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As summer came to an end, my boyfriend had yet to discover my cheating exploits. We broke up though anyways as I was set to leave town to attend school a couple hours away. We both agreed a long distance relationship would be silly.

The first week of university was very exciting. I was living in a new, much larger city. The tonnes of people on the street was very different to me, and kind of overwhelming at times. Like most schools, mine had a ‘frosh weed’. A week for all the first years to orientate themselves with their surroundings, without having to attend any classes just yet.

Basically, we just took the week to orientate with each other instead. Every night it seemed everyone would get hammered. I slept my hangovers away through most of the days and barely got a chance to even see the campus in the daylight. A bunch of kids getting their first real taste of freedom, everyone was going out to make the most of it.

When I entered a new party I could see drunk guys were drooling over me, I would dress very revealing to attract their glares, I loved being the centre of attention. I would barely cover my big tits with a tight top. I short skirt, or a tight pair of shorts, hugged my petite erotik film izle figure. Most nights I would war my shoulder length blonde hair down.

Any given night I would attend many parties, and meet even more new guys. The ones I gave a chance to talk to me would flirt with me endlessly, I didn’t have to buy one drink the whole week!

I’d usually let the boys make out with me for a bit, sometimes I’d even give them a handy for their time. I didn’t even keep track of how many random cocks I jerked off that week, but it must have been getting close to triple digits.

Each night I’d find at least one lucky guy to go home with. Usually older guys, they would have the biggest dicks, and I liked big dicks.

This is a story about the first night and the guy I went home with.

we slammed into his door, making out as he fumbled for his keys. He opened the door to his apartment and we fell in, frantically kissing as we rushed to his room.

We lay down on his bed as we continued to make out. Our hands were everywhere on each other and they quickly found their counterparts crotches. We rubbed on each other as we continued to make out.

Soon enough we were pulling each others film izle clothes off. Our naked bodies writhing together on his bed.

He grabbed a condom from his nightstand and rolled it onto his hard prick. He then thrust it at me and buried the shielded member in my pussy.

He humped at me for awhile as we both moaned.

He whispered in my ear for me to change my position. I got up on his bed on my hands and knees so he could fuck me doggy like he said. He pushed into my hole from behind pounding me good and hard.

After awhile he pulled out and I saw the condom fly over my back in front of me. I figured he was about to cum, and as I had twice already, I agreed with his timing. But no, he had other plans.

“I want to feel your warmth up close.” He said, as he rubbed his dick on me.

I looked back and informed him, “if you aren’t going to wear a rubber you can’t fuck my pussy.” I was drunk, but not drunk enough to want to get his potentially dirty seed shot into my pussy.

“Not in your pussy?” He said grinning, “but I can see another hole.”

As I said, “not that one either.”

He was already jamming himself in. It felt weird to have a dick in my butt. I seks filmi izle struggled to get him out, but he was just way too strong for me. I could not stop his advances, and apparently he enjoyed my wriggling. Eventually I gave up. I wasn’t happy about where he was, or how he was dressed in there, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. Also after awhile it began to feel very good to me, so why not?

He continued to pummel my butt, spreading my cheeks. He moaned telling me hot great I felt. I joined him in moaning. He pushed himself all the way in me.

“I’m going to explode!” He screamed.

I tried to jump off so I could turn around and take the load in my mouth, but he held me in position even harder now. He continued to press his cock deep in my but thole. I could feel him throbbing. His cock twitched as he blew his load deep in me. I could feel juices filling my ass hole. It felt odd, but knowing how good he felt, and that I was causing him to feel this was amazing. With this thought I started to cum too. I lost control of my body clenching my holes on him mid eruption.

We both screamed in enjoyment together. He stopped spurting in me as he pulled out and fell on his bed. I immediately collapsed onto my belly. We were both red faced breathing super hard. I eventually gathered myself to crawl up and cuddle with him. He grabbed his sheets and pulled them over us, we cuddles some more catching our breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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