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This is a continuation of my last story but gets dirtier, so if you prefer toilets to be used for toilet needs rather than panties, this may not be for you…

Imagine being sexually aroused at work — the naughty frisson of your personal excitement sneaking into your professional life for a second or a few moments. Now, extend that — imagine being sexually aroused, painfully excited, almost all your working day! Constantly on edge, constantly losing yourself in absent-minded, erotic fantasy. That was the situation that 22-year old school secretary Naomi had found herself in for the last two weeks. Every day she dressed her jaw-dropping, hourglass 32F-27-38 body in girlish, cotton panties (always bikini-cut) which contrasted with the pretty bras and stockings she tended to wear under her smart trousers or skirts (medium-grey trousers today, boosted her 5′ 4½”s with some medium heels and made up her naturally pretty face with its open smile, big, blue eyes and frame of thick, long chestnut hair. Then she went to work, her arousal building on the short drive, pussy moistening slightly, nipples tender, to spend eight hours in a state of total excitement.

The reason for this was her boss, the school’s headmistress, 38-year old Christina Holloway, 5’8″ of whiplash curves, her 30F-30-39 figure drawing stares, her imperious manner, pale blue eyes and coppery red hair keeping them on her. Naomi had long held three primary sexual fantasies — she was turned on by needing the toilet, wanted to receive corporal punishment and wanted to have sex with a woman. For the last fortnight, she’d been living in a kinky kind of paradise — forbidden by her boss from using the toilets during the day, she was usually desperate by lunchtime. Then, at the end of most days (eight times in the 12 work days since the first day) she was reporting to Ms Holloway’s office for a daily “assessment” of her work — an assessment that, for one reason or another, she always failed. On each occasion she’d been punished; spanked, paddled, caned — it was up to Ms Holloway. Five times she’d lost control and wet her knickers — three times whilst being scolded before the spanking, the shameful yellow streams running down her legs only intensifying the situation, twice during the punishment itself, Ms Holloway caning her secretary harshly as pee spattered over her desk. And every time it ended with the two voluptuous women having urgent, passionate sex, writhing on the office floor, often in Naomi’s puddle with the young secretary’s throbbing, red bottom being cooled in her own piss.

Naomi had also been to Christina’s house half a dozen times (she was allowed to use her first name outside work, but never in the school office) — each time they’d had sex and each time Naomi had been crying as their love-making was always preceded by a long and hard spanking. Christina, for her part, was no less pleased and excited by this situation. She was always turned on by punishing girls’ bottoms and dominating them and had often wanted a lesbian relationship, and Naomi was so accommodating, accepting harder and harder punishments each time and only ever getting more turned on. She was slightly bemused by her young lover’s toilet habits, but was curious about them rather than put off, and had soon got over her knee-jerk squeamishness about getting Naomi’s pee all over as they rolled around her office floor. Christina too was finding concentrating on her job was awkward as she spent most of the day watching the clock, awaiting Naomi’s nervous shuffle into her office.

It was 3.47pm. Still almost an hour before the students and other staff would go home and Naomi could go into Ms Holloway’s office. But Naomi was not certain she could wait that long — not from excitement (although that was intense — her pussy felt slippery and her nipples were hardened tips on her heavy breasts) but because her need to go to the loo was building. And this wasn’t just a pee. That wouldn’t worry her anyway, as Ms Holloway was more than used to Naomi’s wetting habits. No, in addition to a desperate need to pee, Naomi’s midriff was also tight with pain as she fought a fierce need to go for a poo. She felt sweat at her temples as she scrunched her forehead with the effort needed to overcome the inclination of her bowel to do its job. Her breathing was shallow as she gazed unseeingly at her computer screen, focused on nothing but getting through the remainder of the working day without disgracing herself worse than ever before. She’d not shit her pants in public since she was a child, and was not sure how Ms Holloway would react to discovering her lover had habits even more disgusting than the ones she already knew about.

Naomi absently brushed her hand across her forehead, feeling the sweat-dampened hair at her fringe as another spasm of pain made her whimper out loud. She was never going to make it without going to the loo — either in an actual toilet or in her pink, cotton panties. beşevler escort Even if she could get all the way to the end of her shift, Ms Holloway would be expecting to see her in her office to check her work for mistakes (Naomi knew they were there as she put them in deliberately so as to ‘earn’ a punishment) before dealing with her in the customary way. 4.02pm. Time seemed to have slowed to a crawl, although the waves of pain and need in Naomi’s middle were increasing in occurrence, in defiance of the agonisingly slow tick of the clock. Although the pain was undeniable, her building arousal was also beyond dispute, and, almost without thinking, she stroked her left hand across her chest, the brush of her palm sending shivers of desire through her nipples despite the bra and blouse in between. Gasping, she felt her insides lurch and quickly pressed her hand into her crotch as she nearly lost control.

Every muscle in Naomi’s body was clamped down to a single purpose, head bowed, sitting rigidly at her desk, oblivious to the world around her. The crawl of time marched on and the curvy secretary sat, breathing shallow, body buzzing with needs both physical and sensual. It’d passed 4.30pm and the school was actually deserted but for the two voluptuous lovers, but Naomi could not have told you what day it was, let alone what time it was.

In her office, Christina Holloway was bored. She was watching the seconds melt away, interested in nothing but her plans for Naomi. She’d been quite soft with her the last few days, wanting to make sure that her secretary’s full, soft cheeks were white and unblemished for tonight — Friday night was always a big one. Regardless of the ‘errors’ that she found in Naomi’s work, there’d be spanking and then she was going to use a leather belt she’d bought for the express purpose of punishing Naomi’s bottom. And then the cane. And then, oh, then the sex. Christina smiled, her sparkling blue eyes glinting with joy as she imagined the next hour or two in detail. Then they’d go home together, back to her house, and spend the weekend making love and making up reasons for Naomi to go over her knee. Not having to worry about being observed or interrupted, Christina slipped a graceful hand inside her skirt, stroking her ginger-furred pussy through her damp, silk panties. She moaned, closing her eyes and rubbing gently as images of Naomi’s swinging breasts, big, expressive eyes and red, punished bottom tumbled through her mind. As she masturbated, a vision of Naomi standing in front of her naked but for a pair of jeans formed, heavy breasts available for Christina’s salacious gaze. Christina’s breath caught briefly as her imaginary Naomi’s jeans darkened at the crotch, streams of pee soaking them. Her rubbing at her pussy intensified, though. Was she aroused by Naomi’s toilet habits, now? She hadn’t realised she was, she thought she’d just indulged them as she wanted the younger girl so badly. But was that the whole truth? Christina came to a sudden orgasm, the images in her mind now a mix of Naomi’s punished bottom and Naomi’s piss-wet knickers.

Gathering herself, sucking idly at the fingers that had just rubbed herself off, Christina stood on shaky legs. Could she admit to herself that she had quickly grown to enjoy Naomi’s pee play? Could she admit that…she wanted to join in? Deciding not to ring her desk, Christina collected her usual demeanour, became the stern and discipline-meting Ms Holloway, and crossed her office, opening the door and intending to call Naomi to come in. Something about the brunette’s posture made her hold her tongue at the last second. Naomi did not seem to be aware that the door had opened as she sat, head bowed, perfectly still behind her desk.

Naomi knew her body well enough to know that the end was near. Her bladder and bowels were screaming for release, and her muscles could not clench any harder. Rising gingerly from her seat, she shuffled around her desk and glanced at the clock to see how long was left to the end of the day. She froze as she realised Ms Holloway was standing there, staring. Unfortunately, whilst her legs may have stopped moving, not all her functions followed suit and the pressure in her bladder won out, a hot torrent of wee flooding the gusset of her panties before soaking through to create a visible wet spot on her trousers which swiftly became a glistening patch and then fanned out down her soft thighs and across her wide bottom, streaks running down the inside of her legs to patter onto the floor in a pool. Ms Holloway was used to this spectacle, but was unsure why Naomi still looked frantic and was half bent over. Her secretary looked at her with terror in her eyes, eyes which had tears rolling from them as they often did when they made love, but that was as a result of the punishment that had been delivered — why was she crying now?

With a broken sob, Naomi croaked “It’s coming out.” And it did. As büyükesat escort her boss/lover looked on, she felt the pain in her guts wash over her and peak and then subside as her anus pouted and a thick, soft piece of poo squeezed out of her and smooshed against the pee-soaked material of her panties, filling the gap between her buttocks and smearing her white cheeks. Physically, Naomi felt a massive relief, but mentally she was horrified as, with a sticky, crackling sound another, bigger turd pushed out into her knickers, visibly pushing out the back of her trousers and tightening her panties as they filled with shit. The smell was obvious now too, and drifted as far as Ms Holloway who wrinkled her nose in disgust.

“Naomi! Are you…shitting yourself?!” The curvy brunette could not reply, but simply stood there, chewing her lip, tears trickling down her cheeks, doubled over, feeling more wet, sticky, soft lumps slide out into her panties. The messy load was still contained by the elastic of her bikini-style panties, but had oozed across her cheeks to halfway up her butt due to the pressure of her trousers, and was sliming between her legs towards her pussy. She moaned (In shame? In pleasure?) as she again looked at Ms Holloway who was open-mouthed at the spectacle. Her secretary, her submissive lover, had just uncontrollably wet herself in the middle of the office, and had then, judging by the smell, the wet crackling sound from her bottom, and the look of horror on her face, had filled her panties with poo.

Lost in depravity now, Naomi gave a concerted push to finish her dump — most of it was in her panties so there seemed no point in not finishing. She felt the sticky mass smear further over her milky cheeks as the final soft lumps squeezed into her dirty, shitty knickers. Standing up, feeling the obscene mass in her underwear shift and slide down her bottom as it settled into the back of her panties, feeling the cooling material of her pissed in trousers sticking to her legs, looking at her beautiful lover, Naomi knew for certain only one thing — she was as sexually aroused as she’d been in her life. The day of waiting for her spanking, needing the toilet, the embarrassment of going potty in her clothes instead of the bathroom like a grown up, it all combined in her so she could barely control herself. In fact, as her once-pink knickers testified, she was not a girl who could control herself.

Christina was flummoxed. Her mind tried to process what she was seeing and feeling. On the one hand, Naomi looked lovely — given her love of spanking girls, Christina loved to see a pretty girl looking crestfallen and with tears on her cheeks, and that’s how Naomi looked. Her tight blouse and trousers accentuated her amazing curves, and her nipples raised obvious points in her clothes, poking tenderly against her bra. Of course, on the other hand she also had pee stains running from her crotch over her bottom and down both legs and had a visible bulge at the bottom of her shapely bottom where she had just shit in her panties. She smelled like a toilet. That’s what the 38-year old redhead was seeing…but her feelings had no ‘other hand.’ Her sense of decency was in turmoil, but her pussy knew what it felt. Watching Naomi not just wet herself (again) but this time take a crap into her knickers had excited her tremendously. She knew that what her secretary had done was disgusting, was wrong, was so, so naughty, but then, she supposed, spanking and caning your secretary after work most nights before having lesbian sex on a piss-coated floor was probably wrong too!

“I’m so sorry…I was desperate and…” Naomi’s stammered explanation was cut short as her boss strode across the room, took the younger girl’s tear-streaked face in her hands and planted a lingering kiss on her soft lips. Naomi was surprised but responded, loving the feel of her boss kissing her, feeling the older woman’s tongue teasing her lips and their spectacular bosoms pressing together. Guided by instinct over reason, Ms Holloway’s hands combed through Naomi’s hair then stroked down her back and smoothed over her hips, paused momentarily, then cupped the foul bulge in Naomi’s panties. She tested the weight briefly, feeling the warmth of the secretary’s soft shit through her clothes, then pressed gently. Naomi shivered as she felt the wet, sticky lumps being squashed against her cheeks, testing her knicker-elastic’s ability to contain the mess.

“You’re so bad,” whispered Ms Holloway as she kissed Naomi, all the while fondling and manipulating the mass of poo in Naomi’s panties. Smells filled the office, Naomi’s urine, sweat and shit and the unmistakeable aroma of pussy from both women.

Moving her hands to Naomi’s shoulders, Ms Holloway pressed down, and Naomi understood, sinking to her knees and then settling so that she was sitting back, her load between her ankles so as not to squash it everywhere. Ms Holloway çankaya escort pulled up the front of her skirt and pressed her panty-covered lips against Naomi’s face, who responded by licking and teasing at the by now soaked gusset of the redhead’s knickers. Ms Holloway gasped, taking hold of Naomi’s hair she pulled the younger girl’s face forward and ground her hips so that the secretary’s face was pressed hard against her cunt. She rubbed her pussy against the brunette’s face as Naomi did her best to lick and kiss. She kept repeating “you’re so bad” as she enjoyed the sensations running through her pussy and inhaled the foul aroma of the room. Coming to a silent decision, she concentrated briefly, then, without pulling back from Naomi, shivered once, and relaxed.

Naomi thought could only have been happier if her bottom was stinging. Her lover had witnessed her disgrace herself in the worst way possible and had been turned on rather than appalled. Now she was on her knees, a wet, sticky mass of poo in her panties, legs wet with cold, smelly piss, and her face shoved into Ms Holloway’s crotch. She was wondering how she’d gotten so lucky when she felt her boss shiver, and thought her orgasm must be approaching. She was wrong. One moment her mouth was full of the taste of Ms Holloway’s pussy, though filtered through her silky panties. The next, a warm, wet flood of hot, yellow piss bubbled from Christina’s ginger-furred pussy, soaked her panties and filled Naomi’s mouth. Her head was still firmly held, so Naomi could barely move as she gasped and choked, her mouth full of the strong, pungent taste of pee. Rivulets ran down Christina’s round thighs and calves, filling her shoes and dripping to the floor, and she could feel the wet patch spreading from her gusset up, over the lower part of her full bottom, but most of her piss coated Naomi’s face, filled her mouth, ran down her face to soak her blouse and wet her bra and tits.

Naomi was long past pretending to be anything other than a submissive slut, so didn’t pretend to herself she had no choice, but, once over the initial surprise, eagerly accepted Ms Holloway’s pee into her mouth. Once her mouth was full, she swallowed the bitter liquid, feeling the hot, salty piss slide down her throat. Her clothes were soaked and she was in a disgraceful mess, but she shoved her hand into her panties and started rubbing fervently at her pussy, mindful of the sticky smears of poo that had oozed between her thighs to the bottom of her pussy. She came almost immediately, her body almost convulsing with relief after the day of teasing torment it’d endured. A minute later, Ms Holloway came too, for the second time that afternoon, gyrating her pissy pussy against Naomi’s face as she gasped with pleasure.

Ms Holloway stepped shakily away from Naomi, leaning against the desk as her breath came back and she surveyed the secretary’s office. It definitely had an air of a toilet, given the stink of shit and piss in the air and the two pools of pee on the floor. That this mess had come from a 22 and 38-year old going in their panties was a thrill. Whilst Ms Holloway could hide most of her own mess by lowering her skirt and emptying the warm piss out of her shoes, Naomi was in a state. Her face, the front of her blouse and her trousers were soaked through with a mixture of their pee and her panties were full of a soft, wet mass of shit, which had now stained through her knickers to leave a damp, brown smudge at the base of her bottom on her grey trousers. The two women looked at each other in silence for a moment, before Naomi climbed to her feet, feeling the disgusting load shift in her panties as she did.

“That was…fantastic,” murmured Ms Holloway, her mask of dominance slipping for a moment. “Right,” she added, more sternly, “we’re going to my house to get you cleaned up and then I can address your appalling behaviour in the appropriate manner.” Naomi shivered in excited anticipation at the prospect, knowing that she’d be sobbing in pain before bedtime.

The next two hours passed in a blur for Naomi, like a drunken memory or dream. Nerves as she walked through the school to the car in her dishevelled state; the feeling of her shit squashing and spreading in her panties as she sat down in Ms Holloway’s car; a lengthy shower and clean-up session; a scolding from her (also showered) lover; a hard spanking, turning her bottom and thighs a burning crimson; passionate sex in bed, the cool cotton rubbing her stinging buttocks as her dominant lover, her mistress, rubbed her pussy.

Afterward they lay naked together, Christina (she allowed Naomi to use that name, now, as their relationship was not just boss/secretary and mistress/sub slut — they were friends and lovers too) brushing the tears from the brunette’s pretty face, both women idly caressing the other’s curves.

“Naomi, do we need to discuss this afternoon’s…performance?”

Blushing, she replied: “I’m so embarrassed! But it was great, wasn’t it?”

“It certainly was! I guess when you said you loved being desperate for the loo, you meant in all ways! I’m guessing that wasn’t the first time you’ve pooed yourself?”

“No, no it wasn’t. But it was the first time with an audience!”

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