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It was late in the evening. I had to work late again and I knew that my wife Jenn wouldn’t be happy. This was the third time this week that I was late, but it was the second time that I wasn’t able to call to tell her about it. I’m sorry, but sometimes I have to work long hours, and like it or not, I can’t always get to a phone. The front porch light is on as I drive up. All the lights downstairs are out, but I can see that our bedroom light upstairs is still on. “Shit, she’s waiting for me”, I muttered. It wasn’t so bad that she was still awake, I looked forward to spending the evenings with her, but tonight would be different. Tonight, I would catch Hell. “Well, might as well get it over with.”

I quietly went up the stairs, hoping upon hope that she is asleep on the bed. I just don’t want to deal with another argument is all. She was pretty upset yesterday, but she held most of it in and gave me the silent treatment. I hate that too. Taking a deep breath, I push open the door just as Jenn is turning the bedside lamp off. A glow of candlelight envelops the room. I look around and she has about twenty candles lit around our bedroom. She looks in my direction, smiles and approaches me.

I speak first. “Honey, I’m sure you don’t want to hear it, but…”

She puts her finger to my lips and shushes me. “Don’t speak, don’t speak. I don’t want to hear your pathetic excuses anymore. I’m just happy that you’re home. As you can see, I’ve prepared for your arrival.” Aside from the candles, I really can’t see anything special that she may have “prepared”. She’s even wearing an old frumpy sweat suit of mine. She’s always liked it because it’s oversized for her.

She closes the door, putting me between her and our bed. She starts walking towards me again, twirling her hair around her finger in that oh-so sexy way that she does. Once she’s in front of me, she stands on her toes and with her very hot breath whispers one word in my ear. “Strip.”

My clothes are off in a flash, heaped in a pile on a nearby chair. This was not at all what I expected, but I wasn’t about to complain. What man would? “Very good job following directions, Andy. Let’s see what other directions you can follow. Get on the bed, NOW!” Startled, I start to back up, but have misjudged the distance between the bed and I, and my knees buckle beneath me as my legs hit the bed. A smile comes across her face once again, but it’s a smile I haven’t seen before. This smile is devious, almost scary.

“Scoot back. I want your naked ass completely on the bed.” I move back and rest my head on the pillow. She climbs up on top of me and sits on my rock hard cock. “Mmmm…. I’ve got uses for that… later.” She starts to grind on my crotch, and then leans forward and starts to kiss my neck.

“Do you like this?” she asks, taking both my hands and interlocking our fingers. Before I can answer, she plunges her tongue in my mouth and we çıtır escort start making out like we were still in high school. During this make out session, she forces my hands above my head and underneath the pillows. In my mind, I can feel the cold metal by my hands, but what it is doesn’t register. I’m much too distracted and before I know it, she has my hands cuffed to the corners of our four post bed.

“What’s the meaning of this, Jenn? Why the cuffs?” Jenn grinds a couple of more times and then climbs off me. There’s that smile again. She goes to the end of the bed and proceeds to reach underneath the comforter and pulls out two more sets of cuffs already attached to the footboard. “There’s no way I’m letting you put those cuffs around my ankles. If I had known better you wouldn’t have gotten them around my wrists either. Now undo them and let me up!”

“Now Andy,” replies Jenn, “you have no choice in this matter. You will have these cuffs put on you. I am in control here whether you like it or not.” Reaching over, she lightly grazes below my balls. It is a spot that she is very familiar with, a go-to spot if you will. Lick there and I’ll sign over the world. Instead, she grazes upward towards my balls and takes them in her hand. Lightly rolling them in her fingers, she tells me “point your feet towards the cuffs, now!” This is followed by a slight squeeze.


“NOW,” squeezing harder. That’s enough for me, and my feet are right next to the cuffs, awaiting attachment. Click, click, and just like that I’ve lost all control. She backs up and admires her handiwork. Grinning from ear to ear, she says, “I can’t believe how easy that was. Deep down I think that you wanted this. What else will you “want” before this night is over?”

With that, she tugs the sweat pants down and I see that underneath she has a leather thong on. Taking the top off reveals a very sexy leather bustier. Precum bubbles over the tip of my dick. Seeing this, she rubs her finger over it, getting it wet and sucks it into her mouth. “Mmmm… it’s not the real thing yet, but it’s still good. Would you like some?” She dips her finger back in and moves it towards my lips. “Not a chance, babe,” I say and clamp my lips tight.

“Okay, for now. But I have a feeling before the night is over, you’ll be begging me for it.

“So here’s the deal, you left me waiting two hours tonight, and that’s how long you will wait for me. I don’t want to hear a word from you. No yelling for me, no screaming and so to ensure that…” Jenn walks in to our bathroom and I can hear the clothes hamper open and then close. She returns with a pair of her used panties. She bundles them up, squeezes my balls and when I open my mouth to protest, she shoves the panties in my mouth, takes my necktie from the floor and ties it around my mouth and head. This is the one thing that I haven’t minded. If I could speak, I escort demetevler would tell Jenn that the necktie wasn’t necessary. I love the taste of my wife’s pussy juices. Hell, put a napkin around my neck and I can dine down there forever.

“I can see that you like my panties, huh? Do you enjoy the flavor? I’ve been wearing those to the gym the past couple of days, so they’re filled with the taste of my sweat and juices. Also, a special ingredient is mixed in. It’s all dried up now, but your saliva should loosen things up a bit. You remember the other night when you shot that huge load into me and then passed out? Well, I stayed up and cleaned myself out with those panties, so not only are you tasting me, but you’re tasting yourself as well. I hope you enjoy. I’ll check for the cleanliness of those panties when I return. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.” And with that she turned and left the room.

I laid there and thought about my situation. Did she really know me that well? Sure, I protested all of this, who wouldn’t? How could I let her know what really turns me on? We have only been married just under a year, and we were still finding out our sexual boundaries. Truth be told, I’ve tasted my precum before. Growing up and jacking off in my bedroom, I was curious as to how it tasted. I knew that eventually I would want a woman to swallow my load, so the least that I could do would be to find out how I tasted. So, jacking off, my cock started to leak. I moved my fist up and rubbed my finger over my cock head, getting it nice and wet. Here goes nothing, I thought and licked my finger clean. Not bad, not a lot of taste to it. At least it wasn’t sour or bitter. It encouraged me further to taste my actual cum! I fisted myself hard and fast that night and shot off all over my chest. Wow, what a powerful cum! Looking down at my chest, I can see drops spread out all over. I knew that this was what I wanted, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Instead, I got up and cleaned myself off in the bathroom, disappointed in myself. I wanted to try it, but couldn’t, and didn’t until now.

And so, I allowed my self to suck on the panties. There was a flavor there, and I wanted it. I couldn’t tell what was her flavor and what was mine and right now it didn’t matter. I was enjoying the combination of both.

I couldn’t tell how much time had passed. All I could tell was the candles were getting lower. Finally, I could hear footsteps in the hallway. I looked towards the door and watched as my beauty turned the corner and appeared in the doorway. “How is my little boy doing?” She sat down beside me and stroked the side of my face. “Let me check the cleanliness of the panties now,” she said. With that, she undid the necktie and pulled the panties out. Holding them up for inspection, she looked closely at the crotch and smiled. “Wow, very nice job. I’m quite impressed.”

“Thanks”, escort dikmen I replied and realized that my jaw was quite sore. I worked my lower jaw back and forth. “Can you let me loose now?”

“Nice try, but I don’t think so. You see, I left you alone to make up for the time that you left me alone. Keeping you tied up like this is for the fact that you left me alone at all. It’s my fun time now, my baby boy.” Still holding the panties in her hand, she moved to drape them over my very sore cock. “What’s this? You’re leaking again? You must really be enjoying this. I think we’ll spend the rest of the night exploring this hidden side of you.” And with that grabbed my cock and gave it a few firm strokes, squeezing tighter as she made her way up to the top. More precum worked it’s way up with each stroke. She rubbed her hand over the head and got her hand wet and sticky. Smiling, she said “since you did such a great job cleaning my panties, I think you should clean my hand as well. Realize, that this time I’m not asking you, I’m telling you to.”

Again, my instincts kicked in and I tried to turn away. Obviously disappointed, she reached down with her other hand and squeezed my balls once again. I knew I had no choice and opened my mouth. She did not wait for me to close it either, and before I knew it two of her fingers were in my mouth. No use fighting anymore, I thought, and closed my mouth around her fingers and sucked eagerly. “That’s right, my baby. Clean them up real nice. I knew you wanted this.” She then smeared her hand on her nipples and placed one in my mouth. “Suck it, baby, suck it and clean it up!” With very little resistance, I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, running it around her areola. Again, not much taste from my precum, but I am enjoying the activity nonetheless. Pursing my lips, I suck on her hard nipple, hard! “Hey,” she snaps, playfully slapping my face, “not so hard. Try again on my other one.” No problem there, I thought, I could do this all night.

I lay there on my back sucking on her nipples, highly aroused. So much so that I begin grinding my crotch involuntarily upward toward a pussy that wasn’t even there. But it did the job of getting my wife’s attention, though. Unfortunately, she pulled her nipple from my mouth leaving my lips still in a sucking motion. She moved downward towards my cock and started to roll my balls in her fingers again. Eyeing my cock, she snaked her tongue out and licked all around the head, moaning as she did so. Opening wide, she swallowed my rod in one fell swoop, causing me to momentarily lose my breath. “YES,” was all I could manage, but it did the job of encouraging her further. Up and down she went on my cock, each time flicking the head with her tongue on the upstroke. Pulling her hand from my balls, she started rubbing and pressing her fingers along my perineum. “Uuunnngh,” I moaned and again lifted my ass up off the bed and opened my legs as far as the cuffs would allow, granting her further access if she desired. With this blowjob going the way it was, I was now willing to do anything she wanted.

To be continued…

(Enjoy the story so far? Ladies, drop me a line and tell me what you would do next.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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