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Christy and Rock had been dating over five years now and Christy was getting bored with the relationship. Unfortunately, she could’nt just leave because Rock was paying the bills, so she started acting like a bitch. She argued with Rock all the time and would not give him any pussy.

Rock grew very tired and aggravated with Christy and told her he was leaving her. Christy pleaded with him to stay knowing she needed him financially. Rock refused. Christy said she’d do anything to make him stay. Rock asked her “anything?”. Christy said yes. Rock asked her if she’d fuck another man and he watch. Christy looked dumbfounded and asked, “why do you want that?” Rock explained it was always a fantasy of his to watch her get fucked. Christy explained that she really did not want to do that, that she would feel slutty. Rock said fine and left Christy crying.

The next day, Christy called Rock and asked him to come home. He said only if she’d carry out his fantasy. After a small period of silence Christy relunctantly said okay. Rock said he and a friend would be there soon.

Rock drove around a black neighborhood and spotted a skinny black man walking down the street. Rock drove up next to him and asked, “hey man, you like white girls?” The black man said “Hell Yeah!” Rock told him to get in. After the black man got in he asked Rock, “is this fo real man?” Rock explained yes it is. “You gon take me to a white girl I can fuck?” Rock said yep. “Dam, aight man, you aight!” Rock canlı poker oyna said first I need to know, “are you hung?” The black man pulled his dick out from his shorts, “is that hung enough?” he asked. Rocks’ eyes widened looking at the thick long black snake towering from the black man’s shorts. “Um, yea, thats big enough.”

They arrived at Rock and Christy’s place and Rock instructed the black man to stay in the car and he’d come and get him.

Rock went inside and found Christy laying on their bed wearing only her green panties. “Where’s your friend?” she asked. Rock said “oh, you ready to fuck huh?” Christy frowned and said not really, but she’d do this fantasy if Rock would stay. Rock said okay, now put this blindfold on. “What? why a blindfold?” Christy asked. Rock said “look, are you gonna do this or not?” “Okay, okay.” Christy put the blindfold on and sat on the bed.

Rock went and led the black man into the house. “Dayum!” the black man thought seeing this fine ass white girl sitting on the bed. Rock motioned for the black man not to speak.

Rock told Christy to get on her knees and the black man to stand in front of her. Rock instructed Christy to reach out and pull down his friend’s shorts. Christy pulled down his shorts, his big semi hard dick popped out and slapped Christy in the mouth. Christy jerked back realizing this was a big cock before her face. The black man’s cock was now fully erect, Rock could not beleive a skinny man like this could internet casino have such a large dick.

Christy grabbed his cock, and became excited and nervous thinking she’d never had a cock this size before. The black man closed his eyes as she took his penis into her little mouth. Christy stretched her jaws as much as possible to accomadate as much dick in her mouth as she could. He grimaced in pleasure feeling her mouth suck hard on his dick.

The black man had Christy get on the bed in the doggy position and gripped and spread her beautiful white mounds of ass. Staring at her perfect white girl butthole and tight pink pussy, he burned with lust and put his face up to her private area and inhaled her hot scent of wet pussy and dank ass. He licked her asshole making Christy sigh with pleasure, and worked his tongue to her pussy and clit. Soon Christy began moaning and jerking her pussy over his long negro tongue and face, and letting out her first orgasm. “Oh Dam!, that was GOOD!” she whispered.

He then flipped her over on her back, spread her legs back behind his skinny arms and pushed his cock inside her wet pussy. He didnt care about easing his cock inside her, he just pushed forward and stretched her pussy, filling her pussy as deep as Christy could hold with dick. Feeling his cock open her like this initially shocked her, she yelled to loudest moan Rock had ever heard. Her hands immediately pushing against the black man’s chest. Her pussy then gave güvenilir casino in and accomadated the his big cock’s thrusts as he fucked Christy.

Rock could see Christy’s cream dripple out down over her asshole. Rock watched has his dark nuts slapped loudly against her asshole. Christy continued moaning in pleasure, now enjoying his large penis rub the insides of her opened vagina. His cock was thrusting deep in to areas of her cunt that had never felt dick before. She soon began flexing her toes inward and digging her fingers into his waist, moaning loudly feeling the rush of the strongest orgasm she’d ever felt. “OHHHHHHH FUCCCCCCK!!!!”

Rock noticed to scent of sex in the air and the wet gooey mess between Christy’s legs. Rock jackin and shooting cum from his lil white dick.

His fat nuts continued to pound and slap Christy’s messy asshole. He continued enjoying the feel of her white girl pussy grip his manhood, fucking the shit out of her now, his lust burning hard, his swell of cum building up, he gave in to it and released globs and globs of negro love inside her inviting swoll womb. Gritting his teeth hard, eyes rolled back in his head, he jerked and thrusted like a wild a****l getting all of his cock and all of his cum inside this fine ass white girl.

The black man relaxed his body on top of Christy, leaving his pulsating cock inside her. Christy then lifted her blindfold. “WHAT?! YOU’RE BLACK!? she bellowed. “I DID NOT KNOW… !” Christy pushed his chest up, “GET OFF ME!” The black man lifted up and Christy watched his long wet negro cock slowly exit and fall out her gaped cunt.

Christy jumped up, yelling at Rock, “You Didnt tell me your FRIEND was BLACK!!!” Rock laughed saying, “You didnt ask either!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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