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The Poolside Question I Was Not Expecting Part 16
Saturday Night Out

Jeannie and I left the pool and our new friends Amanda and Richie and made our way back to our suite. Once in our room we both dropped our swimsuits and cuddled together in the hot tub to talk.

“Why did you say, you were not interested in more from Richie?” she asked.

“I can’t say I would never want more, Babygirl, but for right now, I am not looking for another man, in addition to your Uncle John. And John doesn’t even know about Richie, so I would not do that without talking with him first,” I responded.

“I understand, but you did think he was hot, right? I mean WOW, he is so sexy,” She asked.

“Oh yes, he is definitely a beautiful man and I am pretty sure he would be lots of fun,” I answered. “And like I said earlier, a young guy can be lots of fun, especially one with a cock like his. Why did you say you were not interested in more from Richie?”

“Well, I guess I was intimidated by the size of his cock. It really is much bigger than the boys I have been with before. And at least right now, I am thinking that if I am going to have sex with a couple, they would not be my first choice. You and Uncle John would be my preference,” Jeannie answered. “Will you and Uncle John please at least consider it? Please, just for your Dirty Little Girl?”

“You are a Dirty Little Girl, and yes, I will consider it and I will talk with John about it,” I said. “And regardless of how that turns out, you will always have one of us to play with as long as you want to be my playmatet.”

“Oh I think I will always love playing with you Aunt Misty,” she said as she snuggled her face to my bare breasts and kissed them tenderly.

“Now Dirty Little Girl, I want to know how you learned about snowballing?” I asked.

“About what? What is snowballing?” she said looking up at me.

“Snowballing is what you did with Richie’s cum when you dropped it into my mouth. That is a very sexy move, I was just wondering how you learned to do that,” I answered.

“I saw it in a video and it looked so cool. Did I do it right? Was that ok?” she asked with her big blue eyes still looking up at me.

“You did it very well, Babygirl, very, very well,” I answered.

“Good, because it was fun. And oh my God, his cum in my mouth was so hot. I loved that. I mean I had tasted cum before, but never anything like that,” she said.

“That was very hot. You and Amanda also seemed to enjoy one another and she is so sexy,” I said.

“I think she is gorgeous and I loved kissing her too. That was lots of fun,” she said with her smile widening even more.

“Well, Dirty Little Girl, I get you all to myself tonight and we have about an hour and a half before our ride to the restaurant will be picking us up. And I am sure it will take me all of that to get myself fixed up enough to accompany my beautiful young sexy lover tonight,” I said before I kissed her lips tenderly.

“I love being your lover, Aunt Misty. I simply love it. Thank you so much,” Jeannie said after our kiss and then kissed me again.

We cuddled a bit longer in the hot tub and then moved together to the shower. We indulged in another wonderful long warm shower shampooing one another’s hair and soaping every inch of your bodies. With all the proper bits shaved we finished our shower with another long slow series of kisses under the warm soft flow of the water.

Jeannie and I dried and curled our hair and helped one another with our makeup. Smoky eyes and dramatically red lipstick were in order for this night. We oiled and lotion one another bodies and of course I paid particularly attention to Jeannie’s feet and toes.

Jeannie slipped into her dress and I buckled her beautifully sexy rhinestone high heels around her ankles. The dress was definitely the sexiest of the weekend. White lace over a very sheer lining that only slightly hid the beautifully sexy body it enclosed. The dress was completely backless, with a halter top cut all the way down to the waist in front and tied behind her neck. Fitted to perfectly highlight her beautifully athletic ass and was tight on her thighs. The dress reached about three or four inches below the crease where her ass cheek met her upper thigh.

Jeannie helped me into my black shelf bra and matching high waisted thong panties. My huge breasts were held beautifully aloft with the lace edge of the bra leaving my hard nipples exposed. My nipples were destined to be hard all night without the cover of a bra. Next a sheer white camisole covered my breasts and bra. A pair of red statin tuxedo style pants, cut short of course to accentuate my silver high heel sandals and tight enough to show off my big round curvy ass. Finally the matching red satin tuxedo jacket which was held closed with just one button below the waist. The lapels of the jacket just barely covered my nipples but did not completely cover my pink areolas which were obvious through the sheer white cami.

I had a surprise for my lovely young friend. I directed her to bend over the back of a chair, and then I retrieved a l remote controlled vibrator from my bag of toys. I moved her white lace thong panties aside, licked her beautiful smooth pussy from behind and then slipped the vibrator inside. I then lowered her dress and took her hand. “Are you ready for our night out Dirty Little Girl?” I asked.

“Yes, Ma’am, but what is that inside me?” She asked.

“Just a little surprise for later. Don’t worry, you will enjoy it,” I reassured her as we walked hand in hand through the hotel.

Our limo and our mid-40s blonde female limo driver were waiting outside the resort and we were on the way to the restaurant in no time. Two glasses of champagne were already poured for us in the back seat and as we sipped those, I started a FaceTime call with my husband John. He answered and I leaned in close to Jeannie so he could see us both.

“How are my girls doing? Having fun?” He asked.

Without saying a word, I leaned in and gave Jeannie a long deep kiss. “We are having a wonderful time, Darling,” I answered. “And we met a delightful couple today too. I will tell you about them later. They both might be people we should get to know better.”

“Yes, Uncle John, kaçak casino I am having the best weekend of my life. Aunt Misty has taught me so much. Thank you for saying yes to this weekend,” Jeannie added.

“I am very glad to hear things are going well,” John said. “And you both look so amazingly beautiful and sexy. I would love to be there to enjoy you both in person.”

“I think we both would enjoy that very much,” I answered. “We have to discuss just how much Jeannie would enjoy that when I get home. But for now, I have a request for you Honey.”

“Sure Baby, what can I do for you?” he answered.

“Give the remote toy a few buzzes while we are on the way to the restaurant. I think you and Jeannie might enjoy that,” I said.

His face was covered with a huge smile as we watched his fingers moving on the screen of his phone. He said, “Ok, there you go, that should be a couple of buzzes.”

Just then Jeannie let out a gasp as the vibrator in her tiny pussy buzzed, and she said, “What the fuck? Did you do that. Uncle John?”

“I guess I did, but I did not know I was doing it to you. I assumed I was giving Aunt Misty a thrill instead. Your Aunt Misty seems to be up to something. How did you like it Jeannie?” he said.

“It was a surprise, but it was nice and it was really nice now that I know you caused it,” she answered. “I would love for you to do more of that to me, and a lot of other fun things to me too.”

“I would be happy to send over some more of that, but I am not so sure about the ‘other fun things.’ Maybe Aunt Misty can fill me in on that,” John said as he was obviously sending over another group of vibrations to Jeannie’s hidden toy. Jeannie began to squirm against the seat of the limo and bite her lip as the signal apparently made it to her. “So Misty, what is Jeannie talking about?”

“We will discuss it more later, but she has asked if we would consider being her first couple to play with too,” I answered. “I think we should consider it but we can work that out when I get home.” I watched as Jeannie continued to squirm and said, “Wow, that must have been a long burst you sent her vibrator, she is still squirming.”

“It was a long burst. Maybe too intense?” John said. “And as for the idea of us both being with Jeannie, let’s discuss that later, but I am not opposed to it if you think she is ready for that.”

“I think it was a little too intense for her. Just give her a little random attention over the next couple of hours while we are having dinner. I will call you when we are leaving the restaurant and I will take over then,” I said. “And I think she will be ready soon, so let’s discuss it when I get home, ok?”

“Sounds good Baby. You girls enjoy your dinner,” John said. “And Jeannie, you will be hearing from me,” he said with a kind but mischievous smile. “Love you girls.”

“Love you Darling, and thank you.” I said.

“I love you too Uncle John, and thank you for the remote experience. And please, please say yes. I want you to teach me like Aunt Misty has been this weekend. Please?” Jeannie said with a quiver in her voice as another burst of vibrations obviously started to move the toy inside her.

“I will think about it for sure,” John said and with that he ended our call.

Jeannie and I had enough time to finish our champagne and freshen our lipstick before we arrived at the restaurant. Our table was ready and we were quickly seated at a booth in a nice dark corner of the restaurant. The tablecloth was nice and long so it totally blocked the view of the other dinners as I fingered my darling lover throughout dinner. She squirmed and bit her lip repeatedly as her remote controlled vibrator gave her pleasure again and again. I could feel the vibrations through my fingertips as I stroked her wet pussy under the table. We dined slowly savoring each course of the meal and a few more glasses of champagne.

We finally ordered dessert but before it came to the table, I suggested we take a quick trip to the restroom. Once in the restroom, I pressed Jeannie against the wall and we passionately kissed. It is amazing how quickly that will clear all of the other women from a restroom in a high end restaurant. I led her into the handicapped stall and directed her to stand on the toilet, she gripped the top edge of the stall as I lifted her dress and covered her soaking wet panties with my mouth. She moaned loudly, “Oh God Aunt Misty, that feels so good.” I moved her panties aside and just as my lips closed on her clit, I felt the vibrations begin from the vibrator she still held in her pussy. Her moaning grew louder and louder until we both heard the restroom door and we knew we were no longer alone. Jeannie covered her mouth with one of her hands to muffle the sound, but was still moaning loud enough that I was sure the other women in the restroom could hear as she exploded in a long energetic orgasm.

I helped her down from the toilet, straightened her dress and gave her a long slow kiss. “Ready for dessert?” I whispered, expecting we would return to our table. She just grinned and as she dropped to her knees she pulled my slacks and panties down as well. She motioned me to turn around and as I bent over at the waist, I felt her fingers slide inside my wet pussy from behind. With her fingers inside and thumb stroking against my clit, I felt her tongue circling and flicking at my asshole. My knees buckled a little, but I was able to maintain my balance and was soon pushing back to meet her tongue. She must have been feeling my passion rising and just as I reached the point of release, I felt her tongue completely fill my ass. My orgasm was massive and I could not contain my moans of pleasure. The climax kept me shuttering for such a long time before it finally released me.

One of the other women in the restroom must have been concerned by my moaning and asked, “Is everything ok in there?”

We both giggled and then I replied, “Yes, thank you, we are just having sex. Sorry to disturb you.” The sound of heels on the tile floor and the door opening and closing a few times, let us know we had probably cleared the restroom again. I pulled my panties and slacks back up and we both straightened things casino oyna a bit before walking out of the stall. To our surprise, the restroom was not empty but two lovely ladies in their thirties were still in the restroom.

I noticed they were holding hands and as Jeannie and I started to repair our our lipstick in the mirror, I heard one say to the other, “Looks like we need to try that sometime, Baby.”

I quickly responded, “I highly recommend it. How about you Jeannie.”

“Yes, I highly recommend it Aunt Misty,” Jeannie replied.

Our two new friends then started walking toward the door still holding hands and one of them said, “Jeannie and Aunt Misty, you two are adorable. Enjoy the rest of your evening.”

“You enjoy yours as well,” I responded as I too held Jeannie’s hand and we followed them from the restroom and back to our dessert.

We finished our meal and I took one last opportunity to stroke her pussy under the table before we left the booth and crossed the restaurant.

The limo was waiting and as the driver began the trip back to the resort, I Facetime’d John again. He answered and I recognized that he was shirtless and was in our master bathroom. “Hey girls, you caught me just getting out of the shower, how is your night going?”

“We are having a fun night, Baby,” I responded.

“Thank you for all the vibrations, Uncle John. I have loved them,” Jeannie spoke up. And then quite abruptly she said, “Uncle John are you naked?”

“Yes, Babydoll, like I said, I just got out of the shower,” he responded.

“May I see?” bold with the champagne, my little lover asked.

“Well, we will have as ask Misty about that,” he said with a devilish smile.

“John, you have been vibrating her pussy for the last couple of hours, you have seen her topless and she has asked to join us in some playtime. She might deserve to see what she is asking for,” I said. “Why don’t you lay on the bed and give us a little show while I tell you more about the couple we met this afternoon.”

“Ok Baby,” he responded and we watched him come into focus after he propped up his phone and sat against the headboard of our bed. The request must have been exciting to him, because his eight inch cock was already stiffening when he wrapped his hand around it. “Is this what you wanted to see, Jeannie?,” he asked as his hand stroked his cock.

“Oh my God yes,” she said. “I have always had a huge crush on you Uncle John, and this is better than anything I could have imagined. Your body is amazing!” one of her hands slipped between her thighs and the other pulled aside her dress giving her access to a nipple which she then started rolling and pinching.

“Thank you Jeannie, glad you approve. Now you guys were going to tell me about your new friends,” he said with steady slow attention to his long hard shaft.

“They are a married couple named Richie and Amanda. They are in the early twenties, African American and both are gorgeous. Amanda is petite with gorgeous boobs, an amazing ass and is bisexual, because she and the horny Little Dirty Girl sitting next to me gave Richie and me quite the show today. Richie is a very athletic muscular guy has a foot fetish and a magnificent long thick cock.”

“I see,” he said. “They sound very interesting. And how do you know about Richie’s cock?” he asked and the conversation was obviously exciting to him because his stroking was increasing in speed.

“Well, Jeannie and I got to watch Amanda giving Richie a very hot blowjob.” I responded.

“Well good for you girls, sounds like a fun couple and you girls did not help with the blowjob?” he said.

Jeannie spoke up, “Well I might have helped little with the cleanup.”

“They seem really nice and fun, and we are having them up to the room for breakfast tomorrow,” I said. “I am pretty sure I will join the girls for some three way girl fun, if you are ok with that. And if things play out the way I would like them to, there is a chance I will be giving Richie a foot job too, provided you are ok with that too.”

“That sounds like a fun day. I am of course perfectly fine with your plans, but maybe a little jealous that I won’t be watching,” John said.

“Thanks Baby, you are the best,” I said. “We are getting close to the hotel, can we help you finish your task?”

Jeannie spoke up, “I think I can help.” She took the phone and spreading her legs wide focused it on my tiny shaved wet pussy with her panties pulled aside and the pink end of the vibrator extending from it. She circled her clit hard with her long pink finger nails and began to tease John, “Do you want to force that big beautiful cock into my tight pussy Uncle John? Do you want to feel me being stretched so wide on your hard shaft? Do you want to fill me with you hot thick cum? Please, Uncle John. Please cum inside your Dirty Little Girl.”

I recognized the familiar signs of John being ready to explode and his response was a simple one, “Yes Babygirl, I would love to cum in your tight pussy,” he said as the streams of cum began to fly from his hard cock and land on his chiseled abs.

Jeannie was watching the screen intently and said, “You are so hot Uncle John.” Her fingers were moving quickly and I could see she was close to orgasm.

“Once I fill you with my cum, Jeannie, I would love to lick every drop of it out of your beautiful tight pussy, like this,” he said as he scooped the long ribbons of cum from his body and licked it from his fingers.

“Oh my God, I am cumming,” Jeannie moaned as her whole body shuttered.

With Jeannie recovering from her orgasm, I said, “Thank you Darling, we definitely enjoyed the show, but we need to go, we are back at the hotel. I will call you tomorrow morning and who knows, maybe we can Facetime with Amanda and Richie too.”

“Sounds good Baby, I love you. And thank you Dirty Little Girl, ” he said as he finished his cleanup.

“Thank you Uncle John,” Jeannie responded. “Thank you for everything. Love you.”

“I love you too, Jeannie, Good Night,” he said as he ended the call.

The limo door opened and our cute blonde driver offered Jeannie her hand as she stepped out of the car. I was surprised but also pleased when the driver moved Jeannie”s hand to her lips and after canlı casino siteleri a long slow sniff, placed a long kiss on her fingers which were still wet from her pussy. Next she helped me from the car including a similar kiss on my hand as well. “You and Uncle John are a very lucky couple,” she said with a smile. “You have my number if you need ANYTHING, anything at all.”

Jeannie and I went through the resort to the nightclub and were seated at our reserved table a few minutes later. The music was more of Jeannie’s style than mine but after one more drink each, we were on the dance floor. The room was crowded, but there was still room to dance and we danced with one another for a few songs. Jeannie gave in to a few of the men who were continually trying to pull her away to dance and I watched from our table as she enjoyed herself with wild abandon. The room was hot and soon her white dress was offering almost no resistance to the lights of the club and from a distance she looked as though she could be totally nude. I was enjoying the vision of her perfect small body, dancing and teasing the room full of men, knowing that none of them had a chance tonight and she would be in my arms again soon. She made her way back to the table and sat in my lap as she recovered a bit with water and then more champagne.

We danced together the rest of the night and song after song the intensity and sexuality rose. The heat was intense as was the passion and we would sometimes spend a whole song just kissing and rubbing one another’s bodies on the dance floor. Back at the table for more water and champagne, Jeannie unbuttoned my jacket to let in a bit of cool air and then to my surprise removed it and tossed it on a chair. My hard nipples and huge breasts resting high in my black shelf bra were fully visble through sheer fabric of my camisole especially in the lights of the club. But just to be certain I was as much on display as she was, Jeannie first slowly poured a glass of ice water over my breasts and then one over her breasts and ass as well.

Just before we returned to the dance floor, I programmed Jeannie’s remote vibrator to react to the sound of the music. The first song started and she realized what I had done and her dancing moved from intensely passionate to borderline x-rated with her hands inside her top and under her skirt often. Several of the men in the club joined us as we danced and we both welcomed their hands on our bodies as we all danced together. I was so excited and so hot knowing we would be back in the suite soon and I would be making love to her again. The DJ finally played a slow song and throughout that song we each allowed a man to dance with us, or more accurately allowed them to grind their hard cocks against us from behind and grope our breasts as Jeannie and I pressed our wet sweaty bodies together and kissed.

As soon as the next song started, Jeannie and I each gave our “dance partners” a goodnight kiss, and we left the club for our suite. I didn’t bother to put my jacket back on and we strutted playfully though the resort lobby, our wet clothes leaving nothing to the imagination. One quick elevator ride and we were stumbling and laughing our way into the suite. We tore what was left of one another clothes off as we headed straight for the balcony. Naked, we slowly danced under the stars to the music in our heads.

Exhausted from all the dancing, I suggested a refreshing shower but I still had a few ideas for our last night of the trip. After our shower, I led my beautiful dancer to the bed. First a blindfold for her and then with her laying spread eagle face up on the huge bed, I restrained her wrists and ankles to each of the posts of the bed. I then covered her with two extremely heavy weighted blankets to feed her restraint fetish even more. For the next hour I used everything I could think of to overwhelm her senses including laying over her as much as I could and stay on task. I exposed tiny parts of her body one at a time and then used different items to please and torment her including feathers, ice cubes, lips, my hair, candle wax, a Wartenberg pinwheel, a small leather strap and a vibrator. After the first hour, I laid on top of her and kissed her passionately. “What would you like now Dirty Little Girl?” I asked.

“Please just make love to me Aunt Misty. Please,” she replied.

“Not quite yet, my Dirty Little Girl,” I replied as I released her legs from the bedposts. I lifted her legs to her chest but then bound her legs up in that position. While violating her mouth with my tongue, I released her wrists and then with one violent movement, I tossed her onto her stomach and restored the restraints to her wrists. She was not fully restrained in a kneeling position, with her head down and ass raised high just for me.

For the next half hour, I again teased her ass and feet with all of the sensation toys I had at my disposal. And by the end, she was crying and begging me to release her or to at least give her a release.

I abruptly stopped all contact and left her alone, restrained and blindfolded in the bedroom for the next half hour as I went to the balcony and enjoyed a glass of wine. Then silently I re-entered the bedroom and the first contact was my tongue roughly violating her beautifully presented ass. Her scream was bloodcurdling and her instant orgasm epic. She violently gripped the sheet and attempted to squirm away from my tongue all the while spasming in ecstasy. Gasping for air and thrashing about, her orgasm continued to rack her body until she attempted to collapse onto the bed. I quickly raised her hips high again and filled her pussy with my fingers as I relentlessly tongue fucked her ass. She again attempted escape, but with my fingers inside, I felt her gripping her pussy and seconds later, she exploded in a second equally as violent orgasm.

This time I allowed her to collapse onto the bed and then slowly and lovingly released her restraints and she curled into he fetal position. I covered her again with the weighted blankets which she so dearly loved, and left only her gorgeously delicious ass exposed. I cuddled her from behind with my face at her ass, and began licking and then slowly tenderly pressing my tongue into her ass. She fell asleep quickly and the last thing I remember was the bliss of holding my Dirty Little Girl in my arms with my tongue probing her tender young ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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