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the bra, sissy fagette and more…part 9
After the wedding… follow the story read others relating to the sissy faggot to the major borrowing the sissy faggot…each story can stand alone too..

So the marriage ceremony was complete and the groom kissed his sissy faggot in white satin and decided there and then to pull her dress up and her panty down and fuck here…the gathered guys whooped and cheered as he presented his thick cock to her sissy faggot hole and entered. He went in balls deep and they heard them slap her sissy faggot ass cheeks over and over until he whooped the loudest as he spurted his juice up her and left her gaping and wanting more. The best man then took her and the other men one by one fucked her. Twelve cocks in all entered fucked and left their mark. The bridesmaid got seconds off every cock so not quite as much cream. The major was impressed and was sure all this would help seal the contract in the morning.

The guys decided to adjourn to the small bar area where another of the major’s special ladies was serving. Her dress showed her ample boobs spilling over the top of her tightly laced under bust corset and her red satin gypsy blouse was off-shoulder style. Her skirt black pencil tight satin with side thigh splits and her stockings sheer fishnet and heels 6inch black patent pumps.

She served their drinks and gave them ample show off her assets.

Each guy caressed her legs and she handed them their drinks at their chosen table and patted her satin clad ass as she walked away to serve more drinks.

Meanwhile the sissy faggot bride retired to her room and changed into a sheer blouse and tight mini-skirt and stockings with tuzla escort bayan high heels. Re-did her make-up and then joined the guys in the bar.

She perched on the ‘groom’s’ lap and kissed him full on the lips and felt his cock throb again in his pants against her own satin clad ass. She pushed her tongue into his mouth French-kissing style. She felt his hands on her exposed boobs through the sheer blouse. Her nipples hardening as he felt them then tweaked each one. She started a lap dance for him grinding her hips into his groin and feeling his cock throb and pulse with each movement of her ass on his lap. He wanted her gaping pussy once again but decided the bedroom was for them to enjoy matrimonial bedtime frolics with her in a silky negligee set he knew the major had laid out on the bed. You go to the bedroom dear and ready yourself and I’ll join you soon. She did as requested and found the hot silky baby-doll bridal silk-satin gown and wrap and slipped them on and lay on the satin d****d bed ready for her groom to arrive.

She must have dropped off to sleep a while but she woke with a start as she felt her arms being stretched and attached to cuffs, ropes with pulleys attached and secured to the hooks above the headboard of the bed. Then her legs were spread and her hips lifted and pillows placed under. He was then told it was party time for the bridal party to fuck her senseless. The guys were playing with their cocks around the bed as the groom mounted her first. His cock again rock hard as he thrust up her pussy and hit the end and he thrust for all his life harder than before and she tried to squirm but if she did orhanlı escort the ropes and pulley system tightened and she desisted immediately. The pain of the fuck being less than the pain of the rack system now operating around the bed.

The rack certainly took her by surprise as it meant anyone of the guys could ensure her arms were fully stretched and thus lifted her ass up and her legs tightly stretched out to the foot of the bed and well spread open wide for her pussy r****g scene play. Again one by one all 12 guys had their wicked way, some slapped her tits as they fucked, some just called her a tranny-bitch-sissy-fag-whore.

By the last fuck she was sore, well used and dripping cum from her fag-pussy-hole.
They left her tied up to sleep.
As they left the major arrived.

Oh my dear sissy faggot well done my dear. You have outshone any sissy faggot I have employed to entertain my contacts in the business world. I am convinced they will sign the deal in the morning. Can you stay on for the meeting? Of course you can as you are tied up for the moment here so will release you in the morning in time to freshen up and dress.

He switched off the light and left her trussed up on the bed, drenched in cum in her pussy cunt and aching from being stretched fully. Sleep did not come easy. She tossed and tried to get comfortable but failed. Suddenly the door opened and a torch shone into the room – it was fag-maid who played bridesmaid. Oh dear what have they done to you dear girl? Maid un-cuffed her and released her legs. Here let me help you into the bathroom and run a warm bath for you – she did so and the warm water and sweet perfume aydınlı escort oils helped ease the aches and washed away all the sticky cum from her pussy too.

Maid helped her dry herself and slip into a fresh nightie they found in the boudoir wardrobe drawers. Maid slipped out of her bridesmaid dress and into the bed with sissy-faggot and they cuddled each other and nibbled each other’s’ sweet pert breasts and nipples and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

What is this?

The major marched up to the bed and pulled the satin duvet off them both.
They woke with a start.

Right you two – showered and dressed in half an hour and come to the meeting room. Make sure your skirts are short flirty and stocking tops showing and heels high. Blouses undone to waist showing balcony bras and jutting sissy fag boobs.

Yes major they said through sleepy eyes and as he left the kissed and helped each other shower and do each other’s make-up before each dressed as instructed before tottering down the stairs to the meeting room.
You two stand either side of this presentation screen so when they see my presentation they see you two as well. Flirt with stockings and boob display often.
Yes major.

The presentation went well or seemed to be doing so as the guys were mainly looking at the two sissy-faggots. They nodded to the major when he referred to any questions and blindly signed contracts.
Thank you ladies the major said later after the guys went. Those chaps really enjoyed themselves and asked you be here when we have any further business meetings. So here girls is your reward a handsome bonus for all the pain and discomfort. Sissy-faggot looked at the cheque amount in her femme name for ten thousand dollars.

I’ll take you back to Mistress Anne’s now sissy-faggot – but please do ask her if you can be available again for me. Here is a cheque for her as a little sweetener and for allowing me use of you a while.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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