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Hi Everyone.

This is the final chapter in the Spa Game – Year Two series. Based on the ratings people seem to have enjoyed it. I’ve appreciated the comments and the stars through the whole thing. I’ve got a few other unrelated story ideas I’m kicking around that I’ll probably play with for a while after this. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy those.

Chip Key: Nickname: value, favor, color

Clouds: 1, Touching, White

Canaries: 2, Kissing, Yellow

Lipstick: 5, Oral, Red

Skies: 10, Sex, Blue

Grass: 25, Anal, Green

Doubles/Oranges: 50, Double, Orange

Fucked: 100, Forefit, Black


Vicky breathed hard. She’d just had possibly the best orgasm of her life, given to her by one of the most gorgeous men she’d ever known. She’d do very very questionable things to get that experience again, and she had an avenue for that for at least another six months or so. But she decided to gamble it all instead. Her mind made her aware of this as a sort of “memo for your consideration,” and her sex drive was sending formal notarized letters to her brain that under no circumstances was she to jeopardize the chances of this happening again (she thought it was possible she was still having mini-orgasms several minutes after Vincent had stopped stimulating her in any way), but, as corny as it sounded, she felt in her heart that she needed to do this next part.

“Vincent, I know our 25 minutes are probably up, I don’t have any chips to keep this going anymore, and I know how much we both hold to being purists. But I am going to literally beg you; please trust me and follow my lead for the next hour or so?”

“Miss Silva-”

“Please,” Vicky said.

Vincent didn’t move and looked at her intently for a long while. Vicky made no effort to hide her feelings or intentions, not that she probably could anyway.

“Fine,” Vincent relented.

Vicky nodded. “Let’s have a shower first,” she said.

Vincent led them out of the bedroom to the bath. Vicky was sure if they were in one of Vincent’s “real” houses there would be some sort of ultramodern smart monstrosity of a shower with multiple pulsing and vibrating showerheads or some sort of “headless” general washing system, but in keeping with the relatively humble nature of the dwelling the shower was a simple white built-in bath with a single showerhead.

It was big enough for both of them to fit without crowding, though the single showerhead with meagre water pressure really only soaked one of them at a time. Without either of them saying anything it turned into a very sensual experience. Vicky felt like Vincent’s hands explored every inch of her body twice over. He ran his flat hands from her shoulders down the length of her arms and meshed their fingers before he moved on and rubbed her back as she bent forward and braced herself on the wall. From her back he lathered and slid along her buttocks. Spinning her around, he practically massaged her feet and legs as he knelt in the tub with one of her feet raised on his knee. Despite how open it left her, his attention seemed to be wholly on wherever his hands were; his eyes rarely if ever strayed over to her sex, but occasionally he looked her in the eyes and that spiked her heartbeat as his intense gaze seemed to pierce her. He finished his washing by pulling her against him and running his hands up past her sex, stomach, and around and over her breasts and neck, finishing with a fingertip scalp massage that both put in and removed the shampoo.

Vicky by necessity started lower, dropping slowly and demurely to her knees. Despite the position, she tried to avoid looking like she was dropping to give him a blowjob and instead focused like he did on whatever she washed. She hadn’t really been able to explore his body; she’d barely touched him before because of the restrictions of the chips, their first time having sex was brief and she hadn’t taken advantage of the opportunity then, and their tryst a moment ago had been mostly focused on her. Now she was able to marvel at his muscles and skin. Up close, he was mildly hairy but his skin was porcelain white and stretched over strongly built muscle. He had all-over muscle development that spoke of intense full body training in something like swimming or martial arts, combined with a regular weightlifting regimen. She had a sense of his power before, but as she explored his body she felt nothing but solid muscle. His height meant she couldn’t effectively wash above his chest even while standing. In an almost motherly fashion, she had Vincent bend forward and rest his forehead between her breasts. While one hand washed him, she almost cradled his head with the other, making sure she always held his head to her bosom. After the shampooing was finished she brought his head up to hers and gently but intently kissed him under the spray of water. He responded without pause. Their tongues got involved but only lightly, barely touching Disney plus izle past their lips.

They finished and dried off, then Vicky led Vincent back to the master bedroom. She pulled him around to the other side of the bed than the one they’d used earlier, as she could clearly see a massive discolored oval on the comforter which she suspected was her fault. The room still reeked of sex, but she thought that might actually be a bit apropos. Vicky sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Vincent close so he stood between her knees at the edge of the mattress.

“Vincent, do you trust me enough to tell me why you close yourself off from everyone at the spa?”

Vincent didn’t respond immediately but eventually said, “I think we both know you already figured that out on your first weekend there.”

“That’s what I thought,” Vicky said, “Now I have another question. Did you lose control with me, when we were here last time?”


“Do you feel guilty about that?”

“I do. I would have apologized-”

“What would you say if I told you I wanted it?”

That brought Vincent up short and Vicky actually caught a conflicted expression on Vincent’s face briefly. “Victoria,” he finally said, and the way he said it then made her quiver, “You couldn’t have known-”

“I could have. We both know I can read people as well as you can. If you didn’t figure it out Siobhan would have told you after the last time, though I’m sure you knew long before that. You caught me during that first game, didn’t you?”

“Possibly,” Vincent admitted with the barest hint of a smile.

“You let your guard down that night we were together. I saw the tension in you, and I saw what you wanted to let out. I didn’t tell you to go for it thinking you’d break down crying or needed to just get off. You’d been holding yourself back from something and I knew it was extreme.”

“I don’t think your expectations-”

“No, you’re right. I didn’t expect it. But you have to believe me on this,” Vicky said as she put her hands on either side of Vincent’s face and forced him to look her in the eye, “it felt really good. It was some of the best sex I’ve ever had. And I want it. I want more of it. I want to be that for you.”

“I don’t know if I quite understand what you’re getting at,” Vincent said.

“I think Cyn might be the only person I’ve told this to in so explicit a way, but I’m going to tell you this. I like hard, rough sex, and I absolutely love having my ass fucked. That’s extremely frustrating, as a woman. Most guys don’t believe you and never really get into it the way I want them to, and others assume I always want it hard all the time, everywhere. Blowjobs aren’t my favorite thing, I certainly don’t want my face fucked. But a lot of the time I want my pussy or my ass really pounded.”

Vicky held up a finger before Vincent could respond. “And I know about you. You need to really let go sometimes. More often than you are now, and certainly more often than you have been. Don’t you dare do anything to her for this, but Siobhan told me about your arrangement with her.”

Vicky reached over to the side table where she saw the lube Vincent had presumably used earlier. She put a generous amount on her hand and then rubbed it on Vincent’s cock. It had been long enough or the situation was sexually charged enough that he stiffened up quickly as Vicky said, “So Vincent McCabe. You gave me a wonderful experience of anal sex. I will literally never forget it, and I thank you for that. Now what I want you to do is fuck my ass. Do not hold back, do not restrain yourself, do not worry about my pleasure. I can promise you I will enjoy it as much if not more than you do, and you’re perceptive enough that you’ll be able to tell.”

Vicky laid back on the bed and pulled her knees up as close to her shoulders as she could, then slipped her arms through her legs. For the second time that day, she spread her ass cheeks, inviting Vincent to fuck her.

She saw Vincent draw a breath and she put a finger to his lips. “No questions, no thinking. Stick that cock in my ass and fuck me!” she said in a demanding tone.

She saw that start to break through. Vincent’s gaze darkened and he shifted. His cock pressed against her ass again and this time he didn’t pause or wait for Vicky to move, he just kept pushing.

“Yes!” Vicky said, “That’s it, just push it in. Get it ready for an amazingly hard fuck. Keep going, I can take it.”

Vicky had to blow out a breath as his progress was slightly faster this time and she still felt a little tender from the marathon session earlier, but in no time he was again hilted inside her rectum. He started thrusting, much harder than last time. There was more pain for Vicky now, but the force of him slamming into her seemed to travel up through her ass to her pussy and settle in her clit. He slammed into her at a regular pace, only slightly faster Exxen izle than previously, but he increased force and her own anticipation added up to a much quicker, more intense orgasm. She came after only a few minutes of his fucking and let herself ride it out.

“You made me cum Vincent,” she said, looking up at him after closing her eyes through the first climax.

“That’s what you wanted,” Vincent said.

“No it isn’t,” Vicky snapped back, “I wanted to get fucked. I don’t want a hard pounding to get me off. I want you to fuck me. I want to know what scared your girlfriends, I want to know what Siobhan had to warn you about, I want to feel you let go, and I want you to do it with my body. Now fuck my ass or I’ll find someone who can do it for me!”

Despite the ridiculousness of her last threat, it seemed to get through. Vicky could see the dangerous flare in his eyes she remembered from their first time in bed, but it didn’t go away. Suddenly his cock went from a powerful piston to a conquering spear. His hands grabbed her hips in an almost painful grip and she was surprised she couldn’t feel his cock in her throat when he started thrusting.

“Oh fuck yes! Yes! Fuck me!” Vicky shouted. At first Vicky had been overly vocal to encourage Vincent into the right mindset, but now she did it because the other option was just screaming. The sheer power in Vincent’s motions and the raw force of him slamming into her triggered erogenous zones she never felt any other time. Her ass tried to clench itself closed almost in defense but Vincent shoved right past it, his thrusting overwhelming the meagre muscles she had between her ass cheeks. She reached up and gripped his shoulders, digging her hands in as the impact of his thrusts sent more pleasure exploding up into her body. She looked into his eyes again and saw raw animal lust and desperation.

“Yes,” she said, “yes. I love this. Fuck me Vincent, let it out, fill my ass with it, cum in my ass and flood me.”

Somewhere, somehow Vincent found another reserve of energy and it all went into fucking Vicky’s ass. He started moving so fast it felt like a literal jackhammer was driving in and out of her ass; she didn’t quite feel him withdraw before his cock filled her up again. She gave up on catering to his sensibilities and just lost herself in the sensations, surrendering to the complete reaming of her ass. She arched her back and cried out, clawing at the comforter until the impacts were enough to set her off. This climax felt like it started in her ass and her pussy at the same time. Her thighs clamped onto Vincent as her body started shuddering and she let out a scream. Her ass clenched along with her thighs and that was apparently enough to set Vincent off as she felt him slam into her ass and just stop while a different sense of warmth spread in her bowels.

“Yes,” Vicky said breathlessly, “just like that. I want that. Just like that, in my ass and in my pussy. They’re yours to use Vincent McCabe. You don’t have to hold back anymore.”

After mumbling that declaration, the tension, anxiety, and exertion finally caught up to Vicky and she fell asleep.


After the frantic excitement of the previous weekend it almost felt like the games so far were being played by geriatrics. An occasional hand saw action with up to four players betting, but many people seemed like they were going through the motions. Part of it was the absence of both Vicky and Vincent. Noelle and Syl sometimes went head to head, but without Vincent they were less eager, and while Vicky’s chips still encouraged slightly higher pots, the urgency of play wasn’t there when everyone knew whatever chips they scored couldn’t be traded for any favors until at least next weekend, and some people weren’t sure they could hold onto them that long. Also, with the calendar moving into November, people were starting to evaluate their stack of chips and focus on building up a safety reserve so they were sure they could pay back the bank at the end of the semester. Reckless play was almost literally not in the cards.

Cyn finished up the little bit of bookkeeping necessary after the Friday night game and was starting to plan out some antes for the following morning when her roommates walked up with mischievous expressions.

“What now?” Cyn asked good-naturedly, “And are you sure Syl can handle the fallout from it?”

“We have a belated birthday present for you,” Syl said and they coaxed her out of the banking area and up the stairs. Rather than taking her to a bedroom, they led her toward Steve’s “study.”

“You know I have enough of his chips myself if I wanted to screw him,” Cyn said.

“Shut up lover,” Robin said.

They opened the door in time to hear a squeal. Lucy was totally naked and straddling Steve’s chest, her tiny ass waving in his face as her mouth covered the top of his engorged and pulsing cock. Cyn realized she was watching the culmination Gain tv izle of a blowjob; Steve was breathing heavily and twitching but Lucy held her head still except for little bobs as she swallowed, clearly trying to contain all the cum Steve was outputting. When he stopped, the girl hopped up and sauntered over to the door, smiling like a milk-stealing cat.

“All yours ladies,” she said, “I’ve gotta say, I’d try mounting that monster once but I can’t imagine going back for seconds.”

“You don’t know what you’re missing,” Cyn teased.

“Hmm, maybe you have to help me figure it out sometime,” the small girl said, trailing a finger down from Cyn’s collar to her exposed cleavage. She had a deep red strapless evening gown on that was tight across her chest but clung loosely to her body the rest of the way down, swishing and folding around her legs and body as she walked. Lucy tittered when Cyn swatted her hand away with a smile and she hopped off to some other part of the house.

Turning back to the room, she was about to ask what watching Steve cum was supposed to be for a present when she saw the table the two girls stood at. On top were three stacks of chips, one slightly higher than the others, made of orange-colored chips. As she walked up she saw Steve’s name embossed on them in black. She looked up at the girls in disbelief.

The doubles very rarely came into play as favors because of their odd open-ended nature and how much it cost to use them. Securing 2500 worth of chips from a single person wasn’t easy, for one, and by definition it wasn’t just the person you were dealing with; you were bringing another person in on the action. Few people automatically had a pair of people they’d want to spend almost an hour of debauchery with. The activities were also somewhat vague. Apparently the original intent of the chips had been to give players a way to explicitly arrange to double-penetrate a girl, but obviously that was a sexist precedent. In practice, everyone agreed that it allowed for any act from a lower chip to be perpetrated on whoever’s chips were traded in, by either the person with the chips or one other person they chose. The implication was that the person who got the chips could also direct the second person in how and what to do to the owner of the chips, but nobody pushed that provision very far.

“That’s right lover,” Robin said, “You’re double teaming Steve tonight.”

“With who?” she asked.

“Me,” Robin replied, “Unless you’d rather have Syl there.”

Cyn never even paused. “I love being with you, you know that,” Cyn told her and leaned in to seal the statement with a kiss. “Are you sure you’re okay?” she asked Syl.

Syl shrugged. “This bitch won more of the chips than I did. Plus I already had my ‘Steve experience.’ Literally wouldn’t fit. You two have fun. I’ll find some ice packs for tomorrow morning.

Sylvia walked out and pulled the door shut behind her. Robin turned to Cyn with a smile and pulled her in for a hug and a kiss. Cyn returned both with a smile.

“So you want my help taking Steve’s cock and actually enjoying it?” Cyn asked.

“Oh fuck no,” Robin said, “That dildo you made me shove up my twat was more than enough for me. You, my dear, are going to put his cock up your wonderful ass.”

Cyn felt a shock go through her and looked over at the scrawny guy, still somewhat recovering from his blowjob. “And how is that my present?” she asked.

Robin moved around behind her and whispered in her ear, “I know you my love. I’ve seen that wistful look in your eyes when you talk about Steve, and you’ve mentioned a couple of times about taking him up your backdoor. You can’t tell me it isn’t something you want to try.”

Cyn wanted to deny it, but the morbid curiosity had been there basically ever since she discovered that she could enjoy anal sex and that Steve’s cock was available. But deep down she’d been nervous about voicing it.

“Do you want to?” Robin asked. Cyn still didn’t say anything and Robin turned Cyn’s head to face her. “I promise you, you’ll get nothing but love from me no matter what you say. We don’t even have to mention it ever again if you don’t want to.”

“You won’t think I’m…I don’t know…disgusting or sick?”

“Never,” Robin said, giving Cyn another kiss, “So that’s a yes.”

“I really want to try that cock in my ass,” Cyn said.

“Good girl,” Robin replied.

“He just came though,” Cyn pointed out.

“He’s about to watch a lingerie model start eating out a Playboy bunny in front of him so he can fuck her ass. He’ll get hard, don’t worry about it. Now strip.

Cyn giggled as she realized Robin was right. As both of them doffed their clothes they stood next to each other and started stalking toward Steve. He watched their approach and Cyn could see his cock already starting to twitch in response.

“Hi Steve,” Cyn said in her best porn star voice.

Robin had a little more “naughty big sister” in her act as she straddled his chest. “Guess what big boy? You’re going to get to watch me eat Cyn out, right in front of you, and then you’re going to use that humungous cock of yours and fuck her ass. How does that sound?”

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