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Mistis’ Adventures Part 60
The next morning Betty was up early, as she usually was. She had never stayed in bed too late, unless there was a good reason. AND HE better be DAMN GOOD! She might go BACK to bed, for the right incentive.

She looked in first on Billy and Gail. They were curled up in each others arms, sleeping like babies. She stepped across the hall and looked in to check on Abe and Cathy. She was on her side with her butt pushed against Abe’s belly, his arm across her, looking like he might have one of her tits in his hand. She couldn’t blame him. She DID have some very nice ones. Tod had told her that they had fucked several times when they came back for their stuff.

The night they had been gone SHE had had some fun, too. Mike and Jerry had come by when they had finished at the farm with William. Misti and Mary had gone shopping for something or the other. She had been naked, as she usually was, and Mike had come up behind her, and kissed her on the back of the neck. William had gone into his house to get Sharon. She had turned around, and mock-scolded him, telling him, “You can do much better than that.” She had held him in a good, tight embrace, and gave it to him GOOD. She plastered herself to him, and gave the hottest kiss she could muster. Her boobs and her pussy were rubbing him good. He never said another word. He scooped her up and carried her up the stairs and threw the meat to her. Neither one had needed any romance. It was her on the bed, him on top of her, and humping their brains out. WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU, MA’AM!!! She had cum three times and he had cum once, but had made her “cup” runneth over. For a quickie, it was VERY nice. Jerry had followed them up and watched his buddy tear off a piece, then had given her sloppy seconds. He lasted a little longer, but, BOY!!! He laid the pipe good to her. He gave her several nuts before he shot HIS wad into her. She wondered, at the time, if she was going to be able to walk back down the stairs. She went into the bathroom and piddled, washing most of it out, (Darn It!) then, since it was almost all gone, anyway, she went ahead and douched, then went back downstairs. There WAS something to being gang-banged. It had been kinda nice.

Mary and Misti had come in a few minutes later. They had a good laugh at the way Betty had described it to them. Misti had looked at her, got up and went to the sink and wet a paper towel. She handed it to Betty, telling her, “You’re STILL leaking, Babe. Wipe your thighs.” This was the first time any of them had seen Betty blush. It was EXTREMELY becoming.

Betty shook her head to clear it and concentrate on what was at hand. She started by starting the coffee. It had been pretty cool last night, so hot coffee would be most welcome. It took her two minutes or less to do that, the coffee would be ready very soon, so she reached over and took the flour canister and dipped some out to start biscuits. She put some on kaçak iddaa the breadboard, and the rest into a bowl, and added her other ingredients. Her head was still loopy and she almost forgot the salt. THAT would have been a disaster. She poured some buttermilk in, and, on a whim, a couple big spoons of butter. Everyone would like that. She cut them out and poured some bacon grease on the pan and put them into the oven, At least she had had the good sense to turn it on. Her head wasn’t working right, this morning. She couldn’t figure out WHY!

She checked the pot. The coffee was ready. GOOD! Maybe this would straighten her out. She was glad the two Moms, and the sisters weren’t there. They would NEVER let her live it down. She giggled to herself. It was fun having a family like hers. Always laughing and teasing each other. Even during the bad times, someone found something to make the others laugh. She and Carol had been, to her, the luckiest of them all. They had both found their true loves right under their noses, and recognized it for what it was. GOD!!! SHE LOVED HER MAN!!! They flipped their skirts for other men, but everybody enjoyed themselves, and the love was even stronger. She hoped Billy and Cathy would have the same. They both deserved it.

she realized that her daydreaming was wasting her time, and started to look at what she needed to do next. She fixed the pancake batter, and, again on a whim, went into the cellar and looked around. THERE WAS WHAT SHE WAS WANTING. She took a jar of whole blueberries, and a jar of sliced strawberries, down from the shelf. There was plenty of jam and jelly already in the cupboard, or in the icebox. They had two jars of syrup, both maple and sorghum. That should do her. She went back upstairs and divided her batter in two bowls. She added the fruit to each of them, and started the griddle. Still not a sound from upstairs. Tod didn’t usually stay in bed THIS long.

She went up to check on everybody. She looked at the clock as she passed. NO WONDER!!! It was just now 4 in the morning. She usually didn’t get up until 4:30 or 5:00. She heard a toilet flushing upstairs. Someone was up. She headed back to the kitchen shaking her head at herself. WHY ON EARTH HAD SHE GOTTEN UP THIS EARLY!!! She checked the oven. GOOD!!! The biscuits were coming along good. She opened the front door and stepped out on the porch. The cold air might get her right. She stood there naked on the porch taking deep lung fulls of the cold predawn air. She looked down. She was covered in gooseflesh, and her nipples were stuck out like nobody’s business. She took one more deep breath, and went back inside. After being in the cold outside, it felt VERY warm. This place was just as private as their own. It was a quarter mile from the main road, and had trees between the house and the road. Cathy had taken her out and showed it to her a day or two ago. They had two very nice ponds to swim in pinbahis when the weather turned. She knew that Billy and William would do them like their own ponds, and make them just as nice. They had stopped to look at the horses. The horses had followed them around like overgrown puppies. She had fallen in love with them.

Just then she heard a car pulling in outside. Who would be out at this time of the morning? She peaked out the window, moving the curtain just enough to look out. There was a knock at the door. She went over, asking, “Who is it?” A voice from the other side answered, “This is Kelly. From next door. I need to see Doc Breen.” She went ahead and opened the door, inviting him in. That he was shocked was her first impression. He stood there, his eyes wide, and his mouth open. He was looking at her body like he had never seen a naked woman. “Come in and sit down. I’ll go get him.” She went up the stairs two at a time, to his room. His eyes were open, but, he hadn’t moved.

“Billy! There’s a man named Kelly downstairs, that needs to see you. He acts like it’s important,” Billy replied, “Tell him I’ll be down in a minute. Offer him a cup of coffee.” She started to go in and get a robe, but changed her mind. He had seen it all, already. Let him look some more if he wanted. She went back down and told him what Billy had said. He sat down at the kitchen table and she poured him a cup of coffee, asking what he would like in it. “Just black is good, Thank You. I have the place next door on the west side of yaw’ll. An old friend sold this place to yaw’ll. Name of Morris. We was neighbors for 36 years. Real nice folks. I’m Pete, and my wife is Doris.” He stuck out his hand to shake. Betty took his hand giving it a good shake. “I must apologize for the way I acted. I wasn’t expecting company at this time of the morning. I’m farm folk, too, and know how things can happen. My Dad and his partner have a place down in Texas. I came up with the two wives to help my sister-in-law when she had a baby, and it turned out Billy and Cathy are getting married in a couple of days, ’cause our brother is home on leave from the Navy. My husband and me, and her parents stayed here last night with Cathy and Billy. I had to think for a minute when you called him Doc. It’s still new to me. He’s still just Billy. We’re pretty casual around each other, so half the time, if we’re not goin’ nowhere, we’re naked. We see each other so much it don’t mean nothin’. ” He had been steadily studying her body since he first saw her. “Ma’am. If it’s all the same to you, if my wife looked like you, I wouldn’t let her put on clothes, AT ALL! She’s a wondress good looking woman, but, next to YOU, she’s proper plain. We’ve been together, now, for almost 30 years. We’ve got 5 k**s, one graduating this spring from High school, and that’s our baby. The others are out in the world. My Pa left us the farm, and none of the others could pinbahis güvenilir mi be bothered. I like farmin’ so I been at it ever’ since.” She leaned down at his compliment, and kissed him on the forehead. Her breasts near enough to feel his warm breath on them. “You’re too kind, sir. I’m just a simple, healthy, farm girl. I got 2 sisters and a brother. My Dad’s partner lives about 100 yards away, and he has 3 boys and one girl. I am our oldest, and married the oldest son of my Dad’s partner. My brother is the second of us, and he married the partner’s daughter. She’s the one that just had the baby. My husband and me are 7 months apart, and my brother and his wife are 4 months apart. I changed Billy’s diapers when he was a baby”. She stopped for a minute. “If I’m bothering you, I can go put on some clothes.” He looked over at her smiling. “Please, DON”T! I’m enjoying looking at you. You’re sure a pretty lady. MY wife used to do like that in the old days. She stopped when the k**s got big enough to notice. We had more fun… I used to come for lunch, and forget to go back. She taught all our k**s about the birds and the bees. They all enjoyed learnin’ from her.” Betty, now curious, asked him, “How DID she teach them, if I may ask?” He smiled. “The only way she knowed how. She showed the boys how to do ever’thing, and had them show the girls. Our youngest had a great old time when her brother started showing her. Mama got to thinkin’ one day, if the boys have all seen HER naked, the girls have everything the same as she’s got, why cover it up. We got to talkin a bit later, and figured if the boys have been teachin the girls, they’ve seen it all, too. So why close the door when we’re makin’ whooppee? The k**s started comin’ to the door and watchin us, so why try to hide it?” She smiled, nodding her head. ” Our parents are the same. We all learned from watching them, and trying each other. All of us have had everyone in the two families. From the oldest to the youngest. Why don’t you and your wife and daughter come over some time to visit? We won’t do anything we haven’t done before.” He smiled back at the invitation. “Will YOU be HERE?” She nodded, adding, “For a while, we will be. We’ll still be visiting off and on.” She asked him then. “What did you need Billy for?” He answered, “I got a mare having trouble with her foal. I can’t handle it by myself. I need someone who knows the south end of a horse from the north.” She smiled at him, again. “When you get finished, my husband and I will come over to see you and your wife. Is that okay? His smile got even bigger, and he nodded yes. She leaned over and told him to feel what she had to offer. He squeezed her breast lightly. She leaned down a bit more. “Just have the house nice and warm, we won’t have any clothes on when we get there.”

Billy came down the stairs, chuckled at his sister’s state of dress, and got a cup of coffee. ” Are you ready, Pete? Is it the mare?” Mr. Kelly nodded ‘Yes’ to both questions. Billy looked around to see Cathy, dressed the same as Betty, at the foot of the stairs. He introduced them. Mr. Kelly shook his head one more time. “I sure couldn’t get any work done.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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