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Abby Jorgenson had given me a wonderful gift with her advice in handling Harley. And, she saved Nick and I from real potential embarrassment with her recommendation to train him to somehow to not approach other women. That seemed almost impossible after I started thinking about how I would go about doing that training. Calling and emailing became almost a daily way for us to communicate and we sprinkled in a lunch or coffee if she was in Tucson or I wanted to get away for a few hours. She admitted that she had never done that training with her dog and there were a few times when it became awkward when the dog stuffed his nose into the crotch of a woman. It was generally put off as the crudity of a****ls and no lasting curiosity came of it from any of the women.

In our case, though, Harley was already such a popular dog in the neighborhood, that a change in his attitude and how he approached other women would be seen differently. Also, I had to consider the impact it might have on the Mather’s p*****n across the cul-de-sac. She might feel like dying of embarrassment.

Nick and I were talking one night on the patio. We had been swimming in the pool and were lounging in the still warm air of the coming night when Harley came up to me and licked the water from my thigh and move to the inside until I u*********sly opened my legs for him to continue. Nick pointed out what had just happened. It was an u*********s reaction for me because Nick had essentially suggested that I should be available to Harley like I naturally had been to him. I was transitioning very well, obviously. Harley and I generally mated at least once during the day when Nick was working, so I was getting fucked once or twice a day easy. And, I was loving it!

Nick’s point, though, in pointing out what had just happened wasn’t just that I had made my pussy available to Harley, but that I was in the position to be able to. After I moved in, the pool became a ‘no swimsuit zone’ when it was just us. I spent more time naked, anyway, but in the pool it became a rule. I had the sense that there might be more of those ‘rules’ as time went on. Currently, I met Nick at night in a sheer nightgown, stockings, and heels occasionally, but he found that he really enjoyed coming home to me like that. Back to his point, though, was that nudity seemed to be a trigger to Harley, already. He suggested the training should just be built around that. When I was naked, Harley could expect to approach me without recrimination. He might not get what he wants every time, but I would consider it okay to approach. If I, or any other woman, were dressed it would be a signal that he could not approach. It was further discussed and agreed that the clothing training should be any clothing, panties, thong, dress, t-shirt, anything. That way, if we had a pool party and some women ended up removing their tops and only having on skimpy bikini bottoms, they would still be safe. If we ever had a nude pool part … maybe Harley would have to be in the garage.

It all progressed very well. In fact, it progressed exceptionally well. Harley was a very smart and trainable dog. Nick always talked about Harley that way, but I was anticipating more complexity in dealing with this particular training than it ended up being. In short order, I could be getting licked by Harley after a swim, go into the house and come back out in only a thong and Harley would sit and watch me move around the back yard. There were times that he actually had a look of dejection or frustration, but he did was the training required. We felt safe with Harley having casual and frequent access to me for mating or licking and other women guest would be safe. Thank god for Abby Jorgenson!

Nick told me he would challenge me and push me to take new steps and experience new things. I didn’t quite think of it happening so fast, though. It seemed I was just getting into a routine of with Harley and Nick, training Harley and developing my skills in satisfying my two males and Nick added a new twist.

We had frequently enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood and community, following the sidewalks as the evening sank into darkness. One night, he appeared with Harley’s leash and one of his large tank tops. I looked at him questioningly, but he simply held the top out to me. Not knowing what he had in mind, but trusting him regardless, I stripped off my shorts, panties, and top and put on the top he handed me. It was typical of the ones he likes me to wear when teasing me with exhibitionism. It fell just below my butt and the arm holes are so large that from the sides my breasts can be seen if I raise my arms. It was already dark and he was taking us out into the golf course, following the cart tails. He propped the back gate so it looked like it was closed, but it didn’t latch. I was amazed at how dark it was. On the golf course, the only light was stray light from people’s homes and backyard lights. It was just sufficient for walking on the concrete cart path. Going off the path and you could just as easily walk into a bush or maybe fall into a sand trap.

That night he held the leash to Harley and held my hand as we walk for quite a while on the cart path. Returning he led me across the fairways, around some greens and tee boxes toward our home. In the dark, we did get turned around a couple times, but he seemed to have a basic bearing of direction from the many times he has played the course, the houses, the shape of the greens and sand traps, and the shape of the fairways. That was how he knew he did something wrong when thinking we were walking down a fairway that was straight, but it made a dogleg to the left.

We were out for well over an hour and never saw another person or seemed to attract much attention from any of the houses, despite a few dogs barking as we passed. I asked him and he assured me that it was perfectly acceptable for residents to use the cart paths for walking when it didn’t interfere with golfers. The fact that we walked down some fairways might be a minor transgression, but being barefoot couldn’t possibly damage the grass as much as carts, cleats, and bad golf swings.

A couple nights later the same thing happened. I had just mated with Harley. When I looked up after being released from the knot, Nick was missing from the couch from where kurtköy escort bayan he had been watching. I had hoped to enjoy him and him enjoy me, but he instead appeared holding the leash and top. It was a peculiar sight to see Nick attach the leash to Harley and for him to jump up, all excited about the walk, and his cock still somewhat engorged, swaying back and forth as he moved about the room until I was ready.

When I say I had just mated with Harley, I had JUST mated with Harley. Nick appeared as the knot came out of my pussy. As I walked beside Nick, I could feel Harley’s seed oozing from my pussy and dribbling down my thighs. The darkness would probably still keep that fact unknown if anyone might also be out walking, but I really hoped if we encountered anyone that they didn’t also have a male dog with them. I felt sure, however, that another dog wasn’t getting too close to me, especially in the dark. I have noticed how differently Harley reacts to encounters depending on if he is with me or with Nick. When I am present, he is much warier and protective about being approached by another dog or situation he senses as dangerous. With Nick, he seems to defer to his abilities to handle the situation. So, I wasn’t expecting to be surprised with Harley with us.

Nick led us down the fairway away from the club house, our usual route. The part that varied was how far and when we got off the cart path. We didn’t go nearly as far, though, when he led us onto the fairway. I sensed something different as he peered intently all around us as we walked. There were houses on either side of this fairway and his eyes were scanning the line of houses on each side. The cart path was only on one side, but he watched the other side just as carefully.

He was walking down the middle of the fairway and closer and closer to the green. He normally avoided the greens by a wide margin because the greens surfaces were more delicate and they were often surrounded by irregular ground formations and sand traps. This time was different. I was still expecting him to move to the side, when he walked onto the green, stopped, and looked around us a full 360. Apparently satisfied, he took the flag stick out of the hole, inserted it through the hand loop in Harley leash, returned the stick into the hole, and had Harley ‘sit’.

He then turned to me and I knew this night was another change in what could be expected in our routine. He was smiling as he stepped directly in front of me. It was only the moonlight and stray lights from the backs of houses to give the faint indication of his smile, but with his nearness, it was plain to me. His hands went to the sides of my face and we kissed. It started gentle, almost teasing, then it became more passionate without stopping in between. As we kissed, my body and mind reacting his attention, I felt his hands moving to my shoulders from my face and I put mine on this to hold us together. His hands didn’t stop at my shoulders or arms, though, they continued to move, over the swell of my breast, and to my sides, which were fully exposed to his touch with my arms now around his neck. As his hands moved to my hips, they gathered the t-shirt into them, pulling it up with his fingers until the bottom was in his hands, and I groaned into his mouth as I anticipated what was coming tonight.

I pulled my head back from his mouth just enough to look into his eyes as the shirt was being pulled up my body. I didn’t move away or move my arms to hinder him, I just looked at him and gasped, “Are you sure? Here? Out in the open?”

He didn’t even answer. Not a verbal response or a nod of his head. He just pulled the shirt up, now over my breasts, and my arms went straight up into the air, allowing him to remove it completely from me. He tossed the shirt toward Harley and took me back into his arms. I was naked. I was naked on the 7th green. As he held me, I shivered slightly in his arms. It wasn’t cold, not even a bit chilly. This was so exciting. He said he wanted to challenge me and lead me to new and different sexual experiences and he was. He was upping the ante, steadily upping it, and there was never a doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t follow what he wanted me to do.

Standing in front of him, I pulled his rock band t-shirt up his body and over his head. I unsnapped his shorts, unzipped them, and pushed them over his hips. He was commando. I smiled and moved my hand directly to his semi-erect penis, sliding it down to cup his balls. Holding his cock in my hand, I kissed him, then moved my kisses to his chest, sinking to his stomach, and knelt in front of him. On the 7th green, I kissed the head of his cock before taking it into my mouth. It didn’t take long for him to be rigid and hard, partially due to the same stimulus I was feeling, this activity in an open environment that is normally occupied by others playing a public game.

I knew my body was ready. The last few minutes would have been sufficient, much less that I had just been mated by Harley. My pussy would have returned to normal after the loss of the knot and my pussy would be more than lubricated for his easy penetration. I gave his cock one last long suck and kiss, then holding his hand I moved down onto the surface of the green, bring him down with me.

I lay on my back, opening my legs, and pulling him down between them. I figured good, ole missionary was as good as any position to start in. He didn’t hesitate much beyond kissing and nipping each of my breasts as he leaned over me, his cock placed at the entrance to my pussy, and he eased in smoothly until he was deep inside me on the first slow stroke in. I sighed as he achieved full depth on the that first stroke and he just looked down at me smiling as he began pulling back, then pushing back in.

My mouth opened as a moan escaped, I managed to ask him, “What, my crazy lover?”

“Your pussy … after Harley has cum inside you …”, he thrust a few more times, “… I slide into your ravenous pussy so easy and smooth, my cock surrounded by fluids … yours … his … and soon, mine, too.”

With that, he hooked his arms under my knees and lifted them over his shoulders and pressed forward until I was nearly doubled over, my pussy pointing up into the starry night sky, he down thrusting into me vertically. I could hear, literally hear, the sound of his cock driving into me … a squishing sound as the cum kartal escort bayan and juice inside me made way for his driving cock.

I came hard, the pressure of this new angle impacting my clitoris with each stroke. That and every sound and new shadow shifting around us, the sound of a squirrel or owl in the surrounding trees, a dog somewhere barking at something beyond the yard, a cloud moving over the moon, the trees shifting in the breeze, all reminders in the back of the mind that this was happening outside in a public space. Everything heightening the sensations of risk with physical stimulation.

Nick slowed his thrusts while my body moved and shook in orgasm, but as soon as I settled a little, he moved us, again. He dropped my legs from his shoulders, hugged me, and rolled us over so I was now on top of him, his cock still deep inside me through the entire movement.

He smiled up at me with the moonlight on his face, “No reason I should do all the work …”

I smiled right back at him, leaning forward to smother him with kisses filled with my passion, lust, and love. My lips moved against his, “No, Sir … not with me here …”

As he achieved his climax, he brought me to another, sharing the final part of this public adventure. After, we lay on the smooth grass surface of the green, hands intertwined or softly caressing each other. We looked up into the dark sky of the night, the moon having moved behind some trees, the stars above us brilliant. When he gave me a hand to stand up, he grabbed my tank top and Harley’s leash. I guess I was walking back to the house naked. Somehow, it didn’t quite have the same intimidation that it might have earlier. Little by little, he was chipping away the edges of ‘proper’ behavior when we were expressing our love for each other and exploring opportunities to enjoy.

I found myself anticipating what he might come up with next. Several nights came and went with our walks at night on the golf course being just walks. Sometimes, he would pull me to him, kiss me, maybe fondle me, but never more. Then … he did.

It was a night like many. We were cuddled on the couch in the family, each with our Kindles reading. Harley was inside curled on a big round bed-cushion on the floor by the patio door. Nick was in shorts and a t-shirt. I was naked, his arm around me, occasionally toying with my arm or breast. We each had a nearly empty glass of wine near us. I felt his hand move up my arm and I looked up at him, my cheek pressed to his shoulder. His other hand moved under my chin encouraging me to look up further. He kissed me … as soon as I was in position … he kissed me. He had a glint in his eyes and I knew.

“You’re thinking about something for me, aren’t you?”

“And how does that make you feel?”


“Not scared? Not apprehensive, nervous?”

I put my head onto his chest and kissed it. “Never again scared. Maybe a little nervous, wondering, anticipating … but that is part of excitement. That’s the difference you give me, Nick … Love … Son. You give me safety, protection, and freedom.”

“Good, we’re going for a walk.” I moved to get a tank top and he stopped me. “No, if needed, I’ll give you mine.” I looked at him questioning. He looked right back at me as if expecting me to object, to reject, or to negotiate a compromise. He wanted me to walk away from the house completely naked. If we were surprised along the way, there wouldn’t be time for him to take off his to give to me in time to be covered. If he was willing to take the risk, I was, too. I picked up the leash and Harley jumped up, eager to be out with the two of us.

This time it wasn’t the 7th green. It wasn’t any of the greens. This time he led us further into the course to one of the locations where two fairways ran parallel in opposite directions and separated by a line of trees and shrubs. This time he was taking us to a location even further from any house or cart path. He attached Harley’s leash to a shrub, not really sufficient to hold him, he lay me on the grass, still warm from the day’s heat from the sun. We made wonderful love and it truly was making love in every way. We spent nearly as much kissing, licking, and sucking each other as fucking. When I came, I was desperate for it. He was inside me and I wanted to feel him cum inside me, to share the moment completely with him. I tried diverting my mind in many ways to hold off my imminent orgasm until I felt him twitch and jerk inside, felt him tension above, and felt him thrust deeply into me. Then I came. My body exploded, my pussy clenched around him, my pussy exploded in fluid, and he came, he spurted over and over into me. I hugged him tightly to me, a feeling of never wanting to let go of this man. I didn’t let him go, not for a while. He stayed inside me, slowly softening. But, in the meantime, he whispered into my ear; making me blush by describing the feeling of being inside me, my wetness, the heat he felt, and the way my pussy clenched around him; he made me giggle as his fingers moved slowly up my side; but, mostly, he held me like I held him.

When he moved, he instructed me to get into position. Position? Then, I saw him move to Harley and I understood. I didn’t immediately believe, but I understood. Harley was a private thing. Sure, we had shared it with Abby Jorgenson, but it was still in the privacy of our home. This … making love with Nick was one thing, but mating with a dog was another. But, of course, that was why he had chosen a location that was more private and isolated. And, I knew immediately that he expected a complete mating, knot and all.

No objection from me, though. I rolled to my knees and lowered myself to my hands. Nick brought Harley in front of me and like a good bitch I gave myself over to him. I lowered my head as Nick held Harley in front of me and my mouth sought out Harley’s penis. There was about an inch of the tip outside the sheath. I licked the tip and took the pre-cum off it before putting my lips around the tip and sucking out more. I continued to suck and use my tongue on the tip inside my mouth. The penis grew and extended, slowly growing in mouth, growing into a cock that could properly use my pussy properly, the way Harley can. Harley and Nick. I do like their cocks, differently, but I do enjoy their feel and style. I wondered as I work the cock in my mouth … was there a way to have both inside me at the same kaynarca escort bayan time?

I sensed Nick crouching down and checking on my progress. God, that made me hot! Whether it was that controlling or not, it felt like it. It was as if he was checking to see if I had done a good enough job of getting his dog ready to fuck me. I felt like I was theirs, the two of them, the two males I was meant to please and satisfy. I was on fire by the time Nick pulled Harley away from my greedy mouth to my ass. I moaned as Harley jumped onto my back. Before I even felt his cock against me, I moaned just to have him on me, knowing all the feelings and wonders I would again be experiencing. The mind can be as powerful as the physical.

My reaction to Harley mounting me has already become automatic. A hand slips between my legs and assists his cock into my hungry pussy. He thrusts into me deeply or my pussy devours his cock completely … one way or the other. After feeling Harley securely inside me, I look up to see Nick settling down in front of him. I lift my hands for him to move underneath me and I drop to my elbows as Harley is into a rhythm of pumping into me. I put my mouth and tongue to Nick soft penis. I began licking our mixed juices from it, feeling him grow ever so slightly under my touch. And, the thought came to me that he didn’t utter a sound, request, or instruction; he simply moved underneath me and I dutifully began cleaning and loving his cock. What was he turning me into? I didn’t know if he was purposely doing anything or not … but, whatever was happening to me, to us, I was loving it.

Just like the first time Nick and I did it on the green, the location of this mating added much to the effect on me. Between a shrub and tree alongside a fairway I was being fucked by Harley and mouthing Nick’s cock in the process. After already having been fucked by Nick, the mental and physical aspects of being with Harley had me at a high level almost immediately. As I tried to concentrate on Nick’s cock at my mouth, I nearly lost track of what Harley was doing behind me. Yes, I felt his thrusting cock driving deep into my hungry pussy. What opened my eyes and mouth, though, was feeling his knot hitting the outside of my pussy. I was made aware that I was not only outside, mounted by a dog, but I would soon be knotted and immobile, unable to escape or move if anyone should by chance come down one of these two fairways. It sent a shiver through my body and an increased thrill at the same time.

Nick’s cock was in my mouth, alternating between sucking and sliding up and down it, when I felt a more urgent pressure at the opening to my pussy. Instinctively, already instinctively, I pressed back into it and felt my body adjusting to the pressure to open my slippery pussy lips and hole. As the knot had me stretched wide and at the brink of pushing into me, my mouth opened as I pressed back with increased concentration and determination. Nick’s cock didn’t leave my mouth, but it hung just inside, only my bottom lip in contact. As the knot finally punched inside me, Harley’s hips pressing into me firmly from behind, my mouth was pushed down Nick’s cock and then off as I groaned at the feeling of fullness in my pussy. There was a slight pressure on my head, pressing it down, until my mouth again had a cock inside it.

I couldn’t focus on Nick, though. What Harley was doing to me was too much for me to multi-task around. My mouth would come off Nick as I arched my back into Harley, then raise my head in a series of long moans, gasps, and groans. Then, I would remember Nick and find him holding his cock straight up for me to again engulf. It wouldn’t last long before I again lost it and only reacting to Harley’s consuming fucking. I was very near another orgasm and I could feel that Harley was swollen inside me, both his cock and knot, and I knew he would be seeding me very soon. That was what I was holding off for, but I was losing the battle.

My body shook with explosive release. My arms shook and my stomach muscles quivered. I came and as I did my pussy clenched down hard around Harley’s cock and knot, making the feel even bigger and more filling than ever. Then, perhaps because of my orgasm, I felt Haley jerk inside me, his body tensing as he pushed deep into me, holding me even tighter with his front legs as he pressed desperately to get deeper. Then, I felt his cum, spurt after spurt sent into my pussy. What wasn’t filled with cock and knot was now filled with his seed.

I was breathing hard when I realized my face on Nick’s thigh. I wearily pressed up to my hands, my ass firmly locked to Harley who had turned and watching behind us. I looked to Nick and gave him a weak smile and sighed my satisfaction as Harley tested the tie. Nick held my head and leaned forward, kissing me firmly, passionately, but lovingly.

I then looked him in the eyes, not seeing much in the darkness, but seeing the gentleness, tenderness, and love in his attitude. “Is this what it is going to be like … my new life with you … is this what I can expect it to be like?”

He smiled, reached forward and pinched a nipple causing me to flinch slightly, then the other with the same reaction. He applied pressure to the back of my head until I had again engulfed his cock. He leaned his head above mine and whispered with kisses into my hair, “Yes … yes it is.”

I pulled my head up, replacing my hand over is cock, stroking up and down where my mouth had been. I reached up, kissed him, and sighed. “Good.”

I returned my mouth to his cock and became dedicated to making him cum for the second time. Harley had released me from the tie by the time Nick filled my mouth with his seed.

I crawled up his body, pressing him back onto the ground, content to be against him. We both dozed, awakened by Harley moving around us. My heart leapt, but it was only a night bird of some kind in the tree above us. This time, Nick joined me in walking back to the house naked. Along the way, my mind went to what I had just so willingly done. Loving Nick outside was one thing; mating with Harley was somehow different. But, not really a bad different. At home, being with Harley caused me to muse about being his bitch, this night made that feeling even more powerful … what would Nick come up with for me next? I had a sudden feeling and looked over at him as we neared the house. He was focused on the back gate, but I had a sense, a belief, a feeling that he had done nothing to express, that he was going to continue pressing, extending my willingness to be a bitch …

* * CHAPTER ELEVEN: I AM SUCH A BITCH will follow * * Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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