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Touching Base
by williacj

Another Fictional story from williacj, enjoy!

i was in my bedroom in my granny’s basement when her stepdaughter Camilla came home from the store she came downstairs and i was watching TV she knocked on my door asked me if i wanted to play pool with her in the rec room so i turned the TV off and went into the rec room.

We were talking as we were playing and i was talking about buying a pair of new shoes and she asked me what size shoe i wear i wear a 12 and she says that’s big. I replied”well i’m older so everything is big with me” so we kept playing and camilla asked me what else is big and i told her i couldn’t tell her because i’d be in big trouble. she said she wouldn’t tell anybody what we said in the basement. I pointed down at my crotch Camilla looked over at me “can i see it?” she asked so we went into my room and closed the door.

I unzipped my shorts and pulled my underwear down and camilla looked down at my limp cock, camilla reached over grabbed my cock and began to stroke it when i was fully hard she held it”it is big” she said.I gave her a hug and then she pulled her shirt over her head and took off her shorts türkçe bahis and put them on the floor” you wanna kiss?” i asked her, first she shook her head “well okay” she says i pressed my lips against hers and eventually she wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me i reached down and gave her tight black butt a smack and a firm squeeze.

I took off my shorts underwear and my t shirt. she pulled her panties down to her ankles”just in case my mom comes home” she said. she climbed on the bed and spread her legs i got on top of her and sucked on her nipples then i took my dick and pressed it against her pussy lips”camilla” i whispered as i began rocking back and forth on top of her i looked down at her as she lay there holding on to me “feel good? i whispered.”uh huh” she murmured. i began to hear a squish sound coming from her pussy”uhhhhhhhh uhhhhhh oh camilla!” i grunted i pressed my lips against hers and continued working my dick into her pussy she ran her fingers across my shoulders”ahhhhh..uhhhhhhhhhh” she gasped” i reached down pulled her panties all the way off and threw them on the floor”goin all the way in ” i said i güvenilir bahis siteleri pressed my dick against her pussy lips she turned her head to the side and squirmed a bit”uhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh!”she murmured “doin you up good” i said to her Camilla held on to me”keep doin me up like that it’s-” she pleaded.i heard the squishing sounds coming from her pussy again i wanted to stick my dick between her butt cheeks and slip and slide between them until i bust a nut in between her booty cheeks.

“Wanna turn over?” i asked she nodded and i pulled out and i looked down at her pussy lips and i could see a drop of pre cum oozing from my dick onto my bed she had a glob of pre cum on her pussy too, she turned around and i pressed my dick against her asshole and held it there for a few minutes. then i spit on my dick and put it in between her butt cheeks and began to rock back and forth on top of her. i grabbed her hand and held it and put my feet against hers”this feels good” she says i closed my eyes knowing i was gonna bust this nut in between this sista’s ass in a few minutes “uhhhhhhh urghhhh camilla” i groaned.

i closed my eyes the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri feeling was ridiculous! i always wanted to fuck her but i never knew i’d be on my bed with my dick parked between her booty cheeks this girl has a nice butt too one that wiggles and jiggles when she walks i looked down at my dick sliding up and down between her ass cheeks.”uhhhh Camilla Camilla gonna cum i’m gonna cum hurghh nut nut” i grunted i grabbed her hand tightly and lurched forward spewing my hot cum between her booty cheeks.”hhhhhmmmmhhhh” i gasped as i unloaded my ball sacks on Camilla’s ass.”that felt good” i whispered i rose up and i looked down at her ass and saw a stream of white cum in between her ass cheeks.”how did it feel? i asked “warm” she said still laying there i reached over on my dresser and grabbed a few tissues and wiped the cum off her booty cheeks”wow that was good” i said”your mom’s gonna kill me if she finds out” i started putting my clothes on and Camilla turned around and started putting her panties back on. then i heard someone outside.”think your mom’s home” i told her we hurried up and got dressed and i told her to go upstairs.her granny came into the house 10 minutes later and she started talking to her about the store and her friends as i stayed in the basement, This was an epic finish i wish i could have lasted a little longer on that bed, I turned my TV back on and started watching a movie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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