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the bra, sissy me – the final part for now…
Mistress Anne review time – Having been returned to her by the major it was time for Mistress to review her sex slave slut’s progress into the world of deep dark kinky sex. She was doing well from all reports and becoming a big earner. This pleased her Mistress who now had to think how deep and how dark maybe her sex slave slut may go before reaching breaking point.

The hour was late – bed for you – I have a nice surprise for you – a cage where you can sleep and be chained overnight and a new metal chastity cage that will ensure that thing is virtually gone out of complete sight. Oh and no nightwear just you naked self – right go shower and toilet for the hour is late and meet me in the 4th bedroom marked cell – go slut and prepare yourself.

Having showered and cleansed internally she went to the room and knocked.

Come slut – once inside she saw this ‘new’ room.

Stark and dimly lit.

She noted the metal cage measuring some 5foot by 3foot in the corner with chains hanging from the walls into the un-padded cold looking cell cage.

The door was open.

Hold out your wrists dear slut – metal cuffs were attached and locked shut. Ankles next dear slut – here attach these – slut fastened pendik escort metal cuffs to each ankle. Now this sweet little metal item. I see you are quite small now but this clips there just so and yes it locks and tucks you deep into its grip. Feel the spikes inside it touching your soft skin. Get excited and they will bite dear slut. I am sure you can stop such sexual activity now you are more feminine.

By the way your tits are looking so sweet and those rose bud nipples very swell dear and thus saying Mistress bit on each one and sucked until slut winced.

Into the cage dear.

Slut crawled inside.

Hands up and ankles – each cuff was secured to a chain hanging down and her arms were thus held up and her ankles spread. Her body was now contorted within the cage – arms up head at an angle and her ankles apart.

Oh sit on that cock too secured to the floor it will slip up your femboifagpussy hole quite easily as it is well lubed and modelled on my own strap-on which fucked you hard a few days ago – smiling – yes I can see you remember that well dear slut do you not?.

Oh yes good slut fits a treat made for you indeed it was.

The door shut and was locked.

Sleep well dear slut and no dirty sexy kinky dreams or those spikes will kurtköy escort bite deep into what is left of that thing.

She left slut alone and now in the dark but for the few dim lights around the wall which illuminated crops, paddles, rope, cuffs, gags and artwork showing Mistress using her subjects in various kinky sexy activities.

Sleep was impossible as her Mistress knew it would be. Any attempt to close her eyes and drift off was soon uncomfortable given her chained position and the cock up her pussy-ass too.

She heard the door open.

In the shadows she saw a naked man with a hard-on a cock sticking firmly out as he strode towards the cage.
Suck on this slut – he pushed his fine stiff cock at her mouth.

Instinctively she opened her mouth and sucked as he rammed it deep to the back of her throat. Faster slut – oh yes faster – oh yes – lovely slut oh yes feed on this and thus saying his hot cream shot down her throat. As soon as he had shot his load he left.

That surprise over the next visitor was a bbw-woman who sat on the cage and demanded her cunt be licked sucked and that her orgasm be brought on fast. Slut probed licked nibble her clit and sucked her fast and suddenly the woman gushed with delight and drenched slut kaynarca escort in her orgasmic juice. I did enjoy that slut and she left as quickly as she had arrived.

Then all of a sudden she felt the butt toy vibrate quite quickly and a stabbing pain shot through her ass cheeks. It also grew and pumped her and fucked her by remote. She felt herself responding by moving up and down upon the fixed shaft and again another sharp shock went through her body. As fast as it started it stopped.

She dozed a while.

Then Mistress appeared – good morning slut – I trust you have not slept. I know you had visitors as I sent them in and they reported back you had been a good slut for them too.
Now shall I let you out or let you mess your cage if you are not let out soon?
Hygiene is priority dear slut.
Mistress un-cuffed and removed all items restraining and securing slut in the cage.
Freshen up and put the outfit on you will find in the bathroom slut we have a busy day ahead.

You have been busy with the major and his token of appreciation is most welcome. You now have to earn for me on a regular basis if you are to stay here. Modelling contracts for alternate lifestyle magazines and online sites of a particular type and taste for discerning people. So what say you – oh good you agree you like your new life.

If you read this far you can book the lady model for any kinky fun time vids or photo callouts. Message her direct – Samantha Satine here in hamsterville…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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