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Trucker’s Awakening
Trucker’s Awakening

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Kuldeep Singh was truly startled by such sexy female voice on the other end of the phone; asking him; If he was alone at that time. He hesitated a little, not knowing, what was going on; who was calling or what the shit was all about but then he calmly answered that yes, he was alone. Now the same, very musical voice asked, if he could help her. That was not easy to answer but by now, he was also in a mood to play the game, if it were a set up or a game and answered vaguely; saying, yes, if he could. KS heard a tad bit of giggle, before she asked him; how big was he. Now Kuldeep was not sure, if it was a setup, a trap or just another mix up of calls and he also knew that there was more than one answer to the latest question and he decided to take the safer way out saying that yes he was pretty big, 27; over six foot and weighing almost 225 Lbs.

Now the melodious lady kind of gasped saying that it sounded nice and with a pleading tone asked him to be patient with him and tell him if he was going to be there at the truck stop for a long time.

Suddenly, it was clear to KS that someone, whoever was calling; knew that this phone booth was at the truck stop. Kuldeep had actually made a stop there after a short haul and had called his dispatcher to tell him of his location and also asked him for his next assignment. He was told to take a break and be comfortable at the stop because they knew that KS was far from his home and secondly, he had to pick up a load not far from here at almost midnight and make a run all the way down to Austin. He had looked at the wrist watch and it was not even noon time. He had showered, fueled up his truck and also done with an on the run shitty breakfast already and now had lots of time to kill. Now madam; I do not know what was long time for you, KS answered the woman on the phone respectfully but informed her that he was going to be there for at least 8 hours or maybe even a bit more before he had to go, get a load to drop off at Austin.

Quickly the tone changed once again to be playful when she said that if he thought, he had a load for her. He could be as rough and jagged as he liked for his selfish satisfaction and pleasure. Kuldeep had been on the truck for at least 5 days and by now his body had started to push for the needs beyond the comforts of eat and sleep, when he answered that phone ringing at the large cluster of phone booths at the truck stop. The thought of possibly finding some horny pussy that wanted to play around with a truck driver had a certain erotic appeal to it, especially one that was so willingly slutty. His plan to go to video arcade for time killing was jeopardized by now and he heard her speak. Just tell me your truck number plate, so that I can get to you quickly and easily in a few minutes and you can do to me whatever is your fantasy in the back of your own truck. She was almost whispering.

Now KS was not thinking with the head on his shoulders but with the head at the top of his long and hefty uncut cock and compelled by the pressure in his balls. He gave her the information but just made sure, his hand was in his pocket at the gun for safety if it was a robbery attempt or something like that, may be some of his lady trucker friend trying to fuck up with him. He was once again astounded a bit, when she gave him the car description she was going to be using and promised to be there in minutes. KS got to his truck, looked at the map to confirm the directions his dispatcher had given, against the map and being certain that he could easily get to where he was supposed to be after his rest time.

He made sure his truck doors were locked to be safe in the truck as he removed all his expensive jewelry and valuable items along with cash and the wallet for safe keeping in some hiding corner of the truck and not being stolen when he was preoccupied doing something much more urgent. Though he was not 100% sure of the things said to him on the phone but still he was getting overly horny and illegal bahis his man cock was jumping joyfully in his groin. He had made sure that the supply of condoms was not depleted and also the KY tube was not empty. Suddenly he looked in the back view mirror to see a car pulled back behind where he was parked. The color was matching, what was told to KS and then as it came closer, Kuldeep noticed it was exactly the car described to him. He quickly slipped his hand in his pocket to be alert at the gun. The car door opened and then closed. What the fuck!!! He muttered as he slowly gripped his gun and very gently pulled his hand out ever so sensibly as the truck door opened and a very handsome, young boy; yes, hardly 20, a white boy climbed in the cab. KS started to pull the gun out of his pocket when the guy pleaded to explain and KS told him to say whatever he had to and be fast. The guy knows well, why Kuldeep’s hand was in his pocket.

You have spoken with my wife, a little while ago and she has sent me here; was the first line out of the guy’s lips. KS snapped saying he did not care who sent the guy here and he was not going anywhere with the him. Listen Mr. my name is John and I am not here to take you anywhere. Please listen to me, I shall be brief. The guy pleaded and KS kept silent posing to be ready to listen but believe only what he wanted to believe. I have married my college day’s sweetheart and it is hardly a year. She has found out that I am bi and I like to be used by other men and it has torn our marriage apart. She has made me make a compromise for the mutual enjoyment and stay in marriage; John was saying. KS relaxed his grip, after listening to such juicy beginning words of John’s story asking him to go on. After the initial shock; she began to feel horny and aroused with the idea and having seen you around the truck stop, she picked you for me and if you want, you could have both of us but without going anywhere, I am here for any and all services I could do for you.

Very strange; KS interjected saying that you want to tell me that she sets up men to fuck you.

John agreed saying that KS was right and he could be gentle or rough as he desired because there was no other expectation from him but to use John and take pictures with John’s phone camera showing his face plus whatever possible for her satisfaction. The decision is yours; concluded John.

Kuldeep had gotten all worked up since the phone call he received and he was expecting a woman; never having been with a man but as said earlier, he was dealing with his fucking head below the belt buckle and not the thinking head above his shoulders.

She said that you were hairy and I enjoy hairy men, added John. He said that he was sure of his wife’s pick; kind of making sure and KS opened his shirt buttons displaying his wide chest full of hair and John could not resist; asking for permission and extending his hand till he found the big and hard nipples of the trucker to play with and run his fingers over them. Tonight when I get back to her after she comes from work, I tell her every detail and show her the pictures; John added. Nastier; the better, she likes and same for me. Rough and nasty for sure to keep our marriage intact.

By now, Kuldeep’s balls were about to burst with all the load they had been churning since days. He asked John to stop bitching, get in the back cabin and get fucking naked on his hands and knees, pronto.

Yes, sir; John responded with a big smile and crawled back while KS checked around the parking lot, locked his truck doors from inside and pulled all the curtains over the windows before moving back to take charge of his slave and ordered to undress him, only leaving the underwear on. The boy toy started with removing Kuldeep’s boots first, and then socks, quickly taking his shirt and then the pants off. They both noticed that large cock of the trucker was already stiff enough to poke at the boxers he had on. After doing away with his clothes, John returned back to his position on his hands and knees tipobet waiting for the next command. Soon KS roared, asking him to take off his boxer and as John’s hands moved up, there was a hard zap across his face, telling him to do it with his teeth like a slave should really do. John moved so close that KS could feel John’s warm breath on his hairy balls. Very gently, John took the bite at the elastic material, twisting and tilting his head to the side, finally struggling to pull the boxer over the hard meat length of the man cock. As he pulled the boxer down; his cheek brushed against the now rock solid cock of Kuldeep sending some extravagant sensation all over both the bodies.

Now KS ordered him to keep bowing in front of him and never raise his eyes up to look at him, unless it was for the camera and the picture to show his ass being punished for the record. Then KS picked up his pants and removed the belt and made a kind of whip by doubling it for smacking the faggot boy ass and told him to be a good little slave boy, getting down and start sucking his cock. He was ordered to keep his hands to himself behind his back and make a good use of his tongue on Kuldeep’s cock and balls. John rapidly opened his mouth sticking his tongue out to lick the sides of huge cock, all the way up and then down, working on the head; his tongue swayed on the underside of the length to the sensitive top end till his lips parted and KS drove his cock into young man’s mouth and pulled his head down by placing the belt loop over his head, on his neck; resulting to shove all the length into the young wet throat. KS could feel the boy’s tongue sliding out of his mouth for the licking of hairy balls. He fucks the boy’s mouth for about 5 minutes and then pulls away. Now KS ordered John to open his mouth wide because he wanted to see, how nicely those trucker balls could fit in his boy mouth offering a very good snap to send to his pimping bitch wife. John opened wide as he moved to be under the cock, his head tilted respectfully and his warm breath felt on the big man’s hairy ball sack. His tongue snakes out licking one then the other cum filled reservoirs; finally, his mouth spreads very wide to let both nuts sucked into his mouth.

Aaah Fuck!! That’s it. Now reach up with your hand babe and stroke the hard cock; was the new order for John. Don’t be too fast to make me cum because I have better plan for you; Kuldeep said with authority. John starts gentle caressing and stroking of the trucker cock; not to get it off but just enough for its due care. His mouth and tongue working together like an automatic car wash set up to bathe the big balls with warm saliva until he was ordered to suck the cock with hands still behind him. Kuldeep grabbed John’s head to work deeper with each stroke, pausing and taking a breather; if he felt the balls were ready to explode due to exceeding pressure in them. John’s throat muscles clenching on the shaft until the feeling dissipated. There was one more snap shot for the boy toy to take home and show mommy for her joy.

Now John was asked to lay on the bed with his face up and KS got on top straddling his face, while his ass settled right over his nose and mouth. John the bitch was told that it was time to lick Kuldeep’s ass, spreading the heavy cheeks with both hands and tonguing the deep hole. Oouuhhmm, what a nice feeling!! The young tongue licking across the big ass, all wet; easing it in as helped by KS with pushing on it and yelling for doing better on his cock and balls. The heavier balls had been resting on the neck under the young chin. Ass teasing continued until it was all wet and slippery for the tongue to slide in the depth with smooth thrusts. Suddenly Kuldeep was startled, feeling a larger push in the middle of his back with John’s knees touching the trucker man’s sides. It could not be anything other than John’s own fucking tool, hard long and thick. Ready to drill its own holes if given the opportunity. O’ boy, you have a motivation of your own; KS said while tipobet giriş reaching back to wrap his grip around the boy cock and started showing him, how it worked. As the play progressed, KS barked loud at John as he squeezed the boy balls, not to stop and continue licking his ass. John quickly renewed his efforts feeling the pressure rise beyond limits on his balls. Almost 15 minutes of this play with some delicious scenes captured by the camera to bring home to his slutty wife; the next urge struck Kuldeep and he ordered the slave boy to crawl over him as the trucker man lay straight up on the bad with his steel pole showing like a steeple and asked him to start sucking him once again.

Arching body of the trucker was forcing his cock into young boy’s mouth, pulling him down until balls deep, every time he tied to pull back a little. Do not try to escape instead of making my cock as hard as it should be to nail your asshole; was the new instructions. KS had decided; not to use the condom and enjoy the skin to skin rubbing and the heat being generated. The boy got in his own feverish frenzy to get the humongous cock stiffer and thicker for his lusty desires while told to turn around and raise the ass in the air. Carefully holding by the middle of the shaft, Kuldeep shoved the cock head up into the boy hole to push back on it proving, how much he wanted it. KS taunted the boy saying that, he would like to narrate himself to his wife; how much John had enjoyed shoving his ass back onto his stiff and thick trucker cock.

John’s hole opened up, trucker’s cock head pushes in; John opens up a bit more and now with both hips in solid grip, KS makes a forced stroke until his hairy balls clash against the young and shaved sack. The boy yelps but held there tight to get adjusted to the size. Soon the mutual movement started for a rhythmic pull and push. John got a complement for a nice and tight ass, much tighter than some of the pussies fucked by Kuldeep.

KS did not want to resist the opportunity and instead of holding the boy hips, he used the looped belt of his as the horse reins to pull John on the cock for smoother in and out moves with one hand and used other hand to love spank the charming young ass acreage before shooting off his load. After couple of minutes the boy ass was all red and finger marked due to the spanking with each stroke in his tunnel. Kuldeep knew that he had time on his side to use this slave boy for yet long hours but his balls were getting ready to off load the first gallons of man juices mixed up well by now. Feeling the hard tingling in his balls, KS ordered John to squeeze and clench around his cock for a rude and rough friction to his meat rod making him cum.

With a muffled yes, John’s hand reached his own dangerously long and thick cock and started masturbating with a fury. With a big cock in John’s ass, getting even bigger and stiffer; it took minutes for both to hit the orgasmic peak. Kuldeep flexed and relaxed inside the John boy over 100 times until the cream was completely and evenly filled in the young slave boy’s pie. He also felt boy’s ass squeezing and releasing; surely gushing his load out. After the elation and euphoria was over and the last push and shove was done, KS pulled out of John and was so glad to see boy’s hand holding his own thick and very viscous brew. Kuldeep thought this as one of the best shots and asked the boy to open his mouth while with the slide of half hard trucker’s penis he swished boy’s juice into the boy’s mouth, taking multiple snaps for him to bring home. Finally, the boy greedily lapped his hand and master’s cock like a puppy cleaning his bowl. The fucking play scene repeated till the ass was sore and numb, cock and balls were aching and hurting. Kuldeep had about one hour to reach his spot where he was supposed to pick-up the next load to be driven to Austin.

As they both thanked each other for the great fun time, it suddenly dawned on KS; why most truckers kept a young helper boy with them for every hauling job. He learned the importance of a boy pussy in addition to the whore cunts available on the truck stops. He smiled as he waved bye to John only hoping to get his own John soon.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan August 12, 2019.

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