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Sally Czarwitz, pronounced like “chair witch”, a name that brought her unwanted nicknames, was tall with a body the shape of a wooden plank. Her long, thin face and matching long, thin, hooked nose encouraged the comments based on her name. When she attempted to do something with her long thin, mousy brown hair it refused to stay where she put it, preferring instead to fly around her face and fluff out as if it were perpetually filled with static. At eighteen she had only a couple of spongy fried eggs where her tits should be. With no waist, no butt and almost anorexic arms and legs it seemed amazing that she was as sexually active as she was. Sally had learned a lesson: Looks might attract a guy but if you offer him sex he won’t care what you look like. “Thank God for my cunt,” she thought in front of the mirror, rubbing herself through her thick pubic hair.

Through elementary school her best friend had been Warren, her next door neighbor. At the beginning of middle school he had fallen for Sarah. Sarah was Sally’s physical opposite, short, cute, with perfect, slightly curled blond hair and a body that had started developing in grade school. She had large, fully developed breasts, a slim waist and a killer figure when she started middle school. Sally had been jealous but then Warren had moved away and the two girls became good friends through middle school.

High school had been difficult for Sally. As a sophomore Sarah became a cheerleader and left Sally on her own. Sally had always been a good student and threw herself into her studies. She joined the math and chess clubs and discovered that there were a lot of guys who didn’t think they had a chance with any girls. She discovered that she could have any of them, especially if she offered herself sexually. And she enjoyed the sex, a lot.

Her reputation was helped by devoting some of her intellect to reading about sexual pleasure, how to please the guys and how to be sure she was properly pleased herself. She instructed every one of her guys, as she thought of them, in the proper techniques and was sure to praise them for their sexual ability no matter how poor it might be.

By the time she graduated from high school her stable of guys was not just the socially inept but also included some of the more popular guys. She could call any of them and know they would come to satisfy her urge and keep her vagina lubricated. Sometimes guys called her and she was always happy to go out with them and exercise their penis.

She kept up her studies and was accepted at Stanford. After the graduation ceremonies she wandered around the football field where the ceremony had been held talking with the guys she was active with. Some asked directly or hinted about a “last hook-up” before she was off to Stanford. She was non-committal but encouraged them to call.

It was depressing to think that she wouldn’t be able to rely on them to keep her sexually fulfilled. She would have to start all over again at Stanford. She felt her tiny breasts under her gown and wondered what it would take to attract guys in college. She had the impression all the women would be sexually promiscuous and knowledgeable. Why would any guy be interested in her?


By chance Sally encountered Sarah as she was leaving a group of cheerleaders and looking for her parents. Sarah looked like Sally felt. “Hey, how’re you doing?” Sally asked her one time best güvenilir bahis friend.

“You know,” Sarah answered noncommittally. Then she added, “It’s kind of daunting isn’t it?”

“What’s that?”

“Not seeing these people anymore. Not being a cheerleader. Not knowing what to do with your life.”

“You must have some plans.”

“Not really. I guess I can go to Community College … I guess …”

“I’m off to Stanford,” Sally admitted. “It’s going to be a lot different.”

“Stanford huh?” Sarah’s eyes welled up. Running into Sally had started to lift her spirits. She still looked back fondly on the times and the guys they had shared together. Briefly the hope had entered her mind that here was a friend who might stay with her. “Stanford …” she repeated softly. “That’s a long way away.”

Sally was confused. She and Sarah hadn’t spent any time together since the middle of their sophomoreman year. They hadn’t broken up, just drifted apart. Sally had felt abandoned as Sarah entered into the school social whirl. Sarah had a different boyfriend every few months and her name seemed to appear everywhere on ballots for school office and as head of one social committee or another. Sally was almost surprised that Sarah still remembered her.

Sarah looked at Sally and realized something. “Sally, you’re my best friend.”

Sally was taken aback, “What?”

“You’re my best friend.”

“Sarah, you’ve hardly spoken to me for three years.”

Sarah was saddened by the response. “I know. I know.”

“And you have loads of friends.”

They stood in silence until Sarah spoke again, “They aren’t really friends. Not friends like you were. I just got caught up in my life here.” She paused before continuing to get her emotions under control. “I don’t think I’ll see them much any more.” Then she whispered, “a lot of the girls are angry at me for fucking their boyfriends.”

Sally realized that despite their physical differences she and Sarah were a lot alike in their sexual appetites. She smiled and with a light laugh told Sarah, “You and I would never get get jealous like that. We’d just share.”

Sarah smiled back, “Do you think we can share again?”

Friends Again

That brief chance encounter led to the two friends being united once again. They met at Sarah’s home to talk and make plans for the summer.

“We’re eighteen now, legal for all guys!” Sarah had said. “Let’s get ourselves some men!”

Sally wasn’t sure where or how to do that. She’d always met her guys at school.

“We could check out bars,” Sarah suggested.

“Don’t’ we have to be 21?” Sally replied.

“You only need to have an ID saying you’re 21,” Sarah told her, fishing around in her purse and pulling out a fake.

“I don’t have one,” Sally admitted.

Sarah was surprised. “You’ll definitely need one at Stanford! I can put you in touch with someone.”

Sally was reluctant and managed to put it off. “Can’t we do something else?”

“There’s the beach,” Sarah replied. “I always get attention there. Lot’s of guys hitting on me.”

“But look at you,” Sally said. “I don’t think I have the equipment.”

“Nonsense, you’re female!”

“I’m not sure it shows.”

Take off your clothes,” Sarah demanded.


“I want to see what we have to work with.”

“It’s pretty much the same as before,” Sally admitted. She hadn’t filled out at all since she was türkçe bahis a freshman.

“Let’s see anyway,” Sarah said. “There must be some change.”

Reluctantly, Sally undressed for her.

Sarah looked at the thin body exposed before her. She reached out and gently stroked the nipples on the egg-yolk breasts. They quickly rose at her touch, extending over half an inch and hard as a rock.

“Just like before,” she admired. “If you could get those to stay erect under a thin, tight top only a few guys would notice the smaller foundation.”

“You have to do something about this,” she said, running her fingers through Sally’s thick pubic hair. “That’s grown. You used to be almost bald.”

She thought a bit and then added, “I wonder if having the hair peeking out from a tight bottom would increase or decrease the interest,” she wondered alloud and then remembered something, “As I recall ….” She reached between Sally’s legs and felt her labia. “Yes, soft and big and fleshy. If you shaved you could get a nice cameltoe. That’d definitely get the guys.”


“Sure, everyone’s doing it.” Sarah boldly dropped her shorts to show her bald pussy lips.

“Isn’t that hard to do?” Sally asked reaching out to feel. “It’s not as smooth as it looks,” she said.

“It is hard to get it real smooth and the stubble is back in a day or two.”

“Don’t the guys complain, I think it would scratch their cocks.”

“Never had a complaint. They jump right at it, licking, sucking and sticking it in with only positive comments.”

Sarah had an idea, “I can shave you. You’ll see how easy it is.”

“I don’t know…”

“Come on, It’ll help get the guys, I’m sure.”


A little more persuasion and Sally found herself in Sarah’s tub. Most of her pubic hair had been trimmed with scissors and now shaving cream was spread over her genitals. Sarah knelt naked between Sally’s spread legs carefully wielding a razor. As Sarah stroked gently with the razor to avoid cuts, moving her fingers to hold one sexual part or another for ease in shaving, Sally felt sexual excitement rising in her. Meanwhile, as Sarah touched in places which had nothing to do with the shaving she felt her own sexual response.

Years ago the two girls had explored their sexuality with each other even to the point that Sally had wondered whether she might be a lesbian. The memories of their explorations were returning and by the time Sally was completely shaved they were both damp from more than the water in the tub.

As the water drained, Sarah reached out and squeezed Sally’s hardened nipples. Then she moved in and began sucking at one, her tongue rotating around it. Meanwhile she reached down and insert one, then two fingers into Sally’s vagina and began stroking in and out, with her thumb at Sally’s clit.

Sally moved her head back in pleasure and reached out both hands to cup and then massage Sarah’s amble breasts. She stroked Sarah’s nipples with her thumbs and moved one foot to press against Sarah’s crotch.

Shortly after the water had drained, Sarah pulled away, saying, “the bed’s more comfortable.”

They stepped out of the tub without another word. Sarah grabbed a towel and gently rubbed Sally dry. She took another towel and Sally silently took it from her and wiped Sarah dry. Holding each other around the waists they walked in silence to the bed and lay down, stroking each other’s güvenilir bahis siteleri bodies.

After a few minutes of unbelievably relaxing pleasure Sarah turned to the side, opened the nightstand drawer and drew out a flesh-like, anatomically correct 10 inch dildo and a slightly smaller lavender vibrator. “Which do you want?” she said, holding them up for Sally to see.

Sally didn’t hesitate. To be back with Sarah, pleasuring each other again with years of experience now available to her was the height of joy. She wanted to give Sarah as much pleasure as possible and quickly took the vibrator. “This will do perfectly.” She repositioned herself with her head at Sarah’s crotch and, spreading her legs, presented her own sexual organs to Sarah’s gaze.

Sally moistened her fingers by dipping them into Sarah’s damp vagina and began slowly and gently rubbing the hardened clit. Sarah began her ministrations by slowly kissing Sally’s thighs, allowing her cheeks to brush lightly against Sally’s swollen pussy lips.

Sarah sighed in pleasure and Sally once again dipped her fingers in the moist tunnel. This time she pushed inside for maximum wetness. Withdrawing her fingers she moistened the vibrator, turned it on and began moving it over Sarah’s clit and then an inch or so inside her vagina.

Sarah was now licking at Sally’s clit and Sally began rotating her hips to increase the sensation. Then she felt the dildo enter and quickly penetrate to its full length. She gasped from the unexpected suddenness. Sarah began stroking it rapidly, fully in and out while lapping intensely at Sally’s clit.Sarah liked fast, strong, firm, penetrating strokes and that’s what she was giving her friend.

But Sally liked it slow, at least she thought so, and had “trained” all her guys to take it slow. But Sarah’s vigorous use of the dildo quickly brought her to the edge of orgasm. Sally forgot about pleasing Sarah and in the throes of pleasure simply jammed the vibrator all the way into Sarah’s wet cunt holding it firmly in place as she rolled onto her back and thrust her hips into Sarah’s palm forcing the dildo to penetrate her even more.

Sarah became immersed in Sally’s passion, keeping her tongue at Sally’s clit and continuing the fast tempo. She didn’t let Sally’s writhing body shake her away. Instead, it increased her own passion. She barely noticed the vibrator humming away deep inside her until the combination of its stimulation and Sally’s passion sent a shock through her body. She gasped at the sudden sensation.

Sally’s passionate frenzy began to subside and she noticed her friend’s sudden muscular tightening. She quickly realized the significance and that she had not been attending to her duties. She began moving the vibrator inside Sarah’s throbing vagina, pulling it almost out and doing her best to place the tip on the G-spot inside. Meanwhile she used her thumb to gently massage Sarah’s clit.

Sarah responded! Her body reacted and she rotated her hips to increase the pleasure inducing pressures being administered at her crotch. “God, she knows what she’s doing,” Sarah thought.

As Sarah’s physical reactions wound down Sally removed the vibrator and finished by lapping the sour, salty fluid that dripped from Sarah. “Yum!” she exclaimed loudly, turning her body to face Sarah, wiping her chin with her finger and inserting it into Sarah’s mouth.

The two friends lay quietly, looking into each other’s eyes. Both thought of the pleasure each had received at the other’s hands. Both gently stroked the other’s skin, softened by the sexual excitement they had experienced. “Friends forever,” they each thought with a smile.

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