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The party goers failed to see the irony of the situation and he wasn’t about to comment on it either. He, Pim Jansen, was attending a silver wedding anniversary of Marion and Frank Wouters, his wife’s parents; an event that many in the room might get to wondering about; whether they would also reach that milestone in life; the celebration of two people living through good and bad times and choosing to celebrate the fact with family and friends. The same might yet be said of him; hope and reality were only too interchangeable mindsets; just as fidelity and fecklessness.

Dinner had been an extended feast; the drink and hospitality abundant; the celebrations already leaving some of those attending the worse for wear, or their inhibitions lessened when the music began. Many were thankful that they had reserved a bedroom suite, here in the luxuriously appointed and favoured hotel. All this before the dancing had started and inhibitions seemingly cast aside, by both young and old; by close family members and those who were looked on as choice friends and relations.

‘Pim?’ he heard Marion say, to claim his full attention upon her, and on a gentle touch to his jacket sleeve. ‘I’ve got a favour to ask…’

He met her wondering look upon him. The auburn haired woman looked beguiling; clothed in an emerald green halter-necked gown that flattered her figure; showed off the soft golden tan to her skin and the captivating dusting of freckles upon its silken smoothness. Pendant earrings swayed; were to be seen to contrast with the luxuriance of her regally tied back, and plaited, hair, and lent her face a singular attractiveness.

‘Anything…you can ask me anything,’ he was prompted to reply and meaning it. ‘Tonight’s going to be special…’

‘That is my intention too.’ Marion smiled fondly at him. ‘Frank’s sipped more than he should, and so he can’t help me. My feet ache and I need to get home to quickly change my shoes before coming back here and to dance the night away…’ Marion’s look sought to persuade him. ‘I…I wondered if you’d do that for me?’

Pim nodded. Marion would already know the answer for they were close; had drawn closer over the three years of his marriage to her daughter, Irene; she who could be flirty at functions such as this and had already taken up with others on the dance floor. There, she had left everyone amazed at her vitality and sureness of steps. Yes, he was married to an amazing woman; and, disconcertingly, her mother charmed him too; laid claim to his wondering attention also. Marion had studiously kept her looks and, discreetly, knew that this played a part in his ways with her.

Marion saw him glance Irene’s way. ‘She’s otherwise engaged,’ she murmured on squeezing his arm to draw his gaze back to her.

‘I can see that,’ he replied curtly, ‘so I’ll not be missed…but I’ll have a word anyway, and then we can go. My car’s near the hotel entrance.’

‘Good. The night’s warm…put the roof down…so we can enjoy the drive.’

She watched the young man as he walked certainly through the throng on the dance floor, and then as he talked to Irene. It was an only too brief exchange; a moment’s look of annoyance crossing her daughter’s face. It was evident that he had intruded upon her dancing. She was soon engaged in conversation, by her chosen dance partner, once more. It appeared to have been an only to abrupt dismissal of him and Marion noted the angry set of his lips, for but a moment, before Pim turned away.

Once again, Marion found his look upon her only too captivating, his irritation quickly dispelled. The prospect of being with her had obviously had an effect upon him. What she had chosen to wear for the evening dispelling the more restrained, unobtrusively attractive, woman she dared to think herself to be.

She felt uncommonly pleased to discover that it was so as Pim drew close. ‘Is it settled between you?’

‘Yes, as far as it ever is. Now, come on,’ Pim laughed wonderfully. They left the noise of the function room and found themselves in the comparative stillness of the marble floored passageway and the hotel’s foyer. There, heavy, marble topped tables supported on ornate gilded bases filled the echoing space. They caught a glimpse of their reflection in the mirror, as they walked to the revolving doors of the exit. ‘Everyone’s having fun…so, we won’t be missed.’

‘My thoughts exactly…’ she answered on a wondering gaze; soon threading an arm through his as they strolled out into the evening air and to his car. ‘I didn’t want to ask anyone else…’ Impulsively, Marion brushed the fingers of one hand to his face as Pim unlocked the passenger-side illegal bahis door and opened it for her. The BMW Series 3 coupé gleamed under the lights above them. ‘Irene…Irene tells me how it is between you sometimes.’

Marion met a moment’s overt and admiring glance upon her as she settled into the seat. There was so much in modern life for younger people, and recently wed couples, to deal with and yet here she was claiming his attention.

Pim gave a disbelieving laugh; that she should comment on it and to him. Someone else lived under that carefully tended skin that was the woman beside him now.

‘Tonight has set me thinking. I’ve been wondering how it can go for two people over so many years,’ he admitted on glancing her way, mildly disconcerted by her forwardness. ‘Everyone back there must be doing the same…so many years with one person to love.’

‘It’s not always easy. You’ll find that out…’

‘Not too soon, I hope. But, you’ve seen how Irene can be…’

‘Yes, and you can always talk to me…if it gets to be a problem.’

He had spoken out. Now, Pim wondered on that remark; thought it might be the effects of the drink that had been served over dinner, of which there seemed to be an inexhaustible supply. He slid soundlessly onto the leather driver’s seat and closed the door; he soon pressed the button that would release the locking mechanism of the roof. It now hummed as it lifted off its fixing points, rose away and slowly folded up behind them.

‘The stars look down on you…and Frank,’ Pim offered, smiling at her, before looking up at the cloudless, starlit sky.

‘Perhaps…but there’s more to be found.’ Marion touched his hand as the engine was started and Pim sought the gear needed to move off. ‘You’re…you’re in my thoughts, Pim. Have you ever realised that?’

He darted a glance her way. She had given voice to what he had sensed had become a discreet, wondering, interest in him and Irene; in what might play out between them. Pim accelerated as she overtly stroked his thigh; then brazenly pressed fingers to the hardening swell in his pants. The sight of her in that dress, how she flirted with him, as he drove Marion to her home, had set his pulse racing. How she looked; what she said; what she now did in her touches could so easily devastate any remaining control. Until now, neither of them had shown, or given voice, to an interest in the other and that defied all propriety and reason.

‘Jeez, Marion…this is crazy…what we’re doing!’ Could she really be after an impetuous fuck? Flirting was one thing; a compliment bestowed, even. But, for them to go so much further?

‘Yes, it’s crazy but necessary, for both of us…I think? I have eyes…and I’ve seen how it can go between the two of you, and…tonight, I’ve seen a different look from you on me.’

It was true, what she had told him. An unspoken attraction to her could become so much more. ‘I’m sorry to have made it so obvious…’

‘Don’t be that…sorry. I’m flattered, though I shouldn’t say that…or give you any encouragement, but…to tell you something…things are not all they seem for me either, with Frank.’

She felt his arousal; knew that he would not resist her in the claims she persisted in making on him so brazenly; secretively. Irene had spoken of her man and his ardent loving ways. Frank was somewhat older than she was; her forty seventh birth day had only just passed. She was often dismayed at having to work at reigniting the passion between them; all that she had once felt for him and the rush of spontaneity; what they had so often succumbed to given full expression to…they were becoming a thing of the past. Relationships evolved but she was not ready to forego moments of genuine passion; to live for the moment. She had been dismayed at the realisation that being with Pim would make it so.

Marion felt the lightest of touches to her hand…to keep it on him.

They now drove the short distance in silence, to the edge of the settlement; the once isolated farmstead on the edge of the polder, inland and beyond Wassenaar; the thatched steading now turned into a luxurious home. It stood surrounded by poplar trees and its elevated position keeping the house safe from any risk, save the severest of flooding; but such an event was thought unlikely, now.

Pim slewed to a stop before the house and released his seatbelt; looked across and now saw how Marion’s seat belt shaped her. Impetuously, he lifted a hand to lightly brush the swell of her breasts; heard the sharp intake of Marion’s breaths as he did so.

‘I’ve thought of this…being with you…even…’ he admitted illegal bahis siteleri on a whisper.

‘Thought of me even when you’re doing it with Irene?’

He gave no answer to that, but followed Marion to the house; kept from embracing her and claiming Marion in the first of truly questing caresses. Frank had already been too far gone to be helping her; and Irene was engaged with some guy she’d taken to dancing with, and who seemed to be as skilled as she was. Interrupted, on the dance floor, she had given no meaningful answer to him on being told that he was driving Marion home to collect different evening shoes, or how long he’d be gone; nor for her to tell Frank if she got the chance…or was inclined to do so.

‘At last…and we’re alone together!’ Marion laughed on looking his way. She had kicked off her shoes and drawn close; reached up to touch his face and to be met by his hands on her waist to draw her into a deepening, gasping kiss; what they now sought crushing any remaining resolve not to concede; every kiss and caress a fevered preamble to all that would follow – a frenetic tryst. ‘Pim, darling,’ she murmured, looking down to where her hand again clamped his crotch. ‘You’re so strong…already…and now it’s for me!’

She would draw him into the maelstrom of conflicting emotions.

‘Where?’ he growled in response; his fingers brushing the swell of her breasts before he bent to press his lips to them; to tug gently on her hardening nipples. ‘I’ve loved the look of you…of them and the freckles on your skin…and now, how you look in that dress. Beautiful…graceful…elegant. That’s what I think of you…’

‘Show, don’t tell me,’ she teased on a coy smile, ‘do that, please?’ Marion drew him into the darkened living room, and to the couch, unfastening the clasp that held her halter neck dress as she did so. His hands were felt on her warm thighs as he drew up the skirt and she shivered; was enthralled by his touches to her. ‘You can now…and I want to love with you…to feel so differently from how it is with Frank…to have an orgasm…again…and again!’


‘I’m not drunk…far from it!’ She claimed him and sought kisses to her exposed body; she ached to share in these moments of uncommon heat and longing; pushed aside how destructive their tryst would be to an ordered life and to those closest to them.

Pim wondered if Frank no longer brought it to her; that, in Irene’s words spoken of a boyfriend before they had met and married, was a ‘useless prick!’

‘Marion…Marion!’ he whispered hotly as she gripped his hands. Pim stood before her; had fumbled to undo his belt and drop his trousers to the floor; to slow her claims upon him; as Marion looked up at him; succeeded in pulling his trembling length free of any restraint. ‘This is crazy…but wonderful!’

Marion had aroused in him a deepening hunger for the woman that she had become. He guided her attentions on him; gripped handfuls of her silken hair as Marion claimed him greedily; as he felt her tantalising touches, kisses and licks to his straining flesh. Her wantonness was beguiling.

She spoke certainly.

‘It’s me on you…then your tongue in me…before this in me…what you bring to Irene!’

‘Jeez…this is crazy!’ Pim looked down at her; squirmed as her mouth and lips caressed and sucked on him; her hands squeezed on his sac in a seducing rhythm that brought him to the point of no return.

‘No, not crazy…but necessary for me…if I’m to have you in my life all the time and when Irene is with you, here…or not. I’ll know what you bring to her.’

‘There’s no time for it all…Marion…Marion,’ he groaned slowing her in the claims being made upon him.

Pim pushed her down onto the carpet and knelt between Marion’s parted legs; tugged away at her thong and then bent to dip his tongue tip to her; to suck and kiss; to probe and tease. He moved to her breasts; gripped them hard and kissed their straining tips.

Marion moaned, ‘Oh, that feels so good! Yes… suck them hard! I want you to suck them really hard!’

‘There’s more to taste…’

Pim pushed up her legs and bent down to Marion’s pink folds, now unashamedly exposed to his gaze and touch; licked up and down; pricked his tongue into her until she gripped his hair to slow his progress. She cried out to him, then shouted.

‘Oh fuck…sorry! Oh fuck…I’m going to come…going lose it! Keep it going, Pim…keep doing it!’ She then gave an ear piercing scream; gripped his head tightly, against her wet crack, until she had finished trembling; knew the rush of pleasure that he had brought to her canlı bahis siteleri so expertly.

‘I need that too!’

She nodded furiously; claimed him feverishly. ‘Go on…bring me on…again!’

His dick was painfully hard; hard as iron; Pim just grabbed onto her and they writhed on the rug. She tried to play coy, closing her legs as if she didn’t want him to fully claim her; but as soon as he sucked the beautiful, freckled swell of her breasts again; sucked and tugged gently on her pert, hard nipples; fingered and teased her once more, Marion conceded; allowed him to enter; to claim her; to sinuously probe and thrust, without restraint, into her; for Marion to really know of him and to be gripped deep inside her body.

Holding her arms behind her head, Pim pinned her down; kept Marion his prisoner as he claimed this woman’s wonderful body; did so with measured, forceful strokes; the pace, that they soon set, energetic and unrelenting.

‘Sorry…there’s so little time!’ he groaned in his efforts to release them from the rush of pleasure, and aberrant longing; from all that they had aroused, in each other, and so quickly.

‘I know…we just do it…we finish it!’ S

he arched her back, thrusting her swaying breasts up towards him, as he pounded her body; as their hips moved in a rousing rhythm; as they stifled their cries in the rush of kisses that were hotly exchanged.

She then met his hooded look and nodded; tightly embraced his bucking hips with her legs and her arms about his neck to claim him. The hot rushes of his breath revealed all that she knew had been aroused in him so quickly; that she had sought to finally discover from him, and with him.

Their words and actions had dispelled any remaining control or restraint.

She heard him groan; that he could hold back no longer.

‘Fill me! Yes…fill me!’ Marion cried out as Pim lost it all in her; his hot breaths on her skin; to her breasts; her face, as she met his last powerful, purposeful and sublimely pleasurable strokes; as she felt the tingling rushes fill her; the response of her body to what he brought; how she shuddered in fulfilment; the slowing of his movements until Pim slumped into her arms and they lay still; luxuriated in the heat of their tryst.

‘You wonder…you wonder…what you’ve brought to me,’ he murmured on soft kisses to her skin; felt her touches of avowal..

Marion clung to him for a moment longer.

‘By appointment next time, please? This is too perilous for me…and you…but we need it, don’t we?’ She stroked his hair and fevered skin; met his appraising look upon her; shivered as his kisses to her breasts and throat claimed her once more.

Pim felt so aroused by all that he had seen of her and had shared in; the feel of her wonderfully fleshy breasts and firm body, against his skin, that he chose not to argue. What he now felt was quite distinct; mother and daughter would have a place in his life like no other. What he now felt might turn to shame; the act between them never to be repeated; but he doubted that. Instances of sensing Marion’s eyes upon him had been known of, and met, before this night.

They had now moved on; interest and wondering had been consummated. Wanton behaviour might soon give way to something quite different between them.

Marion heard her ardent lover sigh as Pim eased away from her. ‘Don’t say or think of it…where we go from here…not yet, please?’


They had washed and dressed hurriedly; Marion not forgetting to get her favoured choice of shoes. She now clutched his hand as Pim drove them back to the party, and whenever it rested on the gear lever between them.

‘I’ll have to do it differently from now on,’ he replied as they entered the hotel’s car park. The roof closed silently as they slowed to a stop.

‘Mother and daughter have their different ways…you mean?’

‘Yes, each is wonderful but dangerous…’

‘Perilous even. We’ll need to take care next time…with you accidents can yet happen, Pim, darling.’

They danced and laughed; drank some more and shared the remains of the evening with Frank and Irene; with friends and family. They had not been missed, it seemed.

‘It’s an anniversary for me to remember,’ Marion whispered in Pim’s ear as they shared in one of the last dances of the night. She could grow to love this dark haired man with his slender high cheeked face; Pim’s stilled look, of his brown eyes upon her, a sign of what was at work in him when they were together like this. ‘Irene will have to deal with what I can feel from you…even now.’

‘If only she could, Marion.’ Pim silenced her reply by taking this vibrant woman in a swirling dance over the still crowded dancefloor. Her grip on his hand, and the fistful of shirt that she took, showed him otherwise. ‘This, what I’ve found with you, is different. Yes, perilous but different.’

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