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Mistis’ Adventures Part 43
Cathy’s mom sat easily on the side of the bed, looking up at Billy, who was still fully dressed. She reached out to him, unfastening his trousers and belt. He was removing his shirt and T-shirt himself. Cathy stood silently to the side, watching what was happening. She was both curious and amused at what was going on in front of her. She had seen Billy many times, and was well aware of how he would proceed. That was a part of her enjoyment. Watching how other women, and girls, reacted to his advances. Some turned loose, and others were more reserved. A few were even coy, almost to the point of being shy. She had seen her mother well into the act several times, but had never seen her in the early seduction stages. She gathered Billy’s clothes and laid them neatly across the chair. She had laid her mom’s clothes over one of the arms, and now laid Billy’s clothes over the other arm, leaving a place for her to sit down.

Once Billy was completely disrobed, she pulled him nearer to her. Instead of seeing Billy seduce her Mother, her Mother was taking an immediate lead. It was her to initiate each move. When she had Billy where she intended, she leaned forward and kissed his thighs on each side. She had reached around to place her hands on the cheeks of his butt, almost as if she thought he would try to run away. She took her tongue and licked the crease where his legs bent forward to sit down, licking all the way from his hipbones to the juncture of his legs. Cathy watched her intently. She wanted to see what effect this would have on Billy.

Cathy was more than a little interested in what was happening, not only as it was her Mother and her fiance’, but as it was with a man, and a mature woman. While she was in college,she had volunteered to participate in studies in human sexuality. They had asked first if she was a virgin, and she assured them that she wasn’t. They had then asked if she could tell how many times she had had sex. She had answered to the best of her knowledge. Then they had asked how many different partners she had had sex with. She again gave them her most honest answer. They had asked many more questions, which she answered the best she could, kaçak casino and they told her that in the course of the study, she would be having sex with, most likely, total strangers. They told her that each participant was to be thoroughly tested for disease, and men would be given sperm counts. The women would receive complete pelvic examinations in turn. They would be having sex both protected and unprotected, so it was important for her to continue taking any Birth Control medication. She was also informed that each participant would receive a stipend for the number of times that they were involved, and that they would receive credits on their transcripts. They would only be labeled as “Test Study Participant” on their transcripts for privacy sake. The only persons they would see face to face were the monitors, through a mirrored glass, the assistants who hooked them up to the recorders, and their present partner, who, like her, be given a “Domino Mask” if requested. She laughed at this part. “If I’m going to let a boy split my fuzz, I want to see who is doing the splitting. Especially if he’s going to cum inside me. I’m pretty sure the boys would want to see who they’re screwing, too. Most of the boys I know would insist on it.” They had all laughed at her comments, but, they had heard this same thing from most of the people they had interviewed. Things were quite different from the early days of “Masters and Johnson.”

The study had lasted for three months, and she had been in the lab 3 or 4 times each week. Almost every time she had had a different partner. Most times it had been okay, but once was very distasteful, and a couple had been VERY nice. Only that one time it went poorly did she not have at least one orgasm. Once she had “gone off the chart” she had been told later by the people watching the monitors. It had recorded that she had 27 orgasms in 25 minutes. All she was aware of was that she had come out weak in the knees, and tingled for 3 days afterward. They had given her exact counts her next session. She had admitted to them that it had been nearly the best she had had in her life. One of the lab assistants had invited her to come back and go over the casino oyna test results that evening. He was rather good looking, so she accepted. He had been VERY good. She had, in return, received $250, and 2 hours credit in “Human Reproduction.”

Her Mother was, she learned, more knowledgeable than she had imagined. She had Billy rock hard without any real intimate contact. The only place she had really touched was his ass, when she held it at first. She had kissed all around his torso, from his knees to his waist, but only in the front. She had rubbed his legs from his hipbones down his calves, and the outsides of his legs. She had kissed him on the hipbones, thighs, and his belly, but that was all. She pulled him down on the bed and leaned over to kiss his lips and face for the first time. Mom kissed her way down HIS body, much as she had been during sex with nearly all her partners. Mom took his penis in her mouth and began eating him. This was more than Billy could stand. He pulled away from her and turned around, telling her, “This isn’t fair. I want to eat you, too.”

He turned and spread her legs enough to reach her nether regions. He was mildly surprised at how small her hole was, even though her lips were a bit in the long side. They extended down almost an inch, and were a light brownish color. The were extremely soft and pliant, and, as he soon discovered, VERY sensitive. He had rubbed them with his finger, then his tongue. Both had made her jump wildly, and cry out. He had, then, on impulse, pulled them outward, massaging them with his thumbs, while, at the same time, licking their inner surfaces. She had nearly jumped off the bed. She had screamed aloud, and had nearly suffocated him, squeezing his head between her legs. “OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!! THAT IS WONDERFUL!!! I WANT MORE!!!” Billy obliged her wishes, but had to hold her down to keep her from jumping off the bed. He had never seen such a response as this, before. It was such a surprise that Cathy had come to stand over them to better see what he was doing to her.

Mom had so many orgasms that, she had thought, she might faint. Instead she rolled Billy over and had actually jumped on his dick, driving it all canlı casino siteleri the way inside of herself, and rocking wildly until she had cum at least 4 more times. Billy could only hold on to her ass and her boobs, and hang on. He gave up soon, and rolled her onto her back, spreading her legs and pumping deeply into her until he shot his cum inside of her. She felt it squirt inside of her, and began crying out again. Billy ground into her groin, shooting deep inside of her, until she went limp under him. Cathy went into the bathroom and wet a hand towel for them to clean up with.

She had cleaned her mom’s pussy and thighs, and washed Billy’s dick and balls. They were both in a stupor. Cathy knew from experience that they would both be out of it for around 10 minutes.

She went into her room, next door, and picked up 2 of her suitcases. She carried them out and placed them in the back of the truck. She repeated until she had carried out all 4 suitcases, the 6 boxes, and another bag, and her stuffed a****ls. She closed and latched the doors and raised the lift.

Going back inside, she got a bottle of water from the fridge, and went back to check on her mom and Billy. They were both awake, barely, and had rolled into an embrace. Mom and her were the same in that respect, also. Both enjoyed cuddling and kissing with their partner after sex. Especially when it had been as good as this had appeared. Her Mom confirmed her suspicion. “Honey. Your going to have to share your husband with your Mother when we visit. He is just too good not to.” Cathy smiled down at her. “That’s okay Mom. I like sharing him, like he enjoys sharing me. Any time you want, he will be available.”

Cathy looked at her watch. “Sweetie. We had better get a move on. I already loaded the truck, and we have a long drive ahead of us. I took some pictures of you and Mom, and you can download them when we get home. Kiss Mama “Bye Bye”, get dressed, and we’ll need to go. We’ll see them again in a few weeks.”

Billy dressed while his future Mother-in-Law watched. She thought, I understand why Cathy fell in love with him, now. He’s wonderful in every way.

Billy, now dressed, leaned over to kiss Cathy’s Mom. She made the most of it, and whispered in his ear. “We’ll see you soon. I so love you both, and hope you will last forever.”

She watched them go from the front window, waving at them. Then she went to take another shower, and, just maybe, a nap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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