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My husbands sexy night with Amber and Taylor!!!
I am writing this with my super, wonderful, sexy, handsome husband Dante!!! When he was in his early 20’s, he had his first 3some. When he told me the story the first time, I was soooo turned on that I could hardly stand myself. I told him that we need to write it.

It begins with him having a trip to Las Vegas. He was went with a couple of friends to see boxing and have fun. One of his friends knew a guy that lived there and he worked as a security officer for celebrities that came to Vegas. One of his other jobs was to make sure those celebrities had girls available to them. Dante’s friend said that his connection would hook them up with some female entertainment when they got there.

They arrived in Vegas, and had fun. Watched a fight, gambled and went to a few strip clubs. Dante said he’d asked his friend to hook him up with 2 girls because he’d never had a 3some. His friend said no problem. Dante was in his hotel room when his buddy called. He said that there were some sexy girls heading up to their floor and 2 of them were coming to see him. He then informed him that they were available to him all night. Dante told me that he was pretty darn excited. His heart was pumping hard. A few minutes later, there was a knock on his door………..

Dante said he was almost nervous when he opened the door. When he did, he was shocked to see 2 very sexy girls! One had a large bag and the other a small suitcase. They both introduced themselves and gave him a hug and kiss. One was named Amber and the other was named Taylor. Dante said they were total opposites in appearance but they were equally beautiful. Amber was small, blonde, small firm breasts and she had nice hips and a VERY shapely bottom. He said her ass was seriously to die for. She had blue eyes and a cute little face. She was delicate and soft spoken. Taylor was sexy as hell. She had long dyed red hair, shaved on one side. Her breasts were large and firm. He said her nipples were aroused through her shirt. Her body was fantastic. She was muscular but not overdone. She appeared to be part latino. She had dark eyes that were piercing. She had a super shapely body and her ass was also quite sexy. She was very outspoken and kind of bossy towards Amber. They seemed to be very used to each other and when Taylor told Amber to do something, Amber did it quickly. He quickly learned that they were an item and Taylor was dominant. He told me that the dynamics of their relationship made his cock hard as a rock.

He said they sat and talked for a while, getting to know each bahis şirketleri other. Amber was quiet for the most part while Taylor asked questions and answered Dante’s questions. They drank some wine and he said they were having a great time. While they were talking, Amber dropped her glass! He said Taylor immediately told her to clean it up or Mr. Dante would get a first hand account of what a spanking looks like in their house. Amber said, yes ma’am!!! She cleaned up the mess. While she was cleaning, Taylor filled Dante in on the fact that she had to put Amber over her knee a couple of nights ago and spanked her bottom good. She told Amber to confirm that for her and she certainly did. Taylor said that she’s not opposed to swatting her bottom good when she gets out of line. Dante said his cock was about to explode at this point.

Taylor and Amber then went into the bathroom and showered together. The whole time, he could hear them talking, but couldn’t quite make out what was being said. Taylor was clearly in control. When they came out, he said they looked so sexy that he almost came by just seeing them. Amber was wearing a short, pink babydoll neglige’ with see through panties. He said her pussy looked incredible and her breasts were perfect. She had totally shaved her pussy and she was soft and baby smooth. Taylor was wearing a sexy school girl outfit. Her boobs were firm and slightly upturned. Her nipples, that were showing earlier through her shirt, were sticking straight out and were perfect. Her skirt was very short, showing the perfect ass that he noticed earlier. Her pussy was trimmed with the perfect amount of hair. Dante loves a trimmed hairy pussy. He said she was not at all modest and had no issues with him looking at her. Amber was so cute and just a little bit shy. He couldn’t wait to indulge himself with these two lovely women.

They both got in bed with Dante. Taylor again, was in charge. She and Amber undressed Dante and to no surprise, his cock was at full massive erection. Dante’s cock is large and thick and it feels amazing. I love fucking my husband as much as I possibly can. He never fails to satisfy me multiple times when we make love. Taylor stroked his cock while Amber started rubbing her body against him. Taylor then orders Amber to give him a blowjob. She gladly goes to work. She had a little mouth but it was warm and wet. He said she was very good at her job. Taylor was holding his balls and giving her some direction. She would remind her to lick up his shaft, suck his balls, go deeper!!! Then Taylor went to work on his illegal bahis cock with her. They shared giving him a blowjob. Amber then got up on Dante’s face, pulled her little pink panties to the side and Dante started licking her. He said she tasted sweet and her pussy was very wet. She moaned the softest little moans and she rubbed her little pussy on his face. Taylor meanwhile was giving him an A+ blowjob. Taylor then says…..we have a special treat for you!!! She tells Amber to assume the position!!!

Amber, being submissive, removes her little panties and bends over. He said the sight of her cute, little, round, upturned bottom was so beautiful. Taylor then goes to her bag and pulls out a strapon. She puts it on and proceeds to get behind Amber. Dante was amazed. He said he’d never seen anything like it. Taylor stroked that plastic cock like it was attached to her. She then tapped it on Ambers little ass and asked her if she’s ready to get her pussy pounded? Amber said yes ma’am!!! Taylor said, “I can’t hear you, speak up”. Amber said loudly “YES MA”AM”. Taylor said, “Yes Ma’am what?” Amber said, “YES MA’AM, I’M READY TO HAVE MY PUSSY POUNDED”. He said Taylor then proceeded to pound into to her hard. She grabbed Amber by the hips and held her firmly while she pumped her pussy hard. He said he was impressed!!! He said she fucked as hard and as good as any man could possibly fuck. Amber was moaning loud and taking her pounding like a champ. He said she asked Taylor to go slower. Taylor then paused for a second and said, “What did you say”. Amber said, can you go slower? Taylor then said, If you complain, you know what happens? Taylor then swatted her little round bottom hard. Taylor looked at Dante and said, “sometimes she needs an attitude adjustment.” She then spanked her bottom again!!! He said it left a hand print on her cute ass. Taylor then asked her, “Do you still want me to go slower?” Amber said “NO MA”AM. He said Taylor then really went to work on her pussy. Amber was squealing and writhing around. Taylor told her to hold herself together and be still. Amber had already cum twice from being fucked. He said she couldn’t hardly take it anymore. Amber was moving her hips and her bottom was shaking. Taylor said, “am I gonna have to get my paddle?” She then tells Dante to hand her the bag. Amber said, “NO….I’ll be still”. Taylor paused from fucking her, reaches in her bag and pulls out a little paddle. She then swatted Ambers little butt. Amber squealed. She then pulled out of her and told Dante to fuck her. Dante got behind Amber and slowly put illegal bahis siteleri his cock inside her. He said she was INSANELY TIGHT. Amber gasped when he entered her. Taylor told her to stay quiet while she takes his dick. Dante started fucking her hard. She moaned a couple of times loudly, and when she did, she got another swat from Taylor. Dante said he was so fucking turned on. Amber then exploded. Her pussy was soaking wet. Taylor kissed Dante and told him she wanted that big cock. She told Amber to lay back, and spread her legs wide. She then bends over, ass up, and starts eating Amber’s pussy. She looked back at Dante and said “well….are you gonna fuck me or what?….

Dante, got behind Taylor and went to work. He said her hairy pussy felt like heaven. He said his view of her ass, and the fact that Taylor was eating Amber so good was intoxicating. Taylor started moaning loud. He said he took a page out of her book when she did……He slowed down and swatted her ass hard. He said Taylor jumped with surprise. He said maybe a couple of firm swats on her ass would be productive! Then he started fucking her hard. He had a death grip on her hips and wouldn’t let go. He said she looked back, with Amber’s pussy juice on he chin and said, “You’re a fuckin asshole”. He said he chuckled and said “I’m the asshole that pounding your sweet hairy pussy.” He said she moaned and buried her face in Ambers pussy. He pounded her for a good 15 minutes more. He said he picked up her little paddle and swatted her a few times. She jumped with every swat. She had cum 3 times by then when he felt he was about to cum. He asked if she wanted his cum in her hairy pussy. She said, “No, Amber is going to swallow it”. He then pulled out, Amber go into position, and Danted emptied his load into Amber’s awaiting mouth. She swallowed every drop! He said they all then collapsed on the bed. They were breathing heavy and kissing. Amber started giggling. Taylor said that was SO FUN. Dante invited them to stay the night and they gladly accepted. They then all 3 showered together and got back in bed for the night. He said that they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. He fucked them both throughout the night. I asked him, who he liked more??? He said he wasn’t sure. He loved them both for different reasons. He said Amber was so cute and her pussy was so tight. He said that Taylor was super sexy and her hairy pussy was such a turn on. They spent the next day together and when he got back home, they talked on the phone a few times. It was a great experience for him. They’ve since lost touch of each other, but he will NEVER forget that experience. Amber and Taylor, where ever you are….My husband will never forget that crazy sexy night with you two. I am also glad he told me the story in detail. I wish I could have been there!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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