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Polly and Sebastian Leotard Lovers
I had Kev on speaker phone. His voice was lamenting how his boss had fired him and how unfair it was. ‘A-ha,’ I said disinterestedly, as I applied more mascara and ran another layer of lip gloss over my dark red lipstick. ‘Right, okay,’ I said, rolling my eyes. I smoothed my hands over my skintight, long-sleeved black leotard and checked my gleaming silver-black tights in the mirror. ‘Listen, I’m kinda in the middle of something now,’ I said impatiently. I secretly smiled, as I carefully placed a black wig on my head. I felt a presence behind me. ‘Okay, I’ve really got to go now,’ I said, as I terminated the call. I think Kev was still speaking. I stepped into some heels and gave my face a quick check. I saw the reflection of my guest behind me. I smiled. ‘He’s still really pissed off with you,’ I said. I turned and took in the sight of Kev’s boss, Mr Sebastian, in a skin tight shiny, long sleeve royal blue leotard, with his hands on his hips. His black tights glimmered. ‘Oh my! I knew you’d look hot in my leotard, even if it is too tight!’
I stepped over to him, placed my hands on his broad shoulders and smiled, with relish, ‘He says you humiliated him.’
‘He’ll get over it,’ said Sebastian.
‘Kev’s under the impression that I could sweet talk you into giving him his job back,’ my glossy lips smirked.
‘Well you’re right about the first part,’ Seb grinned, patting my arse.
‘Kev’s also under the impression that I give a silent fart about him,’ I said, as my hands caressed the smooth glossy fabric, encasing my hunk’s chest. ‘Thanks for firing him, darling,’ I said, sweetly, tilting my head and leaning in for a long, slow kiss. Our jaws moved in rhythm as Kev’s boss smoothed his mature and powerful hands over my curvy arse. Being alone with this man, this mature but hunky man, dressed as we were, in these conditions, him a married man and I, long suffering partner of Kev, the wimp, made the moment so special.
‘I could never really love a wimpy arsehole like Kev,’ I reflected, resting my head on Seb’s shoulder. ‘I can’t wait to tell him that I’m leaving him for you.’ I looked at Kev’s boss in his eyes and said ‘I hope it hurts him. I want you to be there when I tell him how fucking useless and boring he is.’
We kissed more passionately. I gripped his arse. His leotard was so tight and smooth. ‘You look so fucking hot in that leotard!’ I gasped. ‘You’re a fucking real man! I need a real man!’
‘Real men don’t wear leotards and tights,’ said Sebastian.
I squatted down and inspected the hard cock bulging out of the shiny Lycra. It was so fucking stiff.
‘Are you fucking k**ding,’ I said , with a wide smile, as I caressed his bulbous length ‘Every man with a big cock should wear a leotard! You know how much I love tights! Fuck your prick is like steel!’ I said, stirring and massaging his thick prick compressed under the tight lycra. My nose lingered under his tight encased balls. I couldn’t resist a sneaky whiff. I smoothed my hands over his glistening pantyhose thighs. ‘I can’t fucking wait for this,’ I beamed.
‘Neither can I,’ he said.

I placed a few soft pecks on the underside of his lycra encased balls, and delicately searched his eyes, as if I were testing him. ‘If only poor Kev knew what we getting up to,’ I teased. I got to my feet and pranced and danced around with my hands clasped to my face in mock shock. ‘Oh tights! Whatever would we do without our luxury tights?’ I wiggled and swayed in my heels, as the light drew out the tinge on the back of my leotard. I smoothed my hands down the sides of my leotard. ‘Still, we’re in our leotards, darling. And I love squeezing into my leotard especially for you. Oh I do, my darling! Please call me, Polly, my pantyhose master!’

The boss smiled and said that he loved the feeling canlı bahis siteleri of Lycra against his cock and tights on his legs. He said that the best thing about his wife was her collection of luxury tights, which he’d often wear when he jerked himself off to my pics. He took my hand, sat down and pulled me onto his lap, where we kissed slowly for about thirty minutes as the boss smoothed my legs and stroked my tight arse. For thirty sensual, slow but blissful minutes. ‘Hm,’ I sighed, after we broke off. ‘I am so going to suck your fucking dick!’ We kissed again, our noses pressing into our cheeks. I rested my head on his shoulder and smiled blissfully. It was like those long and lazy kissing sessions in his office after work. ‘Oh darling! I’m so happy. It makes me happy to know that your wife and Kev haven’t got a fucking clue about us. I’m more of a girl than any girl has ever been to you,’ I blinked, thinking of the times when we fucked. There was the video we made where I was sucking his thick cock through a pink leotard. I held his cock through the lycra tightly in my hand and wanked it into my mouth, bouncing it on my lips as I panted ‘If your wife walks in now she’ll see that not only are you wearing a leotard, not only am I sucking your hard, hard cock, but your hard cock is for me and I fucking love your hard cock! Polly loves your hard cock! I know you’ve always wanted this. You want to come on my lips and shoot your spunk over my arse in my tights! You always looked at my arse in my cycling shorts, during that cycling weekend we went on. I wanted you to look. I bet you wank yourself off in your wife’s tights as you think about me.’ The video then captured it when I stretched a pair of his wife’s smelly tights over my head to sniff, as I poked my arse out. He humped my arse through his leotard and my gleaming pink lycra leggings until he spunked all over the back of them. Then there was the video, capturing the look of amazement in my eyes, behind my tight shiny black stocking mask, as I grabbed his cock through his shiny light toasted Danskin tights and gasped: ‘That has got to be the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my whole fucking life!’ Then he drenched my smiling nylon gloss face.
Back to the present, I bent over, touched my toes and looked over my shoulder. With a careful and innocent expression I said’ Finger my arsehole. Please. Through my leotard.’

Kev’s boss pushed his finger as deep as it could go, frigging me through the fabric, influencing the most insane expressions on my slutty face. ‘Ooh, ooh, I love it, ooh, finger me. You’re fingering my arse. Ooh, nice and easy! Tights and easy!’ I peeked around, closed my eyes and bit my lip, my hands smoothing my legs and thighs as the man who had fired my boyfriend, had his finger up my arse, through the precious leotard I was wearing for him. Indeed I’ve always worn leotards for men. I like wearing leotards and tights, as much as men like seeing me in them. I now shifted my hips left to right as he frigged me. The friction and the swish my legs made as they touched was divine. Oh my! How tight it was! I then looked at him, almost apologetically, rested my fingertip in my mouth and said ‘Darling? I really need your prick in my mouth.’
I went to my bag and took out a laptop and brought up the nylon faced image of one of my followers from xhamster, called Hullo, but who, to me, was Ray. His face strained in his pantyhose mask. The still image looked like he was watching us and wanking. I placed the laptop near the mirror, facing us.
‘Who’s that?’ said Sebastian, as he rubbed his cock through his leotard.
‘He’s my special, dirty secret,’ I grinned. ‘I hope you’re jealous.’
‘Too fucking right I am. Has he shagged you?’
I smirked secretly, as I thought about those perabet giriş lazy, long nights of me casually wanking Ray, as we kissed slowly, nylon to nylon mouth. ‘That’s for me to know and you to find out,’ I said.
‘Fucking prick tease!’
I squatted down to the side of the mirror, as Kev’s boss got to his feet. ‘Fuck me, your arse looks good,’ he said, as he noticed it in the mirror, stretching the tight fabric of my tight leotard. ‘So does your cock!’ I gasped with wide-eyed amazement, as I massaged his hard bulge, before running my lips over it. I tugged his leotard to one side so I could see his huge hard prick through his glossy tights. I worked it into my mouth and looked in his eyes with reverence, as I sucked him deep. Occasionally I’d look at my reflection in the mirror, almost not believing that the sissy with the wig, heels, tights and leotard actually squatting down was me. Then I secretly smiled, at the still image of Ray’s pantyhose face, watching us. I even mouthed ‘Oh Ray, my darling!’ when Kev’s boss wasn’t watching.
‘I’m your girl,’ I said, looking at Kev’s hunky boss. ‘Do you understand that? I only wish Kev was here so he could see how much this means to me. Oh, my darling, thanks for firing the creep. The useless cunt had it coming to him,’ I said in triumph, placing my hands on my hips and sucking him freely, without using my hands, bobbing on him.
‘You’re a bad girl,’ he said.
‘A-ha, mmm,’ I grinned over his cock.
‘Fucking dangerous,’ he said.
‘Who me?’ I replied, my eyes wide in mock innocence.
‘You don’t give a shit about anything,’ said Kev’s boss.
‘There’s an ex of mine who disagrees with that, but yeah, I guess I don’t,’ I said. ‘Put it this way, if your wife could please you and Kev could please me, we wouldn’t be here now in our leotards and tights and hard cocks, with me squatting down and going down on you,’ I said, as I manoeuvred myself with my arse to the mirror, facing Ray’s pantyhose image on the computer. I looked at Kev’s boss, with my hand on his cock and with a look like butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth.
‘Oops,’ I said, biting my lip, my face taking on the expression of a fucking clueless bimbo.
‘I’m going to cum,’ Kev’s boss said. ‘I have to cum!’
‘Out of the question, I haven’t even sat on your face yet. I need you to sniff the tight seat of my leotard and let me know if it’s smelly. I haven’t washed it for ages,’ I said, snapping his leotard into place over his hard cock, and rising. I reached into the drawers and took out a scrunched up black stocking. ‘This will make the experience more intense,’ I said, stretching it over his head and smoothing my hand over his distorted features. ‘Sex is so much more than how something looks or feels, it’s also about sounds, tastes and smells,’ I said. ‘An immersive experience.’
‘Are for fucking real,’ he said, on the verge of coming.
I stroked his stocking face, looked in his eyes and said ‘I want you to understand that this shiny stocking covering your face has been nestling in the back of my panties and tights all fucking week. Just for you,’ I smiled, before dropping a full, moist peck on his nylon mouth. I paused to look at him seriously. ‘I just don’t want you to fuck me, but to also sniff me deeply,’ I added, as my eyes exposed my deep sincere lust.
Sebastian grabbed me and we violently kissed. He then pushed me onto the bed and lay on top of me and humped his hard leotard crotch against mine. I cried out in passion, as his distorted face loomed over me, as he pumped me. The headboard rattled against the wall, as our crotches rubbed together. I grabbed his arse and called out his name. Oh it was so tight and smooth in his leotard! ‘Oh yeah! Darling! Oh yeah!’ Seeing his menacing nylon face contorted in determination, turned me perabet güvenilir mi on even more!
‘You fucking slut, you fucking sissy!’ my lover whispered with menace, as he pumped his hard cock through his leotard against my hard crotch. ‘You’re so fucking gorgeous and sexy,’ he said. ‘I’d do anything for you.’
‘Yeah?’ I said, ‘yeah?’
‘You’d give Kev a kicking, for me, would you?’
‘If that’s what you wanted,’ Kev’s boss huffed.
‘You’d leave your wife for me?’ I asked, my arms clinging to the back of his neck.
‘Fuck, Polly, you’re dirty. Maybe I will.’
‘No maybes, my hunk. As soon as I tell you all my plans, you’ll be kicking the lazy bitch out this evening. Now lie back. I want to sit on your face.’
Kev’s boss grinned as he lay back. I turned around and lowered my arse on his face, really pressing the sheen of my leotard arse against his nylon nose, as my tight buttocks engulfed his face. ‘Fucking sniff me! Sniff! Sniff!’ My hunk’s eyes squinted shut, as he deeply, deeply sniffed my arse, pressing his nose as far as my lycra would allow. I felt his hands smooth and caress the back of my glossy thighs and my arse through my leotard I’ve always fucking loved it when men fondle and sniff me. ‘I fucking love riding your face! Can you smell that? Can you smell me? You fucking love it!’ I cried. ‘I wish it was possible to stick your head in a condom and to shove it up my arse, before easing you out,’ I giggled. He only sniffed me harder. It was so loud. I bounced and wiggled from side to side. ‘It was always going to be like this,’ I declared, ‘…me in my leotard and tights, with your nose up my fucking arse.’
Kev’s boss, nuzzled me deeply. I couldn’t take much more. I got up, pressed my hands to the dresser, so I was facing the mirror and the still image of Ray and poked my arse out. Kev’s boss whipped his cock out, pulled my leotard to one side, tore a hole in my tights and plunged his prick right up my arsehole. As he pumped me, slapping his hips against my buttocks, I kept exchanging alternate looks between the boss’s determined expression, to the distorted face of Ray. ‘Ah, ah, you’re fucking me so good! Ah, oh! Shag me! You’re fucking shagging me!’ I could feel my hunk’s hands pressed against my nylon hips as he slammed it up me.
‘You dirty fucking bitch!’ he cried. ‘Take it, take it, you fucking prick tease!’
His hard cock squelched and plunged up my arsehole, while his determination stretched his nylon face.
‘Ooh my favourite tights! You’ve put a hole in them!’ I squealed like the sissy I was so fucking proud to be. ‘Oh my! Kev bought me these tights. I need to go shopping!’

Kev’s boss leant close to my ear and said ‘You’re my secret sexy bitch, aren’t you?’
I closed my eyes and said ‘I love being your secret little bitch, only I know what you want and how you want it.’
I glanced in the mirror and noticed that my wig had already slipped a bit, due the vigorous way Sebastian was fucking me. I pathetically tried to straighten it, but it didn’t matter, as after a few more thrusts and it fell off, revealing me for the sissy I am, in my leotard, tights and heels. At same time, my leotard flooded with my spunk, as I caught the still image of Ray watching me and the determined expression in Sebastian’s face. Kev’s boss whipped his cock out and gushed his hot cum all over the arse of my leotard, which dribbled down the back of my tights. I staggered to the bed, where I joined him in his arms. Both of us out of breath.
‘I love you,’ I sighed, resting my head on his chest. Sebastian stroked my shoulders and patted my sopping wet leotard arse as he declared that he loved me too. And we did love each other. It wasn’t just about a quick bang and let’s go, we actually, when we had the chance, slept with each other all night, with him holding sissy me in his arms. Oh, my special darling! I know you’re reading this now. I can’t wait to slip into my skintight black bodycon dress over my thick gloss, honey semi-opaque pantyhose and heels, to slow dance and kiss all evening.
Oh, I really love men in lycra and pantyhose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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