folds of her labia were swollen and reddened as they rolled in and out with my fingers, glistening in the natural light perabet güvenilir mi of the window. “You’re gonna make me cum…” she whispered. I wanted to desperately. Her sounds grew in volume and frequency until she seemed to literally explode in front of me, grabbing the blue comforter with her hands so tightly I thought she’d pull it out from under me. Her face contorted as she arched left and right, her hips shaking as I struggled to ride her like an unbroken mare. A flood of lube flowed out of her and down my chin. I kept at her until the shaking stopped and she dropped into the soft bed, a layer of perspiration making the space between her breasts shiny.

I licked my lips, wiping my chin and watched her lay there helplessly as her chest rose and fell with the breath. her vagina looked so different after. Wet and swollen and yummy. I realized I perabet giriş wasn’t done. I began to massage her around the sides lightly. Then harder. “That feels amazing…” she purred.

“I want to make you cum again.” I said, more of a confession than anything else.

Her eyes looked down at me. “Please do.” She smiled. I interrupted it by gong down on her again, this time harder, driving my mouth into her. “Ohh!!” she reacted to it so strongly I almost fell sideways on one knee. I gripped her ass hard with both hands and ate her like watermelon. With lips for teeth I devoured her while she wriggled and moaned. Two fingers pushed up into her, driving and driving as her juices covered my face. I felt her hand on the back of my head, pulling me into her. Her neck craned forward, face contorted as if giving birth. The orgasm grew and grew until is seemed to want to launch from her like a banshee. She humped my face and rolled over, our bodies locked together until her cumming slowed and her legs fell wide.

Suddenly she was laughing. “Oh my GODDD!” What the FUCK!” I couldn’t help laugh with her. Who would have thought our friendship would have taken this turn?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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