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So this is back to the more recent future. (Please read part 1: My First Time with “T”)
As I mentioned in part 1, I didn’t think our relationship would last. She had been in a s*******n year relationship, all of her adult life, and a little longer than that really. Separated for a year when we met, and I was the first guy she dated and slept with since her separation. I said as much to T, but she didn’t care. She didn’t want to “Date around”, she wanted to see where our relationship went and she didn’t want me dating other women either while we found out. Fine, I agreed, and decided to show her who I was and what I was all about. T was in for an education.
Or third date was very casual because T was very nervous again. She had established this exclusive “Boyfriend/Girlfriend” relationship over the phone while she was in another state on a business trip. She had thrown her heart out there and now she felt vulnerable and exposed. I understood and wanted things to go well, so I was now, “The boyfriend” and I wanted her to have a nice time. It was Sunday; I invited her to my home and showed her the house. Not as sexual as when “N” got the tour, but nice. We then went to the mountains. T collected interesting stones from the river to decorate her apartment and yard with and I took pictures, of the river and of T (Fully clothed 😉 in the beautiful scenery. It was a perfect day, nice. After the mountains we returned to my home and made love on my family room floor. It was all very…..nice. T had to go to work in the morning, so she left for her apartment and didn’t spend the night. I pondered the day’s events and the sex at the end of it and felt…. deceitful. I was not being myself; I was being the man I thought T needed me to be. I decided since this wasn’t going to last anyway, I won’t pretend to be someone I was not.

The next time we got together, Tuesday night. I brought some of my favorite sex toys. I wasn’t going to drag things out with vanilla sex only to find out the girl was turned off by devices and toys. I figured, best to get it over with and for both of us to move on if we were not compatible. I brought my Hitachi Magic Wand, a dildo shaped from the erect penis of porn star Tommy Biron; all of my earlier Ex’s really enjoyed fucking and sucking it, especially “K” who was a big fan of his work. T asked, “What’s in the bag?” when I arrived at her apartment for our fourth date. I replied, “Oh nothing, just a little something for later.” She looked quite nervous, but smiled and said “ok” with a worried look. After dinner and some wine we adjourned to her bedroom.
The fore play was less apprehensive, it was our third time together, sexually. T was my girlfriend now, it was agreed upon, it was what she wanted and had asked for, consummated Sunday. So to reconfirm that, I removed her blouse and bra revealing her firm breast and erect nipples and I asked, “So… your my girlfriend now?” and she gave me a smiling and a slightly trembled, “Yes” in response as I softly kissed her lips and gently fondled her bare breasts, lightly tugging the erect nipples. This resulted in a sexual tremor, a quaking from her loins that I could feel through her breasts as I played with them. I unbuttoned and zipped down her jeans, pulling them güvenilir bahis off her long smooth legs, taking the white lacy G string panties and her socks off at the same time, leaving my new “Girlfriend” completely naked before me. I was still fully clothed as I gently fondled her bare pussy with my right hand. This brought another shudder of lust and a soft moan from T. She placed her hands on my chest as I pulled her closer by her pussy and kissed her trembling lips again, this time exploring her mouth with my tongue, feeling it through my hand still holding her pussy as our tongues met inside of her mouth, like an electric shock coursing through her. T was ready for bed now. But first she needed to undress me. She pulled my shirt over my head and removed my jeans, under ware and socks much as I had done to her. My rock hard erection bobbing up and down as the pants came off. T wrapped her hand around my cock at the base and stroked a couple of times before she pulled me forward by it (much as I had done to her) to resume our kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her close, pressing her tits into my chest as I kissed her mouth, tongues meeting playfully. She pulled away and slid down my body to lick and suck my cock. T Squatted on the balls of her feet, balancing herself with her left hand on my thigh and holding my erection at the base with her right as she took the head and half the shaft into her mouth. After a few minutes of this I was very ready for bed as well and pulled T up to kiss that wonderful mouth of hers again, moving her forward until her ass met the edge of her bed. She slid onto it using her hands to propel herself up to the pillows as I opened my “goody bag” and plugged the extension cord attached to my magic wand into the wall outlet. I placed the bag on the bed and T gave it a nervous sideways glance before wrapping her arms around my neck to resume our kissing. I pulled a pillow out from under her head, “pick your ass up” I instructed, she did and I pushed the folded pillow under it. Propping her neatly trimmed pussy up for optimal penetration and stimulation of her G spot, it also was right in my face so I took the opportunity to lick it, lightly sliding my tongue all around her clitoris until she arched her pussy up for more. I decided to forego a condom at this point. The girl was on birth control and I wanted to pump her pussy full of cum. After all, isn’t that what “Boyfriends” are supposed to do to “Girlfriends”?
I took the shaft of my cock in hand and rubbed the tip, slick with pre-cum, into her clitoris until she lifted her feet off the bed to offer her pussy up for penetration. I slid it in and T shuddered and moaned as the head pressed into her G spot, arching her tits up and pressing her pussy down for stronger stimulation. Her head rolled to the right side, her hair falling away from her neck and ear. I leaned in and licked and nibbled from her collar bone up to the left ear lobe as I fucked away. T wrapped her arms around my low back to pull me in as deep as I could go. I could feel her wet pussy clamping down all around me. I pulled my chest away, sitting back on my heels. My cock pressed up into her G spot, lifting her pussy. I then reached into my bag and switching the Hitachi magic wand türkçe bahis to high and gently placed it against her labia and clitoris. “OH!….OH, WOW!” T exclaimed as I worked the vibrator with just the right amount of pressure into her clitoris, I resumed fucking her, slowly moving my cock in and almost out. It may have taken several thrusts before T responded with, “OH MY GOD! AHHHH-AHHHH- AHHHH, OH SHIT! JESUS CHRIST! UHHHHH, UHHHHH, UHHHH, UHHHH!” Her pussy exploding all over my cock, soaking us both and the bed as she came and came and came. T had never met the Hitachi magic wand before. As she was about to cum for the third time I instructed her to squeeze her tits, she did so, pinching her nipples between her fingers as she got off. I turned the wand off and sat back on the bed, “OH!” T exclaimed and writhed for a moment at the separation of my cock from her pussy. T sat up and wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me, her soaked bedding cold on my balls as my new “Girlfriend” showed her appreciation for the first multi-orgasm she ever had in her life.

T kissed and tongued my mouth in an unmistakable way. T belonged to me now; she wanted me to know that. I rolled onto my back to allow my new girlfriend to ride me. She didn’t need to be told, grabbing the base of my cock she immediately climbed onto it and started fucking me and herself very hard, moaning out another orgasm in less than a minute. I decided her pussy had had enough of a break and placed the Hitachi between her clitoris and my pelvic and switched it back on to high. “OH!……. OH MY GOD! AHHHHH! AHHHH! AHHHH!” T convulsed in orgasmic bliss, I could feel her ass clenching and unclenching, my cock buried deep in her pussy as she got off. “Who do you belong to T?” I asked. She gasped out, “What?” I repeated the question, “Who do you belong to?” “You, AHHHH, AHHHH, AHHHH, YOU! I BELONG TO YOU!!” as she continued her “cum-athon”. Slumping forward onto my chest, her head resting on my shoulder, unable to hold herself up any longer. Her ass still contracting in orgasm as I squeezed it in my hands, “Good girl.”

I gently slid her off of me and onto her back, her hair all askew. My new girlfriend looking very well fucked and subdued. I helped roll her onto her belly and pulled her ass and pussy up by her pointy front pelvic bones. Her head resting on her forearms as I drove my cock into her from behind. She responded with, “AHHHHH! Lifting her head up and pushing herself back onto me as I fucked her wet pussy hard and fast from behind, my balls slapping her vagina. It was like a lake. Clenching her haunches with both hands as I worked my cock in and out of her, admiring the curve of her ass and the lines of her body as I fucked her doggy style. I stopped before I came and pulled out, I sat back and placed the Hitachi Magic Wand on her clit again; reaching into my “goody bag”, I introduced my new girlfriend to “Tommy Biron’s” cock. Fucking her with it as I held the vibrator to her clit, at first she was so turned on she didn’t realize it wasn’t me in her pussy. She tried to match my thrusts, meeting each one as the big dildo coursed in and out of her superbly wet vagina, but I increased the tempo I was fucking her at so she couldn’t match it, T arched her güvenilir bahis siteleri ass up and held it still, presenting her pussy for a delightful pounding. “That’s my good girl.” The Hitachi humming away on her clit as the rubber balls of the Tommy Biron dildo smacked into it. Her ass cheeks started to quiver, T, face down on the mattress, hands clenching the bedding. It didn’t take long for her to lunge forward onto the pillow that had been under her ass earlier, her fore arms squeezing her tits as she lifted her head up, “AHHHHHH! AHHHHHH! AHHHHHH!”, that beautiful ass of hers convulsing as T was dildo fucked and vibrated to another multiple orgasm. Her ass and pussy pumping away as if to suck the semen from the balls of the replica cock, each contraction pressing the Hitachi into her clit, pushing her into the next orgasm before the last one had finished. I pressed the dildo deep inside her with a rhythmic pressure, mimicking ejaculation as each orgasm took her over, then as the waves of pleasure subsided T would arch her ass and pussy back up, and I would resume fucking her, thrusting the dildo in and almost out, holding the vibrator against her clit until she lunged forward climaxing into the pillow, again and again, her ass and pussy convulsing away uncontrollably, I would praise her each time, “That’s my good girl, good girl!”

I eventually removed the Hitachi and “Tommy Biron” from T’s pussy and straddling her wet thighs from behind, I grabbed her twitching ass cheeks in both hands and lifted her pussy up, I then resumed fucking my girlfriend. Lying over her sweaty back, I reached under her arms and squeezed both of her tits in my hands, pinching the nipples between my fingers as I instructed her, “Jack your pussy up.” She did, pressing her ass cheeks into my belly as I pumped away. “Good girl! Give me your tongue.” She turned her head and obediently opened her mouth, sticking out her pretty pink tongue for me to lick and suck as I continued to enjoy her well fucked pussy. “Are you my girl T?” “YES!”, she replied into my open mouth. No doubt about that. She was mine. “Good girl, “I’m going to cum in your pussy now. Jack it up for me.” She arched her ass up more, as much as she could, and held it there as I pumped her pussy full of cum. “AHHHHHH! AHHHHHH! AHHHHH! GOOD GIRL! GOOD GIRL!”

I spent the night, T spooning with me, exhausted she fell asleep right away, hugging my arm to her chest. The beautiful curve of her face in view as her head rested on the pillow we shared. I watched her for a while, every so often she would moan as her ass and pussy convulsed with orgasm aftershocks as she slept. I had never seen a girl do that before, cum in her sleep, and I thought to myself, “This might just work out.” And I went to sleep.
The next day I called her from work and asked how her day was and to see if she wanted to hook up again this week. She said she was having a very good day and “Yes, tomorrow night would be great!” Then she mentioned, “A customer I helped said, “Good girl” to me and I was like….Hey, that’s not OK.” T no doubt flashing back to the previous evening’s events, and knowing who’s “Good Girl” she was.
The next time I went to see T, Thursday night, it was dark, 9:30 or 10:00, I had a Karate class that evening and the dojo was over an hour away from her house. T was waiting outside for me in front of her apartment door. She looked very statuesque lit up in my cars headlights, wearing black high heels and a red see through nighty. “Yup, this might just work out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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