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The New Job
The New Job
By BossDaddy

Sometimes I can be really stupid. When I was just 18 years old I dropped out of high school with only two months before my graduation. My parents were furious with me when they found out and told me I wasn’t going to be “laying around the house doing nothing”. They said I had to get a job right away. My employment prospects didn’t look good because I wasn’t qualified to do anything. I spent most of my high school years hanging around with my buddy’s smoking pot, getting drunk and talking shit. I heard about an overnight security guard position at one of the larges warehouses in the county. This place was like 30 football fields under one roof. It was so big that you needed to ride in a golf cart inside just to get around. I made an appointment for an interview the next day and like always I fucked that up. I slept right through it. I called the security manager and asked if I could come in that afternoon. He said he didn’t have time but If I want to stop in on the overnight shift that started at 11pm that the overnight manager could do the interview. 11pm start time now that’s more my style. I said yes and come 11pm that night I was at the front gate asking to see Joe the night security manager. I was just a dumb skinny k** and didn’t know anything about interviewing for a job. I showed up to the interview wearing a t-shirt and a baggy pair of shorts and tennis shoes with no socks.

Joe seemed like a cool guy and he even mentioned that I looked very comfortable. He was dressed in a rent-a-cop uniform complete with a fake badge. He asked me if I had any security experience and I said no. He asked me if I was interested in day work or night work. I said I thought it was cool I could sleep in. So I said I would like the night shift 11pm to 7am. Joe said that’s a real plus, nobody wants the overnight because its too hard on the family life. He asked me if I was married. I answered no. He asked if I had a girlfriend that would mind the strange odd hours and I said no. The truth was I was gay and I wasn’t out yet, not even to my parents. Joe smiled and said you might me a good fit for us.

We jumped illegal bahis into a golf cart and he proceeded to give me a tour. This place was huge. They had 5 guard shacks spread out inside the building. Each one had one guard the stayed in that shack all night and my job would be the guard that walked through the warehouse with a key card that when scanned logged my progress to prove I was walking from one guard shack to the other. I had plenty of time to make the rounds I just had to check in at each guard shack once in an 8-hour shift.

Joe took me one by one to each guard shack and introduced me to each guard. The guys all seemed nice and welcomed me to my new job and said they looked forward to working with me.

Guard # 1 – Dave, is a 52 years old black guy and looks like he played football he’s was divorced and has two k**s that he hardly ever sees working the overnight shift.

Guard # 2 – Pocco is in his early thirty’s, Latino, tall and super skinny.

Guard # 3 – Tony B is a greaseball, he is stocking and he seems like a guy who like to have a good time

Guard #4 – Richie 26 years old and until I came along was the rookie.

Guard # 5 – Joe is 55 years old, married, night shift manager and my boss.

Joe took me to the locker room to get me a uniform. He pulled one out of the locker and told me to try that on. I realized that I wasn’t wearing underwear under my shorts, I never do. Joe stood there looking at me wondering why I wasn’t changing into the uniform like he told me to do. I was embarrassed about the lack of underwear and thought I could just turn my back to Joe, drop my shorts and quickly put the uniform pants on. As soon as I dropped my shorts Joe chuckled, “Nice ass k**”. The pants were too big for my small frame, hell I was only 130 pounds soaking wet. I was holding the pants up so they wouldn’t fall off me. Joe came over to see if they fit. He said “I don’t know; I think they might be too big for you”. He said, “leave it go, let’s see if they fit”. As soon as I let go, the pants dropped to the floor. Joe said, “Leave it, they don’t fit you k**, take them off we will have to order you a uniform perabet giriş that fits”. As I stepped out of the pants I noticed Joe was looking right at my cock. Joe said, “Not bad k**, I bet the girls love that”. I felt my face flush with embarrassment. I reached for my shorts that were on the floor in front of me and Joe took a step forward and put his foot on my shorts preventing me from picking them up. He moved in closer to me trapping me between him and the lockers. His left hand pushing my chest back onto the lockers and his right hand reached out and cupped my balls. I could feel his warm, rough hand cover my balls and it felt good. He fondled my balls softly for a few seconds and then I felt my cock starting to grow. He put his face right next to mine and almost whispering he asked me, “Do you like to play around?”. I knew what he was asking but I played dumb. “What do you mean?”, I said. Joe said, “You know… do you like to bottom for guys?” I’ve heard that term in the gay community before and I knew what that meant, he was obviously a Top and he wanted me to Bottom for him”. I didn’t know what to say and then he added, “The boys and I could have a lot of fun with you and make the nights fly by”. Was he telling me the other 4 guards were all gay and wanted to fuck me too?

He took me by the hand and lead me into his office. He bent me over his desk and buried his face between my ass cheeks. I could feel his rough beard stubble scratching at my ass cheeks. His tongue licking my asshole. It felt so good and I could feel my asshole pulsate. He was licking me so much I could feel his saliva running down my balls. He reached around and grabbed my cock, stroking it and licking my ass at the same time. I could hear him humming and saying, “mmm… you taste good k**, nice firm ass”. My cock was fully erect now. I could have let him do that to me all night but then I hear him pull his pants down. I looked over my shoulder and saw his thick fat cock. He stroked it, getting it ready for what came next. He smacked that thick piece of meat on my smooth white ass cheeks. Humping the crack in my ass at first and then… perabet güvenilir mi the pressure of that thick cock pushing on my asshole. No way that was going to fit. Joe said, “relax k** or this is going to hurt”. In my head I was screaming “NO, NO, THAT HURTS, NO” but what came out of my mouth was, “push it in, fuck me, fuck me hard, harder”. He took charge and pumped my ass good and hard. Long strokes punching as deep as he could. He grabbed me by my hips pulling me back into his cock as he pushed forward into me. That warm cum that entered me marked the end of what I hoped would never end. He pulled his cock out of my ass and the cum dripped down onto the floor and with a sharp slap on my ass he said, “get dressed k**, and meet me at the golf cart.”

I went back out to the lockers and got my shirt and shorts and jumped into the golf cart. Joe hit the gas and we went back out to one of the guard shacks. It was the big black guy’s Dave’s shack. Joe opened the door and said proudly to Dave, “Guess what we got here?”. Dave said “What?” Joe looking at me and back at Dave said, “We got a bottom to play with”, and with that he spun me around, grab my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles. Joe smacked my ass hard again and invited Dave to check this out. Joe said, “I just fucked his ass in my office and he’s good with bottoming for all of us”. Dave stood up from behind the desk and walked towards me. Joe said to me, “If you thought I was big wait to Dave gets inside you”. Joe was still holding me half bent over and Dave started feeling my ass. Joe said to Dave, “What are you waiting for? Get busy with him he’s got other guard shacks to visit tonight.” Dave wasted no time sticking his finger in my ass. Dave said to Joe. “turn him around and let see if he can suck some cock first”. I bent over to suck Dave’s cock and Joe took that as an invitation to fuck my ass again. I was struggling with Dave’s large cock in my mouth but I was enjoying the double teaming I was getting.

I worked my way through the guard shacks showing each of them I was a team player and here to please. Each man seemed to enjoy me and my body and I was enjoying theirs too.

So, this is my job now for the last 5-years. I work the overnight security shift where my job is to bottom five guys every night. I still make some stupid mistakes in my life sometimes, but this wasn’t one of them. I love my new job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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