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One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 13
It was Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. Kris and Kim would be home later that evening, so Karen arranged for Ms. Davis to spend the afternoon with her and Keith since school was out for the holiday. Karen knew they both needed to get some good fucking accomplished before they faced several days of abstinence while the her other son and daughter were home. Karen was still hoping to get at least a good look at Kris’ huge cock now that she knew he was hung, but she also tried to dismiss it, knowing it could ruin everything if she slipped up in the process.

Linda Davis jumped at the opportunity. She was planning to visit her dad for the holiday and she only had a two hour drive to his place and otherwise had nothing to do. She and Karen spent the first part of the afternoon pegging Keith’s ass with an assortment of toys in her red duffel bag. Keith was more than willing and enjoyed the variety of things Linda had brought to entertain her friends. Karen took a break to give Keith some needed relief and sucked him off and when he came, aimed his cock at Linda’s firm tits, watching him shoot an impressive load all over her tits, some of it hitting her chin. While Keith recovered a bit, Karen and Linda enjoyed each other’s pleasures with a combination of toys and tongues until both of them were near exhaustion.

While his mother and his principal were eating each other, Keith moved in behind Linda and slid his cock into her pussy. Karen enjoyed watching her son’s cock filling Linda’s cunt up close and the feel of his balls rubbing her face as he stroked in and out. Linda came on them both just before Karen came and then felt Keith tense up and empty his balls into her pussy. They laid beside one another, catching their collective breath, not saying too much. They just simply enjoyed the close physical presence of one another for a few minutes.

Karen broke the silence, “You could just stay with us for the holiday. It doesn’t sound like you are that excited to go see your father.”

“I appreciate the offer, Karen. That is very kind of you. It’s not that I don’t want to see him. It’s just that since it is only the two of us, well, it doesn’t really seem like a holiday. We enjoy our time together, but holidays are supposed to be for larger families.”

Keith suddenly began to see his principal differently. She seemed more human to him for some reason. He was used to seeing her as part of the “system” and a fuck toy until now. But now, with her guard down a little, she seemed more like a typical woman with needs beyond sex and maybe even some regrets about where life had led her so far.

“What happened to your mother?” he asked casually.

Linda stared at the ceiling for a moment. “Neither of you can say a word of what I am about to tell you. I trust you, so this has to be kept as a secret between us. Agreed?”

Karen and Keith both agreed wholeheartedly.

Linda hesitated and finally opened up, “Oh fuck it. I need to tell someone and it might as well be two people I enjoy time with the most. My mother was a bitch on wheels for as long as I can remember. But my dad was totally devoted to her. She only had me because she couldn’t stand being pregnant and she liked having a k** around even less. Once I came along, my dad did most of the daily care of my needs. I don’t think I ever remember my mother doing much of anything for me or going to any of my school events or anything like that. It was always my dad. When I was 17, my mother finally left us. Neither of us ever heard from her again. Dad was devastated. We spent the next two years trying to track her down with no luck. I didn’t care one way or the other, but my dad had a hard time letting go.

“I lived at home while I went to the local college. I took the place of his wife in every respect other than sleeping with him. We split the housework, I did the laundry and fixed the meals, he did most of the cleaning, and I went to school while he went to work. Some people assumed we were married and he had a trophy wife and he was my sugar daddy. It was nothing like that, of course, but that is how we began to act around each other as I took on the role my mother left behind.

“My dad was slowly losing his mind, though. I could see it wasting away since he could not get over mom leaving us. We both reached the point of no return. He couldn’t take much more and neither could I. So one night, out of desperation, I went to his bedroom just before he went to sleep and I spent the night fucking him as many times as he could take. I figured that I was his woman in every other way and he had done so much for me over the years that I could do that much for him. If that didn’t work, I would lose him and he would lose himself. If it did work, we could fight through it and eventually he would get over mom and find someone else. He didn’t, but I had to go on with my life. He eventually pulled out of his nosedive into insanity, but he never trusted another woman other than me. He adjusted to living alone as I started my career and I drive the two hours to see him about once a month and I spend the weekend fucking him as much as he wants. I love him dearly and I don’t dread it at all, but it is not your classic holiday. It was that experience that pushed me into education and psychology specifically. It is also how I learned to read the signs of other youth having sex with family members. Rarely does it really work out like it has for me or for the two of you. I don’t get in the way of people like you, but I do protect those who aren’t willingly embracing it.”

All were quiet for quite some time before Linda decided it was time to leave. “I better get a move on. It would not be a good thing for your brother and sister to get here and find us all in bed together.”

Keith got up and gave Linda a tender hug. “I am sorry your family turned out that way. And I am sorry you don’t have a mother as loving as mine. I wish you were part of our family, Ms. Davis.”

“Well, in one way I feel like I am. That is good enough for me. At least for now. Maybe someday I will have a family of my own. In the meantime, I appreciate that you two have let me into yours.” Linda grabbed her bags after getting dressed and left the two of them alone.

Kris and Kim arrived a couple of hours later and hauled their bags to their old rooms. Karen and Keith both had mixed feelings. Both were glad to see illegal bahis them but also deep down resented the fact that they really fucked up their lifestyle for a few days. And both still heard Ms. Davis’ words about family resonating in their minds and felt ashamed that they were thinking this way.

Karen fixed dinner for everyone and they all enjoyed catching up on more details about their lives than they typically covered on the occasional phone calls they had through the semester. Kim and Kris were laughing and telling stories from classes and jobs and much more open and talkative than Karen had ever seen either of them be before. She noted that they both had seemed to come out of their shells and were almost outgoing compared to the two introverts she had sent off to college. Then Karen noticed that a couple of times, Kim and Kris exchanged looks normally reserved for couples. She couldn’t put her finger on it exactly and couldn’t explain it to someone if pressed, but her sixth sense told her there had been something added to the mix in their relationship that couldn’t just be chalked up to maturity.

Kim got up to clear the table and as she walked past Kris’ chair she let her hand sweep over his shoulders and back as she passed. Karen leaned back in her chair, resting her chin in her hand, thinking when she saw Kim’s hand brush over Kris and it dawned on her what had changed. But confirming her suspicions would be a totally different challenge and she could be entirely wrong. She could just be thinking in some warped way, projecting her relationship with Keith onto her other two offspring. She had to be careful and make a few more observations before diving into the deep end on this topic.

The next day was Thanksgiving and they all worked together in the kitchen preparing a traditional dinner and making idle chatter as they worked. They all had a fine time together and in most ways it seemed as if time had stood still from the last time they were all together. Karen maintained her private vigilant observations, looking for other telltale signs that Kim and Kris had developed another dimension to their relationship. But all through the preparation of the meal, sharing the meal, then finally cleaning up afterward, Karen saw nothing and began to write off her early suspicions as her warped mind playing tricks on her. Then they all decided to watch movies for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Karen was the last one to enter the living room. Keith was sitting in one of the arm chairs and Kris was sitting at one end of the sofa with Kim lying on the sofa with a pillow propped against Kris’ leg between her and contact with his body. Karen sat in the remaining arm chair noting that Kim never positioned herself with Kris like that in the past. They had always been close, but they were more prone to needling each other than to be practically snuggling with each other. Karen’s suspicions returned. Between movies, Kim got up to get a drink and asked Kris if he wanted anything. He declined and Kim remembered to ask the others if they wanted anything. Keith took her up on the offer and asked for a beer as he changed to another movie. Again, Karen took note that Kim thought of Kris’ possible needs, something she would not have done before. Had she matured that much in such a short period of time? Not likely. And it was evidenced by the fact that her mom and Keith were afterthoughts.

Karen’s mind wondered through most of the last movie, trying to figure out how to get to the truth and not do it with Keith present. He was probably doing well not to give up his own secrets about himself and mom. They all went to bed finally, since all of them were about to fall asleep through the last movie. Keith and Kris went to their room and Kim to hers. After Karen made sure things were in order, she went to her room, thinking how empty it felt not sharing it with Keith after months of sleeping with him.

Karen had just settled in when there was a knock on her door.

“Come in,” Karen said, slightly annoyed thinking it was Keith unable to go 48 hours without drilling his mother.

Kim walked in and seemed somewhat distracted. “Mom, can we talk for a few minutes?”

“Sure, honey. Something wrong?” Karen asked with genuine concern.

“No, not really, well, I don’t know. This is going to sound strange and coming from out of nowhere.” Kim began. She was only wearing her panties and loose fitting tank top. Her nipples were clearly on display poking through the thin material.

“Go ahead, Kim. Just tell me what’s on your mind. We’ve got all night if needed.”

“Is my ass too big for the rest of me?”

Karen laughed in spite of herself. She got out of bed, wearing nearly the same outfit as Kim – panties and a loose fitting t-shirt. Her nipples were clearly visible as well and both could clearly see the other’s ass if they wanted to look. Karen turned on the lamp beside her bed and motioned Kim to her full length mirror on the closet door.

Karen had not really studied Kim’s figure in quite some time and just now realized that Kim’s figure was very nearly identical to her own. Kim had larger tits and a slightly larger ass than Karen had, but otherwise they could pass as sisters other than for the obvious age difference.

“Kim, you have a beautiful ass on you.” Karen said as she took the opportunity to run her hands over it. Kim took an audible deep breath and the touch of her mother’s hands on her butt. “What on earth made you wonder if your ass is too big? Someone make a shitty comment about it or something?”

“No, it’s just that, well, I do want to be attractive and while it seems like big asses are “in” these days, I don’t know, I just wanted an honest opinion about my ass. I guess my figure as a whole. Becoming self-conscious I guess, later than most girls.”

Karen turned Kim around and let her hands run down her shoulders and arms and back up from Kim’s hips to her waist to her breasts and decided to cup them a little to see if they were as firm as they looked. Karen was getting aroused even though she knew better and when she touched Kim’s tits, Kim sucked in another breath of air.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Kim asked without accusation and without pulling away.

“Sorry dear. You seem so concerned about your figure, I thought you might be concerned about your firmness as well. The fact is, you have a beautiful ass and both your ass and tits tipobet güvenilir mi are nice and firm. You have nothing to be concerned about.”

“You’re just saying that because you are my mother.” Kim argued.

“Check for yourself, sweetie. compare how your ass and tits feel compared to mine. I have more than 20 years on you, so you should be able to notice the difference.” Karen was hoping Kim would take her up on the offer and was pleased that Kim did so. Kim stepped forward and embraced her mother and lowered her hands to feel her mother’s ass. True, it was not as firm as her own, but was still a nice ass and Kim enjoyed the feel of it in her hands. Then she leaned back a little so that she could feel her mother’s tits. Both women were breathing harder now and it was clear to both that they were getting aroused. Kim squeezed her mother’s tits and totally gave up on making comparisons. She just began to play with them and Karen dropped all pretense and began playing with her daughter in return. Karen removed Kim’s shirt and began sucking on a nipple. Then she removed Kim’s panties and fondled her daughter’s ass.
She took Kim to her bed and they intertwined legs and spent quite some time deeply kissing and touching each other all over.

“Mom, you are a beautiful woman. I want to have sex with you. I think you want to as well. Am I right?” Kim searched for her mother’s agreement and consent. Karen responded by thrusting two fingers into Kim’s now very wet pussy. Kim let out a loud moan and Karen quickly put a hand over her mouth to muffle it.

The two spent much of the night giving each other oral pleasures and Karen even dared to bring out one of her toys and fucked Kim with it multiple times and allowed Kim to use it on her as well. Karen and Kim were both relieved to finally be honest with each other about their attraction to one another. Neither could have done it before now and only now because they had let their walls down by having fucked the two young men in their family, who were now sleeping in the room across the hall.

Keith and Kris were not asleep however. Both were awake and periodically checked on each other to see if they were asleep. Keith finally asked Kris why he was having a hard time drifting off.

“Because I have a fucking hard on, that’s why. What’s your excuse?”

“Same problem, you dickhead. I am not 14 anymore in case you haven’t noticed.” Keith went from sullen and trying to hide it most of the day to being pissed that his brother was still treating him like a k**.

“You’re right, Keith. Sorry. You are clearly a full grown man and I should treat you like one.” Kris was being a helluva a lot more mature about it than Keith was and now Keith felt like a k** again as a result.

“Tell you what, bro. Since we are both laying here with boners, why don’t we jerk off together?” Keith suggested.

“I’m game.” relied Kris.

They both threw back the covers and revealed their hard cocks to each other by the moonlight coming in through their window. Even though they had separate twin beds parallel to each other across the room, their cocks were clear to one another and they slowly started stroking as they watched the other do the same.

Kris got up and walked over to Keith’s bed and told him to move over. They lay beside each other to get a better look at the other’s equipment and continued to stroke.

“Jeez, you got a big fucking cock, Kris!” Keith was clearly in admiration for his brother’s big stick.

“You are pretty well hung yourself, Keith. How about we stroke each other? Does that turn you off to think of that?”

“Not at all. I was thinking of asking the same thing.” Keith was beginning to see how this weekend might not be a total loss after all.

They took turns stroking each other for a little while when Kris leaned over and gave Keith a lick on his cock head. Keith’s cock twitched with added excitement and Keith thrust up a little. Kris took the hint and sucked a little more into his mouth and then pulled away. Keith then leaned over and sucked the first few inches of Kris’ cock into his mouth.
Keith leaned over to his nightstand and retrieved some lube and rubbed it all over Kris’ cock, the head and shaft, all over his 10″ of cock meat. Keith started to stroke it more and picked up the pace.

“Kris, you ever thought of fucking a guy before?”

“Yeah, just never saw an opportunity. Always been curious about it, though.”

“Well, here is your opportunity if you want to try it. But that is such a big fucker, if you go for it, you better go easy or I will wake mom and Kim when I scream in pain. So you gotta promise you will go slow and do what I say.”

“Fair enough. But this has to be our secret. I still prefer women and I don’t want this getting out, got it?”

“Sounds like we are both on the same page.” Keith agreed. He rolled over face down on his bed and spread his legs so that Kris had clear access to his brother’s asshole. He squirted some lube on Keith’s opening and rubbed it around thoroughly. He then got himself into position and began to ease his long cock in slowly, careful not to inflict any pain that would cause all kinds of hell to break loose in the household.

Kim was snuggling with her mother after several rounds and orgasms had passed. Kim finally mustered up the courage to speak some more.

“Mom, you have always taught us to be honest with you and I need to tell you something. But you have to keep it a secret between the two of us. It is going to be a long-ass weekend if I don’t tell you now.”

“What is it, baby?” Karen suspected, but did not let on.

“I didn’t think you would approve until tonight and what you and I have been doing, but now I feel like it is safe to tell you everything.” Kim paused and then spilled it. “Kris and I have been fucking each other for most of the semester.”
Kim went on to tell her mother how it all started innocently enough and that they found it comforting to each other and she just unloaded the whole saga, leaving out the encounters with others so that her mother did not think they were total trash.

Karen laid next to her daughter and soaked it all in with relief. She hugged Kim and told her she understood and that she had a confession of her own to make.

“Kim, this is a little different, but not too much. You see, at about the same time you and Kris started fucking each other, I started fucking Keith. You see, we are not all perabet that much different. I hope you don’t think any less of me. I certainly don’t think any less of you two.” Karen proceeded to tell Kim most of the background on how it got started. She didn’t mention any of the gang bangs they had hosted. That could come later if needed.

Kim kissed her mother and said, “You know, since we are fucking the two guys in the other room, there really isn’t much of a need to keep it a secret from them. There really is no secret. How about we go wake them up and you can fuck Kris and I will see what my little brother has to offer. Want to?”

“I think that is a fine idea. I will enjoy seeing the looks on their faces when we march in and demand that they fuck us!”

They both laughed as they got out of bed, not bothering to dress. They crossed the hall together and opened the boys’ bedroom door to find Kris on top of Keith fucking his ass like it was his last piece of ass. Kris and Keith heard the door open and saw the women standing there shocked at the scene in front of them.

“This is better than I had hoped for,” said Karen with a big shit eating grin on her face.

Keith smiled and Kris looked like he had seen a ghost. He started to go limp in Keith’s ass, but Keith started humping back against Kris’ cock and told him it was fine and to keep fucking until he was finished. Karen and Kim sat on Kris’ bed and fingered each other as they watched Kris fuck Keith until he filled Keith’s ass with a massive amount of cum.

“Bravo, bravo!” said Kim, clapping her hands. “That was fucking hot! Kris, go wash off your cock in the shower and then lets all meet in mom’s room. We have a party planned for you two that may last all night.”

Keith and Kris both got in the shower and Kris washed off his cock and Keith cleaned the cum out of his ass. Both arrived together in their mother’s bedroom to see the girls eating each other out. The two women came shortly after Keith and Kris walked in.

“Come on in boys and join the party!” Karen said with zeal.

Kris still looked somewhat bewildered and slightly amused, but wasn’t entirely over the fact that his mom and sister caught him fucking his brother’s ass.

Kim curled her index finger at Keith, signaling that he was going to be her partner for the first round. This was going to be a much better holiday weekend than he could have hoped for. He wasn’t sure how this all came about, but he was reasonably certain he could wait until later to learn the backstory. Kim and his mother were on their backs next to each other with their legs apart. It struck Keith that Kim simply looked like a younger version of his mother and in that regard, the first time with his sister seemed like familiar territory to him. Karen had to work a little harder to get Kris ready. He was still a little distracted by the earlier event, but once he saw Keith mounting Kim and starting to fuck away at her hungry pussy, his cock responded and he buried his long staff in his mother’s waiting slot. He was surprised that she could take him with relative ease and did not show any signs of discomfort at all. He was beginning to think there was hope for him to eventually find someone outside of the family that hadn’t fucked the entire world who would be willing to venture into big dick country and make a go of it with him. For the moment, however, he was enjoying the woman under him and driving it home for the enjoyment of both of them. Keith was right beside his brother, thrusting in and out of his sister and thinking of this same kind of encounter the previous weekend when Rick and Abby were fucking him and his mother side by side. Keith was now having a hard time deciding who he enjoyed fucking the most. As he was stroking away inside his sister, he went through the growing list of women with whom he had blown his load. Linda Davis was one of the hotter ones, Abby, was equally intense, but not quite as kinky as far as he knew, Amanda was enthusiastic and his first and she just made him feel warm all over, Shelley was a hot, kinky bitch, but not really his type long term. Penny wasn’t all that special, but he had only dicked her once. Then there was his mother and now his sister. There was no doubt in his mind that his mother was at the top of the list and Kim was quickly moving to the number two slot, but Keith hated the thought of giving up any of the others. Abby and Linda were close on the heels of his family members, but right now, all he could really think of was making his sister cum for the first time.

His mother’s orgasm brought him out of his wandering mind as she shrieked, cumming hard on the huge cock in her love box. Kim was right behind her and let out a low grown of her own that escalated as her cum built to its peak. She nearly bucked Keith off of her as she came and he had to hold her down without ruining her orgasm in the process. Finally, Keith went over the edge himself and shot his thick goo into her pussy. Kris suddenly pulled his cock out of his mother and shot his cum all over her mid section and up and over one tit as he came for the second time that hour. The four of them went for another couple of rounds until fatigue took its toll and they agreed to pick up where they left off later the next day.

Now that is was truly going to be a family affair, all four of them could look forward to being together at one place or the other and sharing their experiences with one another. The rest of the weekend was spent mostly naked, mostly fucking or sucking or trying a new position and getting better acquainted physically with the ones they did not live with every day.

Sunday afternoon rolled around and Kim and Kris prepared to leave for the last few weeks of the semester. Within half an hour after they left, Karen and Keith both received texts at the same time.

Keith’s text was from Abby.

Abby: “I would really like to see you again. And fuck you again. And fuck you alone this time.”
Keith: “I would really like to see you again too. And fuck you again too. And fuck you alone this time too.”

Karen’s text was from Rick and said the exact same thing Abby’s text to Keith said.
She chose to give the exact same response to Rick that Keith gave to Abby after Keith had shown her his message.

“Seems like we have some new admirers or friends or both.” said Karen.

“Apparently.” said Keith. “Looks like we both have dates coming up in the near future.”

“In the meantime, let’s you and I go back to bed and wear each other out some more. Up for it?”

Keith revealed his stiff cock. “What do you think?”

“It looks like it is going to be a long evening.” Karen said, smiling.

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