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Alexis Ren

Mistis’ Adventures Part 59
Cathy and her Mom had met in the hallway, exchanging kisses, and giggling like naughty c***dren. Gail had gone in to “sleep” with Billy, and Cathy had gone in to where her Dad would, at last, make her dream come true. She had thought about him making love to her for such a long, long time. She had, unknown to them, observed her Mom and Dad having sex many times over the years, wishing that she could be in the place her Mother was in. She had noticed that, while he was gentle, he was also VERY forceful. More than a few times, she had seen her Mother’s body shake and shudder from his thrusts. Most times she had cried out in pleasure from their lovemaking. The different pharmacists that her Father had hired to help him over the years, had told her, with a promise to “keep it to herself,” that he was a VERY good lover, that they had enjoyed giving themselves to. They had all always been very discreet. It just wouldn’t do to let something like that be known. NOW, it was time for her to discover what other women had felt. Betty had told her that he had “rocked her world.” Betty, Lucky Girl, had had him make love to her several times. SHE had always, in her words, LOVED how he split her fuzz. She had seen the small room in the far back of the store, with the door that was ALWAYS kept locked, many times. Her Dad told her it was where he kept the hard medications. Opioids, and amphetamines, and such. The ladies had told her that it contained a 3/4 bed, a sink, and a toilet.

She was giddy from anticipation as she stepped into the bedroom, and then the bathroom. She ALMOST felt like turning around and going to another bedroom. She swallowed hard, several times, to quell her nervousness. Her legs were actually shaking. Could she really go through with her plan? She stopped and shook her head. What was it that English student had told her? “In for a penny. In for a pound.” She had been so very nice. She was the first true bi-sexual girl she had known. She had told about her c***dhood days in England, and going to see the BEATLES, The ROLLING STONES, and others in person. Her MUM, as she called her Mother, took her to see a couple of older gentlemen. One was named Tom Jones, and the other was Englebert Humperdink. They had been nice, she said, but, VERY old fashioned. The two of them had spent some VERY interesting evenings, and had become roommates for the second semester. SHE had had a Black boyfriend, and had shared him with her several times. HE liked to watch the two girls play together. It made him VERY excited. He had been the largest she had ever had. He was absolutely HUGE!!!

Cathy took a couple more deep breaths, and stepped through the door. Dad was in the shower. This one was opaque walled. You could just see the outlines, or shadows, but little else. She placed the towel in her hand on the ring, and put her hand on the door handle. Billy had turned down the thermostat so they could sleep better, and it was cooling down a bit. She was STILL so very uncertain of what she was doing. She had NEVER had feelings like this, before. If anybody had made a sound, she would have backed out. Her hand was shaking as she pulled the door open and stepped inside. She hadn’t seen him move, but, he was standing at the backside of the shower, and was looking straight at her. “Hello, Kitten. I’m so glad to see you. I was afraid you would get cold feet, and change your mind.” He held his arms out to her. güvenilir bahis şirketleri “Come here, Baby Girl. Let Daddy hold his little sweetie pie. You don’t have a thing to worry, or be scared, about.” She almost melted into his arms. Laying her head against his chest, she snuggled against him as she had done for her whole life. Her happiest memories were sitting in his lap, his strong arms around her, and him whispering his love for her. Her nervousness was almost gone. The warm water ran down her back as she held her Dad, and was held by him. She looked up at him, and he kissed her on the lips. For the first time in her life. He had kissed her everywhere else, but, not on the lips. Or her private parts. The only time he had touched her that way was, according to her Mother, when he would change her diapers. He would almost always kiss her behind. He, also, had never appeared in front of her or Barbara, undressed. They had both walked around the house in front of him in panties and bra, or completely naked. But HE had ALWAYS had a T-shirt and shorts on. Never in his underwear. The first time she had seen him naked was one night when he and Mom had finished fucking, he had gone to the bathroom for a wet towel to give Mom, and she had seen him when he came out. He had the light in the bathroom on. She was surprised at how BIG he was.

When she had stepped into the shower, he wasn’t so big. He was only a little bit larger than Dave. But not a lot. The biggest she had seen on any of the men was Mike. He was the only one bigger than Dave. Now, from holding her, while both were naked, her Dad was getting bigger and bigger. She had never thought she could affect her Father like this. He was a fairly lean man, standing a little over 6 feet tall, and weighing around 185 pounds, but…

He pushed her away enough to take the sponge and pour soap on it, and start washing her. He had washed from her neck to her waist, turned her to rinse her off, and then had had her lift her legs to wash them and her feet, and rinsing them off. He had turned her around and washed her back and her butt, rinsing them, and turned her once more, telling her to lift her leg. She lifted it, and he had rinsed the sponge and hung it on the hook, and put the soap in the palm of his hand. He reached down and started washing between her legs, reaching back as far as her anus, and coming forward. He chuckled. “This is the first time I’ve washed you like this since you were a baby. You were about 3 years old. Things have certainly changed since then. Now you’re a full-grown woman. AND A VERY BEAUTIFUL, SEXY woman. I would overhear boys talking about you in Junior High, and High School, and would get upset. I wanted to beat them for talking about you like they did, but I couldn’t. They would talk about wanting to lay you, or eat you out, and talk about your “pretty ass and tits,” or wanting to “split your fuzz.” I would have been sent to prison if I had done what I wanted to do. After all, talk is cheap. I knew I had a very beautiful daughter. TWO OF THEM!!! I’M SO VERY PROUD OF YOU BOTH.!!! Mama probably told you about Barb and me. I was with her a few months, ago, and several times since. She told me that that was what you had confessed to wanting, too. She showed me the movies of you and Mr. Baldwin, and I had to realize that BOTH of my babies had grown up. We watched them several times and I decided to let it happen. Barb put the canlı casino siteleri icing on the cake when she told me you had been in the sex studies at college, and hadn’t been a virgin since you went out with Billy the first time. I saw the way you two both acted, and realized that it wasn’t puppy love, it was the real thing. I saw the way he treated you and us, and the way you acted toward him. I knew, then, that I was looking at my future Son-in Law. I was right, and I hope you will have a long and happy life, together. Just be warned! I want at least 6 grandc***dren…

Cathy reached up and put her arms around her Dad’s neck. “We’ll do our best, Daddy. Now! Take me to bed and make my dream come true! I want YOU to make me feel like a full-grown woman. AT LEAST 3 or 4 times. I’ll tell you a secret in the morning. I love you, Daddy.

He reached out and took the towel and dried her completely, and she stood there watching him dry everything except his back, which she did. They went into the bedroom, and she laid down as he told her. On the edge of the bed. Her legs dangled down at the side. He asked if she wanted the lights on or off. She told him she wanted them on, PLEASE! She wanted to see everything.

He knelt at the side, and pushed her knees up and out. He kissed the soles of her feet, her ankles, and her legs. She couldn’t remember being kissed like this, before. He sat on the edge of the bed and leaned down to kiss her eyebrows, her neck and her earlobes, working his way around until he was kissing her lips. Her lips parted, and her tongue darted into his mouth. It tasted minty. The kiss was held for a very long time, with both of them breathing faster and faster. They reluctantly broke the kiss. He moved down to kiss her throat, her chest, and her breast, kissing all around them, until her took her nipples into his mouth, sucking each of them while flicking them with his tongue Her breathing was even more rapid. Tiny moans were escaping from deep in her throat. He moved down further, kissing her flat, soft belly over and over, making the muscles flutter. He went to her abdomen, starting at one hipbone and going to the other. He pulled her higher on the bed, and kissed the insides of her thighs, narrowly avoiding her womanhood. He took his time, licking and kissing all that she was. She was beside herself with wanting him. He was far from finished. He licked and kissed all the away around her pubis, finally parting her labia with his tongue, He sucked her labia out and massaged them with his tongue, causing her to jerk and jump. FINALLY, he stuck his tongue out and licked her clitoris, making her groan out loud. His eyes smiled, though she couldn’t see. Her eyes were squeezed shut. Her hands were holding the back of her Father’s head. She wanted to hold him as tight as she could, without smothering him. Her legs, by now, were spread very wide, fer feet pointed at the ceiling. She was only able to make hissing sounds, and groans. Her body shook and shuddered. His tongue shot out entering her vagina, licking and plunging in and out if her. She was coming like she never had, before. It felt so good, it was almost agonizing.

Finding her voice, at long last, she mumbled, “Fuck me, Daddy. Please, please fuck me. I want you inside me, so much. Give your baby what she needs, Daddy. I want to feel your strength. Make me YOUR woman. Take me, use me. I’m your little sex doll. Show me that you casino şirketleri love me. Give me your cum. I need it so badly.” Tears were running down her cheeks.

He kissed her mons one more time and moved up to a better position. She was sprawled on the bed arms and legs askew. He moved her to where she would be more comfortable. He then reached out and, taking a pillow, placed it under her hips. It was thick enough to raise her considerably. He spread her legs enough to kneel between them, then took one in each hand and raised both of them. He leaned forward to make the first contact with his penis. It was just barely touching her labia. He spied a small stream of her juices coating the inside of her thighs, and her mons, and leaned down to lap it up. It was like nectar. She squealed and raised her hips using his hands. She slowly lowered herself, sobbing, He placed his dick against her vaginal opening, and began to apply the least amount of pressure. He slowly and steadily slipped inside her. She was hunching her hips to try to get him inside even faster. He kept going, very slowly until he was all the way inside of her. Still holding her legs he began to slide in and out of her at the same slow pace. She was thrashing about wildly. She was nearly out of control. She reached out and locked her fingers around her Father’s neck, pulling him down to kiss him repeatedly, all the while, declaring her love.

He moved up on his stiff arms and tiptoes, and began long-donging into her, plunging into her with a fierce force, and withdrawing slowly. Cathy tore her legs from his grasp, and wrapped them around his body, locking her ankles. She was shaking her head, NO, NO, but her lips and hips were saying YES, YES!!! He couldn’t sustain his original stance, and lay on top of her driving wildly into her, hes stomach and chest hair rubbing her stomach and breasts like sandpaper. Her legs still locked around him, he reached back grabbing both hands full of her soft ass, and using them to leverage himself in and out of her, his full weight on top of her. She was gyrating wildly under him, unaware of anything except the feel of him inside of her, driving her to madness. He raised up enough to clamp his lips on her breast, sucking them forcefully, and squeezing her nipples turning them red.

He drove into her without a sign of mercy, while she begged him to “FUCK ME HARDER, DADDY!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!”
He was lost in his driving into her, and she was equally lost in receiving him. All else was lost to them.

Suddenly he felt his gorge rising and exploding inside of his daughter. She tightened her grip with her legs, and thrust up her hips to make him go deeper still. He was pouring her full of hot, molten sperm. It gushed out of him, and into her, splashing and covering her to her very core. She was flooded inside with the volume that he created. As it entered her, she screamed and pulled his face down to her, kissing him with all of her pent up wanting of the years. Her dream had come true. She was now complete. He was nearly exhausted. It looked like, to him, that those Viafra had done him well. He, by all indications, had made his daughter happy. She was only semi-conscious, BUT, she was SMILING!

He heard a ruckus from the door. He managed to get up and go to see what was happening. Betty and Tod were looking in the door across the hall. He remembered that that was Cathy and Billy’s bedroom. He looked between the two, and saw Gail, laying in a heap on the bed, next to Billy. He then remembered the sly looks that passed between his wife and his daughter. THEY had planned this whole thing. He would have to remember to buy something nice for both of them. Ladies like them were few and far between.

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