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All About Comfort Zones

Diana turned off the water in the sink and looked at the clock. Who could be knocking at one in the afternoon on a Thursday?

She grabbed her robe hanging on the doorknob and tightening the sash she opened the door to a cold but beaming Cindy her breaths freezing and blowing as soft white miniature clouds from her mouth.

“Cindy! Oh, come in out of the cold sweetie.”

Cindy walked in and slammed herself into Di causing both to wrap arms around the other.

“I am getting as addicted to your hugs as I am to Matt’s kisses,” came the voice buried in Di’s collar bone.

Di’s only answer was to squeeze a little tighter.

As Cindy pulled back to remove her jacket Di smiled at the happy girl, “Would you like something to eat or drink, honey?”

“Coffee or hot chocolate would be great, thanks.”

As the two trouped off to the kitchen, Diana untied her robe and left it hanging on the doorknob.

Cindy sat at the kitchen table and stared at Diana’s very naked and very tan bottom. “I’ve been meaning to ask, did you tan nude in Jamaica?”

Di turned and looked at Cindy and then at her own butt turning a slight shade of red noticeable even with her tan, “Well it didn’t start out that way, but yeah I eventually lost all clothing to the fun in the sun. Do you want me to put my robe back on sweetie?”

“Huh, oh no, I’m fine thanks. It does take getting used to but funny thing is it seems such a natural thing. Who knows some day I might just join you after I get a little more comfortable with you two.”

“Take your time; you do what seems right to you. Don’t worry about us. I am so glad you stopped by; I really am enjoying getting to know you.”

Cindy beamed “I can’t tell you how incredible I feel. You two radiate love; it is so powerful. If I have my way you two are stuck with me for the rest of my life.”

Diana laughed, “True love can be a very powerful thing. Just remember, don’t let love blind you. Don’t rush in to things, take your time. Be happy but have no regrets.”

Diana brought two cups of steaming cocoa with marshmallows to the table and sat down.

“I knew Matt would still be at school and I know you are still on vacation so I thought I would stop by just for some girl time if that is alright.” Cindy took a deep pull on the cocoa.

“That sounds wonderful honey. I see what Matt sees in you, you really are special.”

“Thanks. Nobody has cared for me in a long time; it feels so good to hear. But I don’t want to be a wedge between you two either. That is something I want to talk about with you. I know Matt loves me and I won’t lose him, but you two have something special that shouldn’t stop just because of me.”

“Honey, we have run our course. It is nice that we can still share ourselves with each other, but there is no wedge. I am nearly thirty years older than Matt. He needs someone his age. He needs you.”

“Oh trust me, he has me, and I am not going away, ever. But you two reached a level that is something special and good. Don’t stop because of me. I want to share Matt with you. I mean I know I can trust his own mother. You two are the most honest and caring people I have ever met. It’s why I am falling in love with both of you. And besides I know you care about me too and will never hurt me. I really am comfortable about this.”

Diana laughed “For a nineteen-year-old, you are very mature. Comfort is right. We all have to do what we are comfortable with doing. We’ll see what happens. This is new to all of us. We need to see what Matt is comfortable with as well. We three need to communicate honestly if this is going to work.”

“I need your help and experience as well. I know that I want to have fun and sex with Matt, but I want it to lead into itself naturally, but I don’t know how that works.”

Diana laughed, “Oh honey, there are no set rules or courses of action. You just need to do what feels right and you don’t have any, I mean any, second thoughts. Now can I be a mother for a minute?”

Cindy beamed, “please, I would like nothing better.”

“Sex is supposed to be special. Rushing in and doing everything with everybody makes it something normal and not special or intimate at all. Before Matt was born my husband and I were one of four couples that got together every week or two and had pretty much full on orgies together. While we were right in there with them and had a lot of fun, David and I never had intercourse with anyone else even though everybody else was doing everything else to each other. Oral or anal was one thing, but for us vaginal intercourse was special. Our comfort zone was that that one act was sacred meant for only the two of us. The others never could understand it, especially as I was pretty much the wildest of the bunch about dares and stripping and other stuff. They couldn’t separate that one act from the rest. To them it was all the same. But yet they always said how jealous they were that David and I were so much more in love than the rest of them. They bahis firmaları couldn’t accept us as us and not just carbon copies of them or the molds they created of us in their minds.”

“Wow, when I said you were experienced I had no idea.” Cindy gaped at the slightly blushing Diana.

“Yeah well, maybe you can see how all this happened now a little easier. Now those old days are coming back and at least one of the other couples and their son and I are starting back up again and so was Matt at first. You and Matt really need to make sure you know what your comfort zones are both as individuals and as a couple, and don’t let any one push you past them. Regret can eat you up alive. Remember if it feels right it probably is right; if it doesn’t, don’t do it and don’t look back and don’t let anyone convince you that you are wrong or need to do more than you are comfortable with doing.”

Cindy reached out and grabbed Diana’s hand, “I know that being with you two feels incredibly right.”

Diana beamed back.

“Alright one last mother lecture. Intercourse is not only the most intimate act I feel, it is also the one that can lead to a life altering situation. If you become pregnant that can only lead to a child or abortion, and personally abortion just doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s me, you have to decide what you believe in and can live with because that is just it, either way, baby or no, you have to live with that for the rest of both of your lives. Remember what I said before – regret can eat you up alive and when it is two of you it can ruin everything. But that is just the mother speaking.”

Cindy nodded her head, “Thanks for being so honest with me. I have a great thing here; I am not going to do anything stupid to ruin it. Trust me.”

Cindy looked a little embarrassed Di noticed, “What is it honey.”

“Well, I told you about my mother right? You are already so much more of a mother to me. And I don’t really like calling you Matt’s mom, or Diana or Di. And Mrs. Hughes sounds so formal. Ah, I know Matt and I have only been together for three days now, but I … I really want to call you mom.”

Diana beamed and stood up opening her arms, “Aww, come here kid; you can call me anything you are comfortable with calling me.”

Cindy jumped up and crushed Di back in a tight hug.

“Thanks,… mom.”

And both started to cry.

**** **************

Sue Lynn pulled into her driveway and sat watching her son get out of the car. “I should be home in time for supper if not I will call and see what your dad wants to do. Make sure you give your sister all her homework in case she feels better and is going to school tomorrow.”

Chip looked into the rearview mirror, “Are you sure you don’t just want me to walk Mrs. Lynn?”

“No Chip, I have been meaning to have a chat with your mother. Are you sure she is home today?” Sue looked up as she pulled out of her driveway and headed down the street.

“Yeah she had a doctor’s appointment this morning, so she took the day off. Why?”

“Well, I really should talk to her about screwing her own son don’t you think, unless you want to stop having fun with us?”

Chip’s eyes beamed, “You mean we can do it again?”

“Of course, but we really should clue your Mother in on things don’t you think?”

“Are you kidding me? She’ll kill me.” Chip was shaking his head frantically.

“Oh just you sit back and watch an old friend at work.” Sue smirked at Chip in the mirror.

Sue couldn’t help but laugh moments later as she was walking up the walkway with Chip walking behind like he was going to his own execution.

She stepped aside as Chip stepped up and looked at her on the top doorstep unlocking the door, “Mrs. Lynn, I really don’t think that this is such a good idea. My mom is not like the rest of you moms. She would never get into any of this stuff.”

“Chip, what would you say if I told you I have watched your mom fuck my husband and her own husband, some times at the same time, as well as do things with Matt’s father when he was alive many times.” Sue looked at the boy, grinning as his mouth dropped open. “Yep, that is what I thought. What you thought your father was cheating on your mother with me? Oh, hell no. You just let the adults handle this conversation honey.”

Sue leaned over and pushed the now unlocked door open. “Kim? Yoo hoo. You home honey?” Sue walked into the large living room and headed back into the kitchen then off to the den in the back. She turned to see Kim emerge from the basement, laundry basket in hands.

“Sue? What are you doing here?” Where is Chip?” Kim dropped the basket on the floor and stared at the grinning woman.

Sue scooted back and jumped up on the counter of the bar and swung her legs slowly, “He is hiding somewhere waiting for the explosion.”

Kim walked over and leaned her elbows against the counter and looked up at her best friend sitting next to her, “What explosion? What has he done now?”

“Kim, look at me carefully. kaçak iddaa What do you see?”

Kim was confused, but she stared carefully at the still grinning woman. “Well you have the shit-eatingest grin I have ever seen on your face. Wait, what was that we said about Di? You look like that…you look so much younger, alive. What is going on?”

“When was the last time you and Adam had sex?”

“Huh? Aah, I don’t know. Saturday I think. What has that got to do with anything?”

“Jeff and I have been at it like bunnies all the time the last three weeks. We can’t keep our hands off of each other. Kim, even Craig has been screwing me.”

“WHAT!?!?” Kim’s mouth dropped.

“It’s only fair. Matt and Di have been having fun for months. The weekend before they went to Jamaica, Jeff and I went over and the four of us screwed just like the old days; you should have been there.”

“But they are your children. That is so wrong.”

“They are men ready to enjoy life and to learn to do it right and with love. Tell me you don’t love Chip as much as Adam.”

“But Adam is my husband. I am Chip’s mother – that is totally different.”

“That only determines who you go to bed with at the end of the day. Chip is every bit the man Adam is. Trust me I know.”

“What do you mean by that,” Kim’s head was swimming.

“I know because I have been fucked by both of them,” Sue stretched her body and brought her hands back to the bar still smiling her grin at the stunned woman next to her.


“You were there every time I did it with your husband. Your son was just a couple of days ago with Craig at the same time. It would have been great if you could have been there as well but every body is so damn afraid that you are going to freak or something.”

“Well of course I am going to freak out. You don’t go around screwing boys.”

“Kim, they are all adults now about to graduate and go on with their lives which could be just like the lives we used to have together. Remember those times.”

“That was the past Sue. We grew up and became responsible adults.”

“Kim, give me a break, only responsible adults should do what we were doing or our marriages were doomed to fail. Other than Lacey, we all made out just fine. Why shouldn’t our boys experience the same things? Do you honestly have any regrets about what we did all those years ago? Honestly?”

Kim shook her head, “No but this is so different.”

“No it is not; trust me, I am doing it, not only is it the same as before it is better because we have more people that we love with all our hearts, and we get to see them explode with the pleasure themselves. Can you possibly imagine the feeling I get when I watch my son in the throes of an orgasm that I gave him?”

Kim shook her head. She was so confused.

Sue leaned down and whispered in Kim’s ear, “You don’t even remember the last time you had sex, while I can describe in detail the last several pounding orgasms I have had. You tell me what is not right here.”

Kim shook her head again slowly but didn’t move until she gasped as she felt Sue softly bite her ear lobe.

“Kim, it is so much better now that I am older and more experienced not only in sex but in how to be a loving person as well. Honey, let me show you. I can take you to the moon and back on the most explosive ride you could ever imagine.” Sue leaned further down and latched her lips on Kim’s neck as her hand reached down and grasped her trembling breast.

Kim moaned, “No I can’t do this. Chip might find us.”

“And he loves you and would be glad to give you even more love, but not until I am finished because you are all mine first,” Sue growled and jumped down from the counter turning Kim and crushing her own body into the still motionless woman. Sue used her index finger on Kim’s chin to push up her face and leaned in pushing their lips together. Sue’s lips moved into a slight grin as she felt Kim reach her hands around her head and pull her face deeper into the kiss. Gotcha she thought and pushed her tongue deep into Kim’s willing mouth.

Sue reached her hands down to Kim’s hips pushing her up. Understanding the message Kim hopped up to sit like Sue had been only a moment before on the bar top but with the other woman between her legs. She raised her arms as Sue tugged the t-shirt over her head latching back onto the reemerging mouth. While deep in the fresh kiss Sue reached around and unhooked the exposed bra, then brought her hands up to hold Kim’s face as the kiss got deeper and deeper. Again her lips curled into a smile as she felt her friend pull her own bra off leaving her topless. She broke the kiss with a smack and looked at the breasts she hadn’t seen in over a decade. Her hand came up to cup and glide over the rounded forms.

“A little saggier than I remember but still breathless,” Sue grinned

“Oh shut up, like gravity hasn’t pulled yours down at all. Here let me see for myself.” Kim brought her hand down to pull Sue’s shirt off and reached behind kaçak bahis to unhook and remove the bra watching as the released breasts dropped a bit. “Ha, just like I thought, still sexy but not quite as perky either.”

Sue looked down to watch her friend stroke and pull on her nipples. Sue reached back in and lightly kissed Kim before pulling back and calling out loudly, “Chip honey can you come here please?”

“Oh God no.” Kim pulled the topless woman into her, tucking her head into the other’s shoulder and held on trembling. Sue smiled broadly, not getting dressed or running away are you she thought.

“Yes, Mrs…what the fuck!” Chip stopped dead in the doorway staring at the naked back of his best friend’s mother and his own mother holding onto her for dear life.

“Chip, still think your mother is going to kill you for what we have done?” I think you need to come into this room and help me see what mischief we three can get into together.”

Kim peeked her head up at her son and just stared at him silently. She felt Sue’s hand on her chin and let herself be guided back into another kiss. This time Kim groaned in a release and attacked her friend’s mouth back. Sue’s hands reached down and tugged at the belt and zipper on Kim’s jeans. Kim lifted her butt off the counter and let her pants and panties be pulled down her legs to puddle on the floor. She used her own feet to kick her sneakers off leaving her completely nude. She wrapped her legs around Sue’s back pulling her into their embrace.

Chip who was all but forgotten silently walked over to the couch and watched amazed at what the two women were doing.

Kim hopped up as Sue’s fingers surprised her and stroked the open sex between them, “Oh my God.”

Sue chuckled, “Oh you haven’t felt anything yet my love.”

Sue pulled her friend by her arms off the bar and led the woman to the couch next to her son pushing her into a seated position next to the slack mouthed boy. Kim stared up and watched as Sue removed her own pants and underwear. “Chip, you are way over dressed for this party. Doesn’t your mother have a gorgeous body? Hey, I just realized something, congratulations, you are the first son to see all three mothers naked.”

Kim gasped “What Diana too?”

Sue nodded, “No sex, of course, knowing Di but she did some serious nude tanning down in Jamaica.”

Kim shook her head and looked down at her body lying naked open right next to her own son. She softly bit her lip and fought the urge to bring her hands up to cover up her body. She turned her head and looked at her glazed eyed, nodding son who couldn’t take his eyes off of her. “Chip honey, would you please give me a kiss?”

Chip groaned and leaned forward to passionately kiss his mother who closed her eyes and grabbed his head and held on tightly.

Sue smirked as she kneeled before the woman, this was almost too easy she thought as she leaned in and kissed the smooth thighs that trembled to the touch.

Sue brought her head up and looked at the kissing couple above her, “Chip honey, why don’t you take off your clothes and show your mother the impressive man that you have become,” and she dropped back down and devoured the sex in front of her causing Kim to shriek into her son’s mouth.

Kim just sat there and enjoyed the bolts of electricity that coursed through her body at every lick from Sue’s tongue and looked up to watch her son take his clothes off gasping at the sight of the stiff cock that popped out from the pants that slid down the strong thighs. She was speechless at the sight of her fully developed handsome son. As he leaned in to kiss her again her hand reached out to cup and slide up and down the hard flesh.

Sue pushed her cheeks hard into the other woman’s cool thighs spreading them out further. She inhaled sharply then dove in to exhale all the air in a gentle but steady push of air letting some escape past her cheek. Kim’s whole lower half hopped and jerked repeatedly.

“Crap, crap, crap, omigod crap,” Kim sobbed into the kiss with her son, her hand momentarily still as the throes overwhelmed her.

Sue leaned up and grinned, “See? I never knew that when I was younger.”

Kim just groaned, “Oh shut up and do it again.” Kim’s hand grabbed her son’s most intimate flesh and pulled him up toward her head.

Chip not believing the moment climbed onto the couch to kneel before his mother who with closed eyes leaned forward and engulfed his cock. He grabbed the back of the couch in a firm grip, “Oh my God.”

Sue again blew air into Kim’s core causing her to suck down hard on the cock in her mouth bringing yet a fresh groan from Chip who started to thrust his pelvis into his mother’s sucking mouth.

Sue reached two fingers through and shoved them in beneath her flicking tongue jabbing in the same rhythm that Chip was beating into the couch from his thrusts.

Kim’s legs started to hop and hop until the trembling engulfed her and Sue felt first in her cheeks and then with the rest of her head the massive orgasm that coursed through Kim’s body. Kim gave a muffled scream that turned into a wet gulp as the vibrations sent Chip over the edge and he spasmed his seed into his mother’s mouth and down her chin.

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