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The weight of the heavy leather and cool chains against my skin excites me. My heart beats at a steady pace as I try to anticipate what you have in store for me tonight. Your words were simple. Wear these and be ready for me. I was more than ready. As I knelt there on the soft carpet I tried not to fidget or squeeze my thighs together to both ease the ache and stop the moisture from sliding down my inner thighs.

My breath hitched as I heard you enter the room from behind me. Your fingertips were suddenly there inching along my shoulders and I closed my eyes and released a breath I didn’t know I’d been holding.

“You look beautiful in these,” you say as you walk around to stand in front of me.

I reach up to slide my hand over yours resting against my shoulder. “Thank you,” I smile nervously.

You pull away and walk over to your dresser. “I have a surprise for you,” you say, reaching into a drawer and pulling out a black plastic bag. You return to me and hold it out.

I take it and open the bag. What’s inside takes me by surprise. I pull out the contents and look up at you with a look of confusion on my face. “A new girlcock?” I ask. Normally this would have me cheering with glee but on a night like tonight where you are the Dom I would have thought you’d choose something a little more…fitting. “It’s lovely,” I say, my fingers sliding over the sleek black Feeldo.

There is a dark glint to your eyes as you take it from me. “I’m going to put inside your cunt. Stand up.”

Your blunt words take my breath away. I rise from the floor and stand with my legs slightly parted. Without a word you bring the bulbous end to your mouth and slide your lips around it. A couple of deep sucks and you pull it from your mouth wet.

“Spread your lips,” you order me.

I reach down with both hands to part my pussy; my lips so slick they are hard to hold onto. The chains connected to my wrist cuffs drag across my nipples and I feel them tighten against the cool metal.

Without a word you bring erotik film izle the toy to my pussy and slide it inside me in a single stroke. I can’t help but gasp at the intrusion as the cock fits perfectly to my body. I look down and see it jutting out from my body; a perfect natural rise. The lack of a harness thrills me and I fight the urge to want to reach down and grasp it in my hand. The dual need to be submissive and dominant wars within me.

“Lean over the bed. Legs apart, forearms against the mattress.”

Your voice pulls me from my inner thoughts. I notice you have unbuttoned your shirt and are rolling up your cuffs. I move to stand as you instruct. I can’t help but peer between my arms to the cock hanging lewdly between them. I feel your movement behind me and my cunt clenches even before the first swat. Smack, smack, smack. I grunt as my ass lights up, each one sending waves of heat to my clit. Smack, smack, smack!

There is a break in your spanking and I feel your hand fidgeting with something between my legs. Suddenly there a hum as a vibe comes alive deep inside of me. The sensation crawls up the length of the toy and I groan as I feel it tease my clit.

Smack, smack, smack!

“Oh god!” I cry out.

“Stroke your cock as I spank you,” Your heated voice penetrates my erotic haze. Your words light up my clit as I reach for the dark length with one hand and push the side of my face against the bed for balance. I feel vulgar stroking for you while you strike my ass. I feel alive.

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack!

Your hand stills, rubbing along the heated skin to dip between my cheeks to my exposed pucker. Your thumb smooths over it, teasing me with slow circles.

A low growl comes out of me as I fight not to push back and take what I want. A drop of your spit lands against it a second before your thumb pushes inside.

“Oh fuck yes..” My eyes roll as you begin fucking my ass with shallow but hard thrusts.

“How does your cock feel?”

“Hard,” I whisper film izle into the bed as I stroke the head and length repeatedly.

I groan as I feel your thumb pull free only to be replaced with a cool glass plug. It’s much bigger and I gasp as my ass swallows the stem. The hard press of it fills me, creating the most delicious throb in my clit. A few spanks directly against it and I can’t help but chant, “yes, yes yes!” I want you to fuck my ass so badly.

I almost cry when I feel you disappear from behind me. I hear you removing your cloths and my excitement grows. Only I don’t feel you take your place behind me. Instead you come along side me and wrap your hand around a length of chain just below my neck cuff.

“Up,” you say, pulling me onto the bed with you.

I find myself between your bent thighs and I try and hide my confusion. The vibrations working through my pussy make it hard to think straight and I fight to keep my orgasm at bay.

“You think that cock between your legs tonight is yours, babygirl?”

I shake my head. “I..”

“It’s mine. It’s only on you to please me.”

I bite my lip and nod. I know if the tables were turned I would have you my pleasure’s whim. Tonight I wait for you to instruct me.

I watch as your hand travels down your body to begin stroking your cock. It’s stiff and wet as you begin working it over. I watch you gather a large drop of precum and deliver it to your asshole, your eyes locked on mine. “Lick.”

Practically salivating I drop down between your spread ass cheeks and press my flat tongue into your slick, musky hole. I lick every drop from your pink ring and suck and kiss and lick my way into your tight heat. It grips my tongue like it won’t give it back and I push deeper, wiggling and humming as I tongue fuck you. Your hands are there to pull my head in deep.

A loud growl comes from you. “Bring that cock here,” your voice is strained as you demand it.I rise to my knees, my mouth and chin a glistening wet mess. I move into seks filmi izle position, taking the head of my vibrating cock and sliding it into the wet furrow of your ass. The black tip is a striking contrast to the pink flesh I am about to penetrate and I fight the need to fuck in deep. My ass and cunt are begging for release and I try and steady my breath.

“You’re going to grip that cock, push it inside…and fucking turn yourself loose on me. You understand that babygirl? You’re not going to cum until I do. This cock is for me…ignore the ache in your cunt and FUCK M-aaahhh!”

My cock is deep inside you before you can get the last syllable out. I try and find a rhythm with this new internal cock. Your ass is so tight I have to clamp my pussy down tight to keep control of it. The extra friction threatens to throw me over the edge. Your hand is there gathering up my chains and pulling me in with each fuck. The other feverishly works over your cock in time with my thrusts. My hips slap hard and loud against your ass as I grab your arms for leverage. The leather around my neck reminds me of my submissive role and I use it to push forward. Your pleasure becomes my only goal as I rut and fuck your ass like never before.

“Uhhh fuck me babygirl..give me what I need!”

I pick up my pace and become animalistic in my movements. I can’t help the words that spill out of my mouth as a desperation to cum rises in me, “Cum for your cock!” I grab your hips and drill in deep. “Please…oh fuck please…!”

“Ahhhh god yessss!” You explode hard throwing your head back. I watch the hot pulse of your seed cover your chest as though in slow motion as my own dual orgasm rocks me. I don’t hear the words I am screaming, only the dull thrumming of my heart as my hearing takes on a tunnel effect and the world around me fades away. My pleasure is the only thing that tethers me to consciousness as I shake apart.

Your hands are the first thing I feel and I flutter my heavy eyes open only to find myself against your chest. I try and form words but you beat me to it.

“I swear babygirl…you put any guy to shame the way you wield your girlcocks.”

I giggle and smile into your warm chest. “Just you wait till that cock is “mine” next time!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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