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Room Service
Several years ago I used to travel a lot for work. All over the world in fact. On a trip via Frankfurt I had to stay over during the night, travel along the Danube, then back to Frankfurt for a stop over before flying home.

I arrived at the hotel late in the evening and checked in. The girl on the reception desk was short and slim with long blonde hair tied into a neat pony tail at the back. There were no porters about, so she showed me to my room. I enjoyed walking behind her; watching the tight black trousers stretch over her beautiful round bottom as she swayed toward the elevator. She showed me right to the hotel room, then said “If there is anything else you need just dial zero for the reception desk, I’m here all night.”

She smiled, and headed back to the elevator, that beautiful real swaying from side to side as she went. I smiled, entered my room and shut the door. Now, back then, porn was a lot harder to come by in the UK. The internet wasn’t a thing that many people had heard of, the best home internet access was ADSL, and between the Video Recordings act and the Obscene Publications Act there was little more than Mayfair and the Paul Raymond mags. So the first job on a foreign trip was to check out the porn channels on the hotel TV.

I flipped through channels until I eventually found a pair of large breasts bouncing up and down as the hairy pussy below them bahis siteleri pounded up and down on an infeasibly large cock. The voices sounded dubbed (and German) and the music was not a good match for the images, but the images were enough to get a rise out of my tired penis.

I stripped off, lay back on the bed and started to stroke myself watching the buxom, hairy ladies fucking and sucking their way through the scenes. Cum spurted (not mine … yet) and faces got covered. All very hot, and enough to have me spurting in a few minutes. I breathed deeply, and headed for the shower, but on the way I grabbed the phone and dialled reception.

“Could I get a club sandwich please?” I asked. The girl on the other end of the phone said that it would be up to my room in about a half hour. I went into the shower, and relaxed under the hot caress of the water. In the main part of the room another film was starting, and the dubbed voices started panting and groaning, the wet slapping sounds of sex drifted on past the rushing water from the hot shower.

I stepped from the shower, turned it off, dried myself, threw the towel in a heap on the floor and walked into the bedroom.

I stopped.

Sat on the bed, blouse open and trousers around her knees was the receptionist. She was watching the porno and one hand fondled her small, pert breasts while the other was rubbing fast between her canlı bahis legs.

Unlike the ladies on the TV, the receptionist was shaved smooth, but the same wet sounds were coming from her; and the groaning too.

I stood, transfixed. My cock started to swell as I watched the girl, then the hairy pussy on the screen being impaled by another huge cock. Then the girl.

She turned to me and smiled. Her gaze dropped to my groin and she smiled a little more wickedly. She stood up and pushed one leg out of her trousers then came over to me. Very close. She looked up into my eyes, her hot breath sweet against my face. Her hand slid down my belly to my cock, which she grasped very tightly and started to slowly wank it to full erection.

For my part, the feel of her hard nipples against my upper belly and her hot hand on my cock had me boiling in no time. I reached around and grabbed her hot bottom, pulling her in close and crushing our lips together. her tongue darted into my mouth, swirling around my own tongue and teeth. I pushed mine back into hers, my cock crushed against her tight abdomen.

I stepped back, spun her around and pushed her down on the bed. I admired her naked arse for a second, then pushed her legs apart and rammed my hard cock into her dripping pussy. I don’t know how long she had been watching the porn for, but her cunt was warm, wet, and opened easily for my kaçak iddaa purple helmet to drive inwards.

My hands grasped her hip bones, as I rammed my cock hard into her. I speeded up for a few seconds, then slowed down. Long slow stokes, and short fast ones, then long rapid thrusts. She was squealing in front of me, and I parted her buttocks to look at her arse hole while I drilled her cunt.

I played a finger over her chocolate star, but she turned, brows furrowed, and said “Nicht in den Arsch!!” or something like that. I took that as a ‘No’ and stopped messing.

I pulled out. My cock dripping precum and milky pussy juice, then turned her over. I grabbed her legs, and lifted them high as I pushed my hard cock back into her dripping gash. I let one leg go, and used that hand to rub her clit as I rocked back and forth at the hips. Her breathing was coming more rapidly, and there was a flush across her upper chest. She closed her eyes and her hands clenched in the bed sheet. I could feel her pussy pulsating around my cock, and my own orgasm rising from my balls.

I pulled out, and sprayed cum on her tits and belly. There was not that much (I’d already unloaded earlier), but there was still enough for it to pool in her nicely dipped belly button.

I stood, panting and looking down at her lithe figure, cum running off her belly, her pussy gaping and spotted with white globs of her own juices.

She stood, kissed me again, and pulled her clothes back on. “Sandwich.” she said, pointing to the desk by the mirror. She smiled and left.

I turned off the TV and went to sleep.

She was there on the way back home too …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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