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Kay and Dan awoke in the morning smelling breakfast. It seems the girls had made a meal after waking up hungry. As the two went downstairs not a sound was to be heard. When the reached the kitchen the other women had indeed made breakfast and left it for them. A small note thanking them was on the table along with hopes of future meetings.

Dan kissed Kay deeply as they stood there in their robes. “Honey,” he spoke softly in her ear as he held her around her waist, “I think you should call in sick today.”

A smile crept over Kay’s lips as she ground her hips back against her husband playfully. “I suppose I do have enough sick days coming that this won’t be a problem Dan.”

Quickly she slipped out of his grasp and grabbed the phone dialing her office number and after a minute or two of speaking to the boss’ secretary she hung up. “Done, now what do you have in mind for the day my sexy husband?”

A evil grin spread over Dan’s face as he thought about one of his wife’s other deep fantasies. She had never allowed him to fuck her ass in their years of marriage. Her fears of him sliding his engorged shaft deep inside that orifice had always gotten the best of her. Well not today he thought. She had confided in him a few weeks ago that she wanted to try it again, she felt she was ready but she wanted him to not take no for an answer when the time came.

“Let’s eat and then go upstairs for a little while my dear,” he said as he adjusted his plans mentally now that his wife was going to be home all day. Dan had planned out an elaborate exploration for this evening and would perhaps continue it as time allowed or he would just add it to his Saturday agenda for their week of special surprises for one another.

They sat and talked over what fun they had shared the night before, each torrid memory aroused them a little bit more. Finally as they finished Dan told Kay to go upstairs and wait in the bedroom and he would be up shortly.

As soon as Kay wandered up the steps Dan went into the den and pulled his “toy” bag from the closet. Inside held handcuffs, a small vibrator the size of a pinky finger, astroglide, an enema bag and tube, and a small paddle and ball gag. He had searched long and hard to find all of these items in their conservative little town there wasn’t a sex shop so he had been forced to take a day away from work and travel a few towns away that had one. There he had found everything but the paddle. That had taken a little work but one of his friends that was a shop teacher had agreed to make it for him.

Dan ascended the steps quickly and found Kay lying on the bed her legs spread wide and her fingers of one hand teasing her swollen little clit while her other hand’s fingers were busy pushing deep inside her wet pussy.

“Roll over on your stomach and put a pillow under your hips,” he said sternly.

A twinkle filled Kay’s eyes as her husband stood there with a gym bag in his hand and his eyes filled with an evil lust. She immediately grabbed a pillow and rolled over onto it. She didn’t want to ruin the mood by asking what he was up to knowing he would fill her in as she needed to know.

Kay felt the bed shift as her husband sat down next to her on the bed. She was slightly fearful of what he may have in store for her but that was one of the things that excited her the most seeing her husband like this, so in charge and dominating from time to time.

Her thoughts were suddenly invaded as she felt her ass cheeks being spread apart. Something cold and slippery made her jump as it was applied to her little anal ring. “What..,” she started to ask. Suddenly a THWACK rang out as the paddle cracked against her ass. “You will keep your mouth shut until I tell you to speak Christina Kay Dawson.”

Those spoken words sent a shiver up her spine as Kay lay there. Her pussy immediately felt a tingle and she knew she could cum in an instant if she wasn’t careful. erotik film izle Dan still had that effect on her after all these years.

As Dan watched Kay relaxed her muscles in her legs and ass and stopped clenching her cheeks together. He slipped his slicked finger back down to her anal opening and rubbed it softly, no need to rush, they had all day. He worked small circles around her asshole with his finger until finally he could slip a finger almost inside. Kay was muffling her moans in the sheets as she squeezed them with her fingers tighter and tighter as Dan rubbed her asshole and slipped his finger in.

“Aaahh,” she gasped softly. This felt so good and yet so naughty and it also made her feel almost like she had to go to the bathroom. Even as that thought occurred she wondered if Dan had given any thought to the nastier side of what could happen if he stuck his big cock back there and she had not used the bathroom recently.

Knowing his wife and her fears had given him every indication of what may be going through her mind and he wanted to let her know he had prepared for this. He took the nozzle of the enema tube and slowly worked it inside her now lubed asshole. “Kay,” he cut through her silent thoughts as he slid the tube up inside her ass, “I have thought about this thoroughly and I am going to give you an enema before we proceed any further.”

Just the thought of his rough exterior and soft inner mind workings thrilled Kay at that moment. Here he was being her dominant lover but also remembering all her fears about anal sex. She relaxed enough to let him slide the tube deeper and mumbled, “Ok.”

Dan stood up and opened the water bottle in his bag. As he poured the contents into the enema bag he could see it fill up to the line with his warm bottle water. Dan put his hand on Kay’s back and rubbed slowly as he squeezed the bag’s contents through the tube and into her ass.

Kay felt an immediate orgasm wash over her as the water filled her anal cavity, she had heard a woman could climax from this but had doubted it. Never again would she doubt something unless she tried it. Her hips twitched as her pussy leaked its fragrant juices down the insides of her thighs and onto the pillow below her hips. “My god that’s intense,” she cried out.

Dan was pleased he knew by the glistening moist lips between Kay’s legs that she had just cum. Only one of many today he thought as he emptied the last of the water into Kay’s bowels. “Ok, wench,” he chuckled, “I am going to pull this tube out and you are going to feel a sensation to go to the bathroom immediately, I want you to wait a few minutes until that urge is overwhelming and then you may get up and dispel the water and other contents inside you.”

Kay lay there as Dan removed the hose from her anus and she felt the sensations just as he had described to her. Finally when she could take no more she jumped up and ran to their bathroom and closed the door. Once she had released everything inside her she flushed and opened up the door. “Now sir,” she asked quietly, “do you desire me to take a shower and wash?”

“Yes, my little cock tease,” he spoke, “but you had best hurry or I am not sure what may happen to you.”

Kay jumped in the shower and washed herself all over making sure to pay special attention to her ass and pussy. In a moments time she finished and then wrapped a towel around herself and dried just as quickly. As she opened the bedroom door she smelled scented candles burning inside the darkened room.

Walking out of the bathroom she felt a hand clasp over her mouth and she then was flung onto the bed. “You are my slut,” Dan growled into her ear in a husky whisper, “for today, your ass belongs to me.” Even as he was speaking Dan was squeezing her asscheeks and pressing his firm shaft in the crack of her ass. Dan rose up on one knee and lightly placed the other in the small of Kay’s back making sure not film izle to hurt her.

Kay felt the metal on her wrists before and before she could react her hands had been chained to the bed rail. Dan then swung the paddle hard and spanked her right ass cheek hard. Kay’s eyes watered slightly from the sting and then even as she relaxed she tensed again feeling the sting in her left cheek as the paddle struck solidly there. “Count slut.”

“Two sir,” she said through tears.

Dan gave her ten good swats all over her ass before bending down and running his tongue over the red marks on her tender flesh. His lips and tongue trailed all over her asscheeks before he spread the globes of her heart shaped ass and pressed his tongue against her anus.

“Oh my god,” Kay squealed as she felt her husbands tongue tease her. She could only imagine the day’s adventures already and once again her pussy spasm as she felt a small orgasm wash through her body. Kay pushed her hips back to meet Dan’s tongue and lips in eager anticipation.

Dan had hoped for just such a reaction and now he probed her anus more deeply with his tongue. As he continued his efforts Kay’s body was writhing with her need. Dan reached in his bag as he pushed his tongue past the little anal ring and wiggled his tongue just inside her tight asshole. As he hand locked around the little vibrator he sat it between his legs while he fidgeted around locating the tube of lube. Once he had found it he quickly squeezed a few droplets out onto the tiny vibrator and then turned it on.

Kay heard the low buzzing of the vibrator and she felt it first run over her swollen clit and then down through her soaked lips. Dan continued to tease her with his tongue as he ran the vibrator up the sexy crease of her ass and then slid his tongue away as he pushed the little vibrator in immediately replacing his tongue.

Dan’s mouth now trained itself on her juicy pussy. His tongue ran up and down the length of her slit before pushing the aroused lips apart enough to dart his tongue into the cum soaked opening. Dan had Kay clutching the sheets in her hands as he twisted his tongue and thrust it up inside her aroused cavern of love.

Meanwhile his hand was working the vibrator in and out of her ass as the tiny toy hummed pleasure into around her anus. Soon she was pushing her hips back and thrusting her ass to meet the little device. Dan knew that no time would be better so as he continued to lick her pussy and tongue fuck her as deeply as he had ever before he moved his free hand down and stroked his shaft a few times and squeezed out the Astroglide onto his cock. As it slicked up he kept up his attention to Kay’s body and then finally he slipped his mouth away despite her whimpers of protest.

Kay wondered if Dan was going to slide his big cock deep up inside her pussy before he took her anal virginity away but, at this moment she could care less. Her tight little snatch and ass had an ache building inside that only he could quench. It seemed she had never needed to be fucked so bad in her life before this moment. He had to do it and now. She wanted him to bury his cock inside anywhere he choose and just pound her hard and fast. Kay felt just like this was the first time she had sex with Dan after their very first sexual experience. The first time she had been naive and not known what to expect and scared of all the pain she had heard about. Yet, Dan had been slow and deliberate in making sure her first time and every time after that was exquisite. She never failed to experience at least one orgasm when they had sex. Tonight obviously was no different.

Dan sat there waiting just a moment longer to let the anticipation run through Kay’s body and then he shoved his cock to the hilt inside her quivering little moist love tunnel. This was the push she needed an immediately she started to moan and pump her hips back at him as his fingers returned to invade seks filmi izle her tight asshole along with the tiny vibrator.

“Ohh,” Kay moaned into the sheets as her fingers clawed at the comforter.

Dan pumped hard and fast right up until he felt he was on the brink of his own orgasm. Kay’s body had a thin sheet of sweat covering it and it made her look all the more sexy to her husband. He loved to watch the tiny beads of moisture slide down the curvature of her back and then roll down her ass. It never failed to trigger an erotic reaction no matter where they were at the tiny. The same could be said for watching beads of anything, sweat, cum, water, milk absolutely anything roll down over the swell off her breasts and the valley in between.

Dan slipped his hard cock from inside Kay and rubbed it up and down her spread asscheeks. Pushing the head gently against the puckered opening he felt her push her ass back trying to desperately draw him inside. She was past the fear aspect now, she needed to feel his throbbing cock buried to the hilt where it had never been before.

“Take me now Dan,” she whimpered, “fuck my ass please honey, I need to feel it deep and hard.”

Dan needed no more invitation than that, he pushed the swollen mushroom helmet of his shaft hard against the slick lube applied to her ass before and felt the tip slide past her tight anal ring. “Aahh,” he gasped as the head disappeared from site.

The searing heat inside her ass nearly vaulted him over the ledge of ecstasy right then but, he knew he might not get the chance to sodomize Kay again so he grabbed his cock and held it tightly and took a few deep breaths before pushing a little deeper.

Kay could feel every pulse of Dan’s rigid shaft and each inch as she focused on the intense feeling in her ass. She squeezed her asscheeks tight as Dan worked deeper clenching him tightly and giving him the same exquisite pleasure she was feeling.

“Now Dan, please just fuck my ass hard!” she screamed and begged.

Dan reached down and grabbed her hips and told her to get ready and as he slowly pulled his cock nearly all the way out he held her hips tight and rammed his cock to the hilt inside her upturned ass. “Fuck yes!” Kay squealed.

Knowing release was imminent Dan grabbed hold of Kay’s asscheeks and spread them so he could watch his cock slide in and out of her smallest of holes. Kay was in a constant state of orgasm now as she bucked back to meet Dan’s every stroke. She was also cursing like a sailor and encouraging him to fuck her ass until she wouldn’t be able to walk. Dan felt his balls slap Kay’s wet nether lips with each thrust and now as they pulled up closer to his body he knew Kay was about to receive cum in her ass.

“I’m going to cum,” Dan roared as he went wild fucking Kay’s asshole. His hands were gripping her asscheeks tightly and he thrust as deep and hard as he could go. Suddenly his cock spurted and Dan shot the first few drops of cum deep inside Kay’s asshole before pulling out and jacking his cock over her ass.

As the first shot of cum rushed into Kay’s arse she was catapulted to a new level of orgasm one so intense tears started running down her face as her clit throbbed and each tiny nerve ending in her ass was jolted alive at once. She couldn’t speak, moan or whimper, just cry right at that moment.

Dan quickly uncuffed her and rolled her over kissing her deeply. “Are you alright love?” he asked quizzically.

Through her tears Kay managed a beaming smile of joy and euphoria. Finally after a few moments she found her voice again, “Dan, that was the most intense orgasm of my life, thank you,” she whispered into his ear.

“Now young lady,” he teased, “you just lay here and relax and then go clean up your day has just begun.”

Dan later led Kay to a small restaurant where they sipped wine and then returned home to make long slow love to each other. And when the urge next arose to Kay she looked back over her shoulder as Dan was pumping deep inside her pussy and asked him, “You know where I want it next,” with a smile.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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