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I don’t consider myself an evil person. I don’t go out of my way to cause trouble for myself or anyone else. But when the occasion arises, I like jerking people around as much as anybody. Especially if it’s somebody who’s not used to it.

My opportunity came to pass during the Christmas shopping season. It was the last weekend before Christmas and the malls were packed. The snow was really coming down and driving was treacherous. I wouldn’t have even been out if I wasn’t such a laggard when it came to Christmas shopping.

I was cruising the far end of a parking lot looking for ANY open spot. When I finally saw one, I headed for it as quickly as my balding tires would let me. I slid into the opening feeling as though half the day’s battle had been won.

I shut off the engine and grabbed my purse. That’s when I noticed the silver Lexus SUV pulling out of the aisle ahead of me. I guess I stared at it longer than I normally would because I dream of the day I can afford something like that. But, also, the dude driving it caught my eye.

He was a very good-looking guy around forty…maybe thirty five…with the appearance of a young executive, or attorney. OK, so I fantasize about these things. I just wanted to be in the seat next to him. Is that a crime?

I watched him pull out, ready to get out of my car and back into reality. Then I heard a crunch and shattering glass. The SUV stopped for a moment and I saw the guy look in his mirror. He had backed right into the front of a beat up old Pontiac, taking out the headlight and putting a good dent in the fender.

The guy looked around and, to my surprise, began to pull away. I had noticed the vanity plate on the front of his car when he pulled out of the parking spot. I confirmed it was on the back of his car as he sped away and imbedded it in my mind.

Once the SUV had disappeared and I felt safe, I got out and headed for the stores. My mind was working the entire time I shopped.

By the time I got home, the plan was complete. My friend Julie at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles owed me big time for setting her up with the football player at my college. She’d be able to give me the name of the dude in the SUV as well as the owner of the car he hit. From there, a Google search would give me most of what I needed.

The driver of the SUV was Robert Dunn, VP of Communications at a local industry. Am I good or what? And apparently Mr. Dunn had problems with his insurance company or the law to run from a simple parking lot accident. It didn’t really matter—the fact was I knew something he didn’t want somebody else to know.

There are different levels of power. This was REAL power.

I decided to write him a letter to initiate the proceedings. I’d start out slowly.

Mr. Dunn: That’s a really nice SUV you have. Too bad about that little dent after backing into the Pontiac. Love your plates, by the way. IMDUNN. Cute. Anyway, did you know the owner of that car is a construction worker with a family to feed? I bet he’s pissed and would love to know who hit him. Don’t you agree? Well, let me get to my point. I’m willing to let this whole thing slide if you are willing to do some things for me. If not…well, that might lead to some consequences. So to prove you would rather deal with ME, I would like you to drive your pretty SUV down Vine Street between 5th and 21st at exactly twelve noon on Monday. If you do, I’ll send you the next letter. If not…

I wouldn’t have been too surprised if he didn’t follow my orders. But, in fact, he DID drive past my building at the appointed time. From my third floor window I could clearly make out the handsome driver. My heart raced knowing that this guy must really want me to NOT do anything with the knowledge I had.

It was time to raise the bar on my demands.

Mr. Dunn: It was so nice to see you again on Monday. I think it’s time we get to know each other a little better. To start, I’d like you to send me a picture of you. You should be naked and hard. Be creative with how you get there and what you do after taking the picture is totally up to you. Send the pic to the post office box in the return address. Don’t bother staking it out, either. I have a friend in the post office that brings my special mail to me. I’m so excited!

Three days later the letter arrived in a manila folder delivered to my home address by sweet Tony, an old friend who would do anything for me in exchange for a blow job. This long-term job would require a fuck, he told me. I quickly agreed. We both won.

I anxiously opened the letter and pulled out a single four by six photo. It was a good thing I was sitting on my bed because what I saw made my knees weak. Mr. Robert Dunn was naked, standing in a bedroom. His muscular body far exceeded my expectations. This guy was BUILT.

And his cock…Oh my God, his cock was awesome. It pointed out and up like a tree limb, thick and strong. The head was huge. Veins clearly showed in the picture as blood pulsed ataşehir escort bayan through them. I wanted him inside me so bad.

I sat on the couch and put a hand inside my jeans while holding the picture. By the time my fingers reached my pussy it was already damp. I pulled the hand back out and quickly opened my jeans, then pulled down the zipper. This time my fingers were free to explore my entire pussy, including my throbbing clit.

I thrust a finger deep inside me while looking at Robert Dunn’s beautiful cock. I knew it would feel so much better inside me than my skinny finger. I took my moist hand and slid it over my clit. I leaned back on the couch, never taking my eyes off his cock and the rest of his body. My hand rubbed at the clit until my ass rose from the couch in anticipation of a pending orgasm.

I thought about him fucking me while I squeezed his cock with my cunt muscles. Then I imagined he told me he was about to cum. I rubbed my clit harder and finally closed my eyes.

I squealed when I began to cum. My head pounded against the back of the couch and my arm ached from rubbing so fast. But I kept going and kept cumming. I felt my juices flow down my thigh as one orgasm after another shook my body.

When I was done I realized I was clutching the photo. It was bent in half inside my sweaty palm. But when I loosened my grip, it sprung back just like I imagined Robert Dunn’s cock would spring back after I was done with it.

The next day I had more instructions for him.

Mr. Dunn: Thank you for the picture. It really made me cum. But it’s not the same as a good fuck. Know what I mean? So I think it’s time you prove to me you’re serious about keeping our little secret. I’ve always had an urge to have sex in a public place. You’re now the one I want to do it with. Be in the lobby of the Smith and Stone Building on High Street at 9 a.m. Friday. I’ll meet you there. Don’t try anything stupid. I’ll cry rape and that sentence is a little longer than hit and run, I’m sure. You’ll have fun. I promise.

Despite what some of my friends think, I only have one small area of my closet set aside for slutty clothes. It seemed appropriate to visit the area if I was finally going to fulfill my ‘sex in public’ fantasy. I chose the shortest skirt I could find and a little sweater that buttoned down the front starting in the middle of my cleavage. A pair of thong panties completed the outfit.

I felt my pussy tingle as I ran my fingers over the erect nipples under my sweater after dressing on Friday morning. It was almost obscene, but for one brief moment in a busy lobby it was going to be worth it. This was a role I’d dreamed of playing for a long time. Robert Dunn happened to come along and…well, the rest would be history.

I made sure I arrived sufficiently late to guarantee Mr. Dunn was waiting for me. I saw him looking around nervously, checking out every female that came and went. How awful this must have been for him, not knowing who or what to expect. Not that I cared. I just wanted his wonderful cock inside my cunt. Fast.

My shoes clicked on the tile floor as I walked across the lobby towards him. His eyes locked onto me and stayed there much longer than they had for the other women. I felt like such a whore…and loved it. He looked away. I kept walking. Then he looked again.

“Hi. Come with me,” I said with a big smile. “And smile. You’re supposed to be happy to see me.”

I stood close to him, almost touching, as we walked towards the elevators. He only smiled briefly. A tense smile at that. It was good I still had him scared, I thought. He was taller than me and I would have been alarmed by his apparent physical dominance over me under any other circumstances. But not today. I was in charge today.

We got in the elevator and I pressed the button for the thirty second floor. This was a building I was very familiar with. I used to have to deliver stuff to a guy on that floor in another job I had. The room I had in mind always intrigued me. It would fit my needs today just perfectly.

We were alone.

“Listen, if you just want money I can…” Mr. Dunn began to say.

“I don’t want your money,” I replied bluntly.

“What do you want?”

“Oh, you’ll find out soon enough,” I assured him, smiling wickedly as the elevator began to slow its ascent. “Follow me and don’t make a sound. I swear I’ll have you arrested if you open your mouth.”

I waited for the elevator doors to open, then led the way down the hallway with Mr. Dunn at my side and a half step behind me. There wasn’t a soul in sight, typical for this floor. I just might pull this off after all, I thought to myself.

We came near a wall of glass, strangely reflecting our images back at us as we passed. They weren’t mirrors and it wasn’t normal glass. I sneaked a peek at myself and grinned. Who wouldn’t want to fuck me in this outfit?

When we got to the door, I said, “Hold on. Let escort kadıöy me check first.”

I opened the door and looked inside. Nobody in sight. Just a long conference table with chairs. The lights were out but plenty of light came through the window.

“Come on,” I motioned to my partner in crime. He entered the room and I closed the door, locking it at the same time.

I saw him look out the window into the hallway where we just stood. It was as if there wasn’t anything there the glass was so clean.

“Pretty neat, huh?”

“Yeah. Now what do you want from me?” he asked once again.

I was getting a little disturbed by his lack of patience. “Listen,” I said firmly. “You’re not going to ruin this for me with that attitude. I suggest you lighten up and enjoy it. How many girls like me come along every day, anyway?”

He looked bewildered, to say the least. I figured it was time to take another approach. I moved directly in front of him and pressed my body against his. His body tilted backwards until hitting a chair behind him. I pressed harder and he regained his balance.

“I want you to fuck me, Mr. Dunn.” I looked up at him with the most sensual look I could muster. “Right here…on this table in front of this window.”

I put my hand on his crotch and felt for his cock. Once I had it between my fingers I said, “Ever since I saw your picture I’ve wanted this thick cock in my cunt. I’ve wanted you to suck on my tits and lick my nipples. I’ve wanted you to put my clit in your mouth.”

The cock was growing harder by the second. I could feel it throbbing as I continued to tell him what I wanted.

“I’m going to take it out and suck on it. When we’re both good and wet I’m going to have you slide it inside me and hold me by the ass while you fuck me. We’re both going to cum right here, on this table, in front of this window. Got it?”

I thought he’d cum before I could even pull down his zipper. But first I had other fantasies to fulfill.

“Unbutton my sweater,” I told him.

The look on his face was priceless. I’d never seen a man so horny and so terrified at the same time. Somehow I just knew the horniness would win out.

His hands trembled slightly as each button came undone. I saw his eyes flip back and forth from one semi-exposed breast to the other. By the time he got to the last button, my hardened nipples were the only thing holding my sweater in place.

“Take it off,” I said.

He hesitated for just a second, then pulled the sweater apart and lowered it down my arms. He was about to lay it on top of one of the chairs when someone walked down the hall outside our room. I saw Mr. Dunn flinch, as if he wanted to put the sweater back on me. But the woman passed by without ever knowing what was happening just a couple feet away.

It was one of the sexiest feelings I’d ever had. Topless and exposed, yet safe behind our magic window.

“Suck my tits, Mr. Dunn. Put them in your mouth and lick the nipples. Bite them gently and I might let you fuck me,” I almost whispered.

I could see the outline of his cock inside his pants. I wanted it desperately, but it would have to wait. First, I needed him to follow my commands and bring me closer to an orgasm before the real fun started.

He was an expert with tits. His lips and tongue and teeth assaulted my sensitive skin and sent shivers throughout my body. He used both hands to push the breasts up while sucking on them. Light nibbles caused me to moan out loud.

Two more people walked past us, which only doubled my desire.

At the same time I put my hand on his cock, Mr. Dunn put a hand on my leg just below my skirt. A second later it had risen up my bare thigh and found my ass. He clutched at my bare cheek and squeezed it hard, pulling me closer to him. I felt his fingers slide under the string of my thong and across to the other cheek.

In the meantime, I struggled to get his pants open. Eventually I had my hand inside his boxers and frantically wrapped my fingers around his hot cock. He was still working on my tits, pulling at my erect nipples with his lips.

I forced myself down, pulling his pants with me. Kneeling in front of him, I yanked down his boxers and stared at his thick cock. I licked the tip for a second, then the bottom of the shaft. I was too horny to play with him, so I just opened my mouth and took him in with a sudden, emphatic gulp.

He was moaning by the third bob of my head. I’m not an expert at very many things, but I can suck cock. Isn’t it funny how you can always do the things you enjoy well. With me, that’s sucking cock and fucking. We’d fuck in due course.

But the most amazing thing happened next. As I took Mr. Dunn’s beautiful, long cock deep into my mouth, a woman walked past and stopped in front of the window to check her hair. I saw her look up and down the hall to make sure she was alone, then she continued to work on her hair, fix her blouse and pull maltepe escort on her skirt. All the while I sucked Mr. Dunn closer to an orgasm. Even he had to watch her for a second in disbelief of what was happening. If she only knew!

When she left I stood up.

“Put me on the table and fuck me,” I ordered Mr. Dunn.

I stood motionless, waiting for him. Then he got the hint, picked me up by the waist and twirled me towards the table. I put my legs around his waist and he held me by the ass, placing me on my back on the table top. He pushed my skirt up and roughly pulled off my thong. The cool air on my wet, warm pussy felt great.

But not nearly as good as the tip of his cock as it worked its way past the lips of my cunt. Then in one powerful thrust Robert Dunn’s cock was inside me. I shrieked with pain and pleasure. I sensed a bit of frustration, or anger, on his part as he began to fuck me harder and harder. It wasn’t quite a rape—especially when I was the one who initiated the whole thing—but the force with which he plunged his cock into me indicated this was more than just sex for him.

Whatever. I loved it. And as each person walked past the reflective glass I got hotter and hotter. My moans came more quickly and loudly with each series of thrusts by Mr. Dunn. His hands clutched at my tits and pulled on the nipples. I cried out my approval.

I was nearly too lost in the onset of my own orgasm to notice that Mr. Dunn, too, was beginning to cum. My heels dug into his ass. He poured shot after shot of cum deep into my cunt. We moaned in unison during an incredible release of sexual tension, not to mention the excitement caused by the near-public display we were putting on.

It was over much too quickly. Mr. Dunn pulled out and I pushed my skirt back over my exposed pussy. We were dressed in a matter of seconds, happy we had succeeded in fucking without being caught but always aware that somebody could try to open the door at any moment.

“Wow! That was great! Now aren’t you glad you agreed to this?” I asked as I pulled on my thong.

“Are we done now? Can we agree to just drop the whole thing?” he asked while pulling up his zipper.

I laughed. “Hell no. I hardly think you’ve paid your debt, yet. Don’t ever forget I know who you hit. You can deal with me or him.”

His look told me everything I needed to know.

“I’ll send you a letter in a day or two,” I said.

With that we exited the conference room. As we walked towards the elevator, I looked back to see a young man in a suit and a beautiful girl in a dress enter the room. They carried stacks of paper, but I guessed it wouldn’t be all work for them behind the window.

It was hard getting to sleep that night as I thought of my time with Mr. Dunn. I couldn’t remember the last time I came so hard. His cock was even better than I imagined it from the picture. There must be a way I could see more of it.

By the end of the next day I had my plan in place.

Mr. Dunn: I sure hope you enjoyed my last demand. I’ve got another one and it, too, involves a little fetish of mine that has been hard to satisfy. I think you’re the perfect candidate to help me out. As you could tell Friday morning, I kind of like voyeurism every now and then. Not only being watched (which was great, don’t you agree?), but also watching. I want to watch you fuck somebody. How about your wife? Don’t worry. I’m not coming to your house. You’re going to video record a session for me. With audio. Make it good. Send me the disk within ten days.

I hated to give him that long, but if he pulled it off the wait would be worth it. There was no doubt in my mind he would do it without her knowledge. But I also trusted he could pull it off, under the circumstances. It made me wet just thinking about it.

Sure enough, in eight days I had the disk in hand.

Online public records from the County Auditor’s office told me that Robert Dunn’s wife’s name was Michelle. They bought their expensive house four years ago. If she was a babe I suspected he would do anything to protect his property—both the house and her.

It was late evening when I changed into a robe. Nothing else, just a robe. If the video contained what I thought it did, I wanted quick access to vital body parts. I poured a glass of wine, took several sips and put the disk in the DVD player. I was ready.

After a few seconds of darkness, the screen was filled with the view of a dimly lit bedroom. It appeared to be a huge room with a king size bed, several small tables, a couple dressers bigger than anything I’d ever seen in my life, a love seat and doors to a walk-in closet. At least that’s what I could see from the angle of the camera. Most importantly, anything happening on the bed was going to be in perfect focus and view.

I wondered if Mr. Dunn had hidden the camera under clothes or a towel, or maybe just had it on and hoped his wife wouldn’t notice. Either way, it must have worked.

The sound of female giggling preceded the entrance of the two ‘stars’ of the show onto the screen. The lovely Michelle was dressed in a football jersey that hung to mid-thigh. Her legs were bare. I figured it wouldn’t take long to see what was underneath the jersey, if anything.

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