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Another real life situation between myself and my BBW fiancee:

The day at work was rather slow as it usually is and that ends up with me sending my fiancée raunchy imessages. Well this day was no different as the messages started. I have not been like this with my past partners but something about my beautiful BBW fiancée has me thinking of her a lot when I’m left at a loose end as it were.

We chatted and I said how much I loved her and her body. She is a bigger girl but has height to boot so she does not look her size. She knows how to dress for her size, not frumpy but nice and sometimes sexy. She has the classic “coke bottle” shape when looked upon from front or rear. She has a great butt which I cannot help but slap every chance I get. She has a wonderful 40F bust, which is soft but firm without sagging once her bra is off.

After work we had to pick up a few bits from local discount store. All the time in the store I’m looking at her and thinking about what I want to be doing to her. She wanted to look around at some of the bed cloths, although she never finds what she wants. So, we buy the few items we went in for and head home for evening meal.

Once home she put oven on and starts the meal. Stewed steak with peas and steamed baby potatoes. While she does that I make cup tea. Meal does not take long to make or eat either. After the meal she retires to the bedroom and I check my emails and facebook for a little bit before heading up myself.

Upon heading to the bedroom, I find my fiancée sat on edge of bed in just leggings and strappy top. Love her in leggings as they show her wide hips and thick thighs well. I stripped down to my boxers and t-shirt bahis firmaları while at same time she had stripped down naked and was face down laying across the width of our old oak four poster bed. She was ready for a massage.

She laying in half-light as we only had a few LED tea lights on in the room at this point. Her soft white skin waiting for my hands to rub oil all over. Her wide hips and round butt had gotten my cock all hard in my boxers. I sit straddled her left leg with my right knee push right up between her thighs, I’m sure I could feel her pussy against my knee.

I spray her back and butt with the bottle of baby oil we keep by the bed for this sort of thing. With a few extra sprays over her ass crack and let it trickle down to her pussy and my right knee. I begin with her round butt of course, I am an ass man after all. Running my hands all over her ass and hips the soft flesh is warm on my hands and a little slippery with oil on the surface. Slowly The oil begins to sink into the skin and her skin is less slippery. Then I moved up her back and begin rubbing in the oil all the way up to her shoulders. I enjoy this and like to massage her sexy body. Of course, now and again her round ass gets a slap or two. Where her big round butt meets her thick thighs, there is a cute little crease. Her inner thighs are soft and another one of my favourite areas on this beautiful body before me.

After massaging her butt and back I get off her legs and sit beside her to starts on the backs of her legs. Her lower legs are quite firm where as her thighs are bit softer and her inner thigh is very soft. I love to kiss and massage her thighs right up to her pussy, which is almost kaçak iddaa hidden from sight as her thighs almost meet when laying on the bed. This is keeping me turned on. While I have been massaging her, she has been playing on her iPad just enjoying the attention.

So now she turns over on to her back. Her thick thighs now no longer hide the slot that hides her pussy. She has a cute mound between her belly and her pussy. The slot that hides her pussy is covered in some short but thick hairs, it had been a while since I last shaved her pussy. Due to her back problems she has difficulties performing this herself so it is usually me who does this, but lately I been “slacking on my duties” as she puts it. Her large breasts struggle to stay together and part slightly although for their size they keep their shape quite well. She has quite small areolas which have small bumps in and around it. Then she has cute little nipples that stand proud sometimes and other times almost flush with the rest of her breast.

As I’m lying on my left side to her left I run my right hand down her left thigh and up the inside of her thigh up over her slot tickling her hairs until I reach her mound and grab a firm hold as I give it a little shake. Then continue up her body until I reach her left breast and gently run my thumb over her nipple a few times. This must tickle her she pulled my hand away.

I run my hand back down to her slightly hairy slot and slide my index finger inside her. She is a little wet but also a little oily from the sprays I squirted over her ass earlier. I rub her slot a little then as she lays on her back I move lower so I arch around beneath her sexy ass and can get my now kaçak bahis very hard cock pushed inside her slot and as far as can get it inside her pussy. Her pussy is tight around my cock even though she is quite wet it takes few goes to get fully inside her. Once inside her tight pussy causes pressure at tip of my cock and it feels very enjoyable. Her tight pussy almost always has this effect on my cock.

I keep running my index finger up and down and side to side in her slot causing her to buck and sometimes even bit her lip. While doing this my cock is thrusting in and out her pussy. With every thrust in I hit her ass with my body as I can go no further in and her large breasts jolt up toward her face slightly and back down again as I pull out of her slightly. I do a few quick thrusts then slow down and repeat a few times, but each time pushes me ever closer to my own climax. The tight grip her pussy has on my cock, the feel of how wet she is on my hand and her breasts rocking back and forth all together making it hard not to cum. She also rocked her hips back and forth which added to the tight grip of her pussy. I paused a few times to delay my own climax but the tight grip her small pussy has on my large cock is ultimately too much as it did not take long before I was unable to hold it back and a decent amount of my cum was fired into her pussy.

Due to the angle we were at it was a relatively shallow penetration and there was quite a bit of flow from her slot when we parted. I cleaned up the mess around her slot and that which has run down her ass cheeks before cleaning my own cock which remained semi hard as her slippery wet pussy lay before me. We cuddled for a little bit after, as she lay on her side I snuggled up in behind her with my cock already hard again and resting between her ass cheeks, I’d try and go again but we were both quite tired at this point and I had work next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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