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Snowbound with a fun cougar – Part 2
I followed her up the stairs, admiring her shapely ass in her silk PJ bottoms. Enjoying how we had quickly settled into our roles as Dom and sub. When we approached her bedroom she gestured for me to go in first, “After you, sir.” she said as she looked at the ground. I entered her bedroom and pointed to the king size bed, telling her “You’re a bad girl and you need to be punished! Get on all fours so I can give you a proper spanking!”

Sheila slowly walked to the bed, got up and all fours and said: “Please punish me Sir.”

I moved next to her and gave her ass a hard smack! “Thank you, Sir!” she moaned. “Tell me about your Yahoo username! Is it really about talking?” Smack!

“No, Sir” she said. “I love oral sex, Sir. Sucking cock is my one true love!” Smack! “And having my pussy eaten, is my favorite way for me to cum.” Smack, smack!

“So you lied! You’re going to make up for it!” I said as I yanked bottoms down, exposing her güvenilir bahis siteleri pale, fat ass. Slap! Slap! My hand slapping her ass. Watching her fat jiggle with each spank.

“I’m so sorry I lied to you, Sir.” She was panting, practically crying, but I could see she was also really turned on.

“Strip!” I barked at her. She rose from the bed, and let her bottoms fall to the floor. She then unbuttoned her blouse, letting her big tits flop out. Her tits were really big, about the size of her head, and she had pink nipples, that were the size of pencil erasers poking out from each one. I could now see her body. She wasn’t really flabby, but had a bit of a belly. Her pussy was covered in light brown hair, that was a little unkempt, but I could see her pussy lips poking through her pubes. “Now undress me!” I ordered her. She unbuttoned and removed my shirt, dropping it on top of her clothes, then dropped to her knees and began undoing my belt. perabet güvenilir mi She then unbuttoned my jeans and started to pull the zipper down. I told her to use her teeth to unzip my pants, which she did, very slowly. She then tugged my jeans down, revealing my tented boxers. My hard-on poking, obscenely through the thin cotton fabric. “Use your teeth to remove my underwear, slut!” Being obedient, Sheila skillfully pulled my boxers down to my ankles. I stepped out of them, standing in front of her with my throbbing hard cock, inches from her face.

“Tell me what you want.” Sheila looked up at me, “I want to suck your cock Sir.” I grabbed my cock by the based and slapped her cheek with it. I then placed the head at her lips and commanded her to suck me. Sheila wasn’t lying when she said that she loved to suck cock. Holy crap, she gave the best head that I had ever gotten up till then. She expertly sucked me into her mouth, using her perabet giriş tongue and lips to caress and pleasure my cock. She got my cock coated with saliva and then she began bobbing up and down on my cock, taking me into her throat with each thrust, never gagging. I grabbed her hair, pulling her head all the way into my groin and holding my cock deep in her throat, enjoying the sensations.

I took my cock out of her mouth and told her to lick my balls. She skillfully licked and sucked on my balls for several minutes. “Look at me, slut!” I ordered. Sheila looked up at me, and I spit right in her mouth! “Thank you, Sir.” She replied.

I moved the bed and laid down, ordering her to “suck my cock and make me cum!” Sheila got between my legs and dutifully began to lick and suck my cock. I was leaking pre-cum and she would moan with enjoyment with each bit that leaked from my cockhead. I put my fingers in her hair and guided the pace, increasing the speed of her bobbing on my cock. I began bucking my hips as I felt my orgasm approaching. With a grunt, I began unloading a huge amount of cum into her greedy cocksucking mouth. Being a good slut, she swallowed every drop and kept gently sucking as my cock began to get soft.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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