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Millie’s Night Out From Hell
The night had finally arrived, it was the employee of the year party and awards night and everyone was excited. The top ten employees from each franchise had been voted by the company directors, and were being whisked away for an all expenses paid night out, at a swanky club in Liverpool. Last years event had been a raging success, and Millie Stone was delighted to be attending. She was only just 18, and had only worked at the company for about 8 months, but she’d obviously made an impression! She got on really well with all the other people going too, so it was going to be a great night. Everyone arranged to meet at 6 O’clock in a local bar, the coach was picking them up at 7, with a view to arriving at around 8:30.

Millie was really excited as she was getting ready, with a bottle of wine open, and her favourite tunes on, she dressed provocatively, as she wanted to make an impression, this was the first time she’d really been out with her colleagues, she thought about a skirt, but decided that she’d be drinking all night, and would only end up flashing her underwear. That would be mortifying, she thought, as she opted for a pair of tight white jeans, and a lovely figure hugging top that showed off her naval. She nipped to the toilet quickly, and called a cab.
She arrived at the bar about 6:10, and found everyone else already in the party spirit,
“Millie, there you are” cried Zoe as she got out of the taxi, “We thought you were standing us up!”
“Come on babe” added Patsy, “We’ve got you a drink in.”
“Oh thanks” said Millie, as she took the blue WKD.

Truth be told, she hated the stuff, but she was keen to fit in, so decided to down it quickly, so she could get herself a proper drink. She was really thirsty, and almost downed it in one, as she went off to the bar. She was served quickly, and got herself a large white wine. Conversation was flowing, and after about 15 minutes Stacy, the boss, appeared. She was carrying a tray of bottled beer, and handed it out. “Come on guys” she said, you’ve earned these, and they all took a bottle each. They made a toast, and then Stacy came and sat down next to her.
“Are you OK Mills” she asked “I’m so pleased you’ve made it tonight, you’ve worked so hard this year”,
as she spoke, the 4 other girls got up and made their way over to the toilets. Millie noticed this, she was hoping to tag along, just to find out where they were, but she felt rude when Stacy was talking to her. It was ok though, she thought, she didn’t really need to go yet, so she’d just tag along when Stacy went, in a bit. A good impression on the boss was always good, so she sat and chatted away.

About 3 minutes later Georgia came tearing accross the bar.
“The coach is outside, and the driver is not happy” she said.
“He’s not meant to be here for another 10 minutes” snapped Stacy.
“Well” said Georgia “He said he’s been waiting, so we better get a move on”
“Fuck’s sake” she said, “come on then.”

The four guys chugged down their pints, and wanting to fit in, Millie did the same, necking her bottle in one.
Everyone trudged out to the coach, and after a bit of an argument it transpired that the coach was leaving the last pick up point at 7, we we’re first and were meant to be on it at 6:30. The driver had been waiting for us and was not happy to be running behind schedule, so he told us to get on right now, and not to even think of bringing on drinks. Grumpy bastard.

As she sat down Millie became quite aware of her bladder. She knew all the other girls had just relieved themselves, but she’d been hurried from the pub and she’d drank a lot. She was OK at the moment, but she could certainly feel it! 15 minutes later the coach pulled up outside another bar. The 10 people getting on here were clearly drunk, and complaining that they were running late, so they were hurried on and the coach trundled off on its way.

By the time they got to the first pick up point, 20 minutes later, Millie was starting to feel her need to pee build. It wasn’t urgent yet, but she was wanting to go when they’d left the bar, and she knew that she’d drunk a lot. When they got to the pick up point though, there was nothing, just a group of people waiting by the side of the road. She’d been hoping that it would have been a pub again, so that she might be able to nip in quickly and use the facilities. At least it was a very quick turnaround, everyone was on quickly, and the bus was back on its way.

Another 15 minutes passed, and Millie was really feeling her bladder now. As the coach pulled into a carpark she looked out of the window, and saw a public conveniences. She looked longignly at it, and thought about plucking up the courage to make a run for it, but again it was a really quick turnaround and they were on there way. She looked at her watch and saw that it was 7:10, she knew that the coach was scheduled to arrive at 8 O’clock, so that was it, she’d just have to cross her legs and hold it for 50 minutes. She wasn’t completely bursting, but she certainly needed to pee. If she’d still been in the bar she was reaching the stage where she’d be running to the little girls room.

For the next 40 minutes Millie’s need grew and grew, she sat with her thighs pressed tightly together, she’d become more and more distant from the conversation, and was constantly stealing glances at her watch, 7:25, 7:30, 7:45, 7;50, she was sure time was moving more and more slowly, as she felt herself starting to sweat. She was starting to feel really really bursting now. The next ten minutes were going to be real torture, she was certainly going to have to make a run for it when they arrived. As 8 o’clock arrived poor Millie was almost at the end of her tether. She’d gone past bursting now, and she was absolutely desaperate. She was involuntaeilly jigging her legs about as her bladder screamed at her. 8 O’clock was her target all along, and now she’d made it her body just wanted to give up and pee.

5 minutes later she was almost out of her mind, as the coach just plowed on down the motorway, with no sign of an exit, or a club, or a toilet. Millie looked to Jenny sat next to her.
“Are we nearly there do you think?” she asked, trying to sound casual.
“Yeah babe, not far off, about another 20 minutes I reckon”.
She spoke like it was good news, but to poor Millie it could not have been more devastating.
“WHAT!” gasped Millie, “But I thought we were due to arrive about 8 O’clock?”
“Nah” she said, “It was about 90 minutes from the last pick up, and we made him late, so between 8:30 and 8:40 I reckon. They casino siteleri need to get a move on though, the awards are at 9!”

She barely had time to comprehend this devastating news though, when one of the boys from the pub stood up.
“Fuck that” he said, “I’m absolutely bursting for a piss here, he’ll have to pull in at the next services”
“Yes Danny” gasped Millie, forgetting herself, “go and ask the driver, I’m sure he’ll have to stop if someone asks him”.
She could’ve cried with relief, someone else needed to go as badly as she did, and finally he was going to make the coach stop, just another minute or 2 and she would be able to relieve herself, she ground her pussy down against her heal as she watched Danny hobble down the coach, he had his hand in his pocket, and was clearly holding his cock, he couldn’t even stand up straight. The poor guy must’ve been desperate, hell, thought Millie, if he was as bad as she was he was in real trouble, she felt like if she’d have had to hobble down the coach and beg for a toilet stop, not only would she die of shame, but there was no way she’d have been able to hold it. “Come on, come on, come on” she muttered to herself. She’d expected that the coach would stop almost immediately once Danny had explained the situation, but it carried on regardless. She glanced down the aisle, and saw Danny gesticulating wildly to the driver, she couldn’t hear what was being said though, then NO what was happening, he was coming back to his seat.
“JUST STOP NOW, PLEASE” she silently prayed, but as Danny returned he was almost bent double, he was physically shaking.
“What’s happening Dan?” she asked, trying to appear calm.
“That fucking cunt” he gasped, as he squirmed on his chair, he won’t fucking stop, he says we’re only 20 minutes away, so we need to cross our legs.

She cried inwardly at this, and her bladder protested furously, there was no way she could hold on another 20 minutes.
“Oh” she said, “umm, did you tell him you were desperate”,
“OF COURSE I FUCKING DID, LOOK AT ME” he snapped back, “He said it’s our own fucking fault for making him late!”
“What’s up Mil” asked Adam, do you need to go too?”.
“erm, she stammered, well, erm yes” she said, “I will certainly be running straight to the loo when we arrive anyway” she tried to look like she was relaxed, but her mind was racing, Danny had been her salvation, she was soo bursting now she was starting to panic.
“Maybe you should tell Stacy” she started, but Danny talked over me, “there’s no way” he stammered, as he started to unbutton his trousers, “there’s no way I can wait another 20 minutes, its not fucking possible, I’m sorry guys, he had a Lucozade bottle that he’d finished drinking earlier,
“Look away guys, I’m sorry, I can’t wait any more, he turned against the window, and I could see the reflection as his very well proportioned cock broke free, immediately letting rip, as he aimed frantically at the bottle. “Oh god, yes” he gasped. A furious hissing sound filled the back of the coach, and the sound of running water, he was physically shaking. “Ohmygod, I’m sorry” he stammered, I had to, fuck it feels good, ahhhhh”

Millie almost started to cry, the autosuggestion was incredible, her bladder screamed at her to let it go too. She squeezed her thighs together as hard as she could, trying desperately to hold on, squirming down into the seat, it was no good though, her peehole stung, it physically hurt, it was crying for relief, she was going to wet herself, she had to get back under control, there was no other way, she pressed her left hand between her legs hard. God it felt good, she was still more achingly desperate then she’d ever been in her life, but she was back from the brink of actually wetting herself, she writhed around pressing so hard her knuckles turned white. Danny looked happier than I’d ever seen anybody before. He stopped his stream, and screwed the bottle back onto his now full Lucozade bottle.
“Oh christ, that felt so good” he declared, “I’m not even done yet, but fuck did I need to go then, swear I couldn’t have held it in another second, I’m sorry guys, but I was literally about to piss myself.” As he spoke he turned and saw Millie, a picture of pure, frantic desperation.
“Jesus Mills, are you OK?” he asked, as everyone spun around to look at her. She quickly pulled her hand away, and tried to look calm.
“I’m really bursting too” she admitted. “It’s really bad, I hope this coach gets there soon”.
“It’s a nightmare isn’t it babe” chimed Jenny, sat next to her, “that’s the problem with these events when we drink before the coach comes, I’m pretty bursting myself, we’ll be ok, just cross your legs, us girls can always wait eh, not like these pathetic boys!” as she said it, she sneered at Danny.
“Fuck off Jenny” said Danny, “I was fucking bursting, there’s no way I’d have made it, it feels better now though, rather me than you!”
“I’m absolutely fine” she snapped back, “I need to go, but I’m an adult, I’ll hold it until I reach a toilet, now fuck off”
With that the boys turned away. Millie’s mind was racing now, what on earth was she going to do, she was absolutely beside herself, pretty much as desperate as she’d ever been. Her salvation, someone who was just as desperate as her, had found relief in a bottle, and her new work colleague was jovially telling her she could wait as long as was neccessary, but she really wasn’t sure she could. Over the next 15 minutes her desperation increased to levels she’d never even imagined possible. Her whole world was focussed inside her knickers. How she wished she’d run to the ladies before they set off. Surely she wasn’t the only one who was frantic, she’d had her hands pressed against her womanhood for at least 5 minutes, and this she thought was absolute last resort stuff, but her need was growing further, she had to do something, she HAD to, she couldn’t just sit there and wet herself. On the verge of tears, she decided that if no-one else had begged for a stop in the next 2 minutes then she was going to run down the coach and demand it pull over.

Each second passed like an hour, she was so close to tears as her bladder thrashed and throbbed inside her. Her entire lower body ached. A minute passed, as she silently prayed or someone else to make the coach stop. Another 30 seconds, and nothing, it was going to have to be her. Oh God, she was going to have to run down the aisle and beg, no demand, that the driver stop, she was going absolutely frantic. “Oh Christ, I need a pee, OK, I’m going to do it”, she thought, her pussy throbbing casino şirketleri at the idea. As she thought this though, she glanced out of the window, and saw the enterence to the club.
“Yes, finally, oh thank god, we’re here” thought Millie, as the coach turned into a carpark. She’d never felt pain like it, “Please hurry, please just stop here, oh God I need it, oh please” she willed the coach driver, as he manouvred round into the coach park so agonizingly slowly. Her desperation seemed to increased even more at the thought that she would be in the toilets in the next minute or two. Her head was spinning, and her bladder was throbbing. The need was coming in waves, each one being a bit harder to control. She stood up, as the coach finally stopped, but then no, he was reversing into a space. She was forced to bob up and down, pressing her hand into her frantic, quivering pussy lips. She wasn’t alone in trying to get off, as there were people up and down the coach trying to get off. Stacy stood up, looking back down the coach. “SIT DOWN” her voice commended “ALL OF YOU” there were a few voices of complaint, as the bus finished parking and turned off the engine. Millie pushed past her friends, making her way down the aisle.”I SAID SIT DOWN” boomed Stacy again, “Oh, but, erm” stammered Millie, frantic just to get off the coach and find the little girls room. Stacy approached her, face as black as thunder.
“If you dont sit down right now we will turn this bus around and drive back without a seconds hesitation.” Millie felt like crying, her bladder screamed, her pussy ached, she was on the verge of tears as she sat back down.
“Right” started Stacy “Before we get off this coach, we need a few rules, this is a work night out, so you all need to remember you are representing the company. Anything you do tonight will reflect upon the company, any disciplinary incidents that arise tonight will be dealt with as if the happened at work. “I know we are in a club, and I know a lot of you have been drinking already, but just try to think about it please. I am watching you all. No fighting, no lewd conduct, try to control your language around members of the public, try to avoid throwing up onthe streets, do not damage any property, just generally behave like adults. Do I make myself clear” There was a clamour as people started to agree, picking up bags etc and starting to get up. “Everyone back at the coach for 12:30 please, DO NOT MAKE ME COME LOOKING FOR YOU!” added Stacy.

As she finished it was like a stampede, a mixture of people excited for a great night, or desperate for the toilets! Millie stood up again, but immediately bent double, trying to push out into the aisle, but she found herself near the back. Danny let her out, “Go on Mils, if you’re even half as desperate as I was earlier then you need to get a move on” She blushed beat red. She couldn’t stand the fact she’d been desperate enough to confide her need, and now the hot boy from work was following her down a coach, fully aware her bladder was fit to burst. She tried to look calm and walk normally, but it was so hard to control herself now she was off her heal. She kinda shuffled down the coach with her thighs pressed tightly together, willing herself to hold on just a few more seconds. She groaned outloud as she had to step down from the coach into the carpark, the jolt sent a half second spurt out, past her control, and into her knickers.

“Oh no” she gasped, thrusting her hand between her legs again. A single tear formed in her eye, as she twisted and writhed around to try and get control. “no, no, no” she stammered “Please, just a few more seconds” she was completely devestated that she’d actally squirted pee into her knickers, she’d never even contemplated the possibility that she could ever get desperate enough to physically wet herself.

As she reached the back of the queue her only thought was the Ladies Room. It was an absolute emergency. Hold on guys, said Stacy, I need to sort out the tickets, she went inside leaving them stood out in the cold. Millie tried to push through, “erm, I need to just go to the toilet” she said, some people let her through but others resisted and pushed back. “Please” she shouted “Please, I’m not jumping the queue, i need the toilet” When Stacy returned she was about 6 people from the front, and she was jigging around in a frantic pee dance, Stacy addressed the queue, explaining that shewas handing out individual tickets, and they would need to be checked by the bouncers on the way in.

“I can’t do it” gasped Millie, “I need to pop a squat, Danny will you stand guard for me?”
She didn’t even wait for him to reply, as she desperately hobbled away from the queue, she was so frantic for a wee now that she was prepared to drop her knickers and squat down infront of her boss, her work colleagues and a bunch of strangers. The anticipation of relief seemed to make her need even stronger, as Stacy shouted,
“MILLIE, Where the hell do you think you’re going?”
“I NEED A WEE!” she gasped, pressing her hand into her crutch, “I seriously can’t wait”,
“Get back over here this instant” she commanded, “there are no toilets out here anyway”
“Ooooh, I don’t care Stace, I need to go so bad, I’ll go in the bushes, please let me” she started to cry, as the thought of more delay caused an evenmore intense pain.
“You will do absolutely no such thing young lady!” Boomed Stacy. “What an absolutley disgusting thing to say!” she stormed over to her, and handed her a ticket, I know it was a long journey Millie, and we all need to run to the loo, but there is absolutely no way I can allow you to squat in public at a company event. Now, there’s your ticket, I’ll take you to the front of the line and you can run to the little girls room in the club”
Her bladder throbbed, screaming at her for attention, demanding relief right now. “Stacy, I, I can’t” she pleaded, desperately hoping that she’d be given permission just to drop her knickers and wee in the carpark. She startd to cry, “please, I’m absolutely bursting, please”. “Come on Millie, I’ll get you in first since your in pickle, maybe you’ll think about how much you drink before your next coach journey” she took her hand and led her towards the front of the queue. There was no point arguing any more, at least Stacy was taking her to the ladies room. Just a few more seconds, she willed herself, but her bladder SCREAMED at the thought.
“There is a line” said a terse lady as Stacy pulled the cryin, shaking, desperate mess that was Millie through to the front.
“Hello, canlı casino siteleri sorry” started Stacy, “I know, but Millie here is having a bit of a crisis, can we please let her jump the line so she can run to the little girls room”.
“I shouldn’t really allow it” started the woman, I’ll have to get security to check her over, you know, just incase.” “Just incase what!” shouted Stacy “Look at her, she’s just a young girl who’s been on a long bus journey, poor thing needs a piss. I’m trying to be a responsible manager here, I’ve stopped her from showing herself up, but lets have a bit of compassion here”.
The announcement would normally have been mortifying, but Millie was way beyond the point of caring. There were tears flowing down her face, as she did a full pee dance infront of everybody. “I will escort her, just let us stay dignified” added Stacy. “Step aside, and Keith will check your tickets” said the disinterested woman
Stacy ushered Millie through the door, her vision was blurred as every passing second seemed to bring an even greater crisis between her legs. Stacy handed the grumpy looking bouncer their tickets.

“No more delays, no more delays, oh please, please hurry” gasped Millie, under her breath as her ticket was checked. Keith blocked their path for about 5 seconds as he looked Milie up and down, then to her delight, he stood aside “pathetic” he sneered as she hobbled past him. She thrust her hands up between her legs and dashed into the club. it was busy, but not crazy just yet.
“Oh god, where are they” gasped Millie, frantically scanning the club for her salvation. Then she saw it, the sign “LADIES” she almost cried as she pressed her hand into her frantic pee hole and dashed across the crowded club. “Pee oh please a pee, I need it ohhhh no more delays, please, toilets, oh god oh god, oh I need a wee” she stammered under her breath as her bladder pressed and screamed and demanded attention.

“Come on, come on, come on, just a few more seconds” she stammered as she rounded the corner that the arrow pointed to, she’d made it, there it was, the little girls room, Oh how she needed it, she was going absolutley frantic as she burst through the door, and then NO, it couldn’t be, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, the queue was incredible, there were 6 stalls, and about 30 people waiting.

Millie was now absolutely beside herself, waiting was absolutely not an option, as she dashed to the front of the line.
“Please” she gasped, “I have to go next, I can’t wait” as she said it, she heard a toilet flush. “NO WAY” shouted a girl, about 3 back from the front of the line “NO FUCKING WAY, I’m going to piss my knickers in a minute, I’ve been waiting for fucking ages, get to the back of the line”,
“You can’t just cut in” added another voice, “We all need to go, wait your turn.”
Millie’s crying turned hysterical, as she heard the lock of the cubicle slide “please, oh please, please, please let me” She was bouncing up and down so hard that her tits were almost jiggling from her top, but both of her hands were needed between her legs. The cubicle door opened, and she moved towards it.
“I’m sorry” said the girl at the front “Its my turn, and I really, really need it” She pushed Millie aside and dashed into the now vacant cubicle.

Stacy tried to take charge now. “LOOK” she said, “We’ve been in a rather long coach ride, and Millie is absolutely bursting, she must go next!” The room was spinning now, as Millie’s entire lower body burned, She was clenching herself shut as hard as she could, there was literally no way she could press her hands any harder into her morst intimate areas, but her resolve was failing. A much longer spurt escaped is tortured female prison, and she couldn’t stop it this time, the spurt had become a tiny dribble. “I’m peeing, its coming, I can’t she stammered, as she felt the wetness on her hands now. “PLEASE HURRY”, she screamed, but as the next cubicle became available, the desperate girl, now 2 from the front declared;
“If its fucking acceptable to jump the line, I’m going right now, I hope you piss your pants you dirty bitch.”
She physically pushed Millie as she dashed for the toilet. This was too much for Millie, who started to pull down her trousers.
“Millie” what are you doing?” Gasped Stacy, but she was out of control, the wet patch was visibly growing, as burning hot female pee ran down her leg.
“I can’t stop it” she shouted, as she pulled down her panties and dropped to her haunches, exploding onto the floor of the Ladies room.

“Aaahhhhhhh, oh fuck, yessssss” she gasped, as the ocean of burning female piss finally started to escape her. The pressure of that initial blast as she yanked down her knickers was incredible, she was gushing at the most incredible force, and her whole body was convulsing, almost as if she was climaxing. Stacy tried to cover her modesty, but every one could see her.
“I’m sorry”, she yelped, “I was wetting myself, I literally couldn’t wait”. More and more pee flooded from her throbbing, agonised private parts. As the pressure finally started to taper off she became painfully aware of her situation. The puddle she was squatting in the middle of was huge. The ladies room looked like a water main had burst, no wonder she’d been frantic. Her most intimate areas were on full display to a line of jiggling girls, and to her horror and shame, she realised that some of them were filming her on their camera phones.
“I’m sorry” she stammered, as she clenched down to stop the tiny dribble that was still falling from her, massively relieved pussy, “I’m so sorry, I told you I couldn’t wait.”She stood up and pulled up her knickers, beccoming painfully aware of how wet they were. She had fully started to wet herself before she’d got them clear of her flood. As she struggled to pull up her wet jeans, she was overcome with a mixture of emtions. Her face burned red with shame and embarrasment, but she was still light headed with the relief she ad felt. The warm wetness of her knickers felt great.

At that moment the Ladies room door swung open, and in marched a burly female bouncer. “What the fuck, they were telling the truth, you’ve pissed on the floor like an a****l, that is disgusting. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” She was still crying as she looked over to Stacy, who looked conflicted. “Are you with her” asked the bouncer”, and to Millie’s horror, Stacy said “Throw her out, she’s let herself down, I need to use the loo myself, but I’ll come out shortly”

Millie didn’t even wait for the bus, she rang her mum in tears to come and pick her up. She’d never known shame like it, but the relief had felt so good. If she’d made it to the toilet it would have been almost worth the pain, and she knew that was something she would be exploring in private over the coming weeks.

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