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Spa Story Part 6
In the early hours I awoke to the light filtering through the curtains, Steve was still fast asleep. I carefully slipped out of the bed and went to the shared bathroom. After peeing I needed a drink so set off to the kitchen, as I passed Hekla’s room, I heard Icelandic voices inside, the door was open so thinking I would ask if they wanted anything from the kitchen, I took a quick look inside. I could see Hekla sitting cross legged on the bed, I couldn’t see Freja without going closer to the door, but they were obviously deep in conversation. I was just about to knock on the door when Hekla slid her hand under her t-shirt and began to caress her breast. My sex twitched at this sight, what were the sisters up to? I decided to watch and see what happened next. It was clear from the tone of her voice that Freja was instructing her big sister. Hekla pulled her shirt up over her head exposing her beautiful small breasts then resumed massaging them with one hand. She now uncrossed her legs and spread them, leaning back slightly on the headboard she slipped her other hand inside her white cotton panties and she began to touch herself. I needed to see more but feared they would see me and stop. I carefully moved closer to the opening, but the door still obscured my view, so I moved closer. Almost in the room now, I finally could see Freja. She was reclining in a chair facing her sister, she too was only wearing white panties, and was mirroring her sister’s actions, caressing her breasts with one hand whilst delving into her panties with the other. From this angle I could see her finger moving within her panties, pressing against the fabric as she pleasured herself. Luckily for me, their attention was on each other as they could easily have seen me. My fingers slipped between my legs and I started to rub myself through the thin fabric of my underwear. Freja had stopped talking and both sisters were beginning to moan quietly as they watched each other intently. I lifted my own t-shirt and slipped my fingers down inside my pants, I quickly found my slick nub, my touch sent shockwaves through my abdomen. Freja needing easier access, lifted herself slightly and slid her panties down her thighs and over her knees, letting them drop to the floor before she let her knees fall to the side, exposing her beautiful pussy. She ran her fingers through her scant pubes then between her shaven lips. Hekla and I watching her intently rubbed fiercely at our own pussies. Briefly pausing my self-pleasure, I pushed my own pants over my hips and let them drop to the floor, before resuming masturbation. Freja through moans managed to instruct her sister to remove her own panties, at Freja’s command, Hekla raised her arse off the bed and pulled down her panties, before seductively spreading her legs wide for her sister.

Both girls now completely naked, slowly massaged their swollen clits’ their eyes locked intently upon each other’s actions. It was a contest of wills, they knew what they were doing was wrong, but they had not stepped over the final line after which they knew they would be utterly lost. The intensity of their passion drove me wild with lust and anticipation of the dam bursting. The movements of Hekla’s fingers were becoming erratic, her chest was heaving with the weight of desire she was controlling, she couldn’t last long. I was using both hands now, my fingers delving into my pussy as I rubbed furiously on my nub. I had to lean against the door jamb to stop from collapsing. Freja’s eyes were like ice, locked on her sister, she was controlling her passion with an iron grip. Hekla on the other hand was gasping, her breath was coming in short gasps, she had to succumb to break the final taboo, all the events of the previous day had loosened her moral boundaries, this was just one more step, but still they both withheld, neither willing to commit that sin. I moaned with desire, “just do it! “They must have heard me, but if they did neither of them acknowledged my presence. If they didn’t fuck soon, I would have to go in and force them. Freja held her icy gaze, Hekla had gained some more control. Perhaps deliberately to break her younger sibling’s will, she sucked a finger then twisting her hips slightly pressed the lubricated digit against her pink arsehole, pushing it inside herself. With this act I lost control, the warm sensation in my stomach became a fierce fire and I shuddered as a wave of orgasmic pleasure spread through my body. Hekla’s extra three years of life and sexual experience had outflanked her little sister. Freja despite her rigid control and dominant sexual personality broke first. Hekla the coy seductive temptress had won, it would be Freja who broke the taboo.

Almost leaping from her seat Freja walked over to the bed, dropped between her sister’s legs and applied her mouth to Hekla’s smooth-shaven mound. Freja attacked her sister’s sex with all her repressed passion. Her mouth sucking, her tongue darting and probing. She slid her fingers under her sister and began probing her pussy and anus, one, then two and three fingers pressed into her tight hole. All the control had gone, Freja pleasured her sister with abandon. It was Hekla who was now in control, despite the pleasure she was receiving she was able to lift Freja’s head and motioned for her to roll on her back. Freja complied allowing Hekla to carefully align herself above her in a 69 position. They immediately began licking each other in unison, their forbidden congress was complete. Freja rimmed Hekla’s puckered anus then licked from her sister’s dripping pussy to her swollen bud. Hekla in turn sucked and licked Freja’s clit. Their fingers probed and rubbed each other’s pussies’ and anus’s as they orally fucked.

My own orgasm subsided, as theirs approached, both girls’ actions became more and more frantic until, Hekla suddenly lost the ability to support herself and collapsed onto her sister, her thighs sprawling on either side of her sister’s head her mouth coming away from Freja’s pussy as she felt the bliss of release. With that I slipped out of the door and headed back to our room, leaving the sisters alone to complete their lovemaking. Steve was still asleep as I climbed in beside him.


In the morning we all had breakfast together, we exchanged pleasantries and shallow small talk. No one mentioned the events of the previous day, and the girls did not acknowledge my presence during their taboo encounter at all. As we were all staying for the weekend, we needed some more supplies, so Tom and Mary volunteered to take Freja to town to meet up with Isabella and the boys and go shopping. Hekla had mentioned over breakfast a nearby thermal mountain swimming pool, I had always wanted to swim outdoors in a geothermal pool, so Hekla offered to take Steve and I. Aaliyah and Caleb claimed they were tired, but we all suspected they just wanted some time together.

The walk up to the pool was stunning, we headed up a valley surrounded by glacial peaks. After about three miles of continuous ascent, I spotted pipes running down the hillside with steam rising from them, rounding a corner the pipe discharged into a rectangular swimming pool. At one end was a small deck area and changing block. We had not seen anyone on the walk up and the pool was deserted. Hekla confirmed that at this time of year hardly anyone went up there. Although we had brought our swimsuits in our packs, we all decided skinny dipping would be much better. Irrationally we all went into the changing block to get naked rather than stripping on the deck. It was warmer than the previous day at the spa and the biting wind had dropped, however as we emerged into the open it was still a shock. Hekla’s nipples were instantly hard as bullets as were mine, Steve’s small cock shrunk even more, as did his balls. As he was also now completely shaven, he looked incredibly feminine, it could have been three girls getting into the pool. The water was tepid by the deck but as we got closer to the pipe it was much warmer. The feeling of the warm spring water on my naked body and the fact that we were out in the open was one of the best experiences I have had. I felt freer than I had even done, following our unrestrained lust the day before I was now completely unencumbered by social constraints. Without even thinking I swam to Hekla and kissed her full on the mouth, the feelings of gratitude for bringing us to this place and lust for her young body overwhelmed me. Instinctively she returned my kiss and our hands reached for each other’s bodies. Grabbing her waist, I pulled her to me our breasts and stomachs pressing against each other. We parted our legs slightly and our thighs pressed against each other’s crotches, our gentle movements stimulating our clits.

Steve was watching us from a few metres away, his hand under the water clearly rubbing at his now slightly bigger cock. Hekla broke from our kiss and gestured for him to join us. Hekla and I relaxed our embrace to allow him to in, Hekla then kissed him before Hekla and I returned to each other. I now had one hand between Hekla’s legs, my fingers slipping over her clit and into her soft folds. She in turn was finger fucking me. Steve was slowly massaging our breasts, carefully dividing his attention equally between all four of them. Although he did not expect any pleasure from us, clearly Hekla was feeling generous and had slipped her hand between his legs and was stroking his now hard little cock with her thumb and forefinger. As my own pleasure increased from Hekla’s stimulation, I thought I should pay him some attention, so ran my hand over his buttocks, pushing his legs apart with my foot, I ran my fingers down his butt crack until I found his puckered anus. The water was incredibly soft, so my fingers easily slipped into him, opening up his slutty hole. Hekla and I smiled at each other as we worked on him together. We knew he wouldn’t last long. I pushed three fingers into him up to the second knuckle, as I did so Hekla jerked furiously at his man clit, he stopped caressing our breasts and I felt his arsehole begin to twitch, then he clamped on my fingers as Hekla milked him, his white seed stringing into the warm water.

With our attention no longer divided, Hekla and I resumed our tight embrace, as our passion rose the rubbing of our breasts increased and we ground our crotches on each other’s thighs with ever increasing vigour. Our hands were caressing each other’s buttocks, our fingers stroking each other’s bum holes. I was the first to orgasm, I gasped and moaned into Hekla’s mouth as we kissed. Pulling my sensitive pussy away from her thigh, I broke our tight embrace but immediately replaced the stimulation she had been receiving from my thigh with my fingers. Simultaneously rubbing her clit and finger fucking her young cunt with three fingers. Steve now recovered from his orgasm, slipped behind her and reached around her waist with one hand and rubbed her nipples with his thumb and forefinger as she had his cock. With his other hand he pressed one, then two and finally three fingers into her anus, with all this combined stimulation Hekla reached her own peak and slumped into my arms. If I had not been there to catch her, she could have drowned, as the intensity of her orgasm caused her to blackout momentarily.

Once we had exhausted our passion, we all relaxed and enjoyed the warm pool, gently swimming and chatting. Eventually we decided we better get back as the others would be returning soon. I let Hekla get out first though as I wanted to admire her wonderful nubile figure before it was covered by multiple layers once again. Once dressed we all grabbed our bags and headed back. As we descend the valley a large group of tourists came into view, I gave Hekla a shocked look, she shrugged and said, “Well it is Saturday, there are always tourists on Saturday, unlucky for them they missed the show!” At that I laughed, put my arm around her waist and kissed her deeply as the group passed us. Holding hands, we walked passed the rest of the group, Steve following behind, smiling awkwardly at the tourists. When we got back, we noticed the others had still not returned. Steve had gone to the car to put our walking gear away, so it was only Hekla and I who went into the house. Opening the back door there was loud music and groaning coming from the lounge, Hekla and I took off our shoes and coats then quietly approached the lounge door, not wanting to interrupt Aaliyah and Caleb’s lovemaking. We did however both want to see Caleb’s wonderful cock, sliding into his girlfriend. We were in for a surprise!

The young couple were naked on the couch in a sixty-nine embrace, Caleb on the bottom, Aaliyah’s mouth engulfing the large swollen head of his cock. Aaliyah was straddling Caleb’s face; however, Caleb was not pleasuring her pussy. Incredibly he was sucking on a large pink cock which was strapped between her legs. The most masculine of all the men was sucking on a cock just like Steve, my little sissy. The previous day in the steam room his encounter with Steve had been incredibly homoerotic, so perhaps l shouldn’t have been so surprised. Aaliyah, let his cock pop out of her mouth and stood, pulling her plastic phallus from Caleb’s mouth. She motioned for him to spin round which he quickly did, raising his legs and exposing his dark black asshole, he appeared very keen to be taken. Hekla and güvenilir bahis siteleri I looked at each other and smiled, was this really about to happen? For the second time in a day I was a voyeur on taboo sex, this time though I had an accomplice. My much-abused pussy twitched, “Could I really be getting horny again!” Aaliyah stood there the incongruous eight-inch light pink cock sticking out from her crotch contrasting against her dark tanned skin. She questioned Caleb, if he was sure he was ok with this, nodding he stroked his hard cock motioning for her to continue. With that ascent Aaliyah poured some lube into her hand and rubbed it onto the pink shaft. Dropping a cushion on the floor Aaliyah knelt between Caleb’s legs and aligned the tip of the cock with his virgin hole. Taking some more lube Aaliyah rubbed it around the dark hole before pushing her middle finger inside him past the second knuckle. She pressed a second finger into her lover then began twisting and stretching his hole preparing him for her shaft. Caleb was stroking his beautiful cock and gyrating his hips, working her fingers into him. When Aaliyah was satisfied, he was ready for her, she removed her fingers and grasped the shaft. She pressed it against the dark glistening skin of his puckered anus. The tip slipped inside, but he was tight, as she pushed her hips forward the shaft buckled, unable to overcome the resistance of his sphincter. With her spare hand Aaliyah took over stroking his cock and instructed him to relax and accept her. She pressed her hips forward again, pain shot across Caleb’s face he gasped, and the head popped into his anus. The pink shaft slid slowly onto Caleb, the light pink cock contrasting against his dark skin. Hekla let out a gasp beside me, immediately Aaliyah stopped and looked in our direction. She laughed then said, “You took your time, we got bored, and started poking around. When I found Freja’s cock, there was only one thing we could do, so I asked Caleb if I could fuck him and he agreed. You can watch and play with yourselves, but I think I better keep going as he is desperate for this.”

Aaliyah pressed her hips forward again and pushed the shaft all the way into her boyfriend until the fake balls touched his butt. Caleb was panting, his body adjusting to the unfamiliar intrusion. Aaliyah bent down to kiss him, his cock pressing into her stomach, her breasts pressing against his chest, her cock buried deep inside him. The sight was intensely erotic, in unison Hekla and I slipped our hands inside the waistband of our trousers and slid our fingers into our pants searching out our clits. Pulling away Aaliyah withdrew her cock before sliding it in again, there was still signs of pain on Caleb’s face but also groans of pleasure. She began to fuck him now, the pink shaft slipping in and out of his dark hole, faster and faster. His large balls had shrunk to almost nothing, with each thrust Aaliyah pulled on his engorged cock. My fingers dipped into my now soaking pussy, then danced across my clit. Hekla had unbuttoned her trousers and let them fall around her knees to allow easier access to her crotch. We could all tell Caleb was getting close from the intense anal stimulation. Aaliyah not wanting him to cum yet stopped pulling on his cock but continued to fuck his ass, Caleb’s cock rocking back and forth with each thrust. He was loving being taken, he began asking Aaliyah to fuck him harder, to fill him up. Aaliyah was really getting into it, fucking her boyfriend as she had fucked me the previous day. She wanted more, she wanted to bend him over and take him doggie.

Pulling her cock out, Aaliyah stood up and had Caleb flip over onto all fours. Pushing his head into the cushions his cock hanging between his legs she rammed the cock deep into him until she pressed the fake balls against his. Aaliyah now placed her hands on Caleb’s hips and began to remorselessly fuck his now loose hole, pulling the cock all the way out then shoving it all the way in. Each thrust making his balls and cock swing, pre-cum dripping from the tip of his cock. Caleb reached for his cock to jerk, but Aaliyah smacked him hard on the ass, she was going to make him cum hands free. Hekla and I had both moved into the room and were sitting in the chairs opposite watching the show. Our trousers and panties were around our ankles as we rubbed at our crotches. Caleb began to squeal as Aaliyah pounded his virgin hole with abandon, releasing reservoirs of restrained angst. As she fucked him, she began to shout, “Oh you like my cock don’t you fag, you are just like those other queers, I saw you yesterday with Steve, you can pretend it was just a hole to fuck but you two were gay as fuck. Look at you now, taking it in the ass like a true fag!” What she said was true, Steve and Caleb had shared a true “Homosexual” moment the previous day, and now Caleb was a full on fag for her cock. Most women I had known were open to lesbian sex and from my observations over the previous couple of days, it seemed most guys are part gay too. The realisation that even Caleb the most heterosexual of our men, loved a cock in his ass aroused me immensely. Like Hekla and Isabella with their boyfriends, I realised that I loved seeing supposed straight men go gay. Aaliyah’s relentless pounding was too much for Caleb, he couldn’t take anymore stimulation of his prostate, and he screamed as thick ropes of cum sprayed from his cock over the sofa. Seeing this as victory, Aaliyah slumped on to his back exhausted from her exertions, her body twitching with a small climax. I looked across at Hekla who was fingering her own asshole with one hand whilst rubbing her clit with her other. This sight was enough to finish me off. Aaliyah recovering slightly, managed to stand uncorking Caleb’s ass before sitting back on the sofa beside him. Seeing the pink cock pull out of his black asshole, the inner pink flesh raw against the dark black outer skin was enough to send Hekla over the edge.

As our shared rapture subsided, I felt my whole body relax, I had reached a point of catharsis. In my post orgasmic state, I pondered on our understanding of sexuality and concluded, it is a purely human construct. Although the urge to procreate is governed by a genetic imperative. Human sex is not procreation, it is a source of physical pleasure and a psychological power transaction. Consequently, the gender of the participants is irrelevant. Perhaps it was because I had had an incredible number of orgasms in the last two days and experienced and observed so much homosexuality, but at that point I felt truly enlightened and at ease. The next thing I remember was Steve gently pulling my panties and trousers up my legs. In my state of bliss, I had fallen asleep, as it appeared Hekla had too, as she was now busy rearranging her own clothing, Aaliyah and Caleb were nowhere to be seen. I asked Steve where they had gone, he shrugged and explained he had finished putting our stuff in the car and had a quick look around the greenhouses. When he came in, he found Hekla and I asleep with our knickers and trousers around our ankles.

After we dressed Steve made us all coffee, the three of us were sat around the table when Aaliyah and Caleb came down from their room. Aaliyah had the biggest grin on her face, Caleb had lost some of his Alpha male swagger and in fact looked a little sheepish. They joined us at the table and I described our experience at the pool. Aaliyah was disappointed she had not cum, but then looking at Caleb smiled, in truth I think she preferred her morning activity. Around noon two cars pulled up outside the house, we were still all sat around the table chatting when the door burst open with an icy blast of air. In marched Gunnar, Aron and Jon carrying bags of shopping. They were closely followed by Tom, Isabella and Mary. Freja was apparently still busy.

It looked like they had brought the whole shop. It took ages to put everything away and by the time it was done Steve had made everyone a coffee. We all took them to the huge lounge and sank into the numerous sofas and chairs. Hekla put on some chilled Icelandic tunes, Sigur Ros I seem to remember then it was time for everyone to share their mornings experiences.

Hekla told everyone about what we had got up to at the pool, particularly at our shock when we encountered the tourists. Aaliyah then took enormous pleasure in describing exactly what she had done to Caleb. Tom and Steve loved it, as did the girls. Gunnar and Jon seemed a little disquieted, however I did notice a bulge grow in their pants as Aaliyah told her story. The atmosphere in the room was starting to get hot, as everyone got aroused by the tales of sex. From the furtive looks and smiles clearly the trip to town had not be uneventful, I was now desperate to hear what had happened. It was Mary who started her story first.

Like most rural towns in Iceland there was very little in the way of amenities, two coffee shops, a bar, some shops, a garage, the school, the spa and a church that’s about it. We stopped to pick up Isabella on the way in, she lives on the outskirts of town in a large house with her parents and younger sister Soley. Pulling up I realised that Soley would be joining us. Facially Soley looked similar to her big sister but younger. Unlike Isabella she had the straight brown hair, pulled back in a ponytail. Although hidden by her layers of clothing her figure appeared very boyish compared with her sister.

As we drove the short distance to the centre of town, the girls in the back were talking rapidly in Icelandic. As we pulled up in the car park the three boys were already there. Freja passed a shopping list to Aron, then told Tom to go with them, Tom obedient as ever followed them. “Good we can get a coffee and chill while they do all the work” Freja laughed. Freja took us to the smaller of the two cafes in town, it was a small cosy place, with the usual mixture of tables and chairs or sofas. The heat hit me immediately after the freezing temperatures outside, so we all stripped off our outer layers by the door. Despite being busy, we found a small cubbyhole at the back with two sofas. Freja and I sat facing Isabella and Soley across the low coffee table that separated us. It was the first chance I had had to get a proper look at Soley. Under all those clothes she had been wearing a tight T-shirt and leggings, these allowed me to confirm my initial observation that Soley indeed had a very petite figure with narrow hips. Under her T-shirt she had no need of a bra to cover her small boobs. I was so engrossed in speculating what she looked like naked the middle aged waitress had to raise her voice to get my attention. We all ordered drinks and pastries that were quickly delivered by a young waitress. We made small talk, the girls telling me about the local area and cafe etiquette.

Eventually the conversation turned to sex, and the two older girls began to tease Soley about being still not having a boyfriend. Soley took it well saying she didn’t want to be known as the local slut like her big sister. Isabella punched her on the arm at this in mock outrage. Soley didn’t give up though, “I’ve heard you and Gunnar fucking in your room when mum and dad are out.” Then with a knowing smile, “Strangely I hear very similar noises when Hekla comes around.” Isabella blushed and Freja laughed at that. I was really beginning to like this precocious young girl. Isabella said something in Icelandic, and Soley shook her head and replied, again Isabella blushed. I asked Freja what the issue was, she explained that, Isabella had asked Soley if she wanted to see Gunnar’s cock, but she replied that she would prefer to see Hekla than him. Soley was clearly getting to Isabella, so to shut her up, she dared her to show Freja and me her tits if she liked girls so much. Soley was not prepared to back down, so she quickly lifted her T-shirt up to her armpits exposing her chest. To say I was shocked was an understatement. My initial concern was she would be seen, and I would be arrested. Fortunately, although Freja and I were just visible from the rest of the cafe, the two sisters were hidden from everyone’s view but ours. And what a view we got, the smooth skin of her firm stomach and wonderful pert breasts topped by delicate little nipples. As quickly as they were exposed, she covered them again, but it was too late, I was hooked, I needed to see more!

Soley looked at Isabella, challenging her to respond. Isabella simply shrugged, put her hands behind her back, unclasping her bra, she pulled up her top and bra letting her beautiful orbs free. She then upped the ante as she left herself exposed. I expected Soley to stop at this point as she looked shocked and had clearly reached her limit. Unfortunately for her, Isabella now took charge, wanting to put Soley in her place she took Soley’s hand and placed it on her exposed breasts, motioning for Soley to start massaging them. Soley tried to pull her hand away but Isabella held her firm until she complied and began to gently rub them. I don’t know who was most shocked me or Soley. She was clearly now concerned about discovery but had to continue rubbing Isabella’s breasts and now swelling nipples. “Suck them” Freja whispered, Isabella smiled and Soley hesitated, but Isabella placed her hand on the back of her head and pressed her sister’s mouth to her right nipple. My pussy twitched, tipobet sending shockwaves through me, this was incredible! I nervously looked around, also concerned like Soley that we would be discovered, but the waitresses were all busy and the sisters were well concealed.

Isabella was clearly enjoying the stimulation, as she had begun to rotate her hips into the sofa. She had now slipped her hand under her little sister’s T-shirt and was rubbing her small swellings. Isabella briefly stopped Soley from sucking on her nipple and pulled at her T-shirt, Soley grabbed at it to stop her, tears welling in her eyes and mouthing no, but Isabella would not be denied and lifted the youngster’s T-shirt over her head, exposing her wonderful adolescent body for all of us to see. Dropping the garment on the table, she once again guided her sister’s mouth back to its task. Isabella was now too horny to care about the consequences of discovery, Freja and I were also being dragged in, as both of us had slid hand between our legs, entranced by the deviant display the sisters were now providing.

Isabella ran her fingers over her sister’s taught stomach then onto her leggings and pushed her hand between the youngster’s legs obliging her to open them. Isabella traced the now visible line of Soley’s little slit though the tight material, pressing into her slightly. Freja obviously incredibly aroused took the initiative and began taking off Soley’s trainers. As soon as she got the trainers off, Freja reached up on either side of the teens hips and pulled off the leggings, exposing her pink cotton print panties. Soley continued to suck on her sister’s nipples whimpering slightly, but also gyrating her hips to Isabella’s touch as the older girl’s finger rubbed her through the thin fabric. Despite being incredibly aroused, a small voice in my head began saying I needed to stop them, they were about to strip Soley naked in a public cafe. However, a stronger voice from my crotch said fuck her senseless. Isabella pulled the gusset to one side exposing her shaved crack. I melted as she pressed and slid a finger between the tight outer lips., Soley lifted her mouth from Isabella’s nipple and gasped as her sister pushed the digit into the tight hole. She could no longer keep sucking as Isabella began to push her finger in and out of her. Freja once again assisted and completed Soley’s disrobing, by pulling off the teen’s panties and dropping them on the table with her other clothes. She was now completely naked, her young body fully exposed for my and Freja’s pleasure. Indifferent to her fate now, Soley allowed Freja to lift her legs onto the table, spreading them and pulling her down, angling her hips so we could see her delicate puckered anus and the thin line of her pussy. Isabella pointed to my phone on the table, “Take some shots then video this, I want to show Hekla.”

Soley protested briefly before accepting her fate. The voice was back in my head again but looking at the debauched scene before me all I felt was lust. I took my phone and did as Isabella requested immortalising our depraved act. I photographed her small breasts, her boyish hips, her hairless pussy and anus, then I videoed as Isabella took her innocence. As the older girl pleasured her Freja and I slipped our hands into own pants and masturbated to Soley’s defilement. Our arousal heightened by the depravity of Isabella’s acts as she probed first her sister’s pussy. I was the first to reach my climax followed by a Soley and Freja simultaneously. Isabella was the last to orgasm as she pulled her fingers from her sister’s pussy, a coating of slime covering them.

The next instant I almost died from shock as I noticed the young waitress standing beside our sofa, she was staring at the naked girl lying legs spread on the table. Her jaw was slack her eyes almost popping out of her head. Her face had flushed bright red and she was unable to speak. I am not sure how much she had seen but she turned and fled towards the toilet. In a panic Freja and I now scrambled to dress Soley, while Isabella pulled her top down and secured her bra. As soon as she was dressed, I left a large tip on the table and we all headed for the door, quickly putting on our coats we almost ran out of the Cafe and down the street. I wasn’t until we were around the corner, we stopped. Isabella and Freja burst out laughing and Soley smiled. I however was wracked with guilt; how could we have been so reckless and the way we had treated Soley for our pleasure. Soley assured me she was ok and had enjoyed it, which put my mind at ease a little.

As Mary finished her story, she handed Hekla her phone. Hekla examined the photos and video smiling, before passing the phone around. Looking at the shots I could understand Mary’s arousal and dilemma, I was conflicted just seeing the photographs, to have been there must have been both exhilarating and alarming. We were all a little shocked, but very aroused by Mary’s story so not wishing to lose momentum, Tom started to describe what the boys had got up to.

We headed straight to the store after leaving the girls. For a small town it was strange as it wasn’t just the normal supermarket, it could reasonably be called a mini mall. In addition to the supermarket there were two clothes shops, a cafe and a farm supply store. We quickly got all the items on the list, so after we had loaded the car, we realised the girls would be ages in the cafe. I asked the guys what there was to see. All three shrugged so giving them a suggestive look I said we should head back into the mall and see if we could find something to amuse ourselves. As we had time to kill, I thought it couldn’t hurt to see if I could get a little action, so as we walked into the mall I was on the lookout for a quiet spot. Although the young guys tried to be cool, I could tell they knew the score. At the end of the main foyer there was a short blind corridor leading to a fire exit. There may have been CCTV cameras, but it was out of sight and unless there was a fire, we were unlikely to be disturbed.

As soon as we were in the corridor, I pushed Gunnar against the wall and began rubbing his crotch through his jeans, his cock was already hard, clearly, he had been anticipating this. He pushed me away as I went to kiss him, but I was undeterred and quickly unzipped his jeans and slid my hand inside his boxers to grasp his swelling cock. Smiling at him I could see he wanted this. I began jerking him off in his pants with one hand whilst, squeezing his ass with my other. My own shaft was tenting my trousers, engorged by my homosexual desire. Jon and Aron just stood there watching, although they too were both having underwear issues. I pulled Gunnar’s jeans slightly down and hooked his beautiful penis out freeing him. I pumped him harder now, the sight of his swollen member made me lick my lips in anticipation. I could resist no longer, so I dropped to my knees in front of him and flicked my tongue over the tip, tasting his salty flesh and inhaling his intoxicating musky man scent. That familiar taste and smell arousing me more than any pussy. Licking from his balls to the head of the shaft I savoured him, before stretching my mouth wide and taking him inside me. I began to suck whilst flicking his head with my tongue, but he quickly began to thrust, this young man invading my slutty mouth. I gagged a little as his cock hit the back of my throat. Grabbing his shaft to stop him from choking me I massaged him whilst alternating between sucking and licking the head.

Jon and Aron had succumbed, and both now stood there with their cocks in their hands. I glanced to Jon and motioned with my head for him to join us. He didn’t hesitate to come over beside us and present his manhood to me. Taking him in my other hand, I began to stroke his cock while I continued to suck on Gunnar. I then switched, sucking Jon and jerking off Gunnar. As both became more and more excited by my alternating sucking and stroking, I took the opportunity to rub their slick cocks against each other whilst licking the tips of their cocks. Surprisingly they didn’t resist this, so I had them face each other and rubbed the full lengths of their shafts against each other, initially licking them but then just frotting them as they actively thrust their hips towards each other. Poor Aron was still playing with himself, so I took a risk and placed Gunnar’s hand on his and Jon’s cocks to continue the frotting. This he did, which allowed me to pull Aron to me and take his small cock in my mouth. Compared with the other two he was hardly a mouthful, but I attended to him as diligently as I had his friends.

Soon I could taste the precum leaking from him, so I sucked harder wanting to swallow all his seed. It didn’t take much work as he almost immediately began to squirt his salty cream into my mouth. I let him finish ejaculating before swallowing it all and licking him clean. Jon and Gunnar had worked each other up, with their gay rubbing, so they too were almost ready to explode, trailing precum over each other’s cocks. Gunnar was the first to let go, releasing a stream of cum over his friends’ cock, I quickly put his tip in my mouth to accept the rest of his load, as soon as he finished, Jon pushed his manhood into my mouth and rammed it deep covering my tonsils with his cum. He pulled out allowing me to breathe again, before licking him and Gunnar clean. As they all slipped their now flaccid penis’s back into their pants, I stood up and wiped the cum from round my mouth. Although I enjoyed taking the three teens loads in my mouth, I really needed a drink now to wash down all that slime. Once decent again we all headed back to the car park. As we approached, we saw the girls and Mary coming to meet us giggling. Mary, the girls and I took our car and the boys got into theirs. As we sat down Mary leant over for a kiss. She clearly tasted the cum from my mouth and gave me a knowing smile.

As Tom finished his story, I looked at Hekla and Isabella, they both had broad smiles and were staring intently at Jon and Gunnar who were looking particularly sheepish. Tom had managed to take the boys further down the road to fucking each other and fulfilling the girl’s fantasy. Now the only question was when it would happen not if. Freja had still not appeared, so I asked Mary where She was. She suggested she may be in the greenhouses and perhaps we should go and find her. Clearly there was something she wasn’t telling us, but I decided to play along, so Hekla, Jon and I headed out.

Our first instinct was to check the scene of our previous day’s antics, but the greenhouses were empty, Hekla thought for a while then led us off out of the back of the greenhouses, then followed a short path up a small hill. As we reached the crest, I saw a small glass geodesic dome, built into the hillside overlooking the lake below. This was the farm’s rental property. The glass dome was for the guests to be able to sleep under the stars and view the aurora borealis. As we got closer, I saw movement inside, Freja was walking from the back of the dome holding two glasses and a young girl with a brown ponytail which was clearly Soley, was sitting on the edge of the bed watching a TV sat on top of a small cupboard. The property was well designed with a small kitchen and bathroom built into the hillside at the back attached to the dome containing the bed a sofa and some other furniture. The girls inside were facing the other way so did not see our approach. Freja handed the girl the drink and sat beside her, they appeared to toast then both downed the drink which appeared to be vodka. Freja placed their glasses on the cupboard then sitting back down began to stroke Soley’s hair, as they watched the TV. It was only now that I noticed they were watching a porn film; two women were fucking a black guy. I looked at Hekla and Jon, who both shrugged. We approached as close as we dared fearful that they would see us, we were all intrigued about what would happen next.

Freja said something and Soley shook her head, but Freja was obviously insistent, so Soley nodded. Freja leaned over the bed and came back holding a DSLR camera with a large flash. She began taking some shots of Soley, who smiled when requested, looking into then away from the lens. Soley was still wearing her leggings and T-shirt but had taken off her trainers as all good house guests in Iceland do. Freja had her move back up the bed now and recline slightly on her elbows. This had the effect of thrusting her small chest forward, making her little nipples poke through her T-shirt slightly. Freja opened Soley’s legs slightly, when she was satisfied, she took some more photos before having her model roll onto her side, then onto all fours, for some more shots. With each position Soley was getting more relaxed and her poses more sensual. She was now bent over the side of the bed her leggings clad arse facing Freja with her legs slightly spread. Both were so focused on the photo shoot that they hadn’t noticed the three voyeurs outside, however as Freja looked up she saw us and smiled. Soley was still oblivious to our presence.

Wanting to move her plan on Freja pulled at Soley’s leggings indicating she needed to take them off, Soley hesitantly began to roll them down her slim hips, as she did so exposing the spotted pink panties Mary had described. I now shared Mary’s disquiet at what was tipobet güvenilir mi unfolding, but I was helpless to act, I was immobilised by my perverse desire to see Soley nude. Hekla and Jon too were entranced. Jon’s arousal was more visible in his trousers than Hekla’s and my own, but we were all equally excited. Soley now rolled her leggings down her slim pale thighs, and Freja helped her remove them dropping them on the floor beside the bed. She now had Soley repeat the same poses, this time though we could see the faint line of a camel toe as the cotton material sank between the young girl’s labia. Next the T-shirt came off, exposing those wonderful breasts and firm stomach Mary had been so enthralled by. Again, Freja lead Soley through a series of poses. Freja motioned for us to come in. As soon as she noticed us Soley tried to cover herself, but as we opened the door Freja had calmed her down and she lay back on the bed in her panties with her chest exposed, while we took off our coats and shoes. The sofa was just big enough for the three of us, so we took up position ready to watch the final phase of Soley’s strip.

Soley was clearly up for playing to the crowd now, so began by slipping her fingers under the elastic waistband and into her panties. Of all the things I had seen in the last two days this was the most perverse and most arousing. I think even Hekla was shocked by the turn of events. Jon’s cock was stretching the fabric of his jeans as it strove to escape its confinement. Freja had now switched the camera to film mode, as she moved around filming. Soley with her other hand pulled her panties to one side slightly giving us a fleeting glimpse of her fingers working her swollen nub, before she covered herself again. The panties needed to be off now, if Soley hadn’t begun to push them off her hips I would have gone over and ripped them off. Standing in front of us, the little tease slid the pink panties down her thighs and let them drop to the floor, stepping out of them, she hooked them with her toe and flicked them to me. As I caught them, I couldn’t help but notice the damp line in the gusset. She was now fully exposed from head to toe. The photos Mary had shown us did not do justice to her full adolescent glory. She stood about five feet tall, her brown hair was still tied in a ponytail that hung over her shoulder, framing her fresh porcelain face. Her straight waist highlighted the small curve of her hips, her firm stomach led down to her bare pubis and pussy. Her delicate labia forming a thin line, pierced at the apex by the small swollen bud of her clit. Her tight ass cheeks perfectly topping her slender legs. I needed to touch her pale soft skin, to drink in her purity and give her pleasure like she had never known. If I had a cock, I would have ravaged her with it.

Breaking my focus on this embodiment of temptation, I looked across at the other voyeurs and could tell they too were smitten. Soley fell back onto the bed giggling, her legs hanging over the edge, slightly splayed, providing a fine view of her pussy lips, now slightly open, further teasing us with the promise of what lay within. It was at this point that Freja stopped filming and handed the camera to Hekla. She had taken as much stimulation as she could bear, now she had to taste this angelic vision. Going over to the bed Freja gently ran her fingers over Soley’s breasts then down her stomach, circling around her crotch she continued down the outside of her thighs before stroking up the inner thighs of the younger girl. She lightly ran her fingers over Soley’s now glistening slit before carefully rubbing the nub with her index finger. Leaning down she kissed her gently on the lips, and then slipped her tongue into Soley’s open mouth, Soley responded with her own tongue. Freja kissed her neck then chest, sucking on a nipple before planting kisses over her abdomen. Finally, she pushed Soley’s legs further apart, opening her pussy, and allowing her to kiss then lick that wonderful bud. Soley writhed in pleasure unaccustomed to the incredible stimulation Freja was providing to her young clit. Freja slipped a finger into Soley’s now dripping pussy, gently opening her up. Hekla continued to film her fully clothed sister groping the naked youngster. Soley became more relaxed, her tight pussy allowing easier access to Freja’s probing finger, Freja continued to lick and suck on her clit as she introduced a second finger into the virgin hole. Soley was moaning now as Freja continued her stimulation and now began to smear some of the wetness from Soley’s pussy around the darkened skin of her puckered anus. We all knew what was coming even if Soley didn’t. Carefully Freja applied pressure to the tight sphincter, Soley pulled away, but Freja held her with her free hand and pushed a finger into the innocent’s bottom. Soley cried out “NO” but Freja didn’t care, she pushed until she was passed the second knuckle before pulling her finger out and thrusting it all the way in. Soley’s was moaning with pleasure at the invasion.

Hekla turned to me and suggested I should join in. I shook my head, but the sight before me had taken me to a heightened state of arousal without even needing to touch myself. The temptation to lower my aching pussy onto that beautiful innocent face and oblige her to lick me was too great, lust had won. I quickly stood, dropped my pants and underwear and climbed onto the bed. Freja had stopped licking now and was rubbing Soley’s clit with one hand whist finger fucking her pussy and ass with the other. As I climbed beside her, she encouraged me to straddle the girls face. Soley was lost in a world of pleasure her eyes closed, so the first thing she knew about her impending task was when the heat of my raging crotch approached her face. She began to speak but was unable to finish as my pussy lips smothered her face, dripping my sweet juices into her mouth. Her first taste of a woman preventing any argument. I pushed my arsehole onto her nose making her inhale its musk. I lifted off briefly to allow her to breath then ground my cunt and ass back onto her now sodden face. As I lifted a second time, she had understood her task and began to lap at my womanly folds. I looked straight into Hekla’s camera, so consumed by lust and the stimulation Soley was giving me that I didn’t care. As Hekla filmed, she was rubbing Jon’s cock through his jeans, his swollen glans was straining against the cloth as she massaged him. Soley was licking furiously at me now my juices running all over her face. Freja was working the youth’s pussy wider preparing her for her inevitable deflowering. Freja stopped playing with Soley’s clit only to place her hand behind my head and push it down between Soley’s legs. I required no extra encouragement to extend my tongue and taste her beautiful young clit, applying long licks then small flicks with the tip, before sucking on the swollen bud.

I couldn’t believe I was in this Lesbian embrace with this beautiful young girl. My experiences of the last two days had been an adventure beyond anything I had experienced before, but this pushed me even further down the rabbit hole. Freja stood and went over to Jon, taking his hand she led him to the bed, then undid his button pushing his jeans down. His cock sprang free, tenting his trunks, Freja quickly pulled these down too, and pushed Jon towards us. He was obviously reluctant to take Soley’s virginity, so Freja took his wonderful cock in her hand and began to jerk him off, his tip close to my face and Soley’s pussy. It was a good job Tom had sucked him off earlier as there is no way he would have lasted without spraying his load all over my face. Freja was now rubbing his tip against my lips as my tongue licked Soley’s clit, I couldn’t resist and broke away to take his wonderful swollen head in my mouth. His salty flesh filling me, he had no qualms in thrusting into my mouth and down my throat making me gag. As I had stopped licking Soley she halted her own ministrations on my pussy, so I lifted my leg over her head and lay next to her sucking Jon. Soley began to move up the bed away from us, but Freja grabbed her legs and pulled her back down.

I stopped felating Jon and taking his cock in my hand guided it between Soley’s now spread legs. Jon was hesitating, but neither Freja nor I would not be dissuaded. Freja gently caressed Soley’s clit as I guided the head of Jon’s cock between her delicate outer lips, Freja ‘s earlier work had opened her slightly allowing Jon to press the tip just inside her. Soley gasped at the intrusion, her lips stretching to accommodate his girth. Steve, Aron or Tom would have been a better option for her first time with their small cocks rather than Jon’s thick eight inch long piece of meat. Freja and I held her legs open and putting a hand each on Jon’s buttocks we pushed him reluctantly forward. Inch by inch he moved into her, filling her tight hole, her pussy lips stretching around him. When four inches had disappeared inside, we allowed him to pull out slightly before once again pushing him forward. We pressed him harder and two more inches slipped inside her. Her pale skin becoming pink and taught around his thick shaft. The stimulation of her incredibly tight pussy on his cock had got the better of his conscience now and he had begun to massage her tits, thumbing her nipples. Soley responded by starting to rotate her hips, allowing her little hole to accept the intrusion more easily. Freja and I now sat back on the bed allowing the two to fuck by themselves. Jon lifted his young partners legs slightly allowing him to push deeper into her. Finally, he buried his full length deep within her. Pulling out then thrusting forward he began to gently fuck her, with each thrust they both relaxed more and as their passion rose their movements became more frantic.

Hekla had videoed everything and now she stood and moved closer to get a better view of her boyfriend taking Soley’s cherry. Each time his balls slapped against her buttocks and his cock bottomed out we could see her tight belly swell as he filled her. The three of us observers were now playing with ourselves. We were out of control, all that mattered was Jon’s cock taking her innocence, he couldn’t last long, despite his earlier ejaculation the stimulation of Soley’s tight virgin pussy was too much. After only couple of minutes he rammed his cock home and groaned as he filled her young womb with his seed, pumping inside her, he collapsed onto her, his cock slipped from her and a flood of semen ran between her buttocks onto the bed. At this I came as did Freja and Hekla seconds later, only Soley did not achieve orgasm.

As Jon pulled his pants back on and the two sisters rearranged their own clothes, I lay next to Soley gently stroking her hair. I told the others I would look after her and to leave us. They silently slipped out of the door leaving us alone. As soon as they had left, I introduced myself to Soley. We began talking about what had happened to her that morning in the cafe then with Jon. She said she had been shocked and embarrassed by everyone watching but she had enjoyed herself.

I continued to stroke her hair with one hand whilst reaching around her waist and hugging her with the other. I kissed her tenderly on her cheek and began to rub her hip and waist as I hugged her. She turned her head to face me and kissed me on the lips, I reciprocated with a gentle kiss. With that we both lay back on the bed and I spooned her, her tight bottom pressing into my crotch, her soft flesh pressing against mine. Hugging her I kissed her neck and massaged her small breasts. The grinding of her bottom against my pubis was delightful. I made no move towards touching her sex. Our sensual embrace slowly became more and more heated. Soley’s movements increasing in intensity, her arse pressing harder into me. I was tweaking her nipples now, rubbing them between my fingers and thumb. Slowly I moved my free hand lower, stroking her abdomen, before running my fingers lightly over her bare pubic mound. It was as smooth as silk beneath my touch. She raised her leg slightly, allowing my fingers to drift between her thighs. I traced the line of her vulva, over her perineum and circled her anus. Apply some pressure I ran my finger up between her outer lips opening her up, until I found the nub of her clit. With slow circular movements I began to stimulate her with my middle finger whilst pressing open her lips with two more. Her pussy was slick from her own lubrication, but also Jon’s spunk. Using my thumb to massage her clit I pushed two fingers passed her inner lips and slid them inside her tight hole. I could tell she was close now; going for bust I pulled my glistening fingers from her sodden pussy and pressed one against her puckered rosebud. It slipped in surprisingly easily, so I quickly pushed a second alongside it. That was enough to send her over the edge, I held her small body in my arms tightly as she shuddered to a climax her tight anus pulsing on my fingers. She turned her head to me and we kissed. I held her close as we both enjoyed the post orgasmic bliss. I think the emotion had taken its toll, as she quickly fell asleep in my arms. I lay there for a while considering what we had done before I too fell asleep.

The sky outside was darkening when we awoke, Isabella was opening the door. We both dressed before going with Isabella back to the car. Gunnar was waiting, I gave her a kiss and stroked her hair before she jumped in the back of the car. I waved them off then went into the house. Everyone else was resting before the big night ahead, so I had a quick shower then slipped into bed beside Steve.

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