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His stomach was in knots. No matter how many formal events he attended, it was always the same reaction. He stared in the mirror at his newly tied bow-tie, brushing back his slightly overgrown brown hair, and attempting to slow his breathing. He’d been to plenty of black tie affairs, graduating top honors from a prestigious school, being in one of the most selective fraternities, this should have been old hat. It wasn’t. At his core he was still the country boy who would come back in from a hard day’s work and kick the mud off his boots before settling in with a good book. Regardless of how far he climbed up the corporate ladder, he was still that same flannel wearing boy from Tennessee.

His wife came in and smiled at him, brushing a loose hair from his shoulder. This was her idea after all, something the wives had talked about doing and finally put together the opportunity. He hated their little clique, always chattering away like squirrels about this month’s indiscretion, how each of their husbands were doing within the firm, or where next they’d vacation. If it were up to him, he’d toss it all and move out to a cabin away from it all, spend his days hunting, fishing, reading, and just enjoying an early retirement. Alas, there was college for the kids to prepare for, a new car every couple years and always trying to show-up the neighbors.

He took one last look in the mirror, frowning at the salt and pepper setting in on the sides of his head. “The ravages of age” he told himself. His wife said it was sexy, regardless of what he thought. He took one last look at himself, wondering if he looked more like James Bond – sophisticated and debonair – or someone foolishly attempting to look the part. Sometimes he thought he took advantage of his 5 foot 8 figure. Other times… he just let out a sigh and prepared to leave.

This wasn’t to be any ordinary black tie affair. This was a masquerade ball. Apparently, the boss’s wife had visited Toronto a few years back to watch Phantom of the Opera, and had recently come across the program, deciding to relive some of the thrill. They had both ordered wonderful masks for the occasion: his a plain white rough porcelain, hers a black feathered number. They had also rented an Aston Martin for the affair, an indulgence of his to attempt to make him feel a bit more toward the Bond end of the spectrum.

They arrived a little after 9 PM to the boss’s lavish abode. Already a plethora of cars lined the long drive to the house. Luckily for him there was a valet laid on for the night. As they stepped out of the car, it almost felt like a movie premier: bodies lined the approach to the house, and a red carpet had been added to the walkway. He smiled at his wife, who flowed gracefully by his side up to the main doors, soon to join what he assumed would be the squawking geese that awaited her, settling into their typical routine of avoiding each other for the evening.

As his wife left his side at the doors, he turned to a side mirror in the foyer to adjust his tie. He finally admitted to himself that he could very well be mistaken for the dark, carefree, jet setting agent this evening, a wry grin on his face. He decided to work up a little courage, thus bahis firmaları setting off for the bar.

“Double Bombay Sapphire and Tonic,” he said commandingly as he stepped up to the bar. Surprisingly there were few around the bar at the moment, though a flash caught his eye. Sitting poised on a stool near the end of the bar was a slight, but stunning figure. It was an Asian beauty, no more than perhaps five feet tall had she been flat footed, currently wearing very tall stilettos. Her raven black hair pinned in a bun, stunning olive legs crossed at the knee, and exotic eyes showing through a simple black cat-like mask that hinted at a playful sexuality. He was momentarily stunned, but quickly regained his senses. Before he turned back to the drink that was placed before him, he swore he saw a sexy grin returned in payment for the attention received. He shook off his moment of indulgence and claimed his drink.

“Well, look who managed to grace us with his presence!” The jovial statement came from his boss, one of the few men in this business he grew to admire. Unlike many of his associates and the firm’s partners, this man got into the business out of love, and always worked diligently to be on the side of what’s right, not just for the bottom line.

“I can’t always stick to the shadows now, can I?” The reply was returned with a chuckle and a slap on the back. His boss knew of his uncharacteristic dread of these events, but also knew the man as an indispensable member of the firm, so the acknowledgment was well received.

He looked back toward the end of the bar. The raven-haired beauty was gone. He walked over to where she was sitting and closing his eyes breathed in. The scent of jasmine overwhelmed his sense, almost making his mouth water from the longing just beginning to stir.

He opened his eyes slowly and thought he saw the beauty again, this time on the stairs. He glanced around casually, noticing his wife at the expected gaggle of bodies, mouth seeming to not stop as she tried her best to impress. He shook off his momentary feeling of disgust and turned back to look toward the stairs. He didn’t know what he was going to do, but he did know he was going to let his curiosity get the better of him. He casually crossed the bar and out to the larger access room, sauntering to the stairs.

Although he distinctly remembers her there, she was gone yet again. His pace was quickening, heart racing as he searched for her. Slowly climbing the stairs his efforts were rewarded yet again. He smell the flowers again, he smelled her. A craving was growing inside him, one he didn’t quite expect but one he was willing to feed a little this evening.

He proceeded up the stairs, and out onto the large open-air balcony that overlooked the front of the estate. There were couples a groups mingling up here, many of whom he didn’t recognize under the masks, and a single, solitary individual in a fiery red formal dress, leaning casually over the balcony railing. His mouth dried as he neared. What was he to say? His thoughts raced as he took a few more steps. This isn’t the type of thing he normally did, meet strange women at formal events, kaçak iddaa yet here he was. Before he could think of something to say, she spoke at his approach.

“I hope you didn’t mind the stroll, I love it up here under the stars.” Her voice was like the primal purr of a jungle cat: dark, rich, rolling, seductive. He felt his skin flush and his thoughts cease. There were very few images coming to mind now, none of which involved the party.

“It’s a beautiful night, though I’m not sure it can compare to you.” He must have been channeling someone else entirely at this point; lines like that never escape his lips.

“You do flatter me, sir. You can call me… Jasmine.” She held out her hand gracefully at this point, a playful grin painted meticulously on an exotic face. The raw sensuality radiating from her only served to heighten his desire. He took the hand, kissing it at this point.

“And I am… James.” The wry grin he gave spoke volumes. They were about to play a game, a game he had never played before, a game he wondered if he’d be willing to finish…

“Well James, as beautiful as this balcony is, I hear there is even more beauty to be found in the rose garden, if you would be so kind to accompany me?” The question hung in the air for what seems a century. He wouldn’t be surprised if he were dark crimson at this point, he felt flush with temptation, wanting nothing more than to find some secluded place for the two of them.

Only true moments had passed before he held out his arm, which was taken almost lovingly. They proceeded down the steps and toward the back of the house, his heart beating between every step. Every breath brought in her intoxicating aroma, and he knew already where the evening would lead.

The pair exited the house out into an open area. The garden, which was of the old style walled variety, was a few paces away. They quickly made their way to the secluded area, as though gliding. Once out of sight of the main house, he paused momentarily, breath caught in an air of anticipation. A wry grin danced on the face of Jasmine, as she turned to look at him. Her eyes casually played on his figure, starting from his feet, momentarily pausing at his waist as she bit her lip, finally gliding up to his face, looking at him hungrily.

“Tonight is ours,” she said. “I don’t care what tomorrow brings, but from the moment I saw you I wanted you, regardless.” At this point their lips met lightly. It was like fire. The lightest touch, a graze, a slight parting that was heady, but invoking such primal need.

At this point the fire overtook him. Both hands intertwined themselves in her hair, as his tongue began to probe the warm depths of her amazing mouth. Their tongues dance a feverish waltz as both of their breathing became labored. Suddenly, he pulled down hard on her hair, exposing her neck. He grazed his teeth down toward her collarbone, kissing and nipping along the way. Soon, James felt a hand on his leg, nails dragging up the length from his knee to his waist. He bit his lip and suppressed a moan, as the hands eventually found their way to his zipper.

Momentarily kaçak bahis taken aback by her assertiveness, James let out a gasp. He was already hard from her body pressed against his, now every fiber of his being was craving her touch. He gazed down at her with hungry eyes, electricity flowing between the two of them now, eyes locked.

She grinning evilly, as the sound of the zipper slowly filled the air. She gazed into his eyes as she slowly bent down to meet her hand. He felt a momentary shutter as her cool hand grasped his engorge cock. He let out a feral growl as she slowly began to stroke it. Her tongue darted out at this point, teasing, tantalizing, and matching that evil grin she displayed so well.

Her eyes grew hungry as she began to work more fervently. She treated that cock like a a wonderfully tasty meal, moaning as licked, sucked, and indulged in it. James did all he could not to scream out in ecstasy. “Fuck yes” he whispered, grabbing her hair, pretending to guide her but know full we she was in control right now.

Soon he decided he’d had enough. All at once he scooped up the wanton lass, placing her quickly but gently on a stone bench nearby. She let out a small cry, then a playful giggle. He quickly found the zipper at the side of her dress, furiously opening it, and slid the fiery red cloth away to reveal The most beautiful olive skin he’d seen. He was taken aback momentarily, but soon came to his senses and noticed the clean shaven, glistening pussy swollen and waiting for him in the moonlight.

He slowly dragged the backs of his nails along the inside of her thigh. She squirmed and let out a restrained sigh at this point. He proceeded to allow his hands to roam up her torso, resting upon and caressing her ample breasts, all the while his eyes never left hers. His fingers found her hardened nips, pinching and sending an ache through her body.

“More…” she begged softly, in a high pitched, pleading voice.

His head dipped toward her body as it was his turn to be in control. A stifled cry escaped her lips as his tongue began to caress her moistened, glistening lips. He took a large, all consuming lick. Her scent and taste was intoxicating. He’d never before had anyone like this. He teased the outside of her lips as her moans increased. Her hands instinctual entwined themselves in his hair, pulling him towards her tightly. As he continued to ravage her wet pussy with his tongue, her muffled squeals and moans hit a fevered pitch. He instinctively reached down and tweaked her clit as he sped up his licking. She bit her lips and convulsed as she quickly climaxed under his control.

His own glistening skin soon met hers, as his tux joined hers on the ground, and their mouths once again joined. ‘More’ her lips professed into his, as he lifted her off the bench. Her legs wrapped around his waist as she settled onto his firmness. Their bodies find a nearby pillar, mouths and bodies intertwined. Rain begins to fall on the pair as James begins to again devour her neck, shoulders, and now exposed breasts. The rain picks up as their bodies melted together, hands finding solace in pleasurable spots, mouths ravaging and devouring flesh.

Their dance comes to a close suddenly, violently as both reach a monstrous climax, and thunder echoes in the background. The two collapse in a heap near the column, masks having never left their faces…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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