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Andi, now on her knees, gave May’s cock one final, lengthwise stroke all the way to just beneath her cockhead. That was enough and Andi’s aim was almost perfect. May convulsed and splattered her just above her right eye and followed quickly with another string, grazing Andi’s nose and left cheek with a glancing cum stripe, the rest of it being trajected over Andi’s shoulder and landing on the couch. Violating our agreed upon “no auto assist” rules, May then completed the remains of her own orgasm, finally depositing a lazy, crawling splat on Andi’s closed lips. She was done and Andi now focused on me.

While retaining her solid grip on May’s weakening, drooling cock, Andi picked up the pace on mine with slimy strokes up to and then over my cockhead with her fingers. I loved when she did that and she knew exactly how to extract my release. No more than a few of these and I would be there. On double hand job day, neither May nor I ruled our own orgasms. Andi did.

Andi, as we gradually got to know her, just loved cum. Everywhere. In her mouth, up her ass and all over her face. She would frequently jump off my cock in mid fuck just so she could experience my release in her mouth or on the side of her face. Or perhaps on her pursed lips when she held them just touching. Fucking hot. She just loved it and her two cum pumping partners were happy to comply. It was almost as if her pussy was the last place she wanted you to cum, but May and I would occasionally tie her down so she didn’t have a choice. A gang bang by a gang of two. May and I tried with some frequency to double fuck her mouth but, with Andi being so small, we could never stuff each of us completely in together. It was a lot of fun trying though, with Andi’s mouth during the process looking like it was caught in a NASA wind tunnel. Her options became further limited when May and I would do her in a standing double team, pinning the little thing between us and using her like a rubber fuck doll.

With May’s giant cum blob having slithered down over her right eye, Andi’s open-mouthed aim of my initial spurt was a bit off. I almost matched May’s first shot in volume, but rather a little high, hitting her in her left eye. Andi corrected blindly, but she had to act fast to adjust the aim towards her feeding bird mouth for the second, as I wasn’t the “super shooter” that May was. While May could blast lengthy and seemingly endless strings of goo, two or three distinct payloads of rapidly decreasing volume was about it for me. Nevertheless, I landed a healthy splatter on her tongue and chin with the next one and Andi deepthroated me for the rest.

“Hey, this was supposed to be a hand job party! You’re the hand and we do the job!” I said, citing our phony rules.

Pulling my cock out of her mouth, Andi answered: “Umph. Aaah. Sorry, Rob. I love tasting your cum. You should bottle it!” She licked the last little dribble off the end and giggled.

“That’s why I don’t cum as much as May. Mine’s a scarce commodity!” I said. May punched me.

May and I yanked Andi up off her knees, almost tossing her through the ceiling. We threw her on the couch and spread her legs wide open, her butt hanging off the edge. This was almost my favorite part. Andi smiled and giggled since she knew what was coming. Her. Or soon, at least.

May and I dove into Andi’s puss with wiggling tongues, kissing each other and laughing. I loved the feeling of May’s tongue as it flicked and stroked Andi’s clit with me doing the same. Andi attempted to grind and buck, but we held her down firmly, not allowing her elusive clit to evade our evil tongue work. Her lower legs thrashed about each of our shoulders as we kept it up, now increasing our tongue frequency and the pressure of our immobilizing hold. Andi was firmly pinned and getting a tongue lashing, now using her hands in a feeble attempt to push our heads away. Neither May nor I budged, noticing that Andi’s hot button had all but disappeared. And she was wetting up the couch. We then applied a brutal double suction and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Andi screamed and savagely flailed while she hosed May and I with a watery squirt that ran down our necks and onto the rug. We didn’t let up, now sucking her clit even harder.

“Oh stop, oh stop! Fucking STOP, I can’t! STOP!!” Andi screamed. “OH, FUCK!!”

Andi then completely ceased moving and simply laid there, eyes closed and her mouth open, emitting a faint “oooooooh God”. Mission accomplished, May and I stopped also, sliding a limp Andy off the couch, her now sitting on the floor against it. We both stroked her tangled hair off her face and kissed erotik film izle her gently, caressing the rest of her. As I usually get from licking pussy, I was again hard as a rock, so I sat next to her and May pulled Andi over onto me and I gently slipped in to her. Andi could barely move, but put her arms around my neck as we lightly grinded each other, kissing.

“I love you, Andi” I said, interrupting the kiss, hugging her.

“Oh, I love you too, Rob.” She said as she resumed kissing me and squeezing me hard. “Come again for me, OK?”

I reached down and cupped her tiny butt cheeks while pushing up into her deeply. I could almost fit them in a single hand. Andi continued her sexy movement, eventually coaxing me to release once more with her finger trap pussy.

“Umph, aah” from me as I delivered a pumping squirt deep within. Andi hugged me closely and kissed me hard as I came. Her pussy was almost as tight as her hug.

“Mmm. That was so sexy watching you guys make love.” May said, joining the hug.

“Give me a kiss, May” I said, wanting feel her lips laced with Andi’s juices.

May grabbed the back of my head and stuffed her tongue in my mouth. I love the way she kissed. She could get me hard with either a soft, sensuous kiss or one that felt like it was from a Mafia hit man. And everything in between. I wrapped my arm around her waist as we kissed, May slurping my lips.

Somehow, our little love trio worked and had been working for months on end. Naysayers might recite the adage: “three’s a crowd” but, for us, it was the right crowd. Certainly, each of our lewd inclinations enhanced those of the others: May, my great assed, pleasure-seeking girlfriend with a dick; Andi, the tiny, world champion cock sucking female with no tits; and me. OK, well, I had a dick also. Perfect for Andi, I guess, especially when combined with May’s. Or in May’s ass.

While acting most of the time as the calculating, calming influence amongst the craziness of the other two, my place was generally the catalyst of pleasure for the group. My cook-ups usually spawned from group conflict resolution or from subtle comments or body language gleaned from the other two. And sometimes because I thought it would just be fun. The main thing was, however, that the three of us loved and cared for each other dearly and our dirty meetings were simply an expression of it. My job was to keep it all together.

Nevertheless, there was at least one avenue we hadn’t yet explored.

After “the kiss”, May looked me deeply in the eyes and inquired: “Rob?”

“Yes dear?” I responded. I could feel what was coming.

“When?” She asked

Knowing exactly what she was referring to, I answered: “When what, dear?”

“You know what!” she said with a giggle, pushing me.

“Yes, OK, I do, but I want you say it!” I said, corner eyeballing Andi as she was certainly tuned in to the exchange.

Before May could respond, Andi ganged up and said firmly: “When are you going to let her fuck you in the ass, Rob?”

May hugged me and nuzzled my neck. With a loving whine, she said: “Pleeeeeeze. Don’t you want me to make love to you?” She kissed my neck. It was brutal.

“I would like to make love with you 24/7, May. You know that!” I said.

“Yes, but I want you to feel me! I want you to feel me come. I want to make love to my boyfriend.” May said, hugging me.

I could understand this from her. While I had certainly been in her butt with great frequency, she wanted the intimate experience herself. She wanted it all. My rear end, however, was true virgin territory, with the exception of the obvious and the occasional doctor’s finger. To this point, I hadn’t even played with inanimate insertions.

Teasing her, I said: “May, honey? If I had to have a cock in my ass, I wouldn’t want it to be anyone’s but yours.”

“Oh, now you’re just playing with me! You’re so unromantic sometimes!” May said.

“No, I’m serious!” I replied. Feeling a bit of lover’s remorse, I said: “Ok, ok. Yes, I want you in every way. Come on, you should know that.”

“Andi and I could make you, you know!” May putting another option on the table.

“Now that wouldn’t be too romantic either now would it, honey?” I replied.

But it was nevertheless an interesting idea. I did like being tied up and the resulting feeling of helplessness. It would also, in a way, be easier for me to justify in my mind if I couldn’t do anything about it. And I trusted the girls of course. On the other hand, such an idea is always better if it were yours, especially in this case. May needed me to want it and want it from film izle her to fulfill her need for intimacy and erotic connection. She would never want to “take”; she wanted me to “give”. This was just her way and was one of the reasons I loved her and wanted her for my girlfriend. She was soft hearted and just wanted to love me in a different way. I understood the “why” and maybe it would be nice for me to facilitate the connection she so desired. And enhance mine with her. Could I possibly be warming up to this?

On the other hand again, the whole argument somewhat reminded me of my high school begging, trying to get my virgin girlfriend to let me pop her cherry. Certainly, I didn’t want the conversation to devolve into that and have everybody go home mad, with nothing accomplished. I had to find a way out of this, if only temporarily. But I couldn’t completely push the idea off the table. Nor did I want to. We loved each other and that was that.

“You really wouldn’t want to do it naughty for my first time, would you?” I asked May seriously.

“No, Rob, you’re right. I would want you to want to have me that way. I would love it to be mutual.” May said. “I could tie you up for it later!” May added, laughing. Andi laughed too.

That’s my girl, I thought to myself. I kissed her softly, hugging her tightly. Sometimes, if done right, making a joke in the middle of something serious can really depressurize the situation and May’s timing was perfect. While sometimes incredibly naïve, she was nevertheless a smart chick.

Releasing my hug and kiss, I turned to Andi: “Don’t you get any ideas, you little punk mistress! I know you!” Andi resumed laughing.

I kissed May on her forehead. “I promise to think about it, I will. This is all new to me and our relationship is just a little bit, well, different I guess.” I said, not being able to think of a better word.

She kissed me back. “I promise to be really gentle.” May said, giggling some more.

“Hey! That’s not a ‘yes’.” I exclaimed, laughing.

In reality, it was. May simply didn’t realize it.


It was really strange for me, a hetero male, doing research on what you need to do to get fucked in the butt. Lover or not, May wanted to put a live, hard, squirting dick up my ass. Yikes! WTF?

I called Andi to ask for help and to swear her to secrecy. After all, May and I had screwed Andi in her ass with alarming regularity and she seemed to love it. Maybe I would too. She would know what I would need to do.

“Andi honey!” I said as she answered.

“Hiiiiiiigh Raaahhhhb! I know what you’re calling about!” Andi said giggling.

“Oh, come on, was I that obvious?” I said, like somebody had just burst my party balloon.

“No, not to May” Andi replied, “She never gets it. But I know what’s going on!” After I had left, May had said to Andi: “He’s never going to do this with me”. Apparently, Andi knew better, but played along with the letdown so that May wouldn’t get her hopes up.

“Yes, I will help you. And no, I won’t tell anybody.” Andi said.

“You’re always so good at reading my mind, you little shit!” I said.

“Come over tonight sometime and I will show you what it’s all about. Then I’ll fuck your brains out! The normal way.” Andi said eagerly.


What I loved about Andi was that nothing was ever ‘normal’ with her. After filling my butt with a number of different plugs, some of which felt like artillery shells, she declared me ‘ready’ and disappeared to her bedroom. Although my butt felt a little funny afterwards, it all wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

A muffled cry from the bedroom was next: “Sit on the chair!” she said. “And close your eyes!”

I did as she asked.

I next heard the bedroom door open, followed by this monstrous clacking on the wood floor of her apartment, getting louder as it approached. “Ooooooh. Naughty shoes!” I thought to myself.

“Keep your eyes closed!” Said an ominous voice very close to me. I then heard her kneel and felt her lips sliding down my cock, already partially hard from anticipation. She worked me until I was good and stiff and then stood back up with a couple of stabilizing clacks.

“OK, you can open your eyes now.” She said.

Andi was wearing her incredibly tall, black, strappy Dom shoes and a black, full body, crotchless fishnet. She even had dabbed on a little eye shadow and fire red lipstick. Yes, she was a short, rather plain looking women with no tits but, boy did she ever look hot. And the nine-inch shoes were killer.

I couldn’t help but ask myself in the moment why more seks filmi izle women don’t do this stuff. How much effort does it really take, considering the results? And why would anyone want to fuck around on their wife or girlfriend if they did this once in a while? ‘They wouldn’t’ is the fucking answer.

“I know you like these and I have never fucked you before in them.” She said while doing a towering, clacking 360 spin, modeling her ensemble. After wiggling a middle finger in her shaved pussy, she sucked off the juice with a slurp. I always loved Andi’s naughty theatrics.

“And no hands.” She added.

Andi moved closer, straddling my lap and, while leaning to plant an insanely hard kiss, put her arms around my neck and slid down on my cock ever so slowly. All I could do was look at her shoes while she twerked.

Needless to say, I didn’t last long.


Knowing that May loved being the center of the universe, Andi and I decided to do a “May’s night”. I called May with my almost too frequently used ruse of going out to dinner but, this time, it would be over at Andi’s place.

We thrusted a glass of chilled Pinot in May’s hand when she arrived, smiling. “What a fucking great smile she has” I thought to myself. I had gotten there early and Andi had already juiced me up in preparation. At both ends.

I reached up under May’s hair while simultaneously sliding my other hand under the front of her jeans, grabbing her package and kissed her lovingly, tasting some of the wine on her lips. Andi moved in behind her and started unbuttoning her blouse and undoing her jeans. I could feel May begin to respond to the loving ambush.

“We’re going to fuck before dinner.” Andi declared. “And Rob and I are treating tonight.”

Andi pulled May’s jeans completely down and off from under her modest high heels, while I continued to kiss and fondle her. May had on this skimpy black G-string which was now thoroughly distorted by my playing, her cockhead having sprung up from underneath the wetted, stretchy material.

I got on my knees and took May in my mouth while pulling her wispy panties to her ankles, where they belonged. Although I, admittedly, wasn’t very good at this, Andi’s previous tutelage on the subject certainly helped. She noted that a tongue orbit of the cockhead was her primary weapon to start and was easy to do and effective, even for a newbie. With May fully stiffened, Andi joined me with her incredible mouth. Taking full control, Andi deepthroated May in a single gulp and began to reciprocate on her cock, building up her trademarked face goo.

Over and over, Andi sucked and slurped as May started to shake. Starting to lose control and with her focus on Andi’s mouth, May’s wine glass slipped from her hand and landed with a crash on the floor. Andi slowed to calm May down, which was my cue to scurry off the bedroom. With her eyes closed, May didn’t even notice my quiet exit.

Andi had prepped the room well. A neatly organized pile of pillows were on the bed, the room was spotless and lit up with probably a million candles. A scent of cherry filled the air. How appropriate. I got naked quickly and laid on my side, waiting for the door to open. A minute or two later it did, with only a naked May entering; all I could focus on was her giant hard on as it glistened in the candlelight. She was primed and ready. Andi silently closed the door behind her.

May just froze as she entered, awestruck.

“Hi!” I said, nervously. “What are you waiting for, dear?” I added, turning over on my stomach onto the pillow pile so that there was no question as to what I wanted her to do. May crawled up the bed and laid on my back, kissing me all over and sliding her stiff cock up my slippery ass crack. It actually felt really nice.

“Oh, Rob.” She said.

“I love you May and I want to make love with you. I want to feel you.” I said.

“Oh, Rob.” May repeated, hugging and caressing me.

At that moment, I don’t think May and I had ever been closer. She was right, the other half of our relationship had been missing and we would now complete it. And I truly wanted her and her live, hard, squirting dick up my ass.

True to form, May was ever so gentle with the process. With me relaxed by her inherent, loving, tender way and by the wine of course, May pressed and my anus easily gave way. We both gasped upon her entry. She held herself there, not moving and kissing me on the side of my face and neck. She gradually slid in further with my sphincter ultimately winding up at her balls. Stopping again and hugging, she whispered if I was OK.

“I hate to tell you this, but I really like you in my ass.” I said loudly.

“Oh, you’re such a jerk! I hate you!” May said playfully, giggling away, slapping the side of my butt.

“Are you going to fuck me or what, honey?” I asked.

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