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The Naughty Photo.
When the photo was handed to Sr.Bertha it made her blush. She had seen nakedness before ,but everytime she was confronted by the nakedness of those she would soon bring to book she became quite excited inwardly.Sr.Bertha enjoyed nothing more that spanking the bare,beautiful bottoms of those who wished to repent their sins,indeed she also found the challenge of spanking those who hated been caught in their wicked ways a wonderful excitement an excitement that stayed with her for sometime afterwards.
“When was this photograph taken?” Sr.Bertha asked the girl kneeling at her feet and who had brought Sr.Bertha the photo because she disliked those in the photograph.
“Last Tuesday evening,Sr.Bertha, I thought you would want to see what they get up to at one of their party’s;I mean they deserve to be caught,I have done the right thing…haven’t I ?” the girl asked meekly.
Sr.Bertha looked at the photo again,taking a deep breath; ” Yes,my girl,oh yes,you have done the right thing,you will be rewarded,” Sr.Bertha said looking down at the girl and running her index finger along the girl’s lips.Sr.Bertha found her informant very attractive. She very often took delight taking this girl over her knee but had understood when ,in order to avoid another spanking,the girl had offered information which would be “…beneficial to Sr.Bertha”. Thus the photo had been produced.
Sr.Bertha stared into the blue eyes of her informant; “You may go,I will call upon you again”,Sr.Bertha said beckoning towards the door.
“Yes,Sr.Bertha,thank you Sr.Bertha,” the informant said standing up and rushing towards the door before the nun could change her mind,but Sr.Bertha was too engrossed in the photograph resting on her lap to even look at her informant as she left the room.
After a few moments Sr.Bertha stood up and walked over to her desk,placing the photograph on the desk,she looked out of the window at the extensive garden below;Autumn was setting in. Sr.Bertha thought about what she would do to the three people pictured in the photograph,the thoughts were exciting her,she allowed these thoughts to overwhelm her before turning to look at the photograph again,smiling she picked up the receiver of her telephone and dialed the number for the College of St.Philomena the Chaste.

David, Amy and Gill were in class,bored as usual and each wishing for Friday to come when they would be free of Catholic College for a whole weekend and able to attend one of the many parties that are usually held at different properties around the city. They were not paying attention to the middle aged ,habit clad Monk lecturing on Mathematical Fraction’s until the door opened and a girl handed a note to the Monk,the girl left the classroom and the Monk read the note,suddenly he glared at class of boys and girls in front of him and his eyes rested on David,Amy and Gill.
“David Cowie, Amy Welsch, Gill Williams,the three of you have been ordered to the Principal’s Office,what have you been up to now?” the Monk said sternly,he had cause to use his strap on all three in the past for not paying attention in class.”Go,I am sure someone is waiting to deal with you,” the Monk said.
David,Amy and Gill stood up,their classmates stared at them,it was clear to everyone in the class that the three were in trouble.
“What the fuck güvenilir bahis is this all about?”,David asked
“Don’t know”,Amy said,unwrapping chewing gum and squelching it between her teeth.
“I think whatever it is is not good,”Gill said.
The three walked to the Principal’s Office and knocked at the door.A from inside bid them enter.
The three walked in and were met by the stern look of Sr.Gertrude who was standing by her desk holding a school ruler in her hand.
“You,dirty,dirty fornicators,you have brought this sacred College into disrepute…hold out your hands!” Sr.Gertrude yelled.
All the pupils at Saint Philomena’s knew that Sr.Gertrude was very reactionary and instantly resorted to corporal punishment,she always had her ruler to hand.
David,Amy and Gill were use to Sr.Gertrude’s strict ways and held out their hands,palms upwards as Sr.Gertrude walked along whacking them with her ruler.”You have been requested to attend Sr.Bertha at the Monastery of repentance,she will be dealing with you much more strictly;go there this instant and no dawdling,am I clear,” Sr.Gertrude yelled, using her ruler again and grabbing Amy by her ear and ordering her to dispose of her chewing gum.

With burning hands David,Amy and Gill walked through the leaf strewn garden which connected the College of Saint Philomena’s the Chaste with the Monastery of Repentance.
“Fuck sake think,what could this be about,” Gill asked,rubbing her hands together and growing more nervous with every step towards the austere building which stood in front of them.
“I can’t think of anything,really I can’t,” David said,wracking his brain for some answer.
“Don’t know,but fuck we are in trouble whatever we done,Amy said.
The three entered the Monastery,it always felt as if they had travelled back in time to a Medieval time where the Church ruled.They were met by a Nun who inquired what their business was.Amy handed the Nun the pass given to them by Sr.Gertrude .The Nun read the pass and directed them to Sr.Bertha’s room.
Sr.Bertha had watched avidly as the three had walked through the garden,she could see them from her study window and the sight of the three had made her very excited. She had to sit down and try to compose herself,she looked at the photograph again resting on her desk,which was a mistake because her passion too hold of her.She took a deep breath and turned the photograph face down.She rested her hands on her lap and felt her hands moving between her legs and pressing on her long black habit.She stood up and rushed to her bible and read a psalm,she found herself unable to concentrate and before she could do anything else she heard a knock on her study door.
“One moment”,Sr.Bertha called out as she took a few deep breaths.She scolded herself for her lack of composure,she had spanked many bottoms in the past,but everytime she became very excited,this time she knew that photograph had brought her excitement to a higher level. Again more deep breaths and finally she felt herself calming down.
“Enter,” she called out and the door opened.
Amy entered first and immediately saw that Sr.Bertha looked quite flushed and was sweating slightly.Amy was followed by Gill and then David who closed the door behind them. They stood in silence and watched Sr.Bertha walk to her desk.Sr.Bertha looked down at her desk,turned perabet giriş the photo over and held it up for the three to see.
Amy felt faint,Gill wanted to floor to open up and swallow her and David felt like giggling but decided the best thing to do was look at the floor, where many penitent’s had stood before, and accept what was coming.
“Well,what do you have to say,you wicked fornicator’s?” Sr.Bertha said,still trying to control the passion she felt deep under her habit.
“Please Sr.Bertha,we are sorry,it was a stupid thing to do,we are desperately sorry,please Sr.Bertha….” Gill said before been cut off .
“Oh,I will ensure that you are sorry my girl’s and boy;I will make quite sure of your contriteness before you leave this room,” Sr.Bertha said walking over to her chair.Everyone knew that when Sr.Bertha sat on her chair it meant spanking time. Sr.Bertha sat on her chair and placed the photo on the floor at her left hand side.The tree watched as Sr.Bertha began to rub the palms of her hands gently before ordering David,Amy and Gill to strip.
“That is correct,I want the three of you to strip,you did not seem so discerning in this photograph,” Sr.Bertha said indicating the photograph on the floor.
David,Amy and Gill exchanged concerned glances.”Lets just get it over with,”Amy whispered and began to undo the buttons on her jeans and letting her jeans drop to her ankles. David began to take his T Shirt off and Gill unzupped the side of her pleated skirt.
As they undressed Sr.Bertha watched avidly ,she felt very light headed with the excitement of spanking these three beautiful young people.She gasped as she watched David take down his shorts exposing his shaved pubic area and semi erect penis.Sr.Bertha glanced at Amy who was already naked and folding her clothes in a neat pile as Gill stood there,one hand covering her vulva region and looking very embarrassed.
“Now, who will I choose first,?” Sr.Bertha asked, “Any volunteer?”
Sr.Bertha was enjoying this,the three could tell by the look on her face,they stood there in silence.
“Very well,Amy come here and place yourself over my lap”,Sr.Bertha said,the excitement in her voice was unmistakable.
Amy exchanged glances with Gill and David and then walked over to Sr.Bertha.Sr.Bertha took a deep breath as Amy bent over her knee.The middle aged Nun took a moment to look down at the bare bottom presented to her and placed her right hand on that beautiful bottom and rubbed it gently before beginning a severe,hard spanking on each rump of Amy’s nude bottom and yelling, “YOU WICKED FORNICATOR,YOU NAUGHTY WHORE,YOU RICHLY DESERVE A GOOD SPANKING”.

As Amy began to clinch her buttocks together she couldn’t help but look at the photo of herself,David and Gill having fun at last Tuesday night’s party.She wondered who had given the photo to Sr.Bertha,but her thought process was interrupted by the now excruciating pain spreading around her bottom,she began to scream out and soon the sound of Sr.Bertha’s hand striking her bottom coupled with her screams were filling the study.David and Gill winced as they watched Sr.Bertha, who was smiling broadly,bringing her hand down on Amy’s very red,sore looking bottom.They could see that Sr.Bertha was concentrating totally on the naked bottom over her lap and that Amy’s pleas were going perabet güvenilir mi unheard.Despite David’s wincing .he couldn’t help but feel excited at the view before him,;a girl being spanked by a Nun. He felt his penis stiffen and glanced at Gill to see did she notice,Gill was staring at the spanking taking place and was subconsciously rubbing her bare bottom.
Amy was screaming but Sr.Bertha was smiling and thoroughly enjoying delivering every slap.Amy burst into tears but the spanking continued unabated. Sr.Bertha began to feel a dampness spread between her legs,deep under her habit,she found herself working hard to control the look of pleasure that she felt spreading on her face,her face felt hot,she knew she was very excited and her human passions were taking over.
Finally she ordered Amy to stand and ordered David over her knee. Sr.Bertha pretended not to notice his fully erect penis as he placed himself over her lap,but she felt his penis touch her thigh as she brought her hand down on his bare,white bottom for the first time. With all the strength she could muster she delivered a spanking that David would never forget. As he lay there allowing Sr.Bertha to do her business,he too looked at the photo ,he noticed he was fully erect in the photo and tried to smile but the severe spanking took hold of him and brought him back to the reality of Sr.Bertha’s chastising hand.
Amy stood there in tears, rubbing her very sore bottom and watching David who was now jerking on the Nun’s lap,she could see the sheer pleasure on the face of the Nun and wondered did Sr.Bertha have the same look on her face as she spanked her. It was clear to both Amy and Gill that Sr.Bertha enjoyed what she done for a living.
Finally David was allowed to stand and, snivellingly ,Gill approached Sr.Bertha who looked very flushed and was rubbing the palms of her hands together.As Gill placed herself over the Nun’s lap she hoped that Sr.Bertha would be too tired to spank her as hard as she had witnessed her spank Amy and David ,but soon her hopes faded as her bottom began to feel as if it was on fire. She looked at the photo on the floor but then closed her eyes,she had fun at the party but the price was too heavy to pay. She screamed and screamed,begged and begged ,but the spanking continued and it felt to Gill that the spanking would never stop.
Gill began to struggle,she couldn’t help it and her struggling brought her a strict admonishment and a spanking on her thighs which made her scream louder. Gill felt the tears streaming down her face and wished that she had never attended that party,she promised herself she would never attend another party ,she even promised this allowed to Sr.Bertha,but the only response she received was, “Stop struggling girl,I cannot spank your bottom,I shall have to start all over again !”Gill tried her best to sty still

Finally Gill’s torment ended and she was ordered to stand.All three were ordered to dress and return to class.
Once safely in the garden David said,”Fuck that hurt”.
“I don’t think I can sit down,” Gill said.
“She enjoyed that,you should see the look on her face…and she kept the photo”,Amy said.
David and Gill looked at her.
“You’re right,she still has the photo, the old pervert”,David said.
“I wonder who gave her the photo,who told on us?” Gill asked.

As they walked back through the gardens towards the College of St.Philomena the Chaste,Sr.Bertha watched them from her study window,holding the photo in her hand.

Amy,David and Gill in that photograph.

Sr.Bertha,an avid spanker of those who deserve it.

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