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Sexy night out in Leeds
We are J & L, a couple with a few kinks and fetishes, and always looking to try new things. This is a story of our first time fucking while out and about in public.

A few months ago we decided to have a night out in Town, just a few drinks and some food, a pretty standard evening. After a few drinks and some food, we moved on to another bar at the bottom end of town. The drinks were flowing and J was getting the cocktails in, 2 for 1 cherry woo woos! As we both sat on the sofa getting ever so slightly more pissed, L placed her hand on J’s leg, innocent enough. However, as the drinks begin to quicky disappear, L’s hand creeps its way further up J’s leg until finally she finds, and squeezes, what she is looking for.

J quickly looks around, there are not too many people at their end of the bar, apart from a guy and girl sat to the table to the side of them although they were both occupied with their own conversation. L looks at J mischievouslly and squeezes him again as she feels his cock growing beneath her hand, pressed tight between his jeans and his leg. “What are you doing?” J asks, idiotically, as it is fairly obvious what L is doing. “Oh, nothing…” L replies, innocently as she begins to stroke J’s now hard cock through his jeans. As L continues sipping her drink and stroking J’s cock, J watches L’s hand brush against him, now beginning to breathe ever so slighty faster, cock straining against his jeans, he realises that the conversation at the next table seems to have faltered. Looking up, J sees that the girl is watching L stroking his cock through his jeans. She quickly glances away, obviously embarrassd, pointing out to her friend what is currently going on next to them. “I think we have been spotted” J says to L. “So what?” replies L, arching an eyebrow at J. “So, I think we should stop” J says, feeling embarrassed and horny and slightly tipsy. “Hmm, fine” replies L “I think that maybe we should go someplace else anyway” We gather our things and made our way out of the bar, J sheepishly glancing at the couple at the other table as he awkwardly tries to rearrange his still straining cock in his jeans.

We make our way to a bar further down the street, one which L has frequented often in her younger days. As we step inside, J begins to make his way to the bar but then he hears L say “No, don’t go the bar, we are going to the toilets…”. J turns and looked as L walks past, and then begins to follow her down the stairs to the toilets. L walks into the ladies and J makes his way into the men’s. The toilets are empty as L now appears in the men’s toilet doorway. “Into the cubicle, now” she says as she strides past J and opens the cubicle door. J joins kaçak iddaa her and closes the door, both pressed tight together. As soon as the door is locked, L takes a firm hold of J’s cock through his jeans and kisses him, stroking him until he is hard. “Swap places” L tells J “and then undo your jeans”, J switches places and begins to unbuttoning his jeans, lowering them and his boxers until his hard cock was free from restraint. L takes a firm grip of J’s hard cock, feeling it throb and grow as she slowly strokes up and down. “Mmm, you are so wet, so much precum” L whispers, feeling the slick, silky liquid ooze from J’s cock as her fingers glide across his now swollen head.

His cock now fully erect, pulsating with each new rush of blood, J makes eye contact with L and with a whisper that is half plea, half command, tells her “I want you to suck my cock, now”. L smiles and leans forward, taking J’s cock into her mouth as she kneels before him. Tasting his sweet, slick precum on her tongue, L begins to tease his head, brushing her tongue and teeth against his most sensitive areas. As she teases J’s swollen and sensitive head, she slides her hands up his thighs until she finds his full and heavy balls. L begins to gently squeeze J’s balls, cupping them and rolling them between her fingers. As she massages his balls she begins to take J’s cock deeper into her mouth, until he is almost to the back of her throat. With one long, slow motion L begins to take all of J’s cock into her mouth, feeling him slide along her tongue and deeper into her throat. As the tip of J’s cock touches the back of her throat, bringing a quiet moan of pleasure from him, she takes a firm hold of his balls and squeezes, adding a groan of pain to his moan of pleasure.

J looks down at her “you bitch” he mutters, a pained smile forming on his lips as L slides his cock from her mouth, saliva and precum running down his shaft, and giggles evilly. Missing the wet, warm feeling of L’s mouth and tongue around his cock, and wanting to exact a little punishment for L’s torture and tease of his cock and balls, J slides his hands into her hair and takes a firm grip. With L’s hair firmly within his grasp, J guides her mouth back down to his cock, sliding himself along her writhing tongue until he is close to the back of her throat. Keeping a firm grip, he begins to guide her head up and down. As he controls her movement, he begins to thrust his cock deeper into her throat, matching the downward motion of her head with the upward thrust of his cock, her mouth taking him fully inside, his head at the back of her throat. J keeps going, harder and deeper, as L begins to look at him desperately, moans coming from deep canlı casino siteleri within her as she struggles to breath as his cock fills her throat. As she begins to look more and more desperate, J pulls her head back, removing his cock from her throat and mouth. L takes a deep breath, panting for air as thick, wet precum and saliva oozes from her mouth, forming shining strings that run from her lips to his head, his entire cock glistening from the mixture as it flows down his shaft and over his balls.

L looks at J, her slightly glazed stare beginning to clear as she say to him “I want you to fuck me hard, from behind”. J’s cock begins to twitch and bounce at the thought of sliding into her wet pussy. With no response needed, they both stand up and kiss, J tasting his sweet precum in L’s saliva their lips and tongues press together. L separates her lips from J’s and moves around him until J’s back is to the door and his hard, wet cock is pressed firmly against her arse, forming a damp patch on her tights. He places his hands on her thighs, sliding them slowly up her legs and underneath her dress, his palms running up her arse, squeezing as they continue their journey upwards. As her reaches the top of her tights he stops, L looks back at J and begins to lean forward, placing her hands on the cistern as J begins to pull her tights down, sliding them past her now spreading cheeks and stopping midway down her thighs. “No underwear…” he observes as his eager cock presses and rubs against the back of L’s thighs. He slides one hand between her thighs, and instantly feels how wet she is, her pussy practically dripping in anticipation. “She does get incredibly wet” he thought to himself, “it’s one of the many things I love about her, and it tastes so good too”. At the thought of the taste of L’s pussy, J’s cock pulses and stiffens even more. Placing his hands on her cheeks, J gently pushes her forward and spreads her cheeks, revealing her tight asshole and pussy lips.

With L’s arse spread before him, J begins to slide himself between her legs, his still wet cock getting wetter as he rubs against her drenched pussy lips. He slides back and forth slowly, and then, sliding further back, he angles his cock and slides forward again, feeling her entrance slowly expand around his thick, swollen cock. As he pushes himself deeper within L’s pussy, they both release a low moan of pleasure, which ends with a slight hitch as L’s pussy takes the full length of J’s cock.

With his cock buried deep within her, J stops and savours the moment. L’s big, beautiful arse beneath his hands, her wet, warm pussy enveloping his cock, the shallow breaths from L as she takes in the feeling casino şirketleri of his cock inside her and anticipates the pleasure to come. After a few seconds, J begins to slide his cock out of L’s pussy until his head rests on her lips, and then with a slow thrust he buries himself deep within her. He repeats this again and again, slowly getting faster and faster, his motion getting deeper and deeper. As J speeds up his thrust, he moves his hands from L’s cheeks to her hips and, taking a firm hold, he begins to bury the full length of his cock deep inside L, making her moan with each thrust. Faster and harder he fucks her, L’s knees begin to weaken and she leans further forward, her face and arms now paid out on the toilet lid as J pounds her pussy from behind, his balls slapping against her clit with each deep thrust. Both J & L pant and moan, oblivious to their surroundings or any potential visitors to the toilets as they fuck hard and fast.

J begins to feel his balls getting full, the base of his cock clenching as he gets closer to cumming. “I’m close” he moans as he increases the tempo of his thrust further. Without raising her head, L moans to him “I want you to cum all over my arse, I want to feel your cum running between my cheeks and lips”. As soon as J hears this from L’s lips, he feels his cum rising from his balls and up his cock. He slides his cock from L’s pussy and spreads her cheeks, pushing her forward as his cock begins to shoot his hot, thick cum all over her cheeks and asshole. Closi g his eyes, a deep moan escapes his lips as the pleasure of his climax increases, the built up pressure deep inside him quickly being released. As his cock continues to spurt, his cum rushes along L’s arse, past her asshold and along her now dripping pussy lips, thick strings of cum and pussy juices dripping onto her tights.

After what seems like an eternity, J opens his eyes and releases a long breath. “Fuck, that was amazing” he says, as L murmers her agreement. As her legs begin to regain some strength she begins to stand up and as she does, J pulls her now soaking, cum covered tights back up across her cum drenched arse. “No!” She exclaims as he does so, “I’m going to be soaked and sticky”. J laughs “good” he says as he begins to pull his shorts and jeans back over his still erect cock. “You shouldn’t have asked me to cum all over your arse then should you?” He said, as she looks at him with a slight pout. “Fine” L says, “but I will get you back!”. “Oh no, I’m scared” he laughs as he finally fastens his jeans over his straining cock. “Now let’s go get a drink” he says, opening the toilet door and checking the coast is clear.

We enjoyed the rest of our night, L’s arse and pussy were so wet and sticky, she could feel my cum everytime she sat down! And I was hard for some time afterwards, I usually am when I have been really turned on!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading our story as much as we enjoyed doing it! J & L

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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