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Luna’s eighteenth birthday
The year is 2037 and it’s my eighteenth birthday, my name is Luna Johnson. I’m by far not your average girl. And have had quite the interesting life.

I was born September 4th 2019. My parents were extremely liberal. They were really involved with the LGBTQ. And they hated Trump. They believed that there was no such thing as gender. I was born Asher Johnson. Yes I was born a male. It was around my 4th birthday when all of my c***dhood friends were girls, it was just our neighborhood. So obviously if I wanted to play I had to play what they did. My parents assumed I was supposed to be a girl and legally changed my name to Luna.
They threw all my boy stuff out and made me dress as a girl. Luckily I wasn’t old enough to remember much.
I was ridiculed by the parents of my friends so much we were forced to move.
In our new neighborhood I was introduced as Luna.
I took hormones since a young age, my breasts were developed when I was sixteen. I was always very close with my parents. Like really close. My mom taught me how to shave my entire body and would help me with the hard to reach places. I was homeschooled my entire life. My parents would walk around nude everyday and had sex in front of me multiple times. Not like sit down and watch me plow your mom. But they like never closed doors. They are very free spirited . I was always so confused, why do kaçak iddaa I look like my mom from the waist up but had a cock like my dad? They kept me so secluded from the world.

One day my mom walked out of the kitchen her long curly brown hair down her back her lips pouty pink, her breasts a firm 34 C , her stomach tight with a 6 pack , her ass plump but firm. Her pussy meat was dark and a bit hanged down.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Hey Luna baby! She giggled
What’s so funny? I ask
My mom points to my waist area, I look down to see my first ever erection.
What the fuck is that? I screamed
My tiny 1” penis grew to a astounding 6” it was hard as a diamond and had veins throughout.

It’s ok honey, don’t panic. She giggled
My dad came out to all the commotion.
Omg Luna that’s a good size! Congrats he laughed.
I ran to my room crying. Moments later my mom came up and sat next to me. We never really talked about me, like why I have a penis. She told me everything. And handed me a dildo. Here this is how you have sex. Through your butt. She gave me lube and showed me everything. From then on i learned about masturbation. Mom would often buy me bigger dildos as yearned for more. They locked my penis up in a chastity device for years, trying to shrink it more.

A few years later and my parents divorced. My dad moved away and my mom dated other free spirit men. perabet giriş One day she brought Brian home, I didn’t know she was bringing someone home. I was sitting on the couch watching tv nude. Brian was in his 20’s .

Luna honey this is Brian she startled me. I jumped up and covered myself with a blanket. Don’t be shy honey, he knows. She smiled.
I slowly dropped the blanket. Wow your gorgeous Luna! Brian smiled.
Can you take the cage off ,Kelley? He asked.My mom pulled out the key and unlocked my cage.
My skin covered in goosebumps. It’s ok honey. She whispered.
Go in your bedroom Luna we will be in shortly, we have business to discuss.

I went to my bedroom and listened at the door.
That will be $500 Brian.
She’s a virgin?
Yes she is!
$500 it is…ok here ya go.
Also what are the limitations?
Hmmm…. my mom thought
No beating her, no permanent damage ect.
Ok great let’s go!

I sat on the edge of my bed, waiting.
My mom and Brian walk in . Brian takes off his shoes and shirt. His stomach and chest are very muscular. His pants slipped off. His cock 7” thick and veiny. He stares at me stroking it harder. I was turned on but not by his cock, but by the look on my moms face.
My mom walks over to me and positions me on all fours. She wipes lube all over my asshole and slid her fingers in. It ok baby just relax.
Ok she’s all yours she smiled. perabet güvenilir mi
I feel his cock at my asshole. Slowly he pushes in .
He’s much bigger than my dildo. The pain is intense. I bite down onto the pillow. Tears rolled down my face. My mom runs her fingers through my hair. Just relax baby….
It seemed like hours that her was pounding my ass but in all reality it was literally 5 minutes. After he came. He pulled off his condom and through it on my ass, got dressed and left.

Your a woman now ! My mom smiles.
Let’s celebrate!

A few days passed and Carl shows up. The same thing happened. $500 and I got fucked. Every 3 days it went on. Then every 2 days and eventually multiple times a day. My mom quit her job and stayed with me.

After I was use to it , it was very easy. We had a price list at the door.

Luna :
Blow job $50
1/2 hr fuck $150
Full hour $300
Full hour + blowjob and facial $500
Double penetration anal +oral $550
Double penetration 2 anal $750
Full 5 hours anything goes $1000

Blowjob $35
1/2 hr fuck vagina $100
1/2 hr fuck anal $150
Full hour vagina $250
Full hour anal $300
Full hr blow fuck facial $400
Dp vagina +oral 450
Dp anal and vagina $750
Full 5 hr anything goes $1000

Luna + Kelley (3some)
$1500-$3000 depending on time
And what were to do to each other.

All payments before sex.

My specialty was the half hour fuck for $150
Kelley was half hour vagina for $100 and blowjobs for $35. We make so much money just getting fucked.

But today is my birthday. And today is a very special day for me and Kelley. A guy named Skip hired us for the $3000.00 3some special. Stay tuned…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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