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Even though they got along, and both were awesome fucks, Suzy and Nicky started to get competitive. They both wanted to be a sleazier, nastier, more degraded little bitch than the other one. Today was Nicky’s turn to up the stakes.

I’d agreed to met up with her at the mall where she worked. I’d assumed that she’d picked this because she was working that day, but I was wrong. She was wearing a long, black coat and high heels. Even though it was summer. I hugged her and ran my hands down to her ass, trying to guess what was underneath the coat. She wriggled away from me, grinning.

“You’ll find out soon enough, lover. Just carry this bag for me, would you?”

She passed me a sports bag, and told me not to open it. Grabbing my hand, she started walking quickly through the mall.

“Where are we going in such a hurry?”

“Come on, honey, keep up. I’m so fucking horny I just want to run there.”

I thought we were heading out towards the car park, but just before the door to the car park we stopped. She wrapped her arms around my neck and slid her tongue into my mouth. It tasted of pussy, but before I could ask her whose it was, she stepped back.

“Okay honey, this is like my number one fantasy right now. I’m totally fucking naked under this coat. I’m gonna go into the men’s toilets, and get fucking wrecked by cocks. All I want you to do is make sure I don’t get fucking kidnapped, and hold on to that bag. Other than that, anything the guys want to do is okay by me. I’m going to be a sick little toilet whore for them. Okay?”

Jesus fucking Christ. I thought Suzy had a nasty little mind. I wished to God I’d brought a video camera with me. This was going to be incredible.

Nicky took a quick look around, and pulled off the coat. She WAS fucking naked underneath. I could see her shaved pussy glistening with juice already. She turned and walked into the toilets, pausing at the door to wiggle her ass at me, inviting me to join her. Fuck knows who would go in there before she was finished. Fuck knows what they’d do to her. And that was the thrill – not knowing what they’d make her do.

When I got in, she was leaning against the wall next to the urinals. A young guy was trying to take a piss, but it was a bit fucking distracting having a beautiful eighteen-year-old slut standing next to you, pulling her tits until it hurt. All he was getting was a hard-on. That was what she wanted. She leaned forward and whispered.

“Hey, baby. Want to put that cock up my cunt instead?”

He just looked at her and nodded, unable to say a word. She grinned, and stepped across him, straddling the urinal. She stroked his cock as she moved closer, then kissed him lightly on the lips. He shuddered. She lifted one tanned leg and put her foot onto the sink next to her, opening her legs for his cock. Slowly, very slowly, she put his cock at the entrance to her pussy, and waited.

After a couple of seconds staring, I almost screamed at him to fuck her. The he slid it home, and she let out a cry of pleasure. He seemed to come to his senses then, and grabbed her around the waist as he began thrusting. She threw her arms back against the wall, and let her body go limp, so that every time he rammed it up her, her whole body shook. Ripples ran up her tits and her mouth fell open.

“Yeah….yeah… that….like that….fucking harder baby…….yeah…love…that….cock….just like that….”

He increased his speed and started panting that he was about to cum. Nicky fell to her knees in front of him, her mouth open. She let her head fall back so that her hair dropped into the piss in the urinal, and this was too much for the guy. cebeci escort He sprayed her five or six times, as she put out her tongue to give him a target. Arcs of cum splattered onto her face, and ran down her neck. She grinned at him as she took him into her mouth, swallowing him whole in one go. He was too sensitive for that, and tried to back away. But my little slut wanted meat, so she grabbed his legs and forced him to stay there, enjoying the sweet agony of getting a post-cum dick sucked.

Once she was sure he was dry, she took him out of her mouth, but kept hold of his dick, rubbing it across her face and licking it.

“You came here to piss, baby. So go ahead.”

And she opened her mouth again.

This time he knew what was going on, and leaned back and closed his eyes. A stream of piss flew from his cock, onto Nicky’s face and up into her hair. She just let it flow. Her hair quickly became soaked, and she pulled his cock down so that it poured over her tits, down her flat stomach and onto her pussy. She used her fingers to push some of his piss inside her cunt, and re-directed his dick back to her mouth, to drink the last of it. When he finished, she deep-throated him a couple of times to clean it off. She looked up at him and smiled.

“Thanks, baby. Come back for more, anytime.”

He looked at me and at her, and ran from the toilet, stuffing his cock back into his pants. He paused again at the door, and Nicky blew him a kiss from her cum-covered, piss-stained lips. She looked at me.

“Not bad for a first one. I wonder who’ll be next? Maybe it’ll be a bunch of guys, and I’ll get myself gang-raped. Hmm. That would be fucking cool.”

I was about to answer, when a huge, bearded guy in a leather jacket came in. At first he saw me and not Nicky. But then he saw her, kneeling next to a urinal, covered in piss, with cum stains on her face, and four fingers in her hairless pussy.

“What the fuck’s going on, man?”

“Well, this here is Nicky, and she wants to get fucked in the toilets. I’m just here to make sure she gets home. Help yourself.”

He looked at her in disbelief.

“He shittin’ me, or what? You really wanna fuck a stranger, here?”

Nicky got up and wiggled her way across to him. At the last minute she turned around and put both hands on her ass.

“See this, baby? My shitter hasn’t been fucked for twenty four hours, and that’s way too long. I need my ass fucked plenty more often than that. So get your dick out, and rape my ass with it. Cram it in until it won’t fit, then cram in some more. Make me scream like the little bitch I am. My ass needs your dick hurting it.”

She bent over and pulled her cheeks apart, so that he could see her asshole staring to gape. I figured I could get two fingers in there already, without touching the sides.

The guy took charge. He grabbed Nicky by the hair, and roughly swung her round so that she was on her knees in front of him. He fumbled with his jeans, trying to get his dick out.

“Now then bitch, I don’t think you can fucking take my dick. You’re way too small. Even my old lady can’t take all of it, and I’ve been banging her for years. You want to get assfucked, you gotta earn it, you little cunt. I ain’t fucking your ass until you prove yourself. Why should I get my dick covered in your shit, anyway?”

She looked up.

“Because I’ll lick my shit off your dick, that’s why. And because I’m the best assfuck in this town. Gimme your fucking cock, man. I can take it balls deep in any hole I’ve got. I don’t care how fucking big it is. I can take a baseball bat in my shithole, so I can sure çukurambar escort as hell take your cock. Give it here, I’ll deep throat the fucker and prove it to you.”

He had it out by now, and she licked her lips in anticipation. It must have been about eight inches, and there was still some way to go despite Nicky’s little speech.

She opened her mouth and leaned her head back, creating the right angle. She fed about six inches in the first time. That was impressive enough, given his width. You could see her lips stretched tight around it. The next time, it slid down her throat. You could see her throat muscles contracting to get it down her, like a snake eating a mouse. She could hardly breathe with her nose flat against his pubic hair, but that’s the way she liked it. She left his dick there, half-choking her. You could see her convulse each time she choked, but she never pulled back an inch. His cock got bigger, wrapped as it was in the hot, tight sheath of her throat. She was an unbelievable cocksucker.

She dropped her hands to the floor and he took his cue. He grabbed two handfuls of hair and began slowly pulling her mouth on and off his cock. When his cock emerged fully I couldn’t believe the length of it, but Nicky just held her mouth open and waited for it to be driven into her. It had to be eleven inches. It slid easily back down her throat to the hilt. And again. And again. Once he could see how she wanted it, he got rougher with her, slamming it back into her throat at will. She went limp again, letting him toss her around on the end of his dick, her throat and his cock working together.

After a few minutes, he must have figured she’d earned the ass-rape she asked for. He pulled her off his dick, but kept hold of her hair.

“You goddamn fucking slut. Never seen a bitch do that. You gotta be fucking every guy in town to get that good. Fucking cunt. Okay bitch, you’ve earned it in your ass. But we’re gonna do it my way.”

He pulled her by the hair across to a stall, her bare ass sliding on the tiled floor. I was going to intervene, until I saw a glimpse of her smiling face. The sick little slut wanted it this way. Who was I to stop her sick little fantasy? And I had to admit, I was fucking hard watching it. I couldn’t wait to get her somewhere and do the same things to her myself.

He pushed Nicky’s head down into the bowl of the toilet, making her drink some of the piss in there. I heard him tell her to lick the inside of the bowl while she was at it, and she moved her head around as she licked the sides of the bowl. The he flushed it. She squealed, and he pulled back her drenched head. On all fours, she reached back and spread her asshole again.

“Come on, man. I fucking earned it. I fucking deep throated that big fat cock, so shove it up my ass. Fucking hard. Don’t stop shoving it until it’s all in. Fucking break my ass in two with that fucker. Then rape me in my ass. Fucking slam it into me. I don’t care how much it fucking hurts, or how much I fucking scream. I want it to hurt. I want to scream. I want to feel like I’ve been assfucked by a telegraph pole. Kill me in my shitter, baby.”

She was fucking horny, but his cock was still huge, too big surely to fit up an eighteen-year-old ass, even if she did have a thing about gaping.

He did it. He slammed the whole fucking thing up her crap-hole in one go. It was brutal. It was nasty. It was fucking awesome. Her tight little ass just seemed to explode open, sucking in the shaft and never letting go. It slid in as smooth as silk, all the way to the balls. He’d clamped a hand over her mouth when he did it, demetevler escort but she must have screamed fucking loud, because you could still hear her. He kept one hand on her mouth and pulled her wet hair with the other. He kept ramming his dick up her, watching her asshole suck it up. Nicky was braced against the toilet, her face inches from the water, but from my angle I could see she was pushing back on every stroke, making sure it went in to the max. After about five minutes of brutal ass-rape, he was ready to blow. She wiggled her ass, and rotated it, so she clamped down even tighter on his cock. I knew how buttery-smooth it was in her ass, so he must have gone to fucking heaven at that moment.

He closed his eyes and pumped into her, pulling her hair harder as he came. That set her off for yet another orgasm, and she screamed against his hand. As he recovered he pulled her head out of the pan. He started to pull out, but she grabbed his jeans and pulled him back in, still buried eleven inches deep up her teenage crapper.

“Not yet babe, I want one more thing. Piss in my asshole. Stay in there and give me an ass full of piss. I wanna feel you spray up inside me.”

He looked at her for a moment, not believing her, but the look in her eyes told him she was serious. She actually wanted him to piss inside her ass.

He relaxed and let loose a load, streaming into her well-fucked ass. She sighed and put her head back in the pan, this time plunging her face back into the water, as he pissed up into her back door. Fucking unbelievable.

He pulled out and staggered back. He walked out without glancing at me or Nicky. I think he was just fucking stunned. Nicky pulled her head out of the toilet and grinned at me.

“Like that, honey? Was I enough of a nasty little cunt for you? I loooove drinking piss like that. And I fucking love big cocks. Bring that bag over here and close the door. I got another surprise for you.”

Jesus, what else could she do?

I brought the bag over and locked us both in the cubicle. She was still on her hands and knees with her ass in the air. I could tell from her flexed thigh muscles that she was concentrating on keeping her ass closed. She still had his cum and piss up there.

On her instructions, I gathered her up and turned her over. She put the toilet seat down before I placed her back down, so that she could lie on it. Her legs were in the air and (this is what she wanted) her ass was higher than her face. She pulled her legs back so that her knees were next to her ears.

And then she opened her ass.

Fucking gaped it, in fact. I swear I could have fisted her ass at that moment. Her sphincter just opened up big-style, and the guy’s piss ran in a rivulet down over her pussy, across her belly, between her tits, and into her open mouth. She spasmed her ass to force out all the liquid. Strings of cum appeared in the golden piss, as it flowed down for her to drink. She lapped it up with her tongue. His cum, his piss, her ass juice, it all went into her mouth. When there was none left, she slid four fingers into her ass, then her whole fucking fist, and swirled her hand around in her crap-hole, digging out the last of the collective juices. She pulled her hand out, and I expected her to lick it clean. But she smeared it over her face, her skin glistening with fuck juices and urine. She licked her lips.

“That was fucking awesome. Suzy was right. Getting your ass raped is the bomb. And drinking piss is fucking amazing. Now, you gotta get me to the car park with piss and cum on my face. My next outfit is in the bag.”

I opened the bag, and saw a schoolgirl’s outfit. She was going to walk through the mall, wearing a schoolgirl’s outfit, covered in cum and piss, with her asshole gaping wide under that cute little skirt.

She grinned.

“Better help me into that outfit. ‘Cause I want your fist inside my butt real soon. Real soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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