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My Humiliation (MMMF, wife humiliation)
This is first part of the sexual experience that I wanted to share with others. This is my first attempt to post a my sexual adventure, so there will be many mistakes. I am writing in English but also using Indian (Hindi) words. But I also translated them. Ask me if you have any questions. I will post more if readers like my experiences. Arathi.
My Humiliation (MMMF, wife humiliation)
Arathi Nadar
(nadararathi at gmail dot com)

There was no way I was going to get out. I was in the bathroom, I just took shower, I was wiping my naked body with a towel but I had no clothes on. My husband’s 3 fast friends were outside calling me to come out.

“Bhabhi, open the door”
“Bhabhi, come out, come join us…
“???? ??? ????” (come out)
“Bhabhi, don’t be shy, we want to see you as is”

Sure, I wanted to see them and enjoy their company, but not the way I was at the moment. I was so naked except for the small towel that I used to wipe my body after shower.

My husband of two years was out on a week long business trip trying to make money, leaving me alone in the house. He was not supposed to be back for next few days. His 3 fast friends Akram, Sunder and Ben (who always have flirted with me, openly, even in front of my husband) were here to keep company of their dear Bhabhi (Friend’s wife) that’s me. Afterall, it was Friday evening and they knew I was alone and bored at home. And for sure, I needed some men’s company so bad. However, There was no way on earth, I was getting out totally naked in front of my husbands friends.

But they kept calling me continuously and it was making me so horny and wet in my pussy just thinking how much they wanted me, they needed me and they wanted me to come out as is. Probably they did not realized, I was naked. Or may be they did know that? I will never know.

I just could not resist no longer..
Just a like a drunken whore, I cracked opened the door, hiding my naked body behind the door, I popped my head out “Noooo.. ??? ??? ? ????, ??? ???? ??
???? ???? ???? ? ??? ??. (I cannot come out, I feel so shy. I don’t have any clothes on.)”
” ??? ???? ?? ?? ?? ???? ??. ??? ???? ??? ?? ? ???? (Oh..Bhabhi don’t think about it, … just.. wrap yourselves with the towel and come out)”

But my towel was so small, I was afraid it would barely cover my boobs and pussy. Of course, I could use it smartly. I held it covering my boobs with one hand, and let the towel hang down to cover my pussy. With my other hands I opened the door wide ataşehir escort and I stood there in the doorway using my both hands over the towel to ensure the small towel will not uncover my pussy with the wind.

Seeing me standing naked in the doorway, covered with the small towel, they all cheered. I felt a feeling of elation in my heart.. seeing how happy i have made the men.

The 3 of them were shouting, cheering me…
“come bhabhi.. come forward.”
“??????? ?? ??? ?? “
“like a Godess Venus”
“oh my God bhabhi, you are looking so wonderful, so beautiful..”

I was on 7th heven and getting so hot listening to these compliments. My husband had never complimented me like this on my naked body or dressed.

I realize they wanted me in the middle of the room. Although I was covered in the front, I knew I was fully naked in the back, the thought that was holding me back.

Akram: “come bhabhi.. come here.”

Me: “???, ???? ??? ??? ??. (No, I am feeling shy)”
Sundar: “Don’t be shy, you are looking like a Goddess venus”
Ben: “Come on bhabhi, come here. We have been waiting for long to see you like this”

I knew I had no choice but to succumb to their demands. So, with one hand clutching my towel tight over my boobs, I picked my used dirty panty and covered my butt with the other hand. I took few steps forward..

Now I was in the room and they all surrounded me.
Standing naked in front of three men, offering my naked body for their inspection, I was feeling so humiliated. I was just looking at the floor giving them an opportunity to look at me, although, my modesty was covered with a piece of small towel. I had no courage to look at them eye to eye.

They gather around me.. I continued to look at the floor, I said.. “??, ?? ??? ?? ??? ???????? ????? ????? ???? ???? ???? ???? ? ??? ??..
(come on guys let me go get dressed. I am feeling so shy).”

But they did not allow me to leave.
Akram, who was the leader of the gang and the one I really liked so much, said: “Bhabhi, you feel shy because you can see us.” “Just close your eyes and you will not feel so shy.”

Taking his suggestion, I closed my eyes shut and suddenly I felt better. Suddenly they all disappeared from my vision. I felt a blindfold being put over my eyes and all I could see was total darkness. I realized, it did reduce my shyness, because I was not able to see them…

I heard Ben say “Bhabhi why you are holding your panty behind your back? Can you remove your hand so we can look at your perfect round butts. You are already covering yourself with the towel; that is göztepe escort all you need. Right?”
I knew my towel was small and barely covering my boobs and pussy. But I did not answer Ben. The request for me to expose my butt to them were persistant.
Again the chanting..

“Bhabhi move your hand away from your butt… “.
“???? ???? ???? (show your butt)”
“We wanna see your butt”
“Give me your panty, please”
“Show your panty”

Suddenly they all were asking for my panty. I did not see an option but to hand them the panties. I held my hand out and they snatched panties away.

I could hear the cheers from the 3 of them.
I felt hands touching my butt cheek.. I shrieked.. I wanted to shout ..” ??? ???, ???? ?? ??? (No, no, please don’t touch me)”.. but the words did not come out of my mouth..

Instead, I just felt my pussy was getting full of juices.. I felt my pussy juices will flow out of my cunt hole. I suddenly got scared what if they see my pussy juices flowing out? Would they know I was getting sexually exited with their teasing and touching? Would they fuck me then? right here on floor or would they take me to in the bedroom and fuck me on my married bed. Would only Akram fuck me or all 3 would fuck? Would they do one by one or I will be the subject of a gang bang. So many questions popped in my mind.

My reverie broke when I felt hands moving down towards my pussy. Also, I felt hands on my back, on my hair, my face, and on my boobs over the towel……
I suddenly mustered up courage and said..
” ??? ???”, “????? ???” “??? ??”
“(No, what are you doing, please stop.. please stop)”

But their hands were still feeling me. They did not stop. I again requested. ” ?? ???
?? ??? ??? ??But no one was listening to my pleadings. I again tried. Please.
???? ?? ???????? ???? ??
??? ???? ??? ?? ??????? ???(Let me go, I will come again after I wear some clothes)

I begged them hoping they would let me go. They were not listening to me. They were talking among themselves saying things mostly sexy and dirty in nature but my mind was not registering what they were saying. I was too busy fantasizing what would happen, if I let go of the towel. One voice in my mind was saying this would be wrong. After all I am a married women, but the second voice was saying my husband left me here sex starved so what is wrong with a little flirting. It’s not that I was fucking them, nothing wrong with a little sexual pleasure. Right? I knew my second voice was winning the argument.

Suddenly, I felt a hand trying to move my hand away from the towel. ümraniye escort I knew, if I lose the towel, I would be fully naked in front of them. The thought left me very scared but made me very horny. I thought this is the time I must say…”No..No don’t” but again, my heart did not allow the words to come out of my mouth.

Suddenly, with one pull someone snatched the towel away from me. I shrieked loudly, when I realized this makes me fully naked in front of three men. Feeling humiliated, I tried to cover my pussy with one hand and my boobs with the other.
They all cheered..
“Oh Bhabhi, you are looking so beautiful… look at the long legs.
“??????? ???? ???? ?????”
“???? ??? ?? ???? ??????”
“You have wonderful boobs Bhabhi”,
“how white are your boobs”,
“??? ???? ????? ????”
Bhabhi looks like venus made in heven…

??? ??? ???? ???? ??? ??? ?? ???? ???
I realized they were now freely using dirty and cheap language with me. Using words they would not have used normally with me. I was no longer their friend’s wife (bhabhi) but just an ordinary prostitute available to them for their use and abuse.
It was making me horny but also so humiliated that I was about to cry. I again tried to beg… please ???? ???? ??. But they were standing all around me, feeling my naked body. I felt my pussy juices coming out of my pussy. they were chanting:

“Bhabhi, ???? ????, (show your nipples)’,
“take away your hand”
“Bhabhi, I did’t get a good look at your pussy”.
“Let me see it again..”.

Standing fully naked in front of 3 of my husband’s friends, I was feeling like a cheap whore. I was feeling embassed but so horny. I was feeling like a ????. Pussy juices started leaking out of my pussy and flowing on my thigh. It made me feel humiliated knowing that they can see the liquid on my thighs. All the dirty catcalls were not helping either. Only making me more wet in my pussy.
They were chanting: “??? ??? ???? ???? (show us your boobs)” again and again.
???? boob ?? ???? ????
I knew they wanted me to uncover my boobs. I had no power left to resist..

Then chant came…
?? ??? ?? ??? ???? ????? ?? ???? (show us why so much tease)
???? ??? ?? ??? ????? ??? ????? ???(you are cruel, you are teasing us)

Feeling helpless, I let my hand drop opening my boobs and nipples for their inspection. I covered my pussy with both hands, although, I was not sure how long before they will demand to see my pussy.

They all cheered and I felt hundreds of hands on my boobs. I felt hands allover my body. On my hips, back, on my legs. My nipples were being pulled, boobs squeezed.. Being blindfolded, I was not able to see who was doing what to me.

Sorry I must end my story here. My husband is going to come home soon. Rest some other time.
(Nadararathi at gmail dot com)

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