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Part Time Masseuse
I met Bill and Stacy by chance. I was having a late supper at one of my favorite restaurants in the Cleveland area. I was sitting at the bar that night. You can still get full dinner service at the bar at this place, an upscale restaurant probably best known as a steakhouse even though I was enjoying salmon that evening.

My job often takes me around the world on business. I meet with companies on technology, research and business. In this case, I was a few hours by car from home, starting a technology transfer to a new company located in the Cleveland area. This would end up being a multi-month commitment, where my job would be to come for a week to their location once a month, although at the beginning was going to be twice this month.

I had drove up in the morning and had the kickoff meeting on Friday afternoon, followed by a team building mixer. I had gone back to my hotel to drop off my things and then gone to the nearby restaurant I had been to before.

Bill and Stacy were already sitting at the bar when I arrived. The place was packed on a Friday night, but I was happy to sit at the bar for dinner. They placed me at the end of the long bar, where they were at the end of the bar on the diagonal to me. They were engaged in conversation with people standing with them when I arrived.

I started by getting a glass of red wine, while I looked at the menu and checked mails and messages on my phone. There was baseball on the bar televisions, a little noisy but not bad. Though I had intended to get a steak, I opted for the healthy choice because I had not worked out that day, a small salad and salmon.

I was part way through my entrée and my second glass of wine the first time I spoke to Stacy, or rather I should say she spoke to me.

“How do you like the salmon?”, she said.

I responded, “Excellent”. This was very true; I was quite happy with the selection.

It turns out they were regulars at the restaurant, with their business nearby it was often that they stopped off for a late supper or a drink before returning home.

I am pretty with blond hair and green eyes and in good shape from running. I have a lean 115-pound build on my 5’7″ frame. My athletic 34C -22-34 build tends to emphasize my natural breasts. I was 41 years old when this happened, though people guess I am in my early to mid-30’s.

I guess Bill and Stacy were both in their mid-30’s. Bill was handsome with brown hair and a rugged look. Stacy had black hair and a cute, perky look.

She was also very friendly, and we were having a nice polite chat while I finished eating. I had my third glass of wine while they reloaded also, him with bourbon over ice and her drinking martinis.

The key point of the conversation was when they learned I had had my birthday the day before, that Stacy reached into her purse and pulled out a business card. She wrote something on the back and then handed it to me.

Turns out they owned and operated a nearby spa where they featured massages.

She said, “If you have time, stop by for a free massage.”

They had been open for about a year and a half, doing how what they described as nice business. They were small, so I could take a chance and just stop by, but better if I made an appointment in case they were occupied.

I love massages, and often get one when I travel if time permits. So this was indeed a nice opportunity, though I was not so motivated by the “free” aspect. I am paid well and paying would never be an obstacle if I was interested. But why not try it out since I would be visiting the area regularly over the next several months.

She continued, “Hey, no pressure. Of course, think it over and call if you are interested and want to make an appointment”.

I did not really have to think about it, “Any openings tomorrow afternoon or early evening?”

Stacy pulled out her phone and started scrolling through the schedule, then said, “Tomorrow is just Bill and I, but the good news is we have some openings.”

Stacy and I had been the only ones in the conversation so far, which had been going on for about 30 or 40 minutes. But this was when Bill chimed in, “I give much better massages than her.”

He had a sly grin and Stacy gave him a fake elbow to the ribs, “Stop it!”

I smiled as it was clear he was just being a guy, but I looked at Stacy and said, “when do you have any openings?”

Bill laughed at the rebuke, “Dammit, foiled again”.

Stacy asked, “would you prefer 2 pm or 4:30 pm?”

I chose the later appointment while Bill was paying their check. Sort of a mutual ‘see you then’.

I was only their about 20 minutes longer, finishing my wine before heading back to the hotel.

The only reason that we started the business kickoff on a Friday was that I had been invited to a Sunday morning golf outing with the senior people with the company. But the result was that I would be staying this time for 7 full days.

My Saturday had only three items on the agenda. I would get the luxury to sleep in late, followed by a run and a workout, and now on the schedule was my massage.

I got up around 11 am and put on my running stuff. The area I was staying was a relatively upscale suburban part of Cleveland I knew relatively well from previous visits. There was a nice running trail and the weather was magnificent. I put in about 5 miles on partially paved and partially dirt pathways. Much of my route was in tree lined areas, very beautiful. Upon my return to the hotel gym area, I finished up with weights.

I picked up a Starbucks latte and a croissant for my brunch, appreciating that the day had gone so well. I had a little time before the massage, so I went back to the hotel and finished up some messages.

The spa building had a nice but simple look from the outside. It was an isolated building, but on a main street and not too far from a trendy shopping mall I had known from previous trips. I had driven by the place in the past but had never taken notice. There was no mention of the word “massage” on their building sign, listing only “Spa”. The building was nicely maintained and landscaped, with parking around back with the entrance. There were a couple of cars in the parking lot, but I was not surprised by that as she had indicated it would only be Bill and Stacy (plus customers).

I arrived on time, where Stacy greeted me at the desk. She was dressed all in white, with plain golf style shirt and shorts. The place looked nice and professional. Very bright and well lit, some artwork and a very clean looking feel. I was very comfortable with what I had seen so far.

Stacy said, “Welcome, glad to see you.”

I thanked her, saying, “Great idea. I might not have considered a massage for today, but now that I am here, it sounds awesome.”

“That is great, I know you will enjoy it. Come on back.”

I followed her back to the locker and shower areas. I looked like they had 6 private rooms, with a common shower, sauna and jacuzzi area. She let me to the locker area. Nice looking wood lockers, with a changing bench. There were men’s and women’s locker and changing rooms, separate shower areas, but the sauna and jacuzzi were common.

“Many of our customers will come early and make use of the sauna and jacuzzi, some like to use them afterwards. We have some limited space, so these areas are clothing optional. Usually that means the customers make those decisions among themselves depending on who is present.”

I said, “I have been to many spas in Europe and am quite used to that arrangement. I like it.”

She smiled, “We have never had a problem”.

We went back to the locker area, “You can use the shower first and join me in room 2 when you are ready”.

I mentioned that I had just showered at the hotel, so would be there shortly. She gave me a towel and I proceeded to get undressed. For this first time at the spa, if it had been Bill doing the massage, I would have worn a bathing suit. But since it was Stacy, I was nude underneath my towel.

The massage room itself was lovely. There was some light aromatherapy scent in the air, nothing too strong. The lighting was adjustable; she lowered the lights a little bit as I got on the table. They had all the details. The rooms were quiet, I could not hear anything else in the spa. She had an i-pod playing some playlist. Very nice, as it switched from some new age to popular songs on low.

I had put my face in the table hole while Stacy had adjusted my towel to expose my back.

“Beth, any injuries or sore areas?”

I responded that I had been running earlier and my legs were a little sore, but otherwise nothing. She then asked if I liked light or hard massage, to which I replied ‘regular’. She replied, “great but let me know once we get started if you want it lighter or harder”.

She had been touching my back during this part of the conversation, then started to rub oil on me. Her hands were very strong as she did all the normal moves; obviously a professional masseuse.

We had a nice conversation throughout the massage. She was asking what I did, where I lived, basic getting to know each other conversation.

I learned that she and Bill opened the spa after he had received a buyout from his job of 15 years and they decided on this different career path for the both of them. They had been high school sweethearts, working at the same company. He got a buyout during a business downturn, but she had quit to start the business together. They did not have k**s.

The spa business had been going very well, with the main concern being how many employees to have and to be comfortable with them. The spa business has a seedy reputation in some circles, and they were careful to avoid situations where they could have trouble or put the business at risk. They had also been cultivating a certain clientele and there success was based on these regular customers. But when things were going right, it was also very profitable.

The massage itself was seamless as she practiced good towel etiquette on shifting over to my legs. The oil was lovely, the room temperature was perfect, and Stacy was a very good masseuse.

Our conversation was only interrupted when she got a flinch from me when she was rubbing deep into my thigh.

“Are you OK?”, she asked.

I replied, “Yes, fine, thank you. Just a little sore, I guess”.

“No worries, I can work that out for you.” And true to form, she was a little gentler as she resumed, but gradually getting harder as she worked out the kinks.

She asked how I was doing, to which I replied, “Great, you got whatever was there, thank you. You are very good.”

I continued, “I love to get massages. Often when I travel, especially in Europe, I try to get one when possible.”

I talked about how I was less enamored with Asian massages, as the style and atmosphere is not so easy, sometimes communication as well. But I knew a good massage and was glad to be here.

She did my other leg, but this time started gentle on my thigh before getting harder at the end. She followed with more towel etiquette, moving the towel away completely as I felt the oil on my butt.

Stacy was very casual as she started to massage my butt, and our conversation continued normally as before. She had not traveled too much, so was fascinated with many questions about how other spas did things, how they compared and could improve.

I complimented her on the details I had noticed so far, all very positive. They had not wanted to afford taking out a franchise from one of the brand name spas, but they were also a little nervous it seems on how they compared. As I have been to some, I was able to draw distinctions and comparisons which she also found valuable.

During all this time, again her massage was great. After my workouts, sometimes there is nothing better than a good rub down and I was very comfortable.

Bottom line – I told her the place and the massage were top notch and they had nothing to be nervous about, they should be proud what they had built.

“That is very sweet, thank you.”

Stacy then briefly went over my whole body from shoulders to feet with a combination of light and feather touch, before saying “time to turn over”.

Stacy held up the towel high for privacy as I flipped over. She first laid the towel over my entire body as she then brought over another towel for my head and neck. She folded the towel down to my waist and placed a smaller towel over my breasts.

She oiled her hands and began with my neck reaching her fingers underneath and to the sides. She followed up with my upper shoulders before moving to my stomach. My writing may make it seem very quick transitions, but nothing of the sort as she spent what seemed the right amount of attention in each place.

Maybe the other departure from normal was that instead of asking whether I wanted my breasts included in the massage, that she just proceeded casually by removing the small towel.

We were still discussing massage practice in various places when I noted that small point, that often people ask first. But I had to acknowledge that was almost the rule with a male masseur and more common than not with a female.

She paused for a second, as if not sure how to proceed, when I said, “I did not mean for you to stop. It felt lovely and I always say yes”.

She laughed a little, and continued the massage, “Bill has always wanted me to get a boob job, if he saw yours, he would be after me again.”

She did not appear small, maybe a small B cup, but I had to admit she was smaller than me.

I said, “I am not sure if men are ever satisfied, and friends I know who have had them done are about 50/50 whether they regretted it or not. I have no advice on that.”

Stacy replied, “I have heard about the same. That is partly why I have been reluctant”.

I continued, but laughed a little as I said, “I do not have a lot of experience feeling women’s boobs, but I have felt a couple of times where it appeared natural and difficult to tell, and other times where they felt hard and easy to detect were fake”.

She sort of sighed as she said, “Well, no doubt here.”

I laughed, “Yeah, they are not bad.”

She gave them one final squeeze, including a little nipple pinch to each, before moving on.

She managed towels again to expose my legs but did not recover my chest. Her hands felt great on my legs again, both at my calves and thighs. That is what five miles will do to you.

I gave another involuntary flinch when she got to my upper thigh, basically in the same place as when I had been laying on my stomach.

She commented, “same place, we will take care of that again.”

Conversation among women can jump all over and this was one occasion. Somehow the discussion was back to me, we had covered already professional and now we went into personal situation. I have never been married, but often been in stable relationships. No c***dren.

As Stacy had been with Bill since high school, my situation being quite different, she seemed fascinated. Probably people are always thinking someone else’s situation may seem more desirable, but she did not give off that vibe at all about her relationship with her husband.

“Not a jealous bone in his body, always been that way. We are very fortunate that we are so compatible.”

Somehow that dialog morphed into the spa business again, where we got onto the discussion about the ratio of men to women clients. She did not know what it was like elsewhere, but at their place it was about 60-70% male clients, partially why they needed extra female employees. I guess this would be obvious to most people, but almost all male customers want a female masseuse. On the other hand, female customers are split about 50/50 on whether they prefer a male or female masseuse.

Apparently, they discussed before opening the spa how each of them would feel with their spouse giving massages to their clients. This had been healthy for them as they really both confirmed none of that was a problem.

By this time in the massage, Stacy had my leg bent back to the side as she worked more on my thighs. I was still covered at my pelvic area, and she was working on the same areas she had done before. On the other hand, I could not help but think she had gone high up on my leg and the towel may not be covering me very well.

It was still a very professional massage, but I could feel my nipples harden involuntarily. I wondered whether she had noticed or not. But as we were still conversing and she often looked at me while we talked, I thought she probably had.

I had to admit that she got the kink out of my thigh again as she switched over to the other leg. As continued the massage, the discussion again continued on the spa and how one lesson learned in opening the spa had been getting good people was important and how that it had not been that easy.

I gave the same flinch on my left leg when she got to the thigh, but she was careful as before in working it out. Perhaps this time the towel had ridden up a bit so that I was fairly sure there was a lot visible.

I had not quite understood what she was getting at, as I mentioned that I think almost all small businesses suffer that problem.

She paused a moment, before saying, “masseuses typically make a decent amount of money on tips, so sometimes they are …not careful.”

I had not really caught on fully yet, but suddenly it dawned on me, “Ohhhhhh…I think I see what you mean.”

Stacy said, “There is no way to know everything that goes on in the room, but we don’t want to have our business put at risk.”

I said, “I get it”.

Stacy said, “Maybe you don’t. Some of the customers have expectations…”

I was beginning to follow her.

She continued, “The people we hire have to be perceptive, discrete, professional and not willing to take chances. It is not always easy.”

I let that hang in the air for a bit, the first pause in our conversation. I finally mentioned, “Frankly I had not thought about that before, but I begin to follow you.”

She responded, “That is because you are preceptive”.

She had gotten the kink out of my leg again, finishing up with a very hard rub of the affected area.

Stacy finished up this leg with the very light and feather touch of my thigh. Even though the room was perfect temperature, I got goose bumps all over my body.

Stacy noticed and laughed, “Wow, that was a strong response. How are you feeling?”

“Fantastic”, I replied, “you are very good at this”.

She removed the small towel, so I was now fully nude with my goose bumps and hard nipples. She dripped oil over my entire body, dripping on my chest and stomach and legs. She did a light rub of the oil to smooth it all in everywhere.

Whether she had noticed my nipples before or not, I could not be sure. But she noticed now as her fingers did a light circling trace around them and they hardened even a little more.

She rubbed my arms again lightly, lifting each one so my hand was on her shoulder while she did lightly massage them. I had my eyes closed during this final stage, but as she lowered my arms each time, I felt my relaxed fingertips slide against her breast on the way down. With the second arm, she had lowered a little slower.

As the last words she had spoken had been ‘you are very perceptive’, I began to wonder.

There was another opportunity for my perceptive powers to come into play when she did my legs. As she raised each leg up to stretch me and push back against me, I felt my foot on her breast with her hand around my ankle. She repeated the same move on my other leg and then moved up to my side again.

After this was over and I was laying flat again, I lifted a little at my hips to readjust. While I had not had my legs squeezed together, after my adjustment my legs were now a little farther apart. Not spread wide, but enough.

Stacy and I were quiet now, but I felt her drip more oil onto my stomach, lower abdomen and upper thighs. I felt some drips of oil between my legs as well.

She was moving her hands around lightly but also relatively quickly, one hand on my leg, one hand on my stomach. She would move them up and down, as far down as my lower thigh and as high as my stomach, bring them together on the side nearest to where she was standing. I felt her hands reach over to my other side and repeated the same pattern.

Then instead of going up and down, she went back and forth, her one hand moving from one leg to the other.

“Still doing alright?”

I replied, “Mmmmmm, yes”.

I felt her put a little pressure on my knee as she pulled my leg closer to her. She did the same thing on my other leg, pushing it away a little farther.

I felt her drip oil over my pussy directly this time, and then her one hand slide up to my breast and the other hand slowly moving up my thigh.

I felt the slightest touch of her finger on my pussy lips. I suspected it was coming, but I flinched a little anyway.

“Oops, sorry,” she replied, but her hand was still high up on my leg.

I opened my eyes and looked up at her smiling face. I picked up my head toward her. Stacy moved her hand from my breast to the back of my head for support as she leaned down to kiss me.

Our kiss was not a light peck on the lips. Our open mouths met and melted together as she lowered my head back to the table while we kissed, our tongues exploring. It was not a rough kiss, but a perfect kiss.

I also felt Stacy begin to stroke my pussy. I was very wet anyway, but the combination of my natural wetness and the oil made it very easy for her finger to penetrate me. We never stopped our kiss, but I moaned anyway.

Stacy lifted and looked down at me, “I was hoping you would let me…”

She immediately moved down the table and spread my legs further as I felt her mouth engulf my pussy. She dove in at first, then began to lick while her arm moved up to squeeze my breast. I groaned. It was not going to be too long before I would orgasm. She had made me horny during the massage, but she also knew what she was doing now with my pussy and I was in heaven.

I reached down to pull her up. She looked up at me inquisitively, but I was insistent. She stood up and approached me, leaning down to kiss me.

But I paused her and pulled up on her shirt. She laughed and began to unbutton her shirt while I squeezed her breast. Soon she was topless and leaned down again so I could suck on her nipple while she fingered my pussy.

After a little while she was going to return to my pussy but laughed again when I pulled at her shorts. She started to unfasten them while I had reached to feel her pussy. She kicked off her shoes and then understood my signal for her to climb on top in a 69 position.

I was pleased to find that Stacy was fully wet also. Her pussy tasted lovely as I sort of matched her approach of diving in followed by licking. I could feel her spasm a couple of times and pause as I licked her clit. The way it was going we were headed to both cumming at the same time. Somehow that thought brought me closer and maybe her sensing that I could feel her cum while I licked her. True to form, I came intensely and for a long time. There is no doubt about when or if I am having an orgasm, the same could be said for Stacy.

We could both feel when the other had finished. Stacy climbed down from the table, but then climbed up again, this time laying on top while we kissed.

I finally said, “Oh my god, you are unbelievable. I have not cum that hard in a while.”

She replied, “Me too, normally I do not do that with the customers”.

When I looked a little puzzled, she said, “…let them bring me to orgasm. This is unusual.”

My own lesbian experiences have been generally wonderful, but also not that common. This one had been totally unplanned and totally wonderful.

I said, “I have only been with women a few times in my life, but if they were all like this, I would give up men.” That was not true, but I was trying to make a point.

We kissed again.

Stacy replied, “yeah, that was great.”

I said, “I am going to have to come back.”

She quickly replied, “yeah, I want to talk to you about that.”

I looked at her a little puzzled, but she continued, “Go ahead and shower if you like. Of course, you are welcome to use the jacuzzi and sauna if you like. But we went over a little and I will have another client a little later.”

“I fully understand. Go do whatever you need to do.”

I got up and wrapped a towel around me as I headed to the locker room. I quickly showered to remove the oil, but when I got out, Stacy was there.

She said, “I have a few minutes before I get busy, Bill is setting up the room for me…”

I had already decided that I was going to tip her, especially in view of the free massage. I had noticed the rate was $100 for a one-hour massage. Even though we went probably 90 minutes, the reason she was running late, I had thought a $100 tip was about right. I reached it out to her, but she waved me off.

I said, “Please take it. I appreciate the free massage, but I don’t want to walk out without giving you something.”

She said, “That is what I want to take to you about. What I want to know is whether you might be interested to work here part time as a masseuse.”

Frankly speaking, I was a bit floored by the proposal.

She continued, “I know you are in the area for work, so I know you cannot put in a lot of hours. One of our trusted masseuses is on vacation right now and we are a little short. And we probably have enough business that we can use you even when she returns.”

I was quiet and she noticed. She said, “No obligation at all, we fully understand if this is not for you. But I thought to take the chance that you might be interested. And you don’t need to decide now. If you like, you could also try one and see if you like it.”

I had been thinking all the while as she was talking. There was some appeal for sure, but also apprehension.

I said, “First of all, thank you for the offer. I am flattered. It is one of those bucket list kind of fantasies. But of course, you know I have no formal training. I love massage and have had many, but no training.”

She said, “I first had the idea when you were telling me all the details of the chain massage places, your experience in Europe and other places. You knew so many details that I would say you know a lot already.”

I replied, “Let me ask you candidly. Based on your comments about perception, discretion, etc., what goes on in the rooms? What are the customer expectations? Based on your comments, I expect I would be giving massages to mostly men. Especially what are their expectations?”

Stacy said, “Those are exactly all the right questions. I will tell you the deal would be that you would not be paid a salary, but you would get $20 for each session, plus whatever you would get in tips.”

I was about to remind her that I had a good job already…

Stacy continued, “I know that is not what would motivate you, but just wanted to be clear. What happens in the room is up to you. It can be nothing more than a massage. You are right, there are guys who want the happy ending. We are very careful about that, always telling them this is not that kind of place. On the other hand, for our regular clients, that can occur. There, that is out on the table.”

I was a little stunned, but not entirely surprised either.

She continued, “Even for our regulars who might get that, you would not be obligated. You can just say, ‘I don’t do that’. End of story. I think you would have the perception and discretion to choose wisely and not put the business at risk. I will candidly tell you that police come to all these kinds of places occasionally. Not often, but they do. We have advance notice when that is going to happen.”

“Let me ask you Stacy, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but is that kind of service something you provide?”

“Yes. Not to everyone, but yes.”

There was a pause in the air again as I let all of it sink in.

Stacy said, “So here is a quick question, easy to just say no if you want. It is around 6:15 now. My next client will be here anytime, and I will be tied up. We have a problem that we are double booked, thinking that our other masseuse was going to be here.”

She continued, laughing, “We cannot really give him to Bill…” I smiled also. “We also do not have a contact number to reschedule. So either we send him away or ask him to come back later, or… you can take it if you want to try.”

I probably gave the wrong response, “Stacy, I don’t have anything to wear…”

She cut me off. “We have everything you need”.

“I am not sure about this…”, I replied. But I also had to admit to myself that the idea was thrilling too.

“Stacy, I am really nervous about this. But what the heck. It would be interesting, and with no obligation, I guess I can give it a shot.”

She was bubbly, “That is fantastic! Thank you for helping us out. I will be right back.”

Stacy came back with Bill. “Beth has agreed to take our double booking. Bill will bring him back to the lockers, all that intro stuff, including meeting him at the desk. You just do the massage.”

Bill gave me a big smile and thanked me.

Stacy said, “Ok, let’s get you some shorts and a shirt.”

It ended up that I could wear Stacy’s shorts easily enough, but her shirt was tight. We ended up that I wore one of Bill’s spare shirts. A little baggy, but OK. There were options such as wearing a little Oriental style silk robe over bra and panties, or a wife beater kind of tank top t-shirt, but it seemed wise to go with the conservative outfit.

I had a lot of butterflies, wondering if I had made the right decision or not.

There was not a lot of time before the moment of truth. Stacy took the first one to show up. There had not been time to find out whether both clients were of equal importance or not. But once she led him to the locker room, the I found out that indeed the client she just took was a regular.

Bill said the other client had been there either once or twice before and had made the appointment through another masseuse. He said there was a chance he would not show up at all, they were a little confused about that themselves, and I think a little annoyed with the other masseuse for the uncertainty. But when Bill saw someone pulling into the parking lot through the security camera, he gave me a smile and said, “I think you are on.”

Stacy had already gone back to her room. I was going to be using room 2 again. Bill had already cleaned and set it up again. Stacy left her i-pod for me, so music was not a concern. Apparently, she had another music setup for her ‘new room’. Bill told me this client’s name; “Also Bill, but not me”.

I smiled and waited in the employee lounge. Bill came in eventually and said he was back showering and changing. He pointed out a little light board on the wall which would tell me when he got to the room.

Bill said, “When the light comes on, means he has gone in and closed the door. Give him a minute to get himself on the table and then knock on the door and go in. Break a leg.”

He smiled, “Relax. From what Stacy tells me, you are going to have no problem at all.”

I give speeches in front of big audiences all the time, but still get nervous right before it is my turn. I have a little ritual to calm myself and tried to apply it this time as well with moderate success.

I gulped when I saw the light go on, looked at the clock and waited.

I knocked on the door and went in, Bill was already laying down on his stomach.

I said, “Hi, you must be Bill. I am Beth. I will be giving you your massage today.”

He reached out his hand, “Nice to meet you Beth. Are you new here?”

I güvenilir bahis şirketleri laughed, “Yes, just started. But I will take good care of you. Please relax.”

I continued, “Any injuries or sore spots that I should know about.”

“Just my lower back and legs are sore from golf.”

I said, “No worries, I play myself and know where you would get sore”. Which was true.

I adjusted the towel to expose his back, covering his butt and legs. Then I followed the same procedures I knew from many massages and from what I had just received from Stacy.

I dripped oil onto Bill’s back. I did not have a good look at him yet, but I guessed he was about 50 or so, maybe a little under 6 foot and if I had to guess, maybe about 190 pounds. Anyway, not overweight, but not an athlete either.

I had already decided to be light on verbal banter but did not want to be rude either. So, while I first time put my hands on his back, I started some conversation.

“Bill, please let me know at any time if you are uncomfortable. Let me know if I am being too hard or you have any preference.”

He mouthed, “OK”, but then was silent. I asked if he had played golf today, how he had done, where did he play.

It turns out he is a pretty good golfer if he was telling the truth, about 10 over par. I did not recognize the course, but almost anywhere you shoot that score means you are good.

I told him that he would beat me, as I am more of an 18 handicap.

I did not mind the conversation, but I was also concentrating on doing my job. Oiling his arms and back, pressing into the muscles. I like giving amateur massages, usually to boyfriends, but truth be told, usually there is no way to finish those massages before it leads to sex. I smiled to myself, as we were trying to avoid that.

We had been going on now for a few minutes when I asked how he was feeling. “Perfect” was a good reply to hear. So apparently, I had been getting the pressure about right and not making any critical mistakes. I had been standing at his side for most of his back, but now moved near his head for the up and down treatment.

At various stages I was asking how he was doing, always getting a positive reply.

Eventually I moved down to his legs, standing at the side of table again as I moved the towel again. Candidly, I assumed he was nude underneath but did not know for sure.

We talked occasionally, just for me to make sure he was good with everything. I found out he had been to this spa two times before, both times with Susan. He had expected her today. I apologized and told him I was very new here and had not idea where she was. He seemed to be very understanding.

I had all the time been doing a deep massage, sometimes breaking the pattern to stretch his arms or legs. But it all seemed to be going well. I had just done his upper legs when I had one moment of personal crisis. It was time to massage his butt. I had toyed with the idea of skipping that but got over what would have been a bad idea. All professional massages I have ever had included the buttocks.

Without missing a beat, I removed the towel and dripped oil onto his butt. Bill was a little tense and I told him to relax as I rubbed in the oil. I pressed down reasonably hard with my palms, doing the best I knew how to do in simulating what I had received.

After the right amount of time focused on his butt, I did the light rub over his entire body from shoulders to feet and it was time for him to turn over. I held the towel up for privacy as he turned over.

As I laid the towel to cover him from chest to ankles with the towel, it was only a single layer thick. To my non-surprise really, it was apparent through the towel that he had a decent erection. I folded the towel down to his waist to cover him a with another layer as I exposed his chest.

We had a little more dialog as I massaged his chest. As I had surmised, he was height-weight proportional, but probably not to the gym that often either. All good.

I asked if his shoulder or chest were sore from the golf, but he said he was fine there, probably more in need of his legs. I worked on his arms a bit after finishing his chest, doing as Stacy had done for me by putting his hand on my shoulder while I rubbed in the oil. He kept his hand where I had placed it, but I did feel a couple of squeezes on my shoulders.

When I had placed his hands at his sides after massaging each arm, I did feel him move his hands slightly outward so that the edge of his hand was touching my leg. He was not blatant about it, but it was not quite an accident either.

He was about half and half whether his eyes were open or closed. When I would glance at him looking, I would smile and ask how he was doing, it was always followed by the response ‘great, thank you’.

I went down to the end of the table near his feet as I worked on his lower legs, then moved to the side of the bench again as I started on his thighs. There was a point on his thigh where Bill commented, “Right there.”

That was OK, I had a similar reaction when Stacy was working on me. So I was fine with helping him work out his soreness. As I worked on the area, asking him how this was feeling, he said, “that’s it, this is helping a lot.”

I got more oil and slicked down the area, saying, “Tell me is this is too hard.” I pressed harder and he tensed up a little at first, but then relaxed.

“No, that felt great”.

I continued in the area, needing to go slightly under the towel. I was about ready to move to the other leg when Bill said, “Yes, that feels great.”

I stayed a little longer before finally switching over to the other leg. I had been glancing at the clock a little bit, not bored, but trying to manage the time to finish a close to where we were supposed to.

I moved to the other side of the table, one hand on his chest and one hand on his leg, asking, “Still doing well Bill?”

He replied, “Yes, this is very nice. Thank you.”

I had to admit he had been polite and respectful throughout. I had no complaints.

I started on his right thigh using both hands side by side as I kneaded his muscles.

I was looking at him when I asked, “Are you sore here too Bill?”

“Yes, this side is about the same. The way you did it before was great, that was about the right amount of pressure.”

He asked, “You give a really nice massage Beth. Where did you get trained?”

My reply was, “Oh, I am not a licensed massage ther****t, just picked it up through experience. I hope everything is OK.”

He said, “No, I was just curious. I like your technique.”

I smiled back and said, “Thank you, you are very kind.”

I focused back on his leg when I felt the back of his hand against my leg. If was more of a glancing touch, but it was clearly intentional. I was trying to decide whether to move, say something, move his hand away…

But I kept working on his leg again instead. I looked back at him, “Still doing OK, is this hard enough?”

He was smiling, and replied, “Yes, very nice thank you.”

I had decided to tolerate a lot within reason. Afterall, part of this was to help out Bill and Stacy. Even though the customer had only been there a couple times, he was a potential regular. I also had the impression from Stacy that the end of the massage commonly had some activity. I had not had to cope with that yet.

He had moved his hand slightly so that now I felt his fingers on the back of my thigh, just lightly touching me. It would have been called a feather touch.

He mentioned similarly as with his other leg when I found the spot on his thigh where he wanted extra attention, “Yes, right there.” It was high up on his leg, but there was still the towel covering him. With the multiple layers of the towel on him as it had been folded, it was not clear if he still had an erection. But I suspected that was the case.

I think as Bill suspected we were getting close to finishing; he gave my thigh a little squeeze. I was still OK with that kind of touching, so I looked back and smiled.

I guess he took that as an opening, saying, “Susan and I usually came to an agreement for finishing up.”

I said, “I am not sure what you mean. Sorry, but I am new here.”

With his left hand, he began to pull the towel away. I caught the end of the towel before he became fully exposed, saying, “I was told by the owners that we don’t do that here. I am not looking for any trouble.”

He continued to look at me, “I promise I am not a cop, and I promise I will not tell anyone.”

The dilemma was that I believed him, that he had likely come to an accommodation with the other masseuse. I also had the impression that if Stacy were here instead that she would have had no problem.

I turned around to get the oil bottle from the table. When I turned around, Bill had removed the towel. He was in roughly a semi-erect state, laying flat off to one side. I would have said he was a bit above normal in size.

I think Bill took my silence as some sort of agreement, which in fact was correct. I dribbled a little bit of oil onto his cock and he inhaled deeply as I took him in my hand.

I looked up at him as I gave him a couple of strokes, then said, “Not a word to anyone.”

He had his head lifted as he was watching, nodded a couple of times, “Agreed”.

I could feel him getting harder in my hand as I stroked him. I reached around with my other hand to rub his balls as he sighed.

I felt him reaching higher on my leg with his hand, going under my shorts. But the shorts themselves prevented him from getting too far.

He changed tactics with his hand as he reached up to touch my breast. He looked up at me to make sure he was not over the line. I did not give him permission but did not remove his hand either. As I was also looking to get him finished quickly, I briefly stopped stroking him and reached down to untuck my shirt. I pulled it over my head, then reached behind to remove my bra.

It was as if he could not believe his luck as he reached back up to squeeze my breast now free and exposed.

I took his full hard cock back in my hand and resumed jacking him off. The way he was responding I suspected he would not be too long before achieving orgasm. I clutched him a little harder and quicker and soon he came onto my hand. He had a muffled groan as he seemed to realize he needed to remain relatively quiet. I continued to stroke him, but now a little less urgently. He began to relax a little bit now as he lowered his hand to caress my leg again.

I turned back to the table to get some tissues to clean us both up.

He started to sit up as I put on my bra.

Bill said, “Thank you Beth, that was great. I appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome Bill. My pleasure. I hope you come back.”

He replied, “Believe me, I will be back. Glad you came to work here.”

I put my shirt back on and smiled, touched his arm, “Are you interested to use the sauna or jacuzzi? I left a little oil on you, so you might want to use the shower rather than get it on your clothes. Otherwise I can see you upfront when you are ready.”

He had not put his towel back on yet, just standing nude while we chatted. Darned though if it didn’t appear that he was starting to get hard again.

I smiled and left him to it. I collected up the used towels and took them to the laundry room. I was not sure how to set up the room again, or how that was done.

I saw Stacy and Bill sitting in the lounge. They both looked at me expectantly, but without saying anything, sort of asking how it went.

I volunteered, “Sorry we went a little over time, but I think everything went great. He seemed very happy and said he would for sure be returning”.

The last comment was really what they were hoping to hear, as they smiled.

“I think he is just taking a shower. Maybe you could help me upfront when he leaves, not sure if he wants to set up another appointment…”

Stacy got up and we walked to the desk. She said, “Everything go OK?”

I whispered back, “He left very happy. I am good too.”

She did not push for details, but we sat down behind the desk together. I said, “I guess it was a little weird giving a massage for the first time, but I got through it. A unique experience. He had certain expectations from his previous appointments with Susan, but he wasn’t a jerk, very polite and respectful. We never discussed tip or anything like that. I had told him that ‘we don’t do that here’. But ended up giving him a hand job.”

Stacy smiled, “Yeah, that is basically how it works. We don’t want the jerks here anyway. But if we can get regular customers with good behavior…this is sort of normal.”

“I had gotten that impression, and truth be told, I sort of enjoyed it, or at least did not mind.”

She nodded, obviously knew what I meant.

I asked, “So Stacy, I guess since this is a normal session, Bill is OK with you being with other men this way?”

She said, “We love each other dearly, but we also are swingers. He knows this is going on and I know he enjoys some of the female clients. This is all transparent with us. Not this client, but some of our swing partners have become clients.”

I let that sink in as there had been a lot of new experience all day, starting with my lovely encounter with Stacy, my first “massage” with Bill, and then then revelation of their marital situation.

I finally replied, “You two have set up a pretty interesting environment. I am impressed.” My own comment, after I said it, did not seem very responsive. But I was still processing all the information.

About this time Bill had finished his shower and come up to the desk. I greeted him, “All set?”

He said to the both of us, “I like your new employee, hope you keep her around.”

Stacy responded, “We like her too, going to work on that. Stay tuned.”

I chimed in, “Wow, sounds like a conspiracy. But thank you.”

Everybody chuckled. Bill reached over with some bills folded and slipped them into my shorts pocket. “Thank you, Beth”.

I responded, “You are most welcome. We hope you join us again.”

Stacy asked, “Are you interested to make another appointment?”

He looked over at me, “What days do you work Beth?”

I sort of fumbled the response, “We have not worked that out yet. How about give a call back after we talk about schedules?”

Bill responded, “Will do.” He leaned over and gave me a light hug. “See you next time.”

He left and Stacy looked over at me, “Seems you made a good impression.”

I looked at the tip in front of Stacy. He had left $100, which was on top of the spa fee of $100. It seemed generous to me.

Stacy said, “That is really good for only a hand job”. She seemed to be double checking whether there had been more.

I commented, “That was it, although I took off my shirt and bra and let him play with my boobs a little.”

She gave my breast a little squeeze, “Can’t blame him for that.” I just smiled, remembering out own session.

I handed her the tip, “Here is my own tip for my wonderful massage.”

She would have none of that, “No, no, no. We told you already that you got us out of a jam tonight. You keep all tips.”

Stacy continued, “C’mon back for a minute.”

We went back to the lounge where husband Bill was still sitting. Stacy told him, “Our customer was really impressed with Beth, wanted to make another appointment with her.”

“Oh, really? Very nice. How did you like it Beth?”

I was candid with them both, “Very interesting experience, cannot say that I was surprised any part of the way. But I did enjoy it also.”

Stacy chimed in, “What about it, want to do more while you are in town?”

I had already realized this was coming, so I said, “Yes, but obviously my hours are quite limited. I am going to be in town until I drive back on Friday, then I come back in two weeks. Then probably one week a month through the end of the year. If you guys need fixed hours, that is going to be difficult as I will have some evening obligations from time to time.”

They essentially responded in unison, “Deal.”

I continued, “I do not even know what days you are open, and I do not want to come in every day. And on the days I come in, probably earliest would be around 5:30”

They were very flexible. We ended up deciding that I would try to come in Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. They were usually closed on Monday and Thursdays. I would be usually driving up on Sunday afternoons, could work the evening. I would usually be driving back on Friday afternoons. I learned they had flexible closing times. Usually they closed at 9 pm, but they would stay open longer if they had customers.

We looked at schedules for even the next day, agreed it would be helpful if I could come in around 2:45 pm and they would plan to give me clients at 3 and 5, then I could take off afterward.

The only other topic we discussed was clothing, as my borrowed shorts and shirt felt stopgap.

Stacy said, “Keep those of course. We should be able to scrounge up other short and shirts that should fit better. Of course, we have the robe options if you like and we can pick up other items if you have a preference.”

I grabbed the clothes I had worn in and went back to the locker room to change. I guess I could have changed in front of them but needed a little space at that moment. A lot had happened.

I got dressed, walked back to the lounge where they were still sitting, said “OK, see you tomorrow.”

Stacy got up and gave me a short hug, smiled.

I responded, “Thanks for today.”

I needed a drink, and of course I was also a little hungry. Avoided the restaurant where I had met them, but I needed a glass of wine.

I was calm, but I also wanted to relax. I drank my first glass a little quickly, but it did help. I wanted to understand what had happened today and try to be truthful to myself with why it happened and how I was feeling.

The closest I could come to analyzing everything was that when I traveled, even for work, that it felt a bit like vacation. When away from home, I tend to act differently, more wary of my surroundings, but also less inhibited. I suppose it is a little like the expression, ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’

I like my opportunities to loosen up and get a little wild.

I got up Sunday morning feeling good about the previous day. I was enthusiastic to go back in later in the day. I went out and had breakfast, also went to the mall to pick up some ‘work supplies’, meaning my own clothing selections. As these items were likely to encounter oil, I did not want to spend too much, but I also wanted to have enough for the rest of the week.

I bought a couple of simple golf style shirts of my size, as well as a couple pairs of shorts. I picked up some additional bra and panty sets. I wanted to keep my regular gear for my regular work outfits. I also bought one bra and panty set to match the silk robe in case I decided to go that route for a session. Finally, I bought some yoga pants and a sports bra. I might end up using items from home on subsequent trips, but I had enough for the rest of this week, and none of these items would go to waste, as they could be worn at home.

I arrived on time, as I always do. Today I wore in a yellow golf shirt with navy shorts.

Stacy saw me as I came in, gave me a hug and nice greeting. She asked, “Did you have a good evening?”

I replied, “Yes, thank you. I enjoyed yesterday, interested to see what today brings.”

She told me Bill was already with a client, she and I would both have our own 3 pm clients.

Stacy brought me to the desk, looked over the schedule, saying, “I will leave it to your preference on our 3 pm clients. Both are regulars, one man, one woman. Have a preference, or want more details?”

I replied, “It doesn’t have to be that way Stacy, if you have a preference, I will be fine either way. But probably I would be more comfortable with the man.”

She said, “No, that’s fine with me too. As you know, I like the ladies…”, as she paused for effect. I got it and smiled back. But she continued, “But I also like the guys.”

I responded, “Well, as you know, I also like the ladies…”. We both laughed.

Stacy confirmed she had given him a massage before. She said, “Jim is probably my age, nice guy, you will like him.”

I said, “Please be straight with me. What level is he expecting?”

She replied, “I have fucked him, but that came after several sessions. I think he will be happy with a handjob or a blowjob if you are willing.”

That was more or less what I had guessed. Stacy probably saw my nervousness, “Still OK if you want to switch and take the lady.”

I had my out, but said, “No, that’s OK, I just wanted to know the lay of the land first.”

My client arrived before Stacy’s, so we decided that I would check him in so he was not disappointed in case he had been looking forward to seeing her.

I met him at the desk, “Hi, you must be Jim. I’m Beth, I will be with you today.”

He was nice looking, maybe about 5″10″ and fit. As Stacy said, I guessed about 35. He said, “Hi Beth, nice to meet you.”

He followed me in back, clearly knew the place, probably better than me. I told him we would be in room 4 and he should come in when ready. I wasn’t nervous though; he was a regular and seemed like a nice guy.

Jim got up on the table without needing to be told. I adjusted his towel, asked the standard questions about injuries, sore spots, etc. He said he had no problems, just here to relax today.

We had some chit chat, but not too much. He seemed to prefer a quiet massage, about normal pressure. We got through his entire backside, including full nude including massaging his butt as usual. He indicated on a few occasions that he was good and enjoying the massage.

I had him flip over at the appropriate time. I dripped oil on his chest and stomach, and his legs. Before I could begin rubbing it in, he moved his hand to my lower back and lightly caressed me. I looked over at him, saw him smiling. I began to massage his chest and stomach, meanwhile his hand covered more territory, moving around from my lower back to my ass. Not aggressively or I might have stopped him or slowed him down.

I continued to massage his chest, but my hands also moved to his stomach and lower abs. He was in good shape overall, obviously worked out. I moved down the table to do his legs. He could still touch me but really only his fingertips made it to my waist. After applying oil to both legs, I moved to the end of the table to work on his calves. I then moved to the other side of the table to start on his left thigh. This time it was his left hand which started to touch me.

I said, “How do you like the massage so far?” He replied great, and I continued, “Stacy told me you were a regular client and to treat you well. So let me know if you need anything.”

But at the same time, I was saying this, I had both hands on his inner thigh rubbing the oil in. I had gotten very high up, with maybe a slight touch against his balls under the towel.

“I am doing great, thank you. Good to know Stacy talked to you.”

I moved around to his right leg, repeating the pattern as before.

I slipped off the towel and he already had an erection. Not full hard yet. He was about average length, but thick. I wasn’t about pretense, so I reached over to grab his cock in my hand.

I said, “Stacy told me you were a nice guy and I would like you.”

I stopped stroking him for a moment, so I could take off my shirt and bra. I said, “Don’t want to get oil on my clothes, hope you don’t mind.”

He lifted off the table enough so both hands went to my breasts. He did a few squeezes and then laid back down. I moved a little closer to him so he could take my breast in his mouth. When he started to suck, I took his cock back in my hand, reaching down first to massage his balls. He moaned a little, but still sucked on my boobs.

Finally, he pulled his head back and laid back down. He had gotten fully hard through the stroking with my hand.

I looked at him and smiled, then shifted my position so I was standing nearer to his legs. I had leaned over to put my tongue on the tip of his cock while I held him in my hand and pulled him closer. As I licked the head of his cock, I was looking up at Jim, who was staring at me also with a smile.

I smiled back for a moment while I licked him, then took him deeply into my mouth. He tensed and moaned at the same time. Seemed to be enjoying it.

“Are you OK Jim, want me to stop?”

He laughed, “No, I think this is …”

Before he continued, I had dived back onto his cock, taking almost all of him into m mouth. If he wasn’t so thick, I probably could have taken all of him.

I had already decided he was going to get a blowjob when Stacy gave me the choice of massaging the male or female clients. When she said he was a regular and that she had fucked him, I was certain. But I was not sure I wanted to fuck him either. Maybe I would need to ease into that, maybe on a future session.

But that did not stop me from letting him grab my ass while I sucked his cock. He was tugging on my shorts, so I paused long enough to slip them off. But I kept on my panty. I let him rub my pussy. No doubt he could tell I was wet, but I wanted to satisfy him with my mouth.

He was close I could tell. He liked it when I sucked on his balls while stroking him, but it was the deep throating that really turned him on.

He said, “I’m going to cum…”

I continued to suck him and then felt the first spurt into my mouth. He was groaning during his orgasm, and it felt like he had a big load. I did not swallow it yet but lifted up and showed him my open mouth before then swallowing.

He said, “Oh my god, that was great. He had a little more cum on the tip of his cock, so I took him back into my mouth and gently sucked the rest. His cock began to relax, though he was lightly groaning as I lightly sucked him. Undoubtedly, he was sensitive after his orgasm, but of course he did not resist this ‘cleanup activity’.

Jim got up from the table finally and we both got dressed. I was ready a little before him, so I also started scooping up towels and tidying up a bit.

Jim had also gotten out his wallet and handed me some number of $20’s folded up. I was not sure of the exact amount.

I said, “Oh, you don’t have to do that. Stacy told me you were a regular client.”

He looked at me a bit strange, then said, “Well, I usually tip. I really enjoyed our session.”

I said, “I enjoyed it too. Great to meet you.”

I didn’t resist this time when he handed over the cash, which turned out to be $100. I led him out where Stacy was at the desk.

Jim said to her, “I like your new masseuse.:

Stacy gave a good response, “We like her too. Glad you enjoyed your session. Ready to book another, or do you want to call in when you are ready?”

He replied, “Give me same time in two weeks if open.”

Stacy said, “Beth will be off then, OK if I you are booked with me?”

He smiled and said, “I am going to have to find a way to come more often so I can see both of you.”

I had to admire the perfect answer. After he left, Stacy inquired how I liked the session with Jim.

I smiled coyly, surprised myself that I blushed a little, “I think I enjoyed that blowjob as much as he did. Almost returned his tip.”

She laughed out loud at first, then said, “I wondered when you might expand your limits, but remember, that is always up to you alone. Don’t ever feel pressured.”

I replied, “No worries, very clear. I felt a little horny anyway, and he did not seem to mind.”

There was a full understanding between us, and I was very comfortable with everything. It did cross my mind as I reflected on the tip that there was no way to avoid the reality that this was sex for money, though I had not done it for the money. Little semantic arguments, but somehow, I was trying to rationalize my slutty behavior. The only thing I knew for sure is that I am a different person on the road. Not a split personality, but more of a ‘let loose’ change in philosophy not too unlike the expression ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” I know that anybody reading this account is likely to have their own different interpretation and that is fine.

Stacy had returned to the desk and asked me whether I wanted another client and when, or whether I wanted a break for a while, giving me the option.

We had a first-time client coming in about 30 minutes if I wanted, she had no information to share. She left it up to me entirely, even offering to let me get a look at him and then decide. I told Stacy she was being overly gracious, and I asked what her own preference was. I was OK either way.

She was also fine either way, so I told her not necessary for me to see him. I will take this one. I thought be making it clear that she could plan out her own schedule as sometimes she or Bill would leave and run errands, whatever.

About then Bill came out with a bottle of wine. Not exactly what we had at the restaurant when I first met them, but a nice cabernet blend from Napa Valley. He had not opened it yet but offered to. Looking at the clock for timing, I thought a glass of wine would be perfect. Great taste and hit the spot just right. I was very relaxed with Bill when Chris came in.

Bill greeted him first, “you must be Chris. Welcome.”

Chris was very young, I guess around 20 or so. Tall, thin, and to be quite candid, a little nerdy looking. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, as he was not bad looking. More that he gave the impression of the classic academic rather than athlete, biker or whatever other description you might want to apply.

Chris seemed a little nervous, saying only “HI” a little shyly. Bill asked him how he found out about the place. Chris said he had driven by the place several times, but had not thought to make an appointment before a friend’s recommendation.

Bill was glad to hear about that, “Well, we love endorsements like that, so if you let me know his name, we will give him a discount for the referral. You think about it though; we understand not everyone likes to leave their names.”

Chris nervously replied, “Thanks, maybe I need to ask him if OK. Could I tell you next time?”

Bill told him that would be perfectly fine. Bill also describe massage prices, recommending the one-hour session. He also took him back for a tour, showing the massage room, showers, locker and spa areas. They came back after a few minutes and Chris told said he would like to go for the 60-minute massage.

Bill then motioned toward me, “This is Beth, she will be taking care of you today.”

I held out my hand, “Nice to meet you Chris, welcome.”

We shook hands. You could tell he was still really nervous, sort of in a cute way. Maybe vulnerable would describe my impression of him.

“Come on, let’s go back.”

He followed me back to the room and I repeated some of the same standard introduction things he had just heard from Bill. But being his first time at the spa, and owing to his nervousness, I just wanted to put him at ease.

I said, “I will give you a few minutes. Go ahead and get undressed. You can take a shower here, and when you are ready, you can lay down on the table face down and cover yourself with a towel and I will be right back. Any questions?”

He said, “What do people normally wear for the massage? Sorry, just new to this.”

I was reassuring, “No problem. Relax. That is totally up to you. Most clients are fully nude. I will keep you covered with the towel most of the time. If you want to wear your undershorts, that is fine too, but you might get some oil on them. But like I said, most clients prefer nude, but you are the boss, OK?”

I was smiling to make him feel comfortable. canlı bahis şirketleri He seemed to start feeling more comfortable with me, smiled back and said “thank for explaining.”

I replied, “No worries, I will take good care of you. You will be feeling great by the time we are done.”

By the time I had returned, Chris was dutifully laying on the table. He had covered himself with a large towel that left only his ankles and feet exposed, as well as his head of course.

I came back, rested my hands on his shoulders over the towel, “Doing OK? Room temperature need adjustment?”

He replied, “I am good, everything is comfortable.”

To ease into things, I left the towel as is and started pressing my palms on his back.

I said, “Chris, at any time, make sure you tell me if I am pressing too hard, or if you would like it to be harder. Let me know if I am hurting you in any way; there should be at no time any pain?”

He said, “OK, thank you.”

I continued, “Do you have any sore spots or injuries, anything I should know of?”

Chris replied, “Nothing like that.”

I said, “OK then. We are good to go. I will be using oil for this massage, is that OK with you?”

“Yes, thank you.”

So I began the massage as standard, folding down the towel to his waist to expose his back. I applied the oil and began to rub it in, checking at times to make sure he was good with the pressure.

It was entirely possible this was his first massage, because to each of my questions on the technique used, his reply was ‘as I recommended’.

He still felt a little tense, or at least not fully relaxed, so I tried to talk to him to get him to loosen up. I found out indeed that he was 21.

To my “Oh my god, half my age!” reaction, got my first relaxation response from him, as he laughed. I want to avoid all the “mom references’ and all of that, but certainly it was a little strange to be massaging someone this young.

We started to carry on a better conversation now that the ice had broken. I found out he was in community college to save money for the first two years but had the grades and the plans to attend the university as soon as possible He was focused on computer science, obviously a popular and lucrative field.

He was impressed by my science background, of course probably assuming a different career based on my massaging him. I am one of those who knows how to use all the functions of a computer, but not necessarily how to set it up myself.

We also discussed my interactions with some well-known high-tech companies. Safe to say he expressed surprise all around and eventually getting up the courage to inquire why I was working here. I gave a pretty transparent response, that I was helping out the owners while they were shorthanded, and that I liked people interaction and that actually just also liked giving massages. I also came clean that I was relatively new at it, enjoying the experience.

We had been talking long enough that I finished his back. He was a standard pressure person. I had recovered his back with the towel and began on his legs. I was careful with him to not expose his legs too high.

My initial reactions upon first seeing him had proven correct. An academic type, a little shy, a little nerdy. But the last part was mainly clothing selection and hair style. I found him to be intelligent after loosening up on the conversation, glad I had broken through as now I could tell he was also enjoying the massage a lot. He gave good insights on the career topics, found out he had played hockey and ran track, but by his own admission, was not really very good at it.

We hit another interest point when I found out he was pretty good at golf. I had played a few courses in the area, nice ones, and traded some mutual anecdotes on strengths and weaknesses of our skill.

It was around this time, now that our interaction was casual and relaxed, that I broached back the subject of massage.

“Chris, this would be the point where I would massage your butt. But I did not want to surprise you and give you a heart attack.”

He laughed, “Well, thanks for the warning. Is that a normal part of the massage?”

I replied yes and he said “OK”.

Now who knows what he had heard from his ‘friend’ who had referred him, if there even was a friend. It was my impression that he was a nice young man, probably inexperienced, but not important.

At least I learned that he had taken my advice and decided to take his massage nude. This was the first time with my conservative towel etiquette where he was now fully nude.

I started with his back first, sort of easing in to the quickly go across his butt. I was at the side of the table, so I had one hand on his leg, one hand on his back, sort of bringing them together at his butt. After the first subtle flinches at my touch, he was relaxed again soon, partly as we were again in discussion.

We were not sharing deeply personal information, but a little better dialog than just ‘how is the weather’ superficial chit chat. Found out his parents were divorced, and he lived with his mother. Found out he did not have a girlfriend, but dated a little, not much.

I said, “I am not surprised Chris. You come off as a little shy. Very normal.”

He replied, “I guess that is true. I have been on enough dates, but by the time we have been going out for a while, usually tough to sustain anything.”

It seemed like he did not mind talking about his ‘dating’, but I did not understand the last part and inquired; “not sure what you mean?”

He came back with, “a little awkward to talk about.”

“Don’t worry, we don’t have to. I am enjoying our conversation, but we don’t have to talk about anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

A little bit of an awkward pause, before he said, “I am just nervous on the subject, but maybe I can say that by the time we have been dating for a while and things lead to…”

He left that hanging, and I said, “Are you talking about sex?”


“OK, I see. Not worries, we don’t have to talk about that. I respect your privacy, especially when I have a naked young man in front of me.”

He laughed again, “You are easy to talk too, but of course it is an embarrassing topic.”

I was not sure what was on his mind really, but I said, “Often people date many, many people before they find that one person where they can be completely comfortable with each other. Often that comfort level is not easy to find, and often that lack of comfort also complicates sexual topics.”

He said, “Yes, that is right.”

I said, “Sometimes guys want sex before the girl is ready, depends on the individuals.”

I changed the subject a little, saying, “OK, time to turn over.”

I held up the towel to respect his nudity, as he flipped over to lay on his back. Once I had placed the towel to cover him, I had the surprise and no surprise. As was common, he had a bit of a bulge going. As was not so common, it appeared through the towel that he was rather well endowed.

There was another quiet period as I put oil on his chest. I asked if the light was too bright, or if he wanted a towel cover for his eyes, but he said he was fine. His eyes were open as I began.

Chris said, “On the other topic, it was never something where I was pressuring the girl.”

He continued, “You are right about me being shy. So I don’t get too many dates. But there have been some girls I went out with for a while and they were also interested in more to happen.”

I said, “OK, I think I know where you are going. Sounds good so far. So, what is the problem?”

He said, “My equipment scares them.”

I finally realized he meant that he dick size was too large.

“Oh, I see. You mean size.”


Men seem to have a fixation on size, so I did not know if this was an exaggeration or a practical reality. This was certainly not how I expected this massage to go. However, as I had been working on his chest and stomach, I had sensed his ‘growing reaction.’

Instead of working on his legs, I massaged his arms instead. I sat on the edge of the table and raised his arm, putting his hand on my shoulder as I oiled and rubbed down his arm.

I said, “I doubt there is a problem. Probably the girl is also inexperienced. Give time and some practice, I think eventually couple overcome all sorts of problems, including that one.”

“Well, I sure hope so. But it has been frustrating so far.”

I said, “I think most everyone your age finds sex to be a little frustrating. Give it time, I am sure it will work itself out.”

I thought about it a little more, as I moved over to do his other arm. I also took another glance at the bulge under the towel and concluded he was not exaggerating about size. He appeared under the towel to be substantial. This was a total non sequitur based on his long and lean body type..

I said, “A couple of obvious things to say. I think men are generally way too focused on size. No woman is going to make a choice to be a couple with a guy based on that. Most men would be jealous of your ‘problem’. I am sure this is not the first time you have heard that.”

He said, “Yes, I have heard that all the time. Locker room teasing, I get it.”

I continued, “The other obvious thing you should know, that maybe you have not heard, is that maybe if you are frustrated, you should consider dating older girls.”

I was now working on his calves. I looked up the table at him, looking puzzled.

I said, “I don’t mean my age. But I guess you are dating girls your own age. That is natural. But if you go out with girls in their late 20s or early 30s, I think you would find out they have experience and a desire to …handle somebody like you. The girls your own age will eventually get there, but initially they are just overwhelmed. You say frightened, but maybe it is more of a intimidated feeling.”

Chris said, “Thanks for your advice, but it is not as though I have had much opportunity to date older girls.”

I chuckled, “Good point. Sorry, I don’t mean to laugh or minimize your frustration.”

He said, “I didn’t take it that way. This is not a subject that comes up in normal conversation, and especially not with a woman. I appreciate that you were open to discuss.”

To change the subject again, as I was working on his thighs, I asked, “Doing OK on the massage?”

He said, “Yes, this is great.”

I said, “Well, I thought we had you very relaxed, but your frustration on this topic seems to have you tensed up again. Relax.”

I had gotten up fairly high on his thigh, reaching under the towel. By the time I had gotten around to his other leg, I caught a look at his balls. I will just say that they were also large.

I moved back to the end of the table to stand by his head. I began to rub his temples with my fingers…”Relax”.

He closed his eyes and I could feel him let go his tensions. “That’s it. Good. Relax. That’s better.”

“Thank you.”

I replied, “My pleasure. I have enjoyed meeting you, I like our discussion. Sorry that we got off onto stress creating topics.”

Still standing at his head, I started rubbing his chest again, pressing down a little harder than before with my palms. I put some more oil on his chest and stomach, working it in.

While he was more relaxed now, there was at least one part that was not. It seemed he had not been erect before, the bulge had just been a sign of size. Now there was more of an unmistakable lifting.

As I leaned over to rub the oil on his stomach my own stomach had pressed against the top of his head. When I had lifted up, he had opened his eyes and was looking up at me.

“Sorry”, he said.

“Sometimes that happens during a massage. Don’t worry.”

I moved to the edge of the table on his right side. The tip of his cock was just peaking out the towel.

I said, “Chris, that is a normal reaction during a massage. It does not always happen, but sometimes it does. We get used to it.”

With that, I pulled the towel away. There is just no way to sugar coat it, he had a big cock by any measure. I would guess he was between 8 -9 inches. But he was also rather thick around.

“Chris, I can tell you for sure that 99% of men would love to be in your position. And you will be a big hit with the ladies when you find the right ladies.”

He smiled, maybe a little proud with himself. Sort of like getting to show off a little without the reaction from the girls he had been with previously.

I took some oil and dripped it on him. I looked at him, as I touched him with my hand, “OK if we continue?”

He nodded his head, “That would be great.”

I gave him a few strokes. He was heavy in my hand, very thick now and hard. More like 9 inches plus.

He groaned a little bit as I gave him a hand job, “Does that feel good?”

He groaned again, but of course I already knew the answer to my question. How could it not feel good?

The mischief opportunity took over as I removed my hand and said, “I don’t want to get oil on my shirt”.

He was staring with eyes wide open as I lifted my shirt off. My breasts were straining against my bra.

I took him back in my hand, wondering if he was going to last long before cumming.

I had not decided to give him a blowjob until that moment but leaned over to kiss the tip of his cock while I looked at him. I still had his shaft in my hand, but I did give the head some licks and kisses.

I said, “I suppose it is not easy for your girlfriends…”

I had relaxed my throat as I took him into my mouth. Probably the thickness rather than the length caused girls the most problems. I took maybe 3 inches in my mouth before backing off. Chris could not seem to believe this was happening.

I took off my bra before taking him again in my mouth. This time I was able to take about 5 inches in before reaching feeling a slight gag reflex. I felt him squeeze my breast. I looked back up at him with his cock deep in my mouth. I lifted up and smiled.

I asked, “How is that?”

Again a silly question, but interesting response, “I have not had anyone able to take me in their mouth that deep. I have seen it done on the internet, but I never thought that could happen to me.”

I said, “You are really big. I cannot take all of you but let me try a little bit more.”

It is always this way for me with a guy with a large cock. If I try to take too much, too soon, I get a gag reflex. If that happens, tough to avoid it from recurring. But if I am careful to avoid it, I am usually able to take a man in a little more. The problem here was not only that he was long, but also fat.

I lowered my mouth on him again, Chris caressing my breast. I went slowly, stopping to suck him at various depths. But finally, I made an effort to take him in as deep as possible. I could feel his head at the back of my throat, tried to calm my gag reflex by pausing, then taking a little more, a little more.

It is difficult to say how much of him I could take inside my mouth, but it was probably between 6 or 7 inches. Not sure if any more was possible, but that was all I could manage that day. I could not really suck him that deep, but I lifted off a little and then was able to do a little stronger sucking.

I knew I could make him cum at any time, but this was also interesting and arousing for me.

I said, “Sometime, you will have a girlfriend who is willing to practice a little when giving you a blowjob, and she will probably get better and better at it. You just need to find the right girl, then you need to have enough time together for her to have time to get used to you.”

He was watching intently as I licked the head a little more. He started to smile widely. I took him a couple of inches in my mouth while sucking and stroking him with my hand.

I lifted up abruptly, saying, “OK, next bit of counsel.”

I took his hand and brought it to my pussy, let him feel me through my shorts.

“I guess your next problem was that your girlfriends have either not wanted to have intercourse or didn’t like it. Am I right?”

He shrugged and nodded yes.

I slipped off my shorts and panty, then let him feel me. I said, “See how wet? That happens easily for me, but not for everyone.”

I was already dripping wet.

I continued, “Go ahead and slip your finger inside.”

He felt my wetness and I said, “You can never try intercourse with someone as large as you without the woman being this wet. Best if it is natural this way, but if that is not happening, or for extra comfort, you should always have lubricant handy.”

I licked the head of his cock again, then said, “Then I guess the next mistake is you getting on top in a missionary position…”

Now that I was also fully nude, I climbed up on the table, saying, “Much better idea is if you let her get on top like this.”

I had my right knee on the table, but he was long enough that I had to raise up high enough by having my left foot flat on the table as I moved his head around my pussy lips.

I said, “This is a little bit like stretching before a workout or an athletic event. My pussy muscles will stretch out, but initially it can be a little painful. This way I get to control how much of you enters me, and how slowly, gently.”

With that I slipped only the head in…slowly…then lifted off.

I said, “OK if I continue?” But of course, I already knew the answer as he nodded. I lifted his hands up to my breasts, loved the way it felt as he squeezed me without being told.

I smiled, but said, “Not too hard, be gentle. Watch for signals what she likes. Help support me now, put your hands on my ass to give me some help.”

He was listening and following my directions as I slipped him in again, this time a little deeper, again slowly. Without lifting off, I sat down on him a little further.

I was loosening up without much effort but lifted off again. Not all the way, but enough so that only the head was still inside.

I lowered back down again, this time taking him about halfway. Then lifted off again. I did a few strokes at this depth of him inside me about halfway. I could tell he was thinking that maybe this was all I could take. But really now after the slow entry and the multiple strokes, I was now more ready for him and slipped down again further on the next down stroke and the even further on the next.

I paused with him in deep now, shifted my legs so that both knees were now on the table.

He had closed his eyes earlier, but as I paused now, he looked up at me. I smiled broadly and brought his hands to my breasts again.

I said, “Have you been inside anyone this deep before?”

He shook his head no, saying, “No. Never. I was wondering if I would get this chance.”

I had all of him inside me know as I sat down deep on his big cock. I was of course enjoying this immensely, but I also felt some responsibility based on his limited experience. I wanted this to be nice for him also, but I thought the instruction was a bit necessary also.

I had just been sitting on him calmly but could feel his big hard cock inside me deeply. But before additional strokes, I squeezed my pussy muscles together in some pulses, squeeze, relax, squeeze, relax.

I said, “Can you feel that?”

His eyes were wider open as he nodded yes, I said, “OK, feel it now.”

With that, we did some slow strokes up and down where I continued the squeeze relax. For sure I could tell he had not been in that deep inside a woman before, nor had the experience of this kind of vaginal constrictions.

I did not want him to cum yet but knew that was always possible. We did a few more strokes together before I lifted off completely. I climbed off the table, but then leaned over to suck him a couple of times before also guiding him off the table.

I said, “OK, we are going to switch positions now.”

This was not the session to try a lot of positions, but I knew he had likely tried and failed to have a good missionary position experience previously. So, I laid down on the table, and pulled him up on top.

Before I let him enter me, I said, “Remember how when I was on top, that I came down on you slowly, paused, pulled out… you do that now also.”

I repeated as his head touched my pussy, “Slowly and just a little bit…”

He followed that guidance and slid in a little bit. Now truth be told, I was wet enough and loose enough that I did not need this, and wanted him in deep, but that would come.

He had of course fully understood and had followed the guidance. So each time he went in a little deeper, he did it slowly, paused, pulled back. Finally, he penetrated me deep.

I said, “See, if you follow that slow and gentle process, and you are careful to let her guide you, loosen up, enjoy it; you are more likely she will want repeat sessions.”

Then I continued, “Lesson over. You can go ahead and do whatever you want now. Time to enjoy yourself.”

He did not need any more encouragement than that as he began to fuck me. He quickened his strokes and there was also a nice pounding as he got more confident.

I was enjoying this immensely, even approaching my own orgasm. But when he paused for a moment, I held his ass and said, “Also remember, unless you know the girl and she has told you it is OK, never cum inside her.”

He nodded and said OK, then he resumed his nice stroking. He was big enough that he did not have to have too much technique to satisfy me.

I felt my orgasm coming as he was getting the hang of this. I began to groan, “Oh yes, just like that.”

I had a really great orgasm. He did not pause at all, which made me have a really long and intense orgasm.

From his own pace and face expression, I did not expect him to last too much longer.

He lasted a couple more minutes, but frankly a little longer than I expected, before pulling out and shooting a big rope across my stomach.

He was groaning as he had a couple of more big spurts. I must say, he had a pretty big load. Not sure if that was normal for him or had been a while since his last time.

He was looking at me now, finally not shooting off more cum, but still a little oozing out. I guided him off the table, so he was standing, and I got off the table also and knelt down, taking him in my mouth.

He was not full hard now, but still large. I could taste him on my tongue as I sucked him gently while he began to relax. He had his hands on my head as he lightly groaned.

Finally, as he relaxed more, I looked up at him. I scooped some of his cum off my stomach as he looked at me. I lifted it up to my mouth and put it on my open tongue so he could see it. Then swallowing.

I stood up eventually. I asked, “Was that the first time you orgasmed by fucking?”

He said, “Yeah, the most before was by hand job. That was fantastic. Thank you.”

I said, “I thought that was the case. It was my pleasure. You did great.”

Chris said, “I never got anywhere close to that before, either on the blowjob or the fucking. Always before, the girl would always want to stop before we got very far.”

“So remember, consider older girls. Go slow, let them enjoy it. Make sure you have lube, and most important, let them control it until they are ready to let you go.”

I continued, “Let’s get dressed, took a little longer than I expected, but in a good way. But come back again sometime and we can do it again if you like.”

He said, “No problem, full understand. But I should tell you thank you, thank you. That was fantastic.”

I smiled at him, but we were quiet as we got dressed.

As we started to head back to the front desk, Chris started to pull out his wallet for a tip, but I stopped him.

I smiled and said, “Save it for next time. This time was my treat.”

I leaned up to give him a kiss on the cheek. He had a big grin on his face. I reached down and squeezed his cock, saying, “You better come back. You had lesson one only…”

I started to lead him out, but stopped and said, “Not a word of this to anyone please. OK?”

He nodded and agreed, “Understand, no problem.”

I smiled at Chris, “Thanks Chris. See you soon.”

I was exhilarated, satisfied, but also a little tired. A very eventful day so far already. But also, no signs of Bill and Stacy, but I found a curious situation at the jacuzzi where they were both lounging and relaxing. What was curious was that they had a TV sitting on a portable table where they could see it.

I walked up, “You guys look relaxed, but what gives with the TV?”

Stacy ignored the question, saying instead, “Seems like you were in there a long time…”

I smiled and said, “None of your business, you can’t make me talk.”

Bill answered the earlier question, “We have our cop coming by soon, just want to be able to see when he arrives.”

I walked around a little to catch a glimpse of the boring parking lot on the monitor.

Right on cue, a car pulled in.

Stacy chimed in, “Good timing, here he is now.”

She stood up from the jacuzzi, when I said, “You guys look very comfortable. My treat, why don’t you let me handle it?”

Bill looked interested, but Stacy started to object, before I cut her off, “What’s the problem, I understand, we talked about that before.”

She came over to my side of the jacuzzi, whispering, “This is a big deal. We don’t want any problems.”

I whispered back, “Don’t worry. I will make sure he leaves happy.”

She still looked a little concerned, but said, this time in a normal speaking voice, “Are you sure?”

I just nodded and smiled, “You two have done a lot for me, I have really enjoyed my part-time job. Promise it will go well. I would like to do something nice for the both of you.”

Bill gave a big grin, but Stacy just said, “Very nice of you. I will be right back here in case you run into any problems.”

I said, “There won’t be any problems, don’t worry.”

With that, I headed to the front desk where our policeman was just arriving. He looked a little puzzled to see me, but before he could say anything, I said, “You must be Dan, Stacy has told me a lot about you.”

He still looked concerned, so I continued, “Sorry, but Stacy is not feeling well, asked if I could fill in for her.”

I held out my hand, and he shook it, but I could see he was still a bit … maybe nervous is the right way to describe.

He said, “What did she tell you?”

I responded, “Just that you are an ultra-very-important-person. Everything is no charge.”

I motioned for him to follow me back. He seemed a bit hesitant but did come back to the massage room with me.

Dan was probably in his early 60’s. Maybe 6 foot tall, a little overweight, but not bad. Graying salt and pepper hair, sport coat and tie.

We got back in the room where he still seemed a bit uncomfortable. I said, “Stacy is really sorry she could not meet you. Some kind of stomach problem, did not want you to be disappointed…”

Dan replied, “So she did not say anything else? What impression do you have…?”

I said, “We did not talk long. I assumed you are one of the owners or investors…”

He looked at me carefully but was quiet.

“Stacy told me you come in every few weeks or so, we give you VIP treatment. She also told me to ask you if you are short on time or not. She said sometimes you are in a hurry… Relax.”

He was either a little shy or was concerned about the surprise.

“Dan, do you have enough time for a full massage, or are you in a hurry today?”

He said, “Sorry, but I am in a bit of a hurry today.”

I said, “No problem. Stacy said that might be the case. No worries, we can do the quicker massage today.”

I came a bit closer, holding out my hand, “May I hang up you jacket?”

He handed it over and I put on a hanger and placed it on the hook in the room. It was obvious that he was not quite sure what I had been told by Stacy.

I kneeled down in front of him, placing my hands on his lower thighs, “Do we have time to get more comfortable, or are you time constrained?”

He did not answer right away, so I took some initiative and reached up to unfasten his belt. Dan was looking down at me, a nice little tent forming at his crotch.

Still looking up at him, I undid his belt and the unfastened his pants and zipper.

I slid them down, leaving on his undershorts.

I stood up and looked at him, “Let me get a little more comfortable first, OK?”

With that, I peeled off my shirt and then slid off my shorts, now standing in front of him in only my bra and panties.

I said, “Everything OK?”

Now for the first time, I got the twinkle in his eye and a smile, a little nod affirmative.

I kneeled back down and lowered his shorts to free his now semi-hard cock pointing at me.

He was nice sized, but a bit average, and a quite a lot less than Chris not long before. I wasted no time to take all of his cock into my mouth deeply.

I sucked him and gave him a few strokes before lifting off, looking up, “Stacy was not so clear about the details. OK so far?”

I did not really want and certainly did not wait for an answer before diving back down to suck him deeply. I lifted off again to take lick his balls, a little sensitive, before taking one into my mouth and sucking very gently.

I paused for a moment to ask, “Dan, do you like to stand, do you want to lay down or sit down?”

He just replied, “I am great, just continue the way you are going.”

I did not say anything but slipped off my bra to expose my big breasts to him. I pulled his hand down so he could squeeze my left breast. He followed up with both hands, which felt great.

I let him grope me for a little before putting his very hard cock in between my tits. I could have sworn he would cum right then quickly, so I backed off a little to take him back in my mouth. He was already throbbing, so I slowed down a little.

It was clear I could make him cum at any time, just not clear how was best. I took him back between my tits and fucked him that way, licking the head with my tongue.

I could feel him tense up as he shot his load on my chest and chin. I took him in my mouth where I sucked the remaining spurts directly into my mouth.

Dan was groaning and then finally began to relax.

I took my finger and swiped up his cum from my chin first as he watched me put it into my mouth. I did the same with my chest.

He was semi-hard only by this time, but I gently took him into my mouth again as I sucked the last few drops.

I stood up, when he said, “Oh my god, that was great.”

I said, “So you will not complain to Stacy…”

“Oh, hell no. I will give you a great reference.”

I said, “Don’t worry, that was a joke. Maybe you get both of us next time…”

I let that linger a little. I got a warm washcloth to clean him off, but he had already pulled up his shorts and pants to get dressed.

So I got his sport coat from the hanger. I said, “Wait a second.”

I returned with the red satin robe on, so I did not have to get fully dressed before walking him out. I assumed the short timing was so he could get home to the wife. I was not sure of the reason, but clearly, he was in a hurry.

I walked him to the front where he started to pull out his wallet for a tip. I held up my hands, “No chance, Stacy will kill me. You are fully paid.”

He smiled at me, saying, “I will look forward to next time.”

Quite sincerely, I replied, “Me too. Take care.”

Dan headed out and I went back to the jacuzzi where Bill and Stacy still were relaxing.

Both had a big grin, but it was Bill who looked at the clock, “Damn, that did not take long.”

Frankly speaking, he was right. From the time I left them at the jacuzzi originally until now had been only about 15 – 20 minutes. Pretty quick.

I laughed, “What can I say? He was ready and I am …not so bad.”

They laughed in unison.

Stacy said, “Do you want to close up and head out early? We don’t have anyone else scheduled for today.”

Bill followed up, “Or I can crack open a bottle canlı kaçak iddaa of wine if you want…”

I looked over at the clock, it was only about 7:30 pm. I did not say anything, considering options.

Bill said, “Well, let’s open a bottle and if you want to get out quick, no problem.”

I smiled, “Ah, the King Solomon solution.”

Bill got out of the jacuzzi to fetch the wine, sporting not quite a full erection, but not bad. He noticed that I noticed, saying, “Hey, what can I say, she still turns me on.”

Stacy laughed, “Oh, don’t believe him Beth. I think he always has a hard on.”

Bill was off in the other room, when Stacy came over, still in the jacuzzi, asking in a low voice, “Everything go alright with Dan?”

I smiled, “It went great. He has no complaints, although I might have implied that next time he gets both of us.”

She laughed loudly, “Fantastic. Thank you.”

With that, she stood up and leaned in closely to give me a light kiss. I pushed back, holding her away, saying, “Careful, I don’t think I cleaned up too carefully.”

She laughed again, “I noticed. Why do you think I want to kiss you?”

I knew she was joking, but what should have been a light kiss instead became a deeper, more passionate kiss. She then licked my chin and cheek, before kissing me again.

Then she said, “Oh yeah, that is Dan alright.”

We laughed together, then kissing again.

Bill returned with the wine bottle and three glasses. They looked like real wine glasses but were plastic kind for safety around the jacuzzi. He picked a bottle of the same thing I had been drinking when I met them originally at the restaurant.

Stacy took that opportunity to untie my robe, handing it to Bill, saying, please hang this up.

Bill had an admiring look, as this was the first time he had seen me undressed. As Stacy’s breasts were small and mine were large, I could tell he was interested. Notably, the fetching of the wine had …relaxed him a bit.

Stacy also decided this was time to remove my panty, slipping her fingers inside the band to lower them. Bill was silent as I was now nude. Stacy handed my panty to him. Without saying anything, he hung them on the same hook as my robe.

I had to laugh to myself as I realized my clothes were now strewn everywhere, as my shirt, bra and shorts were still in the massage room.

I lowered myself into the jacuzzi as Bill poured the wine and handed us a glass.

It was Bill who made the toast, “To Beth, this has really worked out great for everybody. We are really pleased to have you join the team.”

Very nice.

After we took a sip, I said, “Thank you, I really like this wine.”

Taking another drink, I said, “Thank you both for having me. This has been sort of a fantasy that I did not even know I had, being fulfilled. You have made me very comfortable and very welcome. Thank you.”

I surprised myself by being even a bit emotional, choking up a little at the end of my reply toast.

The reality had been that I had gotten to explore my fantasies in a safe place where I was indeed…comfortable.

It was Stacy who broke the ice, saying, “I was not sure, but there was just something during our restaurant meeting that made me think you might be interested. That is not a normal dinner conversation for us.”

Bill just chimed in, “All Stacy. Of course, I thought you were attractive, but I was not thinking to try and recruit you. It was all over before I even realized what was happening.”

I laughed, “It was a little that way myself. She is very persuasive.”

We all laughed at that.

Another little cheers as we touched glasses.

Stacy asked me, “So what parts of this have been surprising, what do you like, what not so much?”

I sat there, very relaxed, thinking about her very good question.

I said, “Sounds cliché, but I will just say I have to think about that more and get back to you. My first reaction is that everything has been surprising, and I have liked everything so far.”

I paused for a second, “Maybe if it got to be routine, I might have a different view…”

Stacy was clearly in the lead, saying, “Well, just let us know. We will do our best to give you the things you like, avoid the things you don’t care for.”

They were obviously trying hard.

I said, “You have both been very gracious. I have no complaints and I have no requests. Very happy.”

She continued, “I am glad to hear that. You did not say, but I have observed when you had the option that you seem to prefer the male client options to the female?”

I replied, “I guess that is true. I think I lean that way naturally…although I can think of a client where I might have answered differently.” Bill looked clueless, but Stacy got it immediately, coming over close, “I agree.”

With that, we had another tender but passionate kiss.

It was very interesting to me that it just occurred to me that while she was the younger of us by a few years, clearly in our duo relationship she had the lead. Not a dominant, submissive interaction by any means, but clearly Stacy took the lead. I was pondering that question when she continued.

“What other fantasies do you have? Maybe we can help.”

I immediately replied, “If I had a checklist, you guys are helping me to check them off one by one.”

They both smiled, but it was still my microphone.

I said, “Rather than having a checklist, I think what has surprised me a little, and what still holds appeal, is the variety of different people.”

I had said that spontaneously, but it was completely true.

Bill remained quiet while Stacy continued, “I can see you are still thinking about it. Just let me know if there is something you would like to try. It is not like you have to decide between them, more or less a lot can be arranged. If you want to have a female-female session, if you would like a couple’s session, if you want to be on the receiving end once in a while, we can do a four hands… lots of options.”

I said, “Frankly speaking, information overload. I cannot decide, but I will think about that more. Thank you.”

She and I clinked our glasses again, as she said, “Just let me know. It is OK to focus on you too, not just what happens to be on the schedule. I can arrange things if you end up with a request.”

Stacy had been sitting next to Bill, with me across, except when she came over to kiss me during my emotional episode. But now she came across and sat near me, across from Bill.

It was not awkward at all, at least for me, when she put her arm around my shoulders. I looked over at her as she put her glass on the ledge, then took mine. She then kissed me again, this time longer and with a higher intensity.

After a few seconds, I felt her cup my breast while we continued our kiss. Just as an aside, I cannot testify to her hetero tendencies, but I do know I lean towards men as partners. But in my heart, I believed Stacy was truly bi or even had female leanings. In any event, I felt as though she was very attracted to me. And while my tendencies are different, I must admit that I was very attracted to her also. For the moment, we were alone.

Stacy shifted positions so that she was now sitting on top of me, looking into my eyes as her arms were around my neck, pulling me to her.

Sometimes kissing is more of a foreplay, leading to more. But I can tell you that this day the kissing was unbelievable. There was no time. Our tongues were dancing and then we would pause and be gentler with each other. Sometimes she would lift off and we would gaze at each other before continuing.

Her tongue was so soft. The wine on each other’s mouth was wonderful. The lighting in the jacuzzi was dim, not originally implying romantic, but now it seemed to me. The water temperature was just right, you could stay indefinitely.

It was perhaps me who took a lead for once, as during one of our kissing breaks I pulled to elevate her so that I could take her breast in my mouth.

While she was on the small side, I was very satisfied. I liked and gently bit her erect nipple, before sucking more. We did this for a few minutes before plunging back into our kiss.

It was then Stacy’s turn to take the lead. She lifted me up to sit on the edge of the jacuzzi. I thought this was the prelude to lick my pussy, but I was greatly surprised.

I had almost forgotten about Bill when she squeezed my breasts. She looked back at Bill, “Come here. These are about the best tits I have ever seen.”

Stacy started to suck on my nipple, and I leaned back in ecstasy when I felt a second mouth on my breast. Bill had not needed too much encouragement to join us.

Oh my god, this felt fantastic as they each had one of my breasts in my mouth. They were both gentle and well-schooled, it felt wonderful. I had my head back and eyes closed when I felt fingers begin to touch and rub my pussy.

I trembled as I felt a finger penetrate my sopping pussy. It was Stacy.

I looked down as she moved to put her mouth on my clit, starting to first flick and lick, then start to suck.

It was then that I realized Bill was no longer sucking my tits. I opened my eyes to see Stacy licking my pussy while Bill now stood above me with his cock near my head.

I looked up to see him smiling as I started to lick the tip of his cock with my tongue. It did not take too long before he was deep in my mouth.

Maybe it is easy for some people to do two things at once. What I noticed was that sometimes I was focused on enjoying Stacy licking me and maybe I was sucking Bill, but not with passion. There were other times while I concentrated on his blowjob.

This was like something out of a great porn movie. Bill was larger than average, bigger than Dan and smaller than Chris although I could say his cock was fat. This meant that I had to concentrate a little to take him in deeply. Maybe lack of concentrate is a better way to say it, as I needed to concentrate to relax.

Stacy made that difficult as she continued to work on my pussy, bringing me to orgasm already. I can say that it is not easy to suck a fat cock when you are cumming.

When I came down from my orgasm, I pulled Stacy toward me and tasted my pussy on her tongue as we kissed.

I said, “Your turn.”

I pulled her out of the jacuzzi and led her to the massage room. Though we were all still wet, it did not matter. I motioned for her to lay down on the table where I lifted and spread her legs.

I looked up at her first, saying, “You know what Bill will be doing. Are you OK with that?”

Stacy pulled me to her, so we kissed, then she said as she looked me right in the eye, “I want him to fuck you.”

Bill was very smart though. As I leaned over to start licking Stacy’s pussy, he was squeezing her breast while he kissed her.

I heard him say, “I love you baby.”

She replied, “Love you too baby. Enjoy, because I am certainly going to enjoy this.”

Stacy’s pussy smelled and tasted delicate as I responded as she had to me. Frankly speaking, I had learned a little from when she ate my pussy, how intense for example. I tried my best to do the same for her.

I felt Bill get behind me and spread my legs as he slid his cock inside me. I was wet enough and loose enough (from Chris) that he slid in without any difficulty. Yet I had to pause and groan a bit when he started to pump my pussy.

I opened my eyes to see Stacy staring at me as she realized her husband was now inside me and fucking me. She lifted up to kiss me before resuming her laid-back position to let me eat her out.

I could feel Stacy cum twice while I licked her.

Bill was relentless back there, just fucking me hard and strong. I think Stacy came one time and then she looked at me when I came a short time later while Bill fucked me.

Stacy picked up on something before I did that Bill was close to cumming. She said, “Up here, on both of us.”

Bill pulled out and moved to the end of the table where Stacy’s head lay. First, she took him into her mouth. This was so hot as I could imagine she could taste my pussy while she sucked him. He pulled back and I knew he was ready. I laid on top of her so our faces were close together as he started to stroke himself.

I leaned over to take him in my mouth as he jacked off. He then pulled back a little again and shot a big stream onto Stacy’s face. Oh my god, this looked so hot and just like a porn movie.

He surprised me with another spurt right onto my open mouth. He started to groan and then another spurt on me, which dripped onto Stacy. She lifted her head and we kissed, but this time the taste was all Bill’s cum on both of us.

Stacy leaned over to take him in her mouth as she sucked him. She then lifted off and looked at me, essentially offering him to me.

I took him into my mouth and gently coaxed the last few drops from his still hard cock.

It was totally funny when he began to relax, as both Stacy and I had our faces covered in his huge load.

She laughed first, “Bill always has big loads.”

I responded in kind, “If that is typical, he is not typical.”

Stacy and I kissed again, for what seemed like the hundredth time, though still like the first.

Bill broke the silence, “Babe, we should find a way to do this again.”

Before Stacy could respond, I jumped in, “I agree, we should do this again.”

Obviously, it was going to happen again. Stacy replied with a big smile to the two of us, “OK, you two. I get it. I guess we can do this again.”

The only thing that was really important on the last part was when we started to clean up and get dressed, Stacy caught me alone while Bill was in the other room.

She said, “You have my permission with Bill whenever you want. I get plenty of sex here, but he sometimes does not get as much. So, while you should not feel obligated, if the mood strikes, then go ahead and do not feel the need to ask.”

We had all done a little cleanup at the jacuzzi, front desk, massage rooms, even the front desk area. Nobody wanted to do that early the next day as it was clearly better to get it done tonight as we were ready to close. But all of us were doing the cleanup nude. After our earlier encounter, of course this was very natural.

After collecting up all my clothes, we ended up in the locker room with me arriving first followed by Stacy and then Bill. I had put on my bra and panty set I wore in originally. It was clear with the massage oils and exertion in some cases, not to mention a bit of cum here and there, absolutely no way to consider reuse.

I sat on the bench on my side of the lockers looking at Bill and Stacy starting to get dressed across the aisle.

Bill was totally relaxed now as I had the impulse to move over to their bench and pull him toward me. I took his cock in my mouth as I cupped his balls.

I paused and looked up at him, “I do not want you to think you are done for the night. When you get back home, I expect to hear that you fucked Stacy really well.”

I sucked him again and felt him begin to get hard, so I continued, “That is because one of these days you should know that when we are slow I am going to close the door and you will not see us for a while as I fuck your wife really good.”

I took him back in my mouth deep as he now got hard again. I pulled off again after a couple of minutes, Bill with a raging hard-on and me and Stacy laughing like hell.

I said to Stacy, “OK, he is ready for you. You are welcome. See you tomorrow.”

Bill started to whine, “Hey, wait a minute.”

We continued to laugh at his expense while we got dressed.

I sucked him a little more as I was fully dressed and ready to go, “Don’t worry, you will get a repeat.”

I stood up and kissed him, then kissed Stacy again, before heading out.

I was busy with my regular job the next day, which did not matter as I was not scheduled to come into the spa anyway. But the following day was also busy. I had hoped to leave early and come to the spa mid to late afternoon, but it was just not possible.

I knew that Bill and Stacy would understand. I would never have agreed to participate without their recognition that my regular job would take precedence. Nevertheless, I did feel a responsibility to come in when I said I would.

Because I was running late, I decided to not go back to the hotel and change first as I had planned. I arrived a little after 6 pm, maybe an hour after planned. I arrived decked out in full professional gear; a tan business suit with skirt and jacket. A light blue blouse, hair up, heels.

This had been my big presentation day. While I knew this in advance, I did not know it was going to go that long. The company had invited some of their top officials from across the country to get a status report and to steer further transition activities. Everything had gone very well, even great in my opinion.

The result of all this was that I walked into the spa looking great. Compared to my previous times at the spa, and with Bill and Stacy in general, I was tonight dressed rather unusual. Anyway, good or bad timing, Bill was at the desk checking in a couple.

Bill smiled, but because he was checking in clients, he avoided normal chit chat and said, “Hi Beth. Would you please interrupt Stacy in room four?”

I guessed that they had another conflict or another overbooking situation, but did not know the details.

I knocked and Stacy came out. Before she told me the story, she said, “Wow, you look great.”

I smiled and thanked her, “What’s up?”

She was understanding that I could not avoid being late, but they were double booked, expecting that I would be coming. I could either take over the female client that Stacy had just started, or work with Bill on a scheduled couple’s massage.

Due to time constraints, Stacy had to be brief, “Originally I thought to ask you to take Pamela and I would do the couple massage with Bill. Or at least I would have offered you a preference. Now as I am already started with Pamela, would you be willing to do the couple massage?”

I started to say how sorry I was to be late, but Stacy cut me off, “Don’t worry about that, you have been clear about that kind of thing. But we need to decide.”

I said, “No problem, I can take the couples massage. Anything I need to know?”

She hugged me, “Nothing special. Bill will be there, and you can follow his lead if any questions.”

Stacy went back into her room and I went back out to the front desk.

The couple was still there. Bill had avoided checking them in while Stacy and I figured out who would do what.

The couple looked to be about Bill and Stacy’s age, maybe late 30s or early 40s. Attractive couple. While they were casually dressed, it looked expensive casual if that makes sense. I guessed the BMW in the parking lot was theirs, but I was not certain it did not belong to Pamela.

It ended up their names were Mike and Kathy.

Kathy said, “Bill was explaining you worked here. Sorry, we were surprised by your outfit and thought that you were a customer.”

I said, “Very sorry that I am late today. My day job went long and there was no way to give them a heads up. But I understand you two are scheduled with a couple’s massage with us. I deeply apologize that you have had to wait.”

Fortunately, both were very understanding. Mike took the initiative to ask what I did.

They had expressions of surprise upon learning I am a scientist in town for business. I got the sense they might have wanted to inquire more, but I said, “How about we get you ready and you can ask more if you like while you get your massages?”

Bill seemed relieved when they agreed that was a good idea. Because they were getting ready in the locker room, I went into our private room to change.

As Bill was in his white shirt and shorts, I would have intended to wear similar, but those clothes were in the locker room. Though it was not my original intention, I decided to wear my business bra and panty, a matching light blue, and wear the red satin robe. I was concerned about getting oil on them, as they were somewhat expensive lingerie. The problems of being late!

Bill came in while I was getting ready, wanting to give me some context. Mike and Kathy had been in the spa before a couple of times with Stacy and Bill, and things had gotten friendly.

When I started to protest that I had offered to switch with Stacy, Bill cut me off and said, “Just wanted to let you know. Maybe it will be tamer since they do not know you and because of their reaction to you being a scientist, they might feel intimidated. All that is perfectly fine, nothing is expected. I did not want you to be surprised.”

While Bill was giving me the context, I had gotten down to bra and panty. I could read his mind that he liked what he saw as I put on the short red robe.

I responded, though not quite as detailed, “Stacy already told me, saying I should follow your lead, but I was not obligated. Don’t worry, will be fine.”

He smiled and we joined them in the room. Bill had arranged one of our larger rooms to have the parallel massage tables, with an aisle in between. It was not spacious, but adequate.

Both Mike and Stacy had lifted off the table as we entered. To cut any possible tension, I said, “scientist gets promoted to masseuse.”

As we started on them, me massaging Mike, Bill massaging Kathy, there was a bit more banter as they found my situation to be interesting. But very soon the massage and the oil and the environment took over. From time to time, Mike and Kathy would hold hands while we massaged their backs. They looked at each other and smiled.

Bill and I glanced at each other also. Now I recognized the wisdom of the cozy table placement. While I thought it might be a little crowded, I had not considered the benefits of letting the couple have proximity to each other and to be able to hold hands. Either Bill or I could be in the middle, but not both.

I also saw one secret to couple massage in following Bill’s lead, meaning synchronized actions and timing. As Bill finished with Kathy’s back and moved to her legs, I followed with similar towel etiquette and massage movement. Basically, we had a rhythm. Mike and Kathy would look at each other and see their partner getting the same treatment.

There were still some questions, all about what I did. They had some opinons on the social and political implications of my field, but all respectful and even a bit of awe. I guess it was strange to them that someone like me would be giving massages.

I game my reasons, “I like it. I enjoy getting massages myself. The surprise to me was that I found it relaxing to give massages and giving that same enjoyment to my clients.”

I added, “Bill and Stacy have also created a comfortable environment for me. Without it, I probably would not be doing this. But I hope you are not too disappointed with my amateur quality.”

Mike, who had been quiet mostly, responded, “You are doing a great job, I am very happy.”

Mike and Kathy then held hands again while we did their legs and butts.

Bill gave me a smile on a couple of occasions. I was maybe reading too much into it, but my senses told me they were big payers and therefore important clients. He seemed to very happy things were going well.

At this point in the massage, we had removed towels completely as we got to the stage where we rubbed their buttocks and applied more oil.

I was watching Bill again, as the leader, noticing he was being careful to be professional but also giving Kathy a deep butt rub. I was doing the same for Mike, all going well as they smiled at each other and held hands again.

Some laughter when Bill said, “Hey, cut it out or get a room.”

We finished up their backs and it was time for them to turn over. Bill and I both performed professional towel they moved to lay on their backs. It was difficult to avoid a glimpse, and I noticed Mike had a semi hard dick and Kathy looked to have erect nipples, none of which is unusual in a sensual massage.

Bill had originally recovered Kathy so that her chest was covered by the towel, but I had positioned the towel on Mike so that it covered his waist and below, leaving his chest exposed.

I started to massage Mike’s chest while Bill folded and lowered Kathy’s towel so that her chest was now exposed.

Mike looked up at me as I worked oil onto his chest. Fairly hairy, the massage created friction which ends up being a part of the sensation.

Mike looked over to Kathy at one point. Bill was now massaging Kathy’s breasts, clearly having a big effect on her as her eyes closed, her breathing became deep, and she held hands tightly with Mike.

Mike again looked up at me with a smile, clearly enjoying her pleasure at this stage of the massage.

The first real surprise of the massage then occurred. While Kathy’s right hand was tightly held with Mike, her left palm was flat on Bill’s shirt, moving up and down his chest and stomach. Bill continued to massage her shoulders and stomach, but also maybe spending a majority amount of time on her breasts.

I continued to massage Mike’s chest but sensed that following Bill’s lead might not be reasonable any longer. I folded up the towel to expose Mike’s legs.

Bill gave me a small smile and a nod as he saw me deviating from the synchronized massage.

As I was rubbing oil on Mike’s leg, I felt his fingers touch my leg near my knee. He touched me but was not aggressive. He was still looking attentively at Kathy while Bill rubbed her, but then did look up at me. I think he was making sure that his touch on my leg had not been offensive. I liked that he did not presume, which in fact made it acceptable.

I smiled back at him, which he obviously recognized as me having no objection. He then began caressing me from knee to mid-thigh. I could have easily pulled his hand back, but the touch was nice, and I did not feel like this was an obligation.

Bill shifted Kathy’s towel and began work on her legs. Meanwhile, Kathy’s hand was now on Bill’s outside hip from previously on his chest and stomach. What was also interesting was that although Kathy’s hips were covered with the towel, her legs were spread open. I had not noticed previously, but Bill’s hands might have been going high on her legs under the towel.

I was again concentrating on Mike, who was mostly looking at Kathy though he continued to caress my thigh, perhaps a little higher now.

Bill had by now removed Kathy’s towel entirely, her hand on him now covering his crotch. Bill gave me a little smile as now Kathy seemed to be searching for his now prominent bulge.

During all of this, though covered by the towel, there was no hiding Mike’s erection. I had no illusions this was due to the perfectness of my massage. While not bad by any standards, he enjoyed watching his wife.

I looked over to see Mike looking up at me with a smile while his hand was now on my butt. He was still not aggressive, looking for some sign I suppose.

Bill seemed to be watching as I untied my robe and slipped it off, tossing it onto a chair. Not only Bill, but Kathy had also paused too to notice what Mike and I were doing. I did not forget about Mike, who looked up at me with a wide grin while he caressed my ass.

Bill was beaming, but seemingly had more than one reason. Kathy had loosened her grip on Mike so that now she had both hands trying to remove Bills pants. She successfully unclasped and unzipped him. Bill removed his own shirt. Before long, he had dropped his pants and Kathy already had her hand on his hard cock.

In for a penny and not to be outdone, I lifted away Mike’s towel to expose his hard-on. I could see where this was going, and not always wanting to be the follower, I leaned down to take Mike’s cock in my mouth.

Kathy looked over with lust while Bill started to finger fuck her, then pulled him up on the table so she could also suck his cock.

I had demonstrated enough cock sucking skills already for Mike, taking him in deeply, licking and sucking his balls. At several occasions with his cock deep in my mouth, I made a point of looking into the eyes of first Mike, then Bill, then Kathy. Mike was enjoying his blowjob of course; I can do this well. But it seemed like Bill and Kathy were more taken by the image as they paused their own action for the moment to watch us.

I stood up to remove my bra and panty, joining the other three who were already fully nude. Mike had been rubbing my pussy through my sopping wet panty, but now that I was nude, it allowed him to slip a finger, then two inside me.

While I am sure that Bill was enjoying getting his cock sucked by Kathy, his look of lust while I was doing the same to Mike was a big turn-on.

Continuing to take the lead, I lifted and then climbed onto the massage table to mount Mike’s cock. I slid down on him all at once, I was so wet. I was not fucking him yet, just sitting there with him as deep inside me as possible.

Mike reached up to squeeze my tits. Kathy’s were of similar size to Stacy, so I am sure Mike liked the feel of larger, natural tits. I closed my eyes as his cock in my pussy felt wonderful and coupled with his squeezing of my tits just right, already brought me close to orgasm.

Mike and Kathy were again staring at each other and smiling, holding each other’s hands, as Bill penetrated Kathy’s pussy while she laid back on the table.

Not sure who was in the lead now, but the in and out thrusts across the table were very synchronized. I was fucking Mike while Bill was fucking Kathy.

We went at it this way, I had already cum, sweating now through the effort.

Mike and Kathy alternated between looking at each other and looking me and Bill.

Kathy broke the silence while were fucking suddenly announced, “I want my husband to fuck me.”

We all looked at each other, everyone smiling, and shifted positions. Kathy remained laying on the table, but now I laid down to do the same. Mike quickly entered Kathy. Bill came over and wasted no time before sticking his fat cock in me. Even though he had fucked me a couple of days ago, his look of lust was incredible. He had my legs up high and spread wide, holding them with his arms while he thrust at me over and over.

Mike and Kathy were looking at us while we looked at them. Bill gave me my second orgasm and I could tell Kathy and Mike were also close.

Bill and Mike both came about the same time. But Bill went over to Kathy and came across her face while Mike did the same.

I guess this is probably what happens when you are the client. Hilarious. Not to be totally left out, I went over to Kathy and took a chance, kissing her hard. She responded in kind and then we shared the cum that covered her face. I then took both guys in my mouth to suck them dry, first Bill and then Mike. Nobody should feel too sorry for me.

I must say the smells, sounds and tastes permeated the room. I could not have felt more lust.

We shifted back to masseuse and customer mode as Bill went to get some warm washcloths to clean them off. I supported him although I was not an equal partner, still reveling in the glow.

We finally gave hugs all around and shuffled them off to the showers and sauna area while Bill did most of the work to clean up the room.

I felt a bit weak from the session and probably also from the need for food, so I sat down for a moment. I felt better and eventually got dressed enough to greet them farewell as they left.

It was a bit slow that night after this overlap of appointments. Stacy had already finished with her client. Bill must have given her a favorable report from the Mike and Kathy session, as she approached me with a big hug, whispering, “Thank you.”

She then pulled back and smiled at me, “I hope you enjoyed it too?”

I replied, “It was incredible. Your husband also seemed to enjoy himself.”

Stacy got the open and subtle messages.

We mutually agreed that we would close early that night.

But before we left, Stacy approached me privately about another client.

**** End Story *****

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