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Big Tits

Several weeks after her first experiment in the art of seduction, I found upon my return home Mary once again posing naked on the living room rug This time she had no accouterments adorning any part of her body. Instead, she had chosen to display her body by assuming a pose which she knew I appreciated. Namely, after kneeling, she had folded her legs to the side, lowered herself between them, and then arched her back until her head touched the floor. In this position, every sinew in her torso is stretched so tight that there is a hint her musculature pressed against the surface of her tightly drawn skin. At the same time, every facet of her feminine form is brought into stark relief. With her arms raised above her head, her breasts are pulled taught on her bowed chest, not quite flattened but lying in slightly rounded mounds of firm flesh decorated by the deep pink of her aureole. Only a trace of its curve is left in her normally rounded stomach, which is confined to a hard ridge running from her navel to the apex of her pubis. The cradle of her pelvis is clearly visible, and the flesh around her hips and buttock flare out under her weight. Finally, with her legs folded as they are, her thighs are spread and their inner sides form a V which seems to be beckoning attention to her vulva enticingly framed between the protruding tendons in her groin.

Although she knows that I like her in this position, Mary is usually reluctant to adopt it. As she has often told me, the strain that it imposes on her body makes it difficult for her to enjoy its erotic potential. Thus, added to my surprise at finding her waiting for me naked in the living room was my surprise at the way in which she had chosen to do so.

Knowing my pleasure in what I saw but sensing my desire for an explanation, Mary had me to kneel at her side and run my hands over her body while she told me what she had in mind. “Encouraged by the results of my first experiment in rejuvenating our sex life, I have been preparing a second experiment. For the past two weeks, I have been training myself to take and hold the pose in which you now find me. Every day I have forced myself to remain in this position for an additional two minutes, with the consequence that I can now hold it for close to half an hour. At the beginning of each session, my entire body rebels. making me doubt that I will not be able to continue. However, once my muscles have had time to stretch and loosen, my initial pain recedes and I become increasingly able to tolerate, even enjoy, the sensations which my over-taxed muscles are sending me. To test for yourself just how tense my abdominal muscles are, move your hand to my belly and press your fingers along the sides of the ridge just below my belly button. “

Following her instructions, I placed the heel of my right palm in the cup around her navel and probed the muscles in the region she had indicated. As my fingers dug into the ridge, I could feel her muscles tremble and heard her breath coming in short gasps as she said, “Go ahead, I want you to become intimately acquainted with that portion of my anatomy, and don’t want you to waste the efforts I have made to prepare it for you. As you can feel, my exercises have improved the tone of my abdominal muscles. What you cannot feel but surely can understand is that, in the process of strengthening them, I have made those muscles sore and my whole belly exquisitely sensitive. Bringing my tummy to this state was one of my goals, and now that I have achieved it is my intention that we should both take advantage of its vulnerability. Specifically, today is Friday. Starting this evening, I am going to keep my stomach bare and available. In addition, tomorrow, I will assume this position twice, once in the morning and again in the evening. While I am in it, I want you to distract me, and I encourage you to exercise your fertile imagination in your choice of diversions. In fact, until Saturday evening, the one diversion which you are prohibited is intercourse. Between now and then we will not make love. In the meantime, I want to you to remain frustrated, although bringing me to orgasm is one of the diversions which I hope you will employ even though sexual gratification is denied to you. If you agree, I would like to begin immediately. I have already been here for twenty minutes, and in order to achieve my quota for today I must continue for another ten minutes. While waiting for you, I have been trying to anticipate how you will respond to my proposition and am most anxious to learn whether your response will be positive.”

As I had been by her earlier experiment, I was once again staggered by Mary’s plan. Ready to unwind after a week at the office, I was being asked to willingly subject myself to a weekend of continuous frustration, a frustration which I myself was to exacerbate. Not only was Mary asking me to forgo intercourse while she paraded around the house half clad, she wanted to keep me acutely aware bahis firmaları of her body by having me participate in her exercises and provide her sexual gratification. Thus, before acquiescing, I wanted to make certain that she fully understood the implications of what she was asking. “Mary, although you are the one who will be suffering the physical consequences of your program, you must appreciate the mental anguish it will cause me. I suspect that my resentment will grow with my increasing frustration, and you should know that I may vent some of that resentment in what I do with your body. I am not concerned that I will do you any real harm, but I cannot promise that I will not want to inflict some pain when you put your body at my disposal but deny me release from my growing sexual tension. Are you ready to accept this danger?”

Mary answered, “Of course I know the demands that my experiment will make on you, and I am fully prepared to bear the consequences of your frustration. Particularly when you are causing me pain, I will be deriving pleasure and satisfaction from the knowledge that it is the availability and vulnerability of my body which is provoking your cruelty and that it only your love for me prevents you from being crueler.”

Freed by Mary’s words, I wasted no further time and replied, “O.K. Mary, I agree, but you may learn to regret that I have. Seeing as I am going to be looking at your tummy all weekend, I’m going to begin by enhancing the color to its pinko-gray surface. For the next five minutes I will give you what kids call a ‘pinkbelly.’ The skin on your belly is stretched tight as a drum, and for time remaining I am going to play that drum. I intend to make your tummy such a livid shade of pink that it may shine in the dark.”

Having given her fair warning, I began slapping the region which I had been inspecting. My slaps were light, but my efforts were soon rewarded with the appearance of a deep pink hue accompanied by a series of plaintiff moans. As I continued and turned my attention to new targets, Mary began twisting her head from side to side and gyrating her tormented belly in sensuous circles. Because her abdomen was already stretched to the limit, there was no way for her to dampen the sting of my slaps by relaxing her muscles. Instead, the only effect of her gyrations was to expose different planes of her stomach to the punishment I was administering. For the final minute of her pinkbelly, I focused on the narrow triangle at the bottom of the ridge into which her stomach was drawn. Knowing that this area would be particularly tender, I had no intention of sparing it and made certain that it achieved the same color as the region above. After my delivering my final slap, I looked into Mary’s eyes and was gratified to find tears in them.

My main purpose in pinking Mary’s tummy was to make sure that she understood that her body would bear the consequences of my pent up tension. A secondary purpose was more basic: I had long wondered how the feminine curve of her belly would look after being enhanced by the addition of color. Watching Mary as she extricated herself from her contorted position, I was certain that I had succeeded in communicating my anger and was pleased by the coloration which I had produced. After unfolding them, Mary brought her legs into a fetal position and held them there by wrapping her arms around the backs of her knees. Gently rocking on her bent back, she was obviously trying to come to terms with the painful reality of having her tummy pinked and the message that that reality was sending. When, after several minutes, she began to recover, she lowered her legs and sat up so that she could take a look at the inflamed surface of her belly.

Shocked by what she saw, she caressed her tummy with her hands and said, “You certainly wasted no time before expressing your frustration! My belly looks and feels as if it had a second degree sun burn, and there is no way that either of us will be able to ignore it during its exposure over the weekend. In addition, it’s going to be damned hard for me when it comes time to resubmit myself to your tender mercies, although you are dead wrong if you think that you have dissuaded me from continuing my experiment. On the other hand, there is something very exciting about knowing what to expect and, nonetheless, putting my body at your disposal.”

Not surprisingly, the atmosphere in our house that evening was somewhat chilly. In spite of her courageous words, Mary was privately mulling over the wisdom of having initiated the program to which she was now committed. As for me, I was disturbed by the vehemence with which I had expressed my anger and concerned that I might have gone too far. Only the blatant presence of Mary’s delightfully exposed belly relieved this otherwise maudlin scene. True to her word, she dressed in a fashion which displayed her tummy to its best advantage. She wore a blouse which was designed to be a halter, kaçak iddaa with its shirttails tied in a knot just below her otherwise unencumbered bust. Beneath, she had put on a scanty pair of panties which barely concealed her pubis and left the lower portion of her stomach uncovered. The material of both garments being white, the contrast between white on the covered and the pink on the uncovered parts of her front was dramatic. As a result, Mary’s fears and my concerns were partially assuaged by the pleasure which we both were deriving from the object which was central to our thoughts.

The tension between us was undiminished when we woke up late on Saturday morning. Mary was the first to rise. Without bothering to dress, she immediately went to have breakfast, and, shortly after I got up, disappeared into the bathroom. We had not exchanged a word, and, as I ate my breakfast, I could not help worrying that the rest of the weekend would turn out to be a disaster. However, when Mary emerged from the bathroom and joined me, my mood improved. Completely naked, she had a sly smile on her face as she placed her hands on her hips and asked, “Do you like what you see? I noticed that the coloration on my stomach has become slightly mottled, and I suppose that you will want to touch it up when we resume.”

Without waiting for me to reply, she walked into the living, sank to the floor, and carefully maneuvered herself into the pose in which I had found her the evening before.

Still warm from her shower, her body emitted a healthy glow which added to the appeal of her pose. Once she was settled, she asked me to check the clock and said that I should imbibe the image which she was presenting, but do nothing more for fifteen minutes, after which she would have another twenty minutes to go and would be ready for some distraction. Rising from the table, I went over to take a closer look. What I saw was that Mary had indeed succeeded in training her body to accommodate the position which she had previously avoided. Although her body was under obvious strain, it looked remarkably relaxed. In the past, when she assumed this position, her body had refused to respond to the pull of gravity and had been arched in an uncomfortable arc. Now I saw that she was able to drop her body so that it was not just her shoulders and buttock which was supporting her weight. In particular, her torso was able to sink so that only the lower portion of her back remained suspended above the rug, with the result that, instead of being arched into a featureless arc, her front possessed nearly all the hills and valleys which I have come to expect and love. Anticipating the culmination of Mary’s experiment, I realized that her implied promise was not fantasy: we could intercourse while she was in this position and her body would provide the sumptuous cushion to which I was accustomed.

Lost in my reverie, I forget to keep tabs on the time, but Mary did not. Almost exactly fifteen minutes after she had begun, she reminded me to look at the clock. When I told her that the time had come for me to employ my diversionary tactics, she mustered a nervous smile to indicate that she was ready. Kneeling on one side of her prone body, I began a precisely modulated slapping of her belly. In a voice tinged with irony, I informed her, “I am only following your suggestion that I keep my artwork tidy. Once I have restored its original luster, I will engage in diversions which I think you will find more salutary.”

My restoration efforts took only a few minutes, by the end of which Mary’s face was twisted in anguish but her stomach had reacquired the uniform pink hue which it had before we went to bed. As soon as this happened, I stopped my slapping, complimented her for her fortitude, and shifted so that I was kneeling between her splayed thighs. Reaching my hand forward, I brushed to each side the hair hiding her vulva before delving my fingers into the cleft which my actions had revealed. To my surprise, my fingers encountered no resistance, Mary’s secretions coated her labia which had spread in an apparent effort to welcome of my invasion. Instead of entering her vagina, I concentrated on the little bump which encases her clitoris. After isolating it, I coaxed it to divulge the nodule which embedded in its core.

Never before had I had such an unobstructed view of Mary’s sexual apparatus. In the past, I had often caressed but never been able examine in detail the most sexually sensitive part of her anatomy. Rigidly erect, her clitoris was completely unprotected and available for whatever I chose to do with it. Using both hands, I ran my fingers along its stalk, familiarizing myself with its contours and testing its resilience. The instant I did so, Mary let out a gasp and began bucking her hips in what appeared to be a desperate but futile attempt to escape the torment I was administering. However,

as she learned to tolerate my manipulations, her bucking subsided kaçak bahis and was replaced by a less spasmodic and more rhythmic undulation of her pelvis. I soon realized that by modulating and varying my attack, I could exercise absolute control over the level of her sexual arousal. By holding the stalk with the fingers of one hand while stroking the tip with the fingers of the other, I could bring her to a state of sexual frenzy. By bending the stalk forward and pressing it against her pelvic bone, without dampening her excitement, I could impose sufficient pain to prevent her frenzy from capitulating into orgasm. All the while, Mary writhed in a marvelously sensual dance and incoherently verbalized her frustration in a steady stream of disconnected words.

I had started working on her clitoris when, according to her own schedule, she was scheduled to stay in her pose for another ten minutes. Originally, I had hoped to keep her suspended on the brink of orgasm for that whole time. However, after about five minutes, I began to doubt my ability to do so. It seemed impossible that I could calibrate my teasing so accurately that I could keep her sexual excitement at its peak while preventing her from climaxing before the time was up. Thus, I decided that I would be satisfied if I brought her to orgasm and could watch her deal with her climax while displayed as she was. Having reached this decision, I increased the intensity of my stimulation. Thus, even though there were several minutes to go, I captured the stalk of her clitoris between the thumb and index finger of my left hand and applied the pad on the index finger of my right hand to rotate and persecute its tip. In response, Mary threw her head from side to side and began raising and lowering her entire pelvis in a way that could be interpreted only as the prelude to orgasm. Totally enthralled, I watched as her body prepared for the inevitable. At first it seemed as if her body was retreating from the torment to which it was being subjected. But shortly thereafter, it was clear that her body was simply mustering its reserves and preparing for the climax it was anticipating. When her climax arrived, all the muscles in her stomach clenched as she bore down and clasped my hands to her crotch with her thighs.

Her orgasm was protracted and, when it began to subside, Mary was exhausted and wanted nothing so much as the opportunity to relax and bask in its aftermath. However, when I saw her begin to raise herself onto her elbows and unfold her legs, I reminded her that she still had two minutes left and that her orgasm was a diversion, not an excuse for quitting early. Much to her credit, Mary, after telling me what a bastard I was being, resumed her strained position and stayed in it for the remaining time. When I told her that it was time, Mary disentangled her limbs but did not rise from the rug. Instead, she continued to lie on her back with her legs bent so that her heels obscured her crotch.

Moving to her head, I discovered that she was quietly crying under her hands which were covering her face. Taken aback, I asked what was the matter, to which she replied, “You have no idea how embarrassing it is to expose yourself the way I just did. Of course, you have often seen me in throes of orgasm, but never before when I was the only active participant. Knowing that you would be watching every nuance of my body’s response to your insidious teasing, I resisted as long as I could. But when you intensified your attack, I succumbed and abandoned any attempt at modesty. However, now that the excitement has subsided, I am overwhelmed by a sense of embarrassment. I know I am being silly and that I have nobody to blame but myself . In fact, I am grateful to you, and already my embarrassment is giving way to a sense of pride. What a object of wonder the female body is, and there is no reason not to want it observed when it is performing at its peak.”

Moved by Mary’s revelation, I took her hands away from her face and planted a kiss on each of her damp eyes. I then rose and announced that I would go out for a walk, leaving her alone so that so that she could recover in private from her ordeal. During my absence, Mary first took a long, hot bath which cleansed and restored her body but left her drowsy. Thus, when she lay down for what she had intended would be a short nap, she fell into a deep sleep from which she was just emerging when I returned.

When she opened her eyes and found me sitting by her side, she smiled and languidly stretched her body, much the way a cat might. Having spent my walk thinking about our morning, I took the opportunity to ask her whether she really wanted to proceed. In response, she put her arms around my neck, nuzzled my neck, and teasingly said, “I most definitely do. If nothing else, I want to find out if I prefer having my orgasms solo. With my experience this morning still fresh in my mind, I am ideally prepared to make a comparison with what happens this evening. Of course, to make the test a fair one, I have got to make sure that you are ready to play your part. Thus, if you retire to the living room, I will join you there once I am suitably attired.”

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