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The Passenger Seat – Chapter 2 (Sleepovers)

SEAN WAS SECRETLY THRILLED with the developments next door.

As he changed out of his uniform, his mind was racing. Obviously the thought of watching his neighbors have public sex was a turn-on. Like most men, Sean was a visual creature, and the sight of a naked woman, with all her curves and sensuality, could cause his pulse to race. The thought of that same woman being brought to climax before his very eyes was almost more than he could bear.

But there was more than that, too.

Sean had spent many years trying to convince Tara to relax a little where sex was concerned. Although they had always had a great sex life, there were few occasions in their history in which Tara had allowed herself to really enjoy sex. Without any concerns about whether something was right or wrong. Or worrying about how her body looked in a particular position.

He could count on one hand the number of times she had truly allowed herself to enjoy sex, without any worry. But when she had, the sex was earth-shattering. And he could remember every detail.

She jolted him from one such memory when she walked into their bedroom and closed the door. She acknowledged that she had been so caught up in the events next door that she neglected to ask about his day.

He began with a synopsis of his day, and was caught off-guard when she moved closer to him as he talked. She began running her hands along his hips and down to his thighs, all the while listening to his story. She had never been one to actively pursue sex, so this was a refreshing change for Sean, who was having a hard time focusing his thoughts.

She began kissing his bare shoulders, and moved her hands to the front of his thighs. She was ever so close to feeling his erection, and the fact that she deliberately avoided it was driving him wild. He stopped even trying to tell his story and began to caress her body. Even after 16 years, she could still drive him wild. And because of their 16 years illegal bahis together, she knew exactly how he liked to be touched.

She moved her hand to his waist and caressed the full length of his erection. Even through his jeans, her touch was electric. As she reached inside his waistband, there was a knock at the bedroom door.

“Mom, the neighbors are outside and they want to meet you!” her oldest son said from the other side of the door.

“Are you k**ding me?” Sean muttered under his breath, and then begged her to send them away. But it was too late. Tara was already back in the throes of reality.

“How in the world can I possibly face those people?” Tara wondered aloud. “How can I go and pretend as though nothing has happened when I have already seen them naked?”

“Well, you could lead with ‘you look just as good with your clothes on,’” Sean joked.

Tara was clearly annoyed, and she moved out of the bedroom as though the previous few minutes of almost-sex had never even happened. She was in the bathroom checking her reflection and wondering how she could make an appearance and quickly get away.

Sean approached her from behind, and assured her that she looked beautiful. He told her that they were probably great people who just approached sex a little differently, and he encouraged her to give them a chance. And then he gently prodded her in the direction of the front door.

Adam and Amy were already engaged in animated conversation with her k**s, and Tara was shocked to see that they had two k**s of their own. How in the world does a couple with k**s find time for public, middle-of-the-day sex?

They exchanged introductions and pleasantries, and talked briefly about the stresses of moving. Tara tried hard to focus on the casual conversation with the neighbors, but she was preoccupied.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t erase the image of this couple, this seemingly normal couple, having sex on their back deck. She couldn’t stop thinking of Adam, with his youwin giriş boyish good-looks and his million-dollar smile, plunging his erection into Amy. And she couldn’t stop thinking of Amy, and how she gave herself so completely to him.

As the couple excused themselves to finish unpacking, Tara was thoroughly confused by her own emotion. She really liked Adam and Amy. They seemed like great people with great k**s. Could she really have a normal friendship with them? And what about the strange reaction she had to the whole episode?

It was still fresh in her mind when she and Sean went to bed that night, and she found herself hungry to finish what they had started earlier in the day. It wasn’t lost on her that she was feeling oddly aroused, because Tara normally needed lots of foreplay to get into the mood. She eased toward Sean as he climbed into bed, and absent-mindedly ran her fingers over the contours of his chest. She pressed her body close to his, and he was enjoying her efforts at initiating sex.

She trailed her fingers all over his upper body, and alternated between kissing his body and nibbling his ear. She trailed her finger down to his belly button, and continued toward his groin, lingering in the region just above his erection. She intentionally moved all around it, knowing full well that the promise of what was to come would drive Sean crazy.

She asked him how badly he wanted it.

“More than you know,” he muttered. “Hearing you tell the story about the neighbors on their deck was hot. The thought of you watching it was even hotter.”

Tara was surprised by the revelation. She felt ashamed of the fact that she had watched the entire episode. She figured Sean would be annoyed at her intrusion.

Quite the contrary, he was turned on by the thought. And, if she was honest with herself, she was too.

He rolled her on her stomach and explored her backside with his hands. He loved her soft skin, and the distinct tan lines her skimpy bikini left youwin güvenilir mi behind. He could never quite convince her that it was true, but he adored her ass.

He straddled her legs and nipped gently at her ass cheeks. The proximity of his face meant she could feel his breath on her clitoris. She spread her legs to encourage him downward, but he moved toward her head instead. As he bent to whisper in her ear, she could feel his erection pressed into her back.

“I’d love to make love to you outdoors,” Sean whispered. “I’d love to see your beautiful body naked outdoors, and to pleasure every inch of you under the warm sunshine.”

Tara was surprisingly aroused by the idea, and she groaned in approval.

“I’d love to watch your nipples react to the soft breeze, and to taste your skin, salty with sweat,” he said.

“I’d like that too,” she said. “Now please fuck me.”

Sean loved it when she talked dirty, and he didn’t want to disappoint. He moved between her knees ran his hands along the sides of her body.

“Please don’t make me wait,” Tara pleaded, her breathing heavy and ragged. “I’ve been waiting all afternoon.”

And with that, Sean pulled her to her knees, her back to his chest, and entered her from behind. He cupped his hands over her breasts and pulled her against him while he thrust into her over and over. Tara’s hands began to frantically search her own body, and came to rest on her clitoris. She was shocked at how wet she was, and she stroked herself while he thrust into her. Within minutes, she exploded in orgasm, releasing all the pent-up tension from the day. Sean wasn’t far behind, and he called out her name as he climaxed.

AS THEY LAY there in the dark, holding hands, Tara’s thoughts returned to Adam and Amy. She never dreamed that watching someone else have sex would be so tantalizing. She never imagined that she’d be so aroused by it. And she never knew the sex afterward would be so good.

Her mind wandered to their own deck, and what it might be like to have sex outside. She wondered how they would do it so that no one would see them. And she wondered how hard it would be to farm all the k**s out at once, so they’d have the house to themselves.

She fell asleep mentally planning sleepovers for her c***dren.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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