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Tom went over to his best friend Steve’s house. It was a hot summer day and they were going to use the pool in his backyard. He parked his bike in the driveway and knocked on the front door. Steve opened the door.

“What’s up, dude?” Steve said. He was already barefoot and in his swimming trunks. They headed through the kitchen and to the patio. Steve’s mom, Claudia, was in the kitchen. She was reading the newspaper. She looked up to see the handsome young men going past her.

“Hi, Mrs. Turner,” Tom said politely.

“Hello, Thomas,” Claudia replied with a low, sultry voice. Tom blushed slightly. Her bathrobe was slightly open exposing just the faintest sliver of her cleavage. Tom had always had a bit of a crush on Steve’s mom. She was a full-figured woman with large breasts. The hot girls at school were all slim and trim compared to her so he did not really know what was turning him on. Hormones, he supposed, he would fuck just about any woman. He quickly moved past her to get at the pool.

Claudia watched intently as Tom took off his shirt and shoes. He placed them on a chair near the sliding glass door. She admired his strong, youthful physique. Tom felt her eyes upon him. He felt uneasy at the attention and hurried to get outside.

Steve waited patiently for his friend. He glanced over at his mom leering his best friend. He smiled at her until their eyes met. She gave him a wink that stirred his groin. He knew she wanted Tom. It was his job to make it happen.

Tom and Steve went outside and dove into the pool. Claudia watched the boys splash and play through the glass. Tom had not known that she was not wearing anything but the robe while they were so close together. She reached down between her legs and felt her pussy. It was a little wet from seeing the two boys’ bodies jump around.

They climbed out of the pool. The water made their hairless chests glisten in the sun. She admired Tom’s chest. It was obvious he had been working out. Her own son’s body was also muscular but thinner, more wiry. She noticed him looking in occasionally. She hoped he did not tip off his friend to their silent pact.

Claudia moved to the couch in the living room. She opened her robe to expose her body. Not the seductive body of her youth but still in good shape. She began to run her fingers over her breasts. Her nipples reacted immediately by poking up. She continued down to her hairy pussy. She closed her eyes and started rubbing her clit. She imagined young Tom seducing her and becoming her lover. Her fingers traveled inside her wet folds imitating his imaginary thrusts. She brought herself güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to orgasm, covering her hand in sweet cum. Her exertion wore he out and she fell asleep on the couch.

Steve and Tom got thirsty and came in to grab a soda before lying out in the sun to tan. Steve had noticed his mom was not in the kitchen but did not want to search for her. Tom waited for Steve to grab two sodas. He was looking out of the kitchen hoping for another glimpse of Mrs. Turner. He could see her head on the couch in the living room and that she had fallen asleep. He thought that maybe he could catch another peek of her breasts. “I’m going to the bathroom,” he told Steve.

“Okay,” Steve said. Tom went down the hall toward the living room. He kept his focus on the increasing view of Mrs. Turner. Her body slowly came into view as he tiptoed down the carpeted hallway. Her large breasts were flattened out across her chest. The only other real breasts that he had seen were a brief flash at a party last summer. These were seemingly obtainable. He went into the bathroom and closed the door leaving a crack open to see more.

He could only see her belly from this angle. Tom pulled his wet trunks down to his ankles. He took his already hard dick in his hand and began stroking. He wanted badly to move closer but was afraid of what would happen. She appeared to be in a deep sleep and would never notice, he reasoned with himself. His teenage horniness overtook him. Losing his inhibitions, he pulled his trunks up. He flushed the toilet to cover his activity as he crept into the living room.

Tom watched as her chest rose and fell with her breathing. He took notice of her large areolas. Their silver-dollar size amazed him. He rubbed himself through his trunks as he shakily moved closer. He moved behind her so if she awoke he would not be seen right away. He looked down to her pubic hair. Most of the porn he had seen showed shaved or trimmed pussy hair but hers was curly and tangled. He could not stop staring at her bush.

Blood pounding in his head, Tom moved to stand behind her. He reached out with a shaking hand and touched her breast with a feather touch. He thought he was going to pass out from the excitement. He quickly pulled his hand back, fearing that she would awaken. Time seemed to pass in slow-motion. Tom decided to go for the gusto. He spread his hand out and gently covered her breast. Since she did not move, he gave it a squeeze.

“What are you doing?” Steve said in a loud whisper. Tom reeled back and fell to the floor. He was breathing hard. Steve came güvenilir bahis şirketleri and stood over him. “Were you feeling my mom up?” he asked. Tom could not respond. He was ashamed and embarrassed at what he had done. All he wanted to do was run away. He did not raise his head to look at his friend. “Why didn’t you ask?”

Tom looked up. Steve sat on the coffee table next to his mother. He was rubbing his mom’s pussy. Tom sat there with his mouth open. He could not believe his eyes. Steve’s work was beginning to wake Claudia up.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned.

“Do you want to play with her?” Steve asked. Tom sat like a statue but slowly nodded his head. He got up and felt both her breasts. He ran his fingers softly across her nipples and they began to pop up. Steve spread her thighs and began to lick her pussy. Photos

Claudia awoke to what she thought was a dream. Her son was eating her out and his handsome friend was playing with her tits. She closed her eyes and re-opened them but the scene was the same. Tom noticed that she was awake and began to back away. She grabbed his hand and pulled it back to her chest.

“Where are you going?” she demanded.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Turner,” Tom said.

“Sorry for what? For wanting to play with my big titties?” He had not removed his hand since she placed it on her chest. “Don’t you really want to do more, Tom?” Tom reacted by nearly crushing her breast.

“Oww! A little more tenderness there, Tom,” she said.

“Jeez, I’m sorry, Mrs. Turner,” Tom said.

“And stop calling me ‘Mrs. Turner’. Call me Claudia,” she said.

“Okay…Claudia,” Tom said with a smile. With that he resumed his groping with vigor. Steve caught her eye and gave her a wink as he continued to tongue her hole. Claudia reached up and grabbed Tom’s cock through his pants. He jumped at her touch. She wanted to see the whole package. She tried to pull his trunks down with one hand but could not get it over his hardon. He tugged them down, freeing his dick from their confines.

Claudia marveled at the length. It must have been eight inches. She stroked it slowly realizing that he was ready to cum. Steve watched intently as his mother jerked off his best friend.

“Do you want to suck my pussy, Tom?” Claudia said huskily.

“Yes,” Tom replied with a dryness in his throat. She let go of his dick. Steve stood up and dropped his own trunks. The boys switched places. Claudia sat up and spread her pussy for Tom. He marveled at the damp hole that was moved in front of his face. Steve sat down next to his mom. She took his balls in her hand and began juggling canlı bahis şirketleri them. He bent over and began suckling one of her breasts.

Tom did not know exactly what to do. He gave her a tentative lick. The taste was unlike anything he could imagine. It was not unpleasant so he began to kiss and lick with more enthusiasm.

Claudia was patiently waiting for him to get into it. She moved her hand to her son’s dick and wrung out some pre-cum so that she could stroke him better. He continued to suck on her nipple like a baby. Her hand slid up and down his erection. Tom found her clit and marveled at it briefly before sucking on it. She pushed her hips toward him when he hit that magic spot. Her reaction spurred Tom on. He thought he was doing something right so he kept going full speed ahead.

“Yes, yes, yes! Don’t stop! Oh, Tom!” Claudia cried. She squirmed up and down on his face. She was in the throes of her orgasm when Tom got up and thrust his cock in her pussy. He slid right in with all her wetness. He felt her throbbing around his dick and quickly came. Steve had to pry his mom’s hand off his dick. He moved in when his friend pulled out of her slot. He humped her rapidly and shot his wad into her womb.

Tom lay on the floor, tingling from the incredible experience of losing his virginity. Steve remained inside his mother. He reveled in the warmth of their sweaty bodies touching each other. He began kissing her. She returned the favor, slipping her tongue in his mouth. His hardon did not subside and he slowly began to pump her again.

Claudia lay back and savored her son’s hard cock inside her. Tom was recharged by watching them fuck. He stuck his dick in her face. She got the hint and put it in her mouth. She cleaned her own juices off his cock. Tom began working in and out between her lips. He took the back of her head in his hands and used her mouth like a toy. Steve sped up his humping to get out another orgasm.

Claudia began to struggle a bit. The boys both thought they were hurting her and stopped what they were doing. Claudia lay there panting. “Tom, sit on the couch. Steve, get behind me,” she gasped. They scrambled to where she wanted them. When they were in position, Claudia resumed her cocksucking. Steve split his mother’s pussy with his dick. The boys were both close to cumming. Steve grabbed his mom’s hips and made a final push. He shot what he had left into her wet pussy. She sucked hard on Tom’s dick and he pumped his goo onto her tongue.

Claudia crawled up on the couch and Steve was right behind her. Tom reached over and played with one of her tits, testing their springiness. Steve took her other breast and played with it. Claudia closed her eyes and allowed them to m***** her. The boys began to slow their playing as they fell asleep. She ran her fingers through their hair, almost petting them. As she drifted off to sleep, she hoped that Tom came over more often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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