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Morning session with Maureen
This morning Maureen had called me to say that the house would be empty as her husband Alan and daughter Gemma would both be at work.

This was our second time meeting up since last week as we couldn’t find time to see eachother.

I drove to her house and waited round the corner for her husband to leave. Once her husband had left Maureen called to come in.

As soon as I go through the door she jumped up and came over to me, She quickly peels my shirt and pants off, then we shared a long deep kiss.

As our lips touch the moisture of a sexy kiss excites us and we hold each other tighter, I feel her hard nipples press against me and feel the skin of my cock stretching as I enjoy the feeling. She is getting very wet and hot, she begins to lower herself our lips still pressed together at first, she starts licking and kissing her way down my body, nibbling hard on one nipple as she passes by, making the other scream for attention, she kisses her way over my belly and down to the soft sensitive skin at my pant-line. She runs her tongue back and forth as the tingles and exciting feeling pulse through my body my cock standing out straight in expectation of that warm wet mouth taking me in, she slides her tongue around the side, just missing the base of my cock to tease me, and buries her tongue deep in the crack where my balls meet my leg.

I grab her head and bring it to the right spot and thrust that cum and cock deep into her mouth. She clamps her lips down on me and pushes her tongue up hard under my cock casino siteleri on the thick vein, she loves to play that vein and drive me wild. I draw my cock back so she feels the ridge of the head on her lips, then slowly slide all the way in her mouth to the base. The tip of my cock pushing against the top of her mouth.

To her shock and surprise I lower my hand between her naked legs
and pick her entire body off the floor, and carry her to the bed, I lay her down with her head towards the top of the bed and all in one movement climb on top, hovering my cock and balls over her face as I lower my head between her knees. I also lower my hips and my cock finds its mark, its back in her mouth again as my mouth finds her wetness, I push the tip of my tongue into her clit, and slide up to her button, and pull with my lips, she cums hard and moans as she is working my cock to very close to exploding. I plunge my tongue deep into her and lap some wetness onto my tongue.

Now I pull out of her mouth and slide around, her legs straddling my body, and lean over and kiss her again, sharing the awesome musky taste of her orgasm. 

I wrap my arms under her legs and lift her hips so her pussy is bulging and I can see her wetness. I lean back and bring my hips forward so I can see the tip of my cock entering her, I play it around in her very wet clit, before I push into her. I go fast this time, and plunge deep and hard into her, my balls slapping her ass. We fuck like this until she cums hard and is clenching around my cock so tight, tipobet and I am very close to exploding I continue pounding Maureen on the bed she shares with her husband, as she screamed in delight as the bed rocked, I kept going then suddenly I unloaded my warm cum into her pussy.

I lay on the bed, sweaty from all the hard action, we open a window for some cool air and take a little rest, while she lightly rubs my legs, tummy, and cock with her fingertips, something I just love.

After a while she starts to tease my cock and balls with her tongue, getting me hard again, she tries to get on top and slide down on me, but I gently push her over onto the bed, on her side. I push her top leg way forward and move around behind her, we love this position because I can pound so deep and hard into her. I enter her and begin stroking, I know it’s gonna take a while because I just emptied my sticky hot cum onto her a little bit ago. She is starting to really enjoy the rhythm and is moaning and calling my name, along with “fuck ya, do me harder” We keep going as I slide a hand up her side and lower it down her chest to pull on her nipple as she cums, wow she is clenching me so hard its almost pushing me out, the clenching actually makes me soften just a bit slowing down my own orgasm. I keep stroking her even though I’m not fully hard, she doesn’t seem to mind, or even notice. She is still moaning, and rocking her hips into me as much as she can. The noise of me pounding into her wetness is awesome, a light slurping noise and bets10 the slapping of our bodies together. The smell in the room is erotic and fantastic. I put my hands on her side, and ass, and go to an upright position as I’m getting close, she knows it, she can hear it in my breathing, and tells me how good I feel in her, that sends me over the edge and I cum again, the waves and muscle clenching are way harder than last time and longer. It is wearing me out as I’m sweating so much the drops are landing on her legs and ass. 

We finish this position and I gently pull her to the edge of the bed with her legs on my shoulders. I lower my head down while holding her legs and begin fingering her clit, feeling my warm cum inside her.

I enter her again, still not fully hard, but she is clenching inside hard and it feels fucking awesome, she loves it and gasp as I slide into her wet hot throbbing swollen hole. I just go slow for a little to give us both a little rest then start with hard fast jerks, not slamming just hard thrust. I lift her legs higher to change the angle so my cock touches the upper part of her pussy and she moans and loves it. I look in her eyes and at her body, I am banging her hard now, her tits are bouncing with every stroke and it’s so fucking hot. I reposition myself and push her legs back so I can reach those tits, and hold both nipples while I’m stroking hard into her. It’s a hard position but so worth it, she screams “FUUUUCCKKK that’s good, bang me harder”, and what choice does a man have but oblige. I am slamming into her, I can’t keep the position of holding her nipples though, so I grab her ankles and spread her wide as I cum again into her pussy.

After that I was done, we both laid there kissing and cuddling each other…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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