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The Love For My Son
This story is of my darkest secret, of
how I have seduced my son and become his lover.
Although the attraction between us is mutual.

It all started when I arrived home a earlier than usual
from work one day. I called out to let my Mark 13 year-old son,
to let him know I was home.

“Hello! Mark Darling, are you there?” There was no
response. I figured he must have gone out with his friends
after school, so I went upstairs to get changed. As I
climbed the stairs, I heard a low moan and stopped. Had
I imagined it?

“Ohhh…yeah…oh yeah…uugggh…”

I stopped at the top of the stairs and listened hard.


It was the sound of someone having sex, and it was
coming from my bedroom. I froze, I kept listening as I
moved to the slightly open door to my bedroom.


I was shocked to hear my name. Who was this? I slowly
pushed opened the door.

Lying on my bed, eyes closed, was my son Mark. He was on
his back naked, his hands wrapped around his hard young cock
was my newest pair of lacey black knickers that I had worn just
I stood and stared in shock, unable to move. Mark was the one
moaning as he wanked on my bed!

I opened my mouth to begin telling him off but no voice came out.
My gaze was locked onto his hard cock as his hands glided up and
down the silky material of the knickers.
“Ohhh…Helen…ugggh…I’m coming…”

His eyes opened as his orgasm started. He saw me and
gasped, frozen as his hands still held my knickers to
his cock, the material at the top becoming wet with his

“Mum!!!” he cried out, his cry shocked my out of my
transfixed state.

“Mark!!! What are you doing? My god,
what are you doing?” I shrieked.

Mark jumped up and ran past me into his own bedroom,
slamming his door.

I sat down on my bed, shocked. I began to rationalize
that masturbation was normal for a teenage boy,
but surely not in his mothers bedroom, with his
mother’s knickers and calling her name?

I looked at my bedside drawers. The top one was still open and I
looked inside. Mark had obviously been looking through
at all my lingerie, which meant he probably had also
seen – my vibrator in the back of the drawer.

Mark had violated my privacy by looking through my
drawers and masturbating with my knickers.
I became very angry and stormed out into the hall and
into Mark’s bedroom.

“Mark!, you have a lot of explaining to do Mr!”

Mark was sitting on his bed, still naked but now crying with

“I’m sorry Mum, I’m really sorry!” he sobbed.
I was about to let him have it but he looked up at me all
teary eyed and I lost my nerve. I sat down on Mark’s bed
and put my arm around his shoulders.

“Its OK darling, I mean, its only natural for a young boy…” I
floundered. As my ex husband and myself had split up years ago,
there was no man around have this sort of talk with Mark?

Mark lay his head on my shoulder.
“Its just…most boys don’t masturbate with there mum’s
knickers. Do you understand?” I told him. Mark nodded

“Usually, they look at a magazine,…” Mark began to stop crying.

“Um…do you think I could have my knickers back now please,
darling?” I asked.
Mark nodded and reached under his pillow and produced them.
Thick blobs of semen coated the knickers. I tried a joke to cheer
him up.

“Well I guess I should probably wash these before I wear
them again, huh?” Mark laughed a little, and then became
serious again.

“Sorry Mum…” Mark said

“Its OK darling.” I gave him a little squeeze. “How about
we just forget about it, OK? I just want you to realize
that well, some things are kinda private you know…even for
your mum.”

Mark sniffed and said “Yeah ok. Thanks Mum!”
We quickly hugged, and I got up and went back into my
bedroom, closing the door after me.

It then hit me how aroused I was feeling. I had just
caught my son Mark, masturbating in my bedroom, with my knickers.
And he was calling out my name when he orgasmed!

Was it true then, that sons did lust after their own mothers
during puberty? My heart was pounding!.

Placing the dirty knickers on my bed, I began to undress
out of my work clothes to change into my usual household wear
of an old t-shirt and jogging pants.
I let my dark hair down, which fell around my
I unbuttoned and took off my shirt, and reached around and
unzipped the back of my skirt, pushing it down,

Now only wearing a white lace bra and matching knickers
I walked to the bed, and picked up my black
knickers that had just been fucked by my son a few minutes ago.

Mark had used them with the inside crotch against his cock,
and his sperm was still clinging to the material there.
I thought back to the last time I had seen any man’s cum.
It had been years now since I had been with any man!.

I opened my top drawer again and stared at my vibrator….
It was slim, seven inches and finished in metallic silver.

What I pictured my son in here wanking with my knickers,
and the thought of i****t between me and son,
initially shocked and disgusted me,
yet I felt somehow turned on by it all in some sick, perverted way.
My hand closed around the vibrator as I realized I desperately
needed to get myself off.

I lay down on my bed holding the vibrator in the right
hand and the dirty black knickers in the other. I rubbed
the shaft of the vibrator against the outside of my
white lace knickers, setting it to vibrate softly.

My pussy responded immediately, my outer lips tingling
with pleasure.

I looked at the black knickers, and touched Mark’s gooey cum
on them with my thumb and fingers.
For a moment I wondered what it would taste like,
then pushed that disgusting thought out of my mind.
I let go of the cum covered knickerss and slid my ones down
around my arse to my ankles.
Bringing my feet close to my now bare hairy pussy I let my
thighs part, lazily drawing little circles on my leg with the vibrator.

I thought about Mark. Did he really want to have sex with me, his Mother?
I had never really considered that possibility before,
he had always been my sweet little boy.

I had not noticed before how he was growing into a young man,
his chest and arms developing, his penis…his erect
penis was almost as big as any man I knew…

At this last thought I pushed the vibrator down onto my
hairy pussy, mashing it against the hood of my clit,
making my body shudder.
I gasped as the tip of the vibrator slid up and down my pussy.

A silver, vibrating cock seeking to enter to my willing cunt.
I pushed it hard against my wet opening, the vibrator slowly
slipped inside me.
My hands slid up to my tummy as the pulsating sensations in my
vagina radiated out into my lower body. I reached up to my bra
and pulled the cups down under my breasts, freeing my hardened
nipples from the white lace.

I closed my eyes and thought of Mark lying on his back
on my bed, his hands sliding up and down his hard young cock.
I rolled over and sat up on my thighs, my knees still spread wide,
imagining myself straddling my son’s hard cock as I slowly worked
the vibrator in and out of my hairy cunt.
My breath quickened, little moans and gasps escaping my open mouth.

My eyes opened to the image of myself in the mirror,
the dark hair around my shoulders now wild, my large
38D tits pushing out from my chest and my thighs spreading
wider as I rode the vibrating cock beneath me.

I pulled it out completely, teasing my labia with the tingling
vibrations then pushed it back in roughly, pushing
deep inside me.

My climax was sudden and caught me by surprise. I
closed my eyes again, my free hand pushing against my clit
as my cunt spasmed, gripping the vibrator tightly.
A powerful wave of pleasure surged throughout my lower body,
my hips crudely thrusting as the sensations of intense sexual
gratification overwhelmed me.
I threw my head back and let out low, guttural moans as the
incredible pleasure of my self induced orgasm intensified and
then slowly ebbed away.

I lowered myself to the bed, lying flat on my tummy
with my legs together, my arse quivering as the
plastic cock continued to vibrate inside me.
My knickers were still around my ankles, and my face was
right next to the dirty black pair.
Gasping to catch my breath, I stared vacantly at the white
globules of spunk coating their crotch, a reminder of Mark’s
recent wanking session where I lay.

I felt a sudden wave of guilt pass through me. It had
been wrong to fantasize about my own son, the boy who I
had given life to. Even if I had been part of his fantasy,
I was older, more mature and supposed to understand the taboo
of i****t and the damage it could cause.

I reached down and pulled the wet vibrator from my
pussy, turning it off and wiping the sticky secretions
of my vagina onto the black knickers sticky with Mark’s
The thought of our male and female sexual fluids now mixing
together flashed in my head, and I quickly pushed it out of my mind,
pinching myself as punishment.

I pulled up my knickers and placed my tits canlı kaçak iddaa back into the cups
of my bra. I then dressed in my usual home attire, and gathered
my work clothes and my cum and cunt stained knickers.
I left my bedroom and went to the kitchen downstairs,
throwing the clothes into the washing basket.
I then went to prepare some dinner for us.

That night as I lay in bed in my favorite blue nightie
reading, I thought about a discussion with Mark about sex.

“What would he need to know? They teach that stuff in
school these days, I said to myself!.

“Well maybe he just needs someone to guide him down the
right path, so he doesn’t make the same mistakes I

I decided I would talk to Mark about sex, and make sure he
knew what was right and wrong in terms of his behavior.
I knew he must be just discovering his sexuality, and
that it was probably common for young boys to have a
crush on their mothers, after all, I was the closest
woman to him in his life.

It occurred to me that he would continue to masturbate
throughout his teenage years, which was normal. What I
needed to do was to encourage a healthy interest in
girls his own age, and diverting his attention away from me,
while teaching him how to be responsible as well.
I also needed to rethink my own image of Mark in my mind,
of him developing from a slightly shy little boy into a
young, attractive, sexually active man with urges that
had to be satisfied.

The next day, on my lunch break I decided the best way
to encourage a healthy sex drive in my son would be to
provide him with some stimulating reading material for
him to masturbate over. I went to the newsagents
shop near my office and picked out some of the men’s

One particularly revealing outfit worn by one model,
a see-thru teddy clearly showing the girl’s dark nipples and
hairy pussy.
I also picked out another porno magazines that showed a couple.
As I flicked through the pages of spread-eagled, slutty women I
was aware of the fat, balding, middle-aged shop owner watching me.
I brought the magazines over to him and pushedmy money onto the

“Yeah, there’s some real hot girls in them magazines if
you know what I mean, ehh?” the newsstand guy snickered
as his eyes settled on the slightly visible cleavage of
my breasts.
His hand slid across the counter and brushed over mine
as he took the money.

“Fucking pig!” I muttered to myself as I walked back to
my office.

“Hi Mark, I’m home darling!” I called out as I let myself in
again that afternoon.

“Hi mum!” Mark replied from the living room. I walked
in to find him glued to the TV, playing the video game
console he had gotten for his last birthday. I sat
down, next to him, attempting to follow the game on

“Is this a new one?” I asked.

“Yeah, its pretty cool. You get to steal cars and do
missions and stuff…hang on…” Mark paused as his
video game character machined gunned a group of people,
before jumping into a car and speeding off.

“Pretty cool huh?” he chuckled.

“Looks pretty realistic.” I smirked sarcastically.
“Anyway honey, I got you something today.” I opened my
shopping bag and pulled out the magazines I had
bought. Mark’s eyes glanced over quickly and went wide
with interest. He let go of the game pad and held the
magazines without blinking. I looked at the TV to see
video game man crash his uncontrolled car into a pole,
then be attacked by a group of people who beat him to
death with baseball bats, only to be brought back to
life seconds later. Who says porno warps c***dren’s
minds when they make video games like that?

“Uhh…Mum, what are these for?” Mark asked, his face
beginning to turn red.

“There for you silly, for when…you know…” I felt
myself blushing.
This sex-ed stuff was harder than I thought.

Mark opened and flicked through one, his gaze moving over the
girls in their skimpy swimsuits posing provocatively.

“WOW, thanks Mum! These mags are awesome!” he said
excitedly, his initial embarrassment now turning to

“That’s OK darling. How about you take them upstairs to
your room. And Mark honey,
if there is anything you would like to know about, you know,
girls and sex and stuff, feel free to ask me, OK?”

“Sure Mum, thanks.”

“How about a hug for your mum then?” I asked, and without
waiting for a reply pulled my Mark to me and hugged him
tightly for a few seconds.

“Uhh, I gotta go…Mum…I have to…”

I felt something pushing into my tummy, and looked down
to see the large bulge forming in my son’s school trousers
pressing against me, his cock hardening.
I let him go instantly, and Mark held the mags to his crotch
as he quickly scurried up the stairs, his face redder than

I slapped my forehead as I realized how stupid I was.
He would obviously have gotten aroused looking at the
magazine girls, and I had aggravated the situation by
making close contact with my body. I walked upstairs to
change, noticing Mark had shut his door again.
I wondered if he was masturbating, and whether he was
looking at the mags or thinking about me, and again I
fought to push such i****tuous thoughts out of my head.
Nothing more happend that evening. We ate dinner and watch
some tv, befroe Mark went to bed and I was soon going to
bed also.

The next morning Mark and I sat together at the kitchen
table for breakfast.
Mark shoveled his favorite cereal into his mouth as I
sipped on my morning coffee.

“So, did you sleep well last night darling?” I asked

“Uhh, yeah I did!” Mark giggled foolishly in reply,
making me start to laugh too.

“Which one was your favorite?” I asked.

“My favorite? What do you mean?

“You know, which of the magazines did you like the

“Umm…I like the ones with ladies in there underwear, but I
guess it was the one with the really naked girls in
it.” Mark answered.

“Why is it your favorite?”

“Because…because you can see everything, their tits,
and their…their cunt.”

I nearly spat my coffee over the table after hearing
that last word coming out of my once innocent little
boy’s mouth.

“It’s called a woman’s vagina, or her pussy, Mark.
if you have to call it a name.
Cunt is a very dirty word Mark, and most women don’t
like to hear it unless…”

“Unless what?” Mark was beginning to enjoy this

“Never mind. So you like the magazine because it’s more
explicit than the others?”

“What’s explicit mean?”

“It means it’s dirtier than the other ones.” Mark
thought about this for a second, and then piped up

“It sure is! It has hot dildo fucking action in it.”

“Mark! Where did you learn phrases like that?”
I asked.

“That’s what the magazine called it! The lady was
putting a rubber dick into her mouth and then inside
her pussy!” Mark replied. “It looked like the…”

“Thing in my knicker drawer Mark?” I interrupted,
not liking the way this conversation was heading.

“Yes Mark, I know what dildo fucking is, but its no
different to you…wanking off…is that what you call it?”

“Spanking the monkey!” Mark chuckled.
“Or choking the chicken! Yeah, I guess wanking off is
a good name for it.”

“Well sometimes women need to jwank off too darling,
even your mother. And my vibrator, well that just helps

“Come hard?” “Well yes, I need to have an orgasm,
coming hard is called having an orgasm, Mark.”
I decided that this conversation needed closing quickly,
and stood up to leave for work.

“See you when I get home, darling.” I leaned over and
gave Mark a quick kiss goodbye,
and noticed him peeking down my blouse, stealing a brief glimpse
of my breasts inside my lacy black bra.
Clearly he was still interested in me sexually, and although it
made me feel a little guilty, I enjoyed the attention Mark was giving
me, and I found myself swinging my hips as I left the
kitchen for the front door.

At the office I thought about Tim’s obvious panty fetish.
While I was dressing in my room I had noticed a few pairs of
my knickers missing, and even one of my bras too.
I thought that perhaps if I just bought him a pair to play with,
he might stop stealing mine. After work I went shopping,
and into one of the specialty lingerie shops.
They had a table with a few markdown items on it. I picked out a
very skimpy g-string, and brought it over to the lady at the counter.

“I guess your husband will like this one!” she remarked
as she ran it up on my credit card.

“Yes, I suppose he will,” I stammered, and quickly left the store
with my purchase before I could make another slip of the tongue.
I felt almost guilty about buying the knickers now, and on the way
back to my car I figured that the woman probably would
think that I was having an affair. Half my luck, I thought as
I drove out of the car park, I could do with some action like that.

When I got home, I went upstairs to find Mark in his
bedroom. I knocked on his door.

“Yeah, come in!” he yelled.

I opened the door to see Mark on his bed reading the
porno magazine but not masturbating.
On the pages, a very canlı kaçak bahis pretty brunette woman posed in black
stockings as she spread her shaved pussy wide for the
camera, her vulva and clitoris exposed.
Mark made no attempt to hide the magazine, or the large bulge in his
shorts as I sat next to him on the bed.

“Mum, how does a man’s dick fit into a woman’s pussy?”
Mark asked me. “The hole kinda looks too small.”

“Well, you see, a woman’s vagina is flexible, so it
stretches to fit around the man’s penis when they are
having sex.
You know that babies have to fit down there too you know,
and a baby’s head is a lot bigger than any man’s penis!” I explained.
“But also when a woman is aroused, she kinda gets wet in there,
and it makes it easier for the man to penetrate her.”

“What’s the biggest a guy’s cock can get?”

“Umm, I’m not sure darling, I guess pretty big.”

My gaze shifted to Mark’s hard-on in his shorts, and
I began to feel the sick, perverted arousal I had felt

“Do all women like guys to have a big cock?” Mark asked.

“Uhh, Some do I guess.”

My pussy was becoming wet as I stole glances of the big
cock almost right in front of me, and I felt the sudden
urge to reach over and free it from my son’s shorts, to
ride on it and satisfy my growing urge for real sex.

“Anyway darling, I bought you something new today.”

I fished the g-string knickerss out of my bag and
placed them in Mark’s lap, my hand briefly touching his
hard-on through his shorts. Mark stared at them.

“Are they, are they yours?” he asked slowly.

“No, I bought them today, do you like them?”

“Umm, I guess,” he replied with little enthusiasm.

“What’s wrong darling? I know you like ladies knickers, and
I thought…”

“Its just, I kind of prefer, I’d rather, have your
knickers, Mum, after you’ve worn them.”

I sat in shock for a few seconds, and then I spoke.

“Oh well, guess there’s only one way to solve this…”

I stood up and placing my hands under my skirt pulled
down the black lace knickers I was wearing. Stepping out
of them, I offered them to Mark, who stared in shock at me.

“Swap ya?” I asked teasingly.
We exchanged knickerss, and I slid the g-string up my legs.
My skirt lifted and for a brief second the dark pubic hair
of my pussy was visible to my son,
his eyes following the g-string as it fitted snugly around my pussy.
I held my skirt at my waist as I walked over to the mirror to see
how they looked on me, Mark’s eyes never leaving my almost bare arse.
I was surprised at how good they looked on me, and I posed for a few
seconds before turning to face Mark again, his gaze firmly set on my
crotch and his hands pressing my black knickers to his crouch.

“Guess I’ll leave you to it, darling.” I said in a low voice,
and slowly walked out of his bedroom and into my own.

My head was spinning as I as threw myself onto my bed.
What had I done? I had exposed myself in front of my own son,
teasing him with the sight of me changing my knickers,
even accidentally letting him see my hairy pussy.

I had crossed the line, from being a concerned parent
to becoming a seductress, tempting my son with my half
naked body.
“If only I hadn’t felt so horny”,

Was he going to masturbate there and then after my
display? I had to know. I crept from my room over to
the half closed door of Mark’s bedroom, treading carefully
in bare feet. I looked through the gap of the doorway
into the mirror, and in the reflection I saw Mark on his
knees on his bed, my worn knickers again wrapped around
his hard young cock, the magazine beneath him, still open at the
girl spreading her the lips of her cunt.
Mark spoke softly as his fist pumped up and down on his cock.

“Oh, Mum, I want to fuck you, make your hairy pussy wet,
.make your pussy wet Mum, ughhh…”

I sunk to my knees as I watched the erotic peep-show of
my own son, masturbating as he fantasized over fucking me.
My hand went under my skirt, and I was surprised to find
the crotch of the new g-string soaking wet where warm fluid
was seeping from my sex into the material.

“Helen, you love hard cocks, you love my hard cock
Helen, “your pussy is so wet.” I thought to myself.

I slipped the knickers to the side of my
hairy mound, my hand becoming sticky with my own
lubricant, my fingers spreading my cunt just like the
girl’s in the magazine.
My index finger slid easily into my wet hole, and I
finger fucked myself slowly, watching my son wanking
with my black lace knickers I had worn at work that day,
his arse thrusting to meet his fist.

I thought briefly about getting my vibrator, and then
decided I was too close to coming to stop myself now.
As I felt my tummy muscles tense up, I lay back against
the floor in front of Mark’s beddoor and lifted my spread
legs off the ground to heighten my arousal.

My climax was building more slowly this time, two
fingers thrusting deep inside my wet pussy as my thumb
rubbed roughly at my clit.
I gasped loudly, not caring anymore if Mark opened his door
to find his mother lying before him, legs held wide above her body,
fingering her hairy wet cunt, wanting her son to throw himself
onto her body and satisfy her i****tuous lust with his hard cock.
I pushed my fingers up against the walls of my cunt,
desperately seeking to orgasm.

The pleasant, tickling sensations I have before my
climaxes radiated out from my pussy and my legs began
to shake. I shut my eyes tightly and held my breath as
the stimulation inside my pussy became almost
unbearable, my cunt muscles squeezing my fingers as if
they were going to be severed inside me.

I writhed on the floor as I came, overwhelmed by the
intense orgasmic pleasure wracking my body. I cried out
in shock as a warm spurt of my pussy juice gushed out,
onto the palm of my hand.
That had never happened to me before, but then I had
never cum so hard in my life!
I continued to cum against my hand, rocking my
hips back and forth lewdly.

Suddenly I realized that Mark must have heard me orgasm
just outside his room, and that I was probably only
seconds away from discovery. I quickly picked myself
off the floor and rushed back to my bedroom.

I knew that having sex with Mark was now my fantasy,
but tried to tell myself that it was just that, a dark,
sinful fantasy that could not be fulfilled, unless, unless I
gave in to my desires and committed the taboo act of
i****t, the ancient law forbidding a woman to fornicate
with her own son.

I no longer felt in control of my feelings, unable to
make the right decisions concerning the sexual tension
that now smoldered between Mark and I.
As I changed out my work clothes somehow I knew I would
not be able to help myself and that some sort of sexual
encounter between the two of us was going to happen sooner or
later, despite my good intentions as a loving mother.

That Friday I went grocery shopping after work. As I
moved down the aisle with medicine and personal hygiene
stuff, I noticed something I had been meaning to show
my son. They were condoms, and I wanted to buy some for
Mark, so that when the time was right he would be fully
prepared for his first sexual experience.

I picked out a box of super thin ones, and hid them
underneath some other items. It was absurd, me, a woman
of 31 years, being embarrassed at buying condoms, but I
was afraid I might bump into someone I knew.

When I got home Mark was there to help unload the
groceries out of the car. I admired his strong but
youthful body as he lifted three bags with each arm at
time, quickly finishing the tiring task. Once all the
bags were inside the kitchen, Mark began looking through
each one, searching for his favorite biscuits that I
always bought him. I put the groceries away as I spoke
to him.

“It’s such a relief to finally finish for the week, huh
darling?” I turned to see Mark holding the condom box in
his hands, eyeing it intently.
I moved across to peer over his shoulder.

“Do you know what these are for, Mark?” I asked him quietly.

“Uhh, like, they stop you from getting AIDS, and
getting a girls pregnant when you…”

“Fuck her. Yes, that’s right.
Have you used one before?” I asked.

“Umm, no, I haven’t mum, I’m still a virgin,”
Tim’s face was turning red again.

“Do you how to put one on your cock Mark? Because you
will need to know when you are going to have sex for
the first time.” I said, in a matter of fact way as I
could, considering how turned on I was becoming,
discussing sex again with my son again.

Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to be forward with Mark.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll show you, so that you can
know for sure.” I told him, then turned back to finish
putting away the groceries, not sure on how Mark would
take my offer.

“Uhh, yeah Mum, that’d be great!” he said and I turned
to see him eagerly grinning at me.

“Guess it’s a date then.” I said playfully,
and gave him a cheeky smile.

I told Mark to meet me upstairs in half an hour. I then
went and showered. As I washed my body I knew what was
going to happen bahis siteleri canlı this time with Mark, I could not longer
suppress my desire to be with him. Catching him wanking
in my knickers, all the sex talk between us, and just
knowing that we both wanted to be with each other had
finally driven me over the edge.

Finishing up, I wrapped a towel around me and went to
my bedroom. I put on my favorite sheer blue nightie, and
slipped into a pair of sheer white lacey knickers.
I took a deep breath and tried to relax, but I was feeling both
unbelievably nervous and horny at the same time.
I took out my vibrator, sat down on the edge of my bed and
called out to Mark.

Mark appeared at my bed room door, his eyes running up and down
my body as he stared at me in the short, skimpy nightie.

“Do you have the condoms, darling?” I asked.

“Uhh, no..I…” he stammered.

“You haven’t forgotten about our little date?” I teased,
pressing my knees together to hide the view up my nightie.

“Uhh, I’ll just get them,” he said foolishly, and
disappeared briefly to return with the box in his hands.

“Bring them over here.”

Mark brought them over to me and stood above me, spying
the vibrator next to me on the bed.
I opened the box and pulled out one of the rubbers.

“Each of them is wrapped separately, see?” I told him,
holding the wrapper up for him to see.
“You have to be careful not to tear the condom when you
open this, right?”

Mark nodded slowly, his eyes wandering between the
condom and my smooth legs crossed over towards him,
nearly touching his. I then opened the wrapper, and
showed him the rolled up condom. I then picked up my
vibrator, and pushed the tip inside the condom.

“See which way it goes, honey?” I said, showing him the
end of my sex toy, his eyes wide with interest.
“Now you just have to roll it down to the base.”
I rolled the rest of the rubber down to the end of my vibrator.

“Now it’s your turn.”

I took another condom out of the box and handed it to Mark.
He opened it slowly, and then reached for my vibrator.
I stopped his hand.

“No darling, I want to put it on yourself. Put it on your

Mark looked at me strangely, not sure what to do.

“It’s OK Mark, I mean I’ve seen it just recently,
haven’t I?” I giggled, and this brought a smile to his

“Come on, show me.”

Mark slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.
It was limp, and hung just in front of my face.

I stared at it in disappointment, expecting to see the
rock hard young cock I had seen on previous occasions.

Mark stood with his hands at his sides, not sure what to
do next, his face crimson.

“Oh, darling, I know you’re embarrassed, but we need to
get your dick hard before you can put the condom on it.”
I almost whispered to him.

“Here, let me show you something.”

I leaned back on the bed and uncrossed my legs,
spreading them wide as the bottom of my nightie rode up
around my thighs, my knickers now on display for my son.

“Do you like this, Mark? Does it make you hard?”
I asked teasingly.
Mark did not answer, and simply stared
openly at my dark pussy through the sheer white lace.

“You like mummy’s knickers don’t you” I breathed, hardly
believing I was saying such things to my son.
His cock rapidly swelled in size, finally pointing towards my
face fully erect.

“Put on the condom, Mark,” I instructed him. Mark fumbled
around the head of his prick with the rubber,
unable to fit it onto his cock.

“Here, let me help.” I said, and reached over and took
the rubber, my fingers brushing against the smooth head
of Mark’s prick. “You’ve just got it around the wrong
way, that’s all.”

I reversed the rubber at the head of his prick and
slowly slid it over the tip, and began gently rolling
it down the stiff shaft, finally reaching the base of
Mark’s cock.

I looked up into Mark’s face, my hand still around his
hard prick, waiting to see if he would reject my touch.

“There now, how does that feel on your hard cock?”
I asked him.

“Uhh, good, mum,” he answered, his eyes meeting mine.

My hand began to stroke his hard young prick, careful,
delicate, slow moments of my hands caressing the latex sheath
surrounding Mark’s beautiful cock.

“How does that feel?” I asked softly, now barely able
to speak.

“Nice,” he moaned, and I gripped his cock firmly and
pumped my fist up and down, now obviously masturbating

I stood up in front of Mark and pulled him close to me,
my hand still jacking him off as his head rested
against my shoulder, his arms embracing me.
We held each other for about a minute this way, before I parted
with Mark slightly to look directly at his face.

“Kiss me.” I breathed, and brought my lips to his
mouth, softly kissing him delicately, his mouth moving
against mine.
My tongue slipped inside his mouth, and we french kissed passionately,
all the while my hand still stroking his hard cock.

“Do you want to know what a girl’s pussy feels like, Mark?
Do you want to feel what is like when my pussy gets wet?”
I whispered into his ear.

“Yes, yes Mum.”

“Call me Helen, if you want darling.”

“OK Mum, Helen.”

I took his hand and placed under my nightie, touching
the top of my knickers.
Mark’s hand pushed downwards, running it’s way through my thick
dark bush of pubic hair, before reaching the slit of my cunt.

His finger poked around roughly and slid upwards inside
my wet opening, the digital penetration making me extremely horny.
We kissed passionately again, and I continued to pull on Mark’s cock,
as his fingers took turns exploring the warm, wet cunt between my legs.
His other hand roamed my body, squeezing my arse and rubbing my tits
through my nightie.

I finally broke of this wonderful embrace, prepared to
give my son his most important lesson in sex.
After pulling my knickers down and stepping out of them, I
laid myself back onto the bed and opened my legs to
offer Mark my hairy cunt.

“Come here, darling,” I said lovingly, and Mark pulled
his pants and t-shirt off quickly, and climbed onto the
bed above me, his body pressing close to mine.
We kissed again, our tongues playfully dueling together,
our hands caressing each other’s body.
Mark looked into my face.

“Mum, god, Helen, you don’t know how much I’ve wanted

“I know Mark darling, I know.”

I reached down to his hard young cock and guided it to the
entrance to my wet cunt.
Mark pushed his hips forward, and my pussy opened and accepted
his young cock into my wet vagina, his prick sliding deep inside
until his balls rested against my outer pussy lips.

We laid together like that for what seemed an eternity, an
i****tuous merging of our bodies with only a thin latex
barrier to prevent my son’s sperm from gushing into my

I thought for a moment. “I cant get pregnant anymore any way”
so why bother with the condom.
I wanted to feel my son’s cum in side me!.

I quickly push Mark upand grabbed the condom and ripped it off
his hard cock.

I want to feel you my darling. Now push that hard cock of
your’s back in mummy’s cunt.

Once he became accustomed to the warm, tight sensation
of my cunt surrounding his unprotected cock, Mark began
to plow slowly back and forth inside me, a guilty smile
spreading over his face as he discovered the ultimate
stimulation for his cock.
Better than his hand, better even than my knickers,
he now knew where his cock belonged, and it was inside
a woman’s cunt.

Luckily for me it was now my cunt, and I was more than ready
for a good fucking by my own son.

Our mouths met again, kissing as we screwed. I moaned
around his tongue, and I pulled my nightie up over my
head, now fully naked with my beautiful son.
His mouth moved to my neck and then moved down towards
my breasts, kissing and gently sucking on my large,
hardened nipples.
His cock continuing to slide forcefully in and out of me.

Suddenly his hands gripped my shoulders as his body
went tense, his cock jerking rapidly against the walls
of my cunt. He looked into my face, his eyes wide in panic.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” he gasped.

“Yes darling, do it! Cum inside me, come inside mummy’s cunt!”
I moaned.

Mark thrust twice before collapsing on top of me, his body
shaking as he came inside me.
He pushed his face to my neck and began to moan and whimper as
his orgasm continued.

I hugged him tightly, and we lay together for at least
five minutes rocking together, still joined in sexual intercourse.
Finally he rolled off me, and I looked down to his cock and saw it
coverd in his thick spunk and my pussy cum.
We continued to lie on my bed, kissing, caressing and talking as
only new lovers do, until it became late and we fell asleep.

After that day Mark and I have continued to fuck
regularly as if we were boyfriend and girlfriend
instead of mother and son. Mark is always ready for sex,
I will never deny him access to my body.

I found out that Mark loves to go down on me, licking
and tongue fucking my hairy pussy until I scream so loud
in orgasm the neighbors must wonder what’s going on in
our house between us. I am only too happy to return the
favor by sucking his cock, something I love doing letting
Mark shoot his cum into my mouth.

I know it’s wrong, but I feel so much more love for
Mark now, and I want to continue our private sexual
relationship forever.

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